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April, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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Imogen Oakley Shaunessy


 ||22//Female//Halfblood//Half Sidhe||

The newest Astronomy Professor, Imogen is newly moved to Australia (talk about an impulse move!). She is usually wandering her new home, trying to get her bearings, or getting lost somewhere. She's not used to being more than acquaintances, so she may be a tough shell to crack, but she'd be loyal to a fault. Children are more likely to see her softer side, as she's always willing to help explain her subject or willing to volunteer to oversee study groups (hasn't been too long since she was a student herself). Also, Secrets, glamours, and secrets from the grave? Oh my.

(I fail at coding and at Plotters)

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Because I fail at coding and plotters. Had to redo entirely. :(

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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

Heya there! I think it's time to nail my head a bit on the plotting nail!

So, I think I can align the students first  or at least the ones she'd encounter! Which one would be @Senan Connell, a recent transfer student from Ireland whose in her Astronomy class this year. (He's also Half-Fae or more accurately, less Human and far more Fae.) He's well aware of his heritage and often minute details that comes from the unique magical essence that come from the race. Always something to help explore! There's a distance with him and slight harshness with the way he may come across but recent incidents and exposures have caused it to be dulled from when he first arrived into Tally. 

@Alexander Winfield Is a student, a bit of an oldie due to circumstances in his life but he doesn't let it really keep him down. Not for long anyways. While he doesn't have Astronomy he does wander a lot and could be found nearly anywhere for one reason or another. Either due to where his Music may take him or assisting in places like the Victorian Reserve since he knows the owners personally and often tries to lend a helping hand there. He's and overall friendly person and is always up for meeting people and a bit of exploring. 

@Travis Franklin Can be contributed as a traveler of sorts, exploration for him means going into the depth of nature itself and mostly for a means of hunting or testing his innate senses. He's a Werewolf but doesn't shout it to the heavens finding that the look on those that aren't only Non-Human but quite dangerous to the health of a community isn't just frowned upon but hated. That being said he's the sort that would flirt with just but any kind of woman if it seems the moment or occasion is proper. It's one of the ways that he tries to deal with his personal issues. Always someone to run into that can help get her a bit more familiar with the new home. 

@Vale Windum While not a student like the previous three, the reason he comes to mind is because he is a Pureblooded Fae, A Sidhe of a couple of hundred years. While barely a blink in the lifetime of a Fae it's enough for him to have a bit of an idea of what to look towards when encountering the various races and the few Half-Breed Fae's that are out there. It's at least someone to help fill in the blanks of the Fae nature and kind and the potential growth that Half-Fae could expect or endure, not so much will as it'd be different for each one. 

But we can always talk about potential ideas for my other characters too! (It'd be a bit to type all of them here. XD!) I'm always free to be poked on the Discord Direct message or wherever! 

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Players ☆ New Character Maker, Professional ProcrastinatorGuest
2019 year old ☆ She/Her

Alright! Took me long enough. Let's see what I can cook up. Feel free to come up with ideas of your own by browsing my splotter! :)

Student wise, I have two I can give you. The first is @Chloe Stewart. She's the quiet/robotic type, with very little in the way of social skills; as far as classes go, she's very much at the top of it due to actually having enjoyment in studying various subjects - Astronomy included, of course! Definitely one of the more well behaved ones, so she may be in her teacher's good graces due to her competence. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have @Amber Cross whom only ever decided to take the class because she's a bit of a geek (sci-fi!) and was very disappointed when she first realized the class wasn't what she expected. Nevertheless she stuck with it because she's fascinated with space. Not the best student when it comes to theoretical subjects, her genuine enjoyment of Astronomy specifically made it so she's survived up to her Fifth Year, and at the moment it's the only purely theoretical subject she's taking. Though, she's prone to be a bit loud/distracted/what have you. Just the other day she made a QuillBook post over being so bored in class that she just took out her smartphone and tinkered with it. Take from that what you will.

@Jamie Collins can be an eventual possible friend, as they're in the same age range. Don't let his fame fool you, he's actually pretty humble and quiet himself. He frequently visits Tallygarunga for the sake of seeing his friend Olivia, whom is the school nurse, and to watch the Quidditch games as they happen for the sake of scouting out the seniors. @Diana Sharpe is in a similar situation, visiting the nurse at least once a week, and she has a little brother who attends the school - while this character is still an adoptable, we can easily say that he attends Astronomy to justify them having come across each other at one point or another.

@Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons is the resident social butterfly of Narragyambie, as well as a prominent Auror. She gives lectures in Tallygarunga on occasion (more often than not in DADA) so it's likely for them to run into each other. @Natasha Roberts, like her, is unofficial school staff, although she's far more present than Evelyn in the sense that she's the Dueling Club teacher and goes to campus a few times a week. She's an easy pick for any help your Professor may need. She also bakes the best muffins in Narrie!

That's all I got from a quick once-over, but I have 19 characters at this point so feel free to throw more stuff at me. Also go ahead and contact me on Discord directly to hash out some ideas!

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Players Guest

@Kaitore Hail to the glorious Wake Thief! 

@Travis Franklin sounds like someone that would pair up with Imogen just to get lost in the middle of nowhere with. I think given her lack of geographical knowledge of the area, she's likely to get lost a few times.

@Alexander Winfield sounds like a complete sweetie. I think if she could find the reserve, that'd definitely be the place she'd meet him? Unless he caught her outside barefoot trying to catch what's left of the sunlight.

@Senan Connell and Imogen would be interesting, I think. She's older but definitely more naive than he is. 

And @Vale Windum? That would definitely be an interesting time. It's just the location that would escape me, honestly.

The last two in particular amuse my inner sadist muse, because she's still no idea what she is. I could see them eventually telling her and she's immediately in denial mode à la Madame Maxime- "I just have a condition."


It's really up to you how and who you're willing to go with (as I know you've a busy time). Just let me know? (Note: I'm quite bad at plotting as well. I'm more impulsive than anything. 😧 )

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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

Nonsense! I'm never too busy to up the threadage! I tend to always try to find time. (That makes me sound sadder as I read it. . . Oh well!) 

For Alexander either Reserve or the School is an easy fix, we can roll with what ever sparks! His Sister and young nieces are on school grounds so he has ample reason to be around regardless. The Library is a place he's seen more often than not too. (His Sister is the Scary Librarian, Adele.) 

Sometimes you just have to throw people in to aggravate the chaos and drum up the emotions! I can definitely work with impulsive too, I find that to be a far easier thing to get the hang of the characters. No grand idea, just a meet up, a place, and let things take off in storied fashion! 

If that's your kind of speed I think we can start tossing threads up (When ever you have the time, of course.) 

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