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May, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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Travis Franklin

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17 year old Halfblood Werewolf ☆ HE/HIM

Returning back to campus in the middle of the break hadn't been part of his original, in fact, it'd been by far the largest distance from the intention that had been established that he found himself with far more free time than usual when it came to this part of the school year. Between the talk he held with Meadow and the words of the school's Nurse still racketing around his mind there'd been far more confusion stuffed within the already crowded mind of his. That meant only one thing that he needed to get out of his head and get on the pages and so he brought not just a single sketchpad but about three. Not that he expected to fill all of them in one sitting but each had its own purpose, things that would be incorporated within them as a way to offer himself more perspective about his situation. 

Which had been: People - Which meant both portraits and crowds, Plants - because there'd been really beautiful magical plants housed on Tallygarunga grounds, and Animals. The last one he felt he didn't explain to himself too much on the reason, there were always animals around and seeing their primal nature reflected on his own might offer far more insight than ignoring it or letting it run rampant. 

Travis walked over towards the nearest tree and sat under it, the weather had been growing mild which meant that he wouldn't get as many dirty looks for wearing a long-sleeved shirt as he did year round. Whatever that could be done to hide those scars of his? It'd been complimented with a jean jacket being worn as well so it offered up a bit of variety as the weather started to grow far more nicer than beating down a heat of death that made it a bad idea. 

He places two sketchpads down on to the ground, their covers held stenciled words that marked their usage. With the singular one in his hand reading 'People' on the cover of it as he opened it up and flipped through the various sketches that he'd done so far that were finished first, there were several that needed to be handed to the proper owners. Some were actually colored as well to add a far more warming atmosphere to the drawings other than black and white. "When your own hobby puts you in a worse place. . . That's just great." Spoken softly towards himself as he sighed and shook his head and started to flip towards an unmarked page and folded the pad for a comfortable padding. Then raised his head up to scan the area around him. 

There seemed to be a few more people than usual staying at the school during the break than going home, even a few that had been playing as a group or others just hanging out with someone. Yet, none of them, seemed to spark the inspiration for him to draw them. Nothing seemed to pop out in an obvious way for him to truly give a proper depiction of the type of people they seemed to be to him. 

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Flinders Destiny
17 year old Halfblood Human ☆ she/her

For this holiday Claire couldn't afford to go home. Also, she knew her mother will be busy with work anyways. Lately, they seemed to have more money problems for sure. Her father has even begun to give less and less money. So here she was spending her holiday around the school. It wasn't ideal but she didn't have any other choice really. She still talked with her mother at times but it wasn't always enough for her. Even yeah she had some friends around here, it didn't make her always be happy. Today she felt like not sitting at her dorm room and just go to explore outside a bit. She needed something to do so she wouldn't think about her mother and how she was doing back at home. This is how she ended up at the central courtyard of the dorms area. 

The girl had no idea where she was going or what she was doing exactly. All she knew she needed a distraction from her own mind. Awhile walking she spotted someone who looked familiar. She is sure she has seen him around. She barely even heard what she was saying when she almost walked past him. She stopped on her tracks and tried to figure out what he wants to do here now. Seemed like some kind of drawing perhaps since she noticed the sketches. "Hey, sorry to disturb you. But those look very good," she said with a small smile on her face. She did really mean it. She had no clue if other person even wanted to be disturbed. 

"Oh, if you wanna be alone, then I can leave too and find something else to do," she added just in the case. She never knew what others wanted. 

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17 year old Halfblood Werewolf ☆ HE/HIM

Travis eyes squinted for a moment, there'd been someone approaching at least that had been what his ears had told him. A gentle whiff of the air told his brain that someone had been getting closer as well, there'd been a unique scent to them as well but he couldn't pin out why. . .  At the time it didn't seem important, there'd been no expectation that anyone would stop or pay any attention to him or what he'd been doing. Not until the young teen approached him with a compliment no less which caused his head to lift up and look around as if she'd been talking towards someone else. 'I guess she'd really been talking to me!' He thought to himself, not minding the attention that had been gained for his art. 

"Oh, it's no biggie. Thanks for the compliment though. Tend to try and put as much detail as I can without making it all seem too overwhelming." A far more difficult task when his senses had been so acute in the first place. His hand rose up gently and head shook in the same fashion. "Woah, you don't need to leave alone. I never turn down the presence of a beautiful lady." He stated smoothly with a roguish smile. Then his hand shifted to pat the ground next to him gently as if to signal that she could sit down if that's what she would've wanted to do while scooting over a few inches towards the opposite direction. "Company can be a pretty good thing on an otherwise slow and boring day, at least that's what I tell myself from time to time.

"I think I've seen you around the school before." Mostly when he'd been trying to sneak into the Flinder's Girl's dormitory to go visit Meadow or Remi if he remembered. Perhaps even around the school and a few other classes. Placing the pencil down gently against the sketchpad while balancing both on his legs; His hand would reach out towards her in the form of a greeting. "Well, to be far more formal and reduce saying, 'Hey, You.' from being spoken. The names Travis, nice to meet you. . .?" The tone of his voice trailed off as he hoped it'd lead her to speak her own name, if she'd felt comfortable about anyways. Unless she listened to some of the Tally grapevine rumors that shifted about him then he wasn't sure if she'd feel the same way about meeting him. 

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