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December, 2018
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Ending Term 4

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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2019 year old Non-Magical Human ☆ She/Her


22 | School Nurse | Former Spencer | Lily Collins

Once a student of Tallygarunga herself, Josie has returned as the school nurse beginning in the 2018 school year after graduating from VMU and receiving her certification.  She's doing her best to take life one day at a time nowadays and to be true to herself instead of repeating her many and varied mistakes in her younger years.  She has a little of trouble sitting still or doing nothing, so if she's not in the hospital wing, she's probably roaming around the grounds, in the library, or meeting with another member of faculty.  It is not unusual to see her reading while she is within the hospital wing, either.  She's pretty open with the older staff and students alike, but be warned her head still sometimes floats up in the clouds.  She can still at times be very sensitive, although she tries to hide it.

Could use:  just about anything you could think of.  
Used to have a serious hateship with Leanna Evans in her school years [she was TERRIFIED of her].


Sixth Year | Sturt | Joanna "Jojo" Levesuqe

Formally a student of St. Andrews, Gerry was among the first to be transferred over to Whitlam Bilby, was sorted into Platypup, and moved on to Sturt.  She's got a history of a violent temper, having broken out into fights with both her fists and her wand over the years--something she's been working toward curbing, and containing.  She can have a haughty and overbearing attitude at times, but it's all a cover-up to hide her insecurities.  She's an incredibly hard worker, always working on her game or her studies to improve herself.  In previous years she played on her house quidditch team, and hopes to continue to do so this year as well.  She aims to one day work as a potions master, discovering and creating something entirely new.

Could use:  

old / fake friends, rivalries/enemies, past bad relationship [veryy= short-lived?]


Fifth Year | Flinders | Dove Cameron

Iris is the sort of girl that is ready to try [most] anything and start whatever project pops in her brain....but seldom ever finishes anything [including her homework].  She's a dreamer, with her brain going in a million places at once.  While her biggest dream is to become a fashion designer, she also wants to go trekking around the globe and experience whatever she can, while she can.  She's a friendly girl, if a bit clumsy at times, and has spent the last near-decade playing the violin.  She also has a secret alias, Rainbow Ice, whose videos are slowly being spread around the internet against her knowledge.

Could use: just about anything you could think of.


Fourth Year | Flinders | Chloe Grace Moretz

Mairead is a twin to Siobhan, daughter of Rosmunda, and aunt to Gemini.  She's moved around a fair amount in her life, and lost both her older sister and father.  She's extremely protective of the family that she has left.  She puts a lot of weight into her looks, which her veela blood accentuate.  What one sees on the outside is often quite different on the inside.  She might appear humble, outgoing, and hates anything tedious.  Inside she's doing what she can to gain the attention of others, leaving no small effort undone, is very shy, and finds small tasks to be relaxing.  She can appear friendly and sociable, but inside she is criticizing everyone around her.


Grade Four | --- | Elle Fanning

this is a placeholder!!!

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Players Guest
25 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

Maddie - They're in the same year and their personalities seem different. Don't have any ideas but I'm sure we could each come up with something :P

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★ Admin ☆ Tinkerer of Things That Shouldn't Be Tinkered★ Sadrienne
2019 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

Hokay! So!

Aiden is likely to know Iris and Mairead as they're in the same house, and Gerry at least by reputation. What they know of him will depend on how much time they spend in the library. I kind of like the idea of Aiden having a hopeless crush on someone impossible (Gerry would be hilarious), and he's probably more likely to have a female best friend than a male one. Possibly an eternal "isn't she your girlfriend?" situation, and who knows what could happen from there. Aiden is kinda dumb.

If Gerry was to get into some epic trouble, perhaps she could be sentenced to detention with Adele? That wouldn't be awful for either of them lol. XD Maybe a fight in the library? Something like that could be fun.

I await your ideas!

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Friends Rika
26 year old Non-Magical Human

Yes, any of the ideas sound lovely :D I'll prolly stick with Iris or Gerry for now. Savannah's stuck just doin class stuff at the moment, and did sign up for Quidditch. :P 

Tag @Shell

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