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April, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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Claire Bellamy

Destiny is part of our lives

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Flinders Destiny
17 year old Halfblood Human ☆ she/her


@Claire Bellamy , 17 years old, 7th year Flinders student

Single, Unsure, 

Caring, Brave, Smart, Loyal

She comes from a broken family. Her parents have never been together. Just her parents had one-night-stand together. So yeah she barely knows her own father but she is close with her mother. She has known about magic since she was five years old girl. She even attended to that Tally young kid program since yeah magic was a new thing to her and her mother. Father was half-blood but he was never much around. Anyways now she has been Tally for awhile and currently is at her last year here. She isn't exactly what she will do after this.

She loves her friends and would do anything for them. So yeah you will see her trying to spend time with them, even yeah her studies are important to her. She doesn't like to make enemies really. Oh, and she for sure needs to explore which gender she likes more. Currently, she is still unsure about it. 


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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

Heya there, Alrighty, time to pop out a few ideas and get them snowballing down a hill!

So, to start with a bit of a helpful foot in the door, @Travis Franklin Is also a Seventh year though a Bourke, he typically hangs around a few people but more prominently are two Flinder's - @Meadow Richards and @Remi Cornfoot. As a person, Travis is a complicated sort, often keeping himself distant and yet close to people. He's friendly but never reveals much about himself to those he doesn't trust, there have been few exceptions and mostly those that had the capability to gain the knowledge about his condition as a Werewolf. It's the kind of thing he doesn't speak about so easily and goes to great lengths to hide it. That being said, he tends to allow certain aspects of nature flow through which more notably is the necessity to be social to some degree. This is often taken in his shameless flirtations, which happen far more often than not, and his general friendliness though it isn't excessive. 

For their connection: It's possible they may have grown up together and went through school, Though he didn't attend Bilby he did start Tallygarunga in first year. The tendency of him flirting isn't really a glaring secret but whether or not he's done it before or if it's far more recent is something that can always be talked about! While his family is necessary broken, he understands the lack of a Father due circumstances of his past. He's also the sort to try and drag people towards random bushland adventures, which is always fun! In terms of studies, he intentionally performs average preferring not to draw too much attention to himself in that way. But it also works in a twisted sense that he could use it to spend time with people. 

There's also @Alexander Winfield , He arrived at Tallygarunga last school year and holds no long-standing connections with anyone in terms of learning with them in an academic institution. His view on things is optimistic, after suffering from a health issue that had pushed him near the brink of death; it ended up being one of the ways he kept himself less dreary and pessimistic. As much he tries to see another side of some people he isn't naïve enough to believe everyone holds a 'Better side'. Like most Spencer's he's a troublemaker of sorts or rather he finds himself seeking out the dangerous of adventures and travelling, wanting to see the world and view different aspects of it in a way that he never could before. Last year had been a year of chaos and sudden revelations for him but it hasn't dulled his desire to be a musician nor the newer feeling of wanting to be a proper healer. 

Alex is the kind of guy whose always extending out not only a hand of friendship but also often trying to help people find their way, either through motivation or talking with them to help see something in a way or light that hadn't been considered before. He understands problems can be difficult for people, what one person encounters that feels heavy might not feel the same to another and so avoids judging others situations on criteria's beyond what that persons cognition represents it as. I'd say Claire's friendly nature would be a reason for him to approach her, another person to befriend in his mind and a good way for him to understand someone on their level. While he comes from somewhat of a. . . Very hard to explain family situation, he also understands the presence of absence though more so the lack of a motherly figure. Something that could be a possible bonding point in the future. 


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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

If there are any other ideas that come to mind, either with these characters or others Kai's Splotter there are a few here with a bit of a blurb about them along with their profile links. Feel free to poke at me! DM is usually the easiest way to catch my attention.

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Players Destiny
25 year old Non-Magical Human ☆ she/her

Hey There!

Those two seems to interesting characters for sure.

@Travis Franklin - Well he and Claire could have still yes met somehow around the school over the years they have been there. Claire isn't one to flirt with people so quickly but she doesn't mind it. But yeah he dragging her to some adventures seems interesting. Claire needs those in her life more; she can't always study anyway. Also, she is braver than she lets people think about her. So perhaps they just ended up together at some adventure or she ends up helping him with some homework or they have some project together.

