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Josie Wilson

Open warm afternoons

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Tally Staff ☆ School Nurse✩ Shell
22 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

Josie was sitting in a chair, one foot tapping in rhythm on the ground, a book on astronomy in her hands.  She might not have been the best, or most successful at it in her youth, but the subject was still fascinating to her, and she hoped that, eventually, years of gazing at the star charts would eventually sink in better within her mind.

The woman of early twenties turned a page, then her hand moved to a desk, fingers drumming separately from the tapping of her foot, but it somehow blended together fine just the same.  She was already feeling anxious.  A mixture of excitement from returning to the school and boredom filled her.  On the one hand, it was a blessing that no one had really needed her, on the other, if left her with very little to do.

A large yawn escaped her mouth, despite it only being three in the afternoon.  She tugged gently at the collar of her dress.  It was also hot, as was to be expected.  She used fans to keep the wing somewhat cooler, but still.....  Her eyes turned to the window and she looked longingly.  It was beautiful outside.  Perhaps this was the worst part.  Waiting, trapped.  Could she get away with a short walk about?  Could she not?

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