@Alexander Winfield - Well yeah they could have talked in the past and she could have even realised he is good at helping people figure out things. She is still trying to figure out who she is and who she wants to be in the future. Also yes they could bond over lack of the one parent in their lifes. I'm sure they could get along yes. She barely makes enemies anyways, because she is always a friendly person. I'm up that they just talk about things in their lives and she perhaps asks even some sort of help, not sure what yet.

I'm okay to start any of these.

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Players ☆ New Character Maker, Professional ProcrastinatorGuest
2019 year old ☆ She/Her

Yo! Let's see what I can cook up.

I don't have any seventh years, but it isn't much of a stretch to imagine Claire getting along with sixth years, right? Plus, I have a few Flinders people. Let's see...

Kai mentioned @Meadow Richards, so I suppose I'll start there. A fellow Flinders, sixth year, and resides in the dormitories as well (her roommate being @Remi Cornfoot). She is @Travis Franklin's best friend. She is kind by nature, though her closer friends would argue she turns out to be a bit strict and passive aggressive when they're under her care - it's more out of concern than anything. She's a gifted Healer and it's not uncommon for students to go to her when they need something patched up and don't want the school nurse to know about it (although, as of recently, she started charging for these services). Her amiable disposition has earned her a few strong bonds over the years, though given her physical frailty, she's also the target of bullying on occasion. Despite having these friends she seems to have a bit of a thing against hanging out with the vast majority of them outside campus - this is because her parents are pureblood supremacists and she doesn't want to get in trouble, a fact only known to Travis presently. That being said, she's working on getting the courage to defy those standards. For a connection, it's very possible that they've had to work together in the past, given they are a part of the same House and that the classes are shared with all years; they could also potentially be on friendly terms. I'm willing to hear any ideas out too :) As a side note, Meadow hangs out constantly with @Samantha Hammond and @Amber Cross, both of which also my characters, though I don't have much in the way of ideas for either of them presently. Though they're naturally ultra friendly and social butterflies, so it probably won't be so hard to come up with something there.

Also from Flinders I have @MJ Clarke, a fifth year. She doesn't board but she's known to be a timid girl who is in actuality a complete machine when it comes to group works. She also has a seventh year student for a sister, @Aspen Clarke. It's common knowledge that whenever Aspen gets angry, MJ is the person to go fetch to calm her down. She's also a bit of a survivalist as a hobby, so even if she's not around campus very much, it's not uncommon to find her doing something, anything, in the Murrigal Bushland. She's a bit awkward though, so it takes time to break through that shell. As such, she doesn't have much in the way of friends, but if Claire has treated her kindly in the past, it's possible that they're on good terms.

My last Flinders was made very recently, and he's @Ian Travers. He's a Dhampir with a very rough past hidden behind a relentless need to help everyone around him. He lives in the dormitories as well. Odds are they've ran into each other over the years, and Ian tried to help Claire in any way, shape or form. It's quite possible that they're good friends, even with the year gap, as he's a fifth year.

I have many more students (ten in total, across all houses, either fifth or sixth years), and so I'm willing to hear out any other ideas. Please check my splotter out to get a grasp on how they work :) My ideas are pretty rough thus far but I'm willing to iron them out. Feel free to hit me up in Discord DM's!

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Players ☆ video game addictTecri
2019 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ she/her

I only have two students, @Maxine Williams, and @Aspen Clarke 

• Maxine is a 7th year Spencer, she's nice overall, perhaps a bit too annoying and rowdy and she likes to play pranks on people along with creating a little bit of chaos or setting things on fire accidentally. Overall Max is nice, easy to dislike. She's not the most predictable character I have. Since she's been around she probably knows Max and they might have crossed paths, they are also in Wandless Magic class together, along with Max's roommate @Laurie Kempf so they could know each other.

• Aspen is a 7th year Bourke, she doesn't call people by their first name unless they are family or play in the Quidditch team. Overall she's not a bad bean and is very social, but has some anger management issues. Aspen has been around since the first year and her sister @MJ Clarke is a Flinders. It's not a stretch to say they know each other, even if it's through MJ. 



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