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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring
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You Were My [GRAVITY]

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Repository ‚ėÜ Sixth Year ‚ėÜ Student/Janitor ‚ėÜ ‚ú© Shell
Muggleborn Human ‚ėÜ She/Her
geraldine richter
we kept running, running through the night
chasing the sun til anything felt right can you save me now?

 will be ordered chronologically in this post[

20-21 March, 2016

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Repository ‚ėÜ Sixth Year ‚ėÜ Student/Janitor ‚ėÜ ‚ú© Shell
Muggleborn Human ‚ėÜ She/Her

20 March, 2016  -  Fourth Year  -  7:02pm
21 March, 2016  -- Fourth Year -- Morning
Melbourne, Australia

It wasn't normal for Geraldine's parents to have her come home during the school year.  She sat at the dinner table, which was awkward, silent, with a heavy air looming over everybody.  She prodded her fork at her food, every so often lifting her eyelids to stare at her parents and little brother.  She tried to recall if this had ever happened since she started on as someone who boarded at the school.  ...No.  No, it hadn't.

The silence was like a thick blanket that hung in the air, suffocating despite the change to the fall season.  Her parents never looked up from their plates, and her brother looked just as uncomfortable and lost as she felt.

The silence was broken when the door swung open, and she looked over to find Morgan and her mom, Carlotta, walking in.  "You're late," her own mother had said, and Geraldine was not ignorant to the annoyed, strained look in her eyes. 

"Did...I do something wrong?" the teen asked nervously, looking back and forth between her friend and her own parents.  Morgan had only ever on rare occasions been allowed into Gerry's family's home, and usually it was because an unavoidable situation came up.   She looked to her best friend, who seemed to be avoiding her gaze, and watched as Carlotta put a hand on Morgan's shoulder, staying her.

Setting her fork down, Gerry set aside any premise of trying to eat.  Something was going on, and it had her stomach working itself into knots and the beginnings of nausea.  She looked back to her parents again, who had stopped eating.  "Mom? ...Dad?"  Was someone going to explain what this was about?

"We've something to discuss with you girls--and you, Jordie."  Her mother said, quickly adding her brother in at the end.  Geraldine looked to her brother who only shrugged and shook his head, then did a round of looking at each of the adults.  There was tension, and she felt like she could practically swim in it.

"There's nothing to discuss.  We should have put a stop to this years ago.  But you, Mason, kept pushing it."  Carlotta instantly cut in, her eyes cold.  It soon became a sea of voices.

"They have every right to--
"They have no right, and this shouldn't have been allowed to happen."
"Now you wait just one minute--!!"

Geraldine's hands moved to cover her ears as her breaths in and out began to quicken.  She hated when it was just her parents fighting as it was, and now there were three of them?  Their voices melded into one big mess of shouts and that she couldn't decipher.  Her eyes closed tight as she tried to block it all out.  She could make out the sound of her brother joining in, although if he was arguing or merely trying to get their attention, she was unsure.

Everything stilled and stopped when she felt the pressure of a hand on her arm.  Opening her eyes, now starting to glisten with tears to come, she saw Morgan before her.  She was trying to calm her down, to keep her grounded.  Gerry searched her face for a hint of what to do, but there was none.  All her usual cheer was gone.

"GERALDINE!"  she hadn't heard her mother's first six attempts at getting her attention, but she'd heard that shout.  She looked over, confused and afraid.  Her hand moved over Morgan's, gripping it tight as she looked at everyone else.  

She watched as Carlotta tried to interject, but her father's hand shot out, stopping her.  "But it is true, we should have told you girls years ago.  I...we...never imagined that you'd ever become friends, let alone how close you'd grow.  It's time you knew the truth.  The two of you are.... half-sisters."

Stunned.  She didn't move, didn't breathe.  She was just...dreaming this right?  It couldn't be real, could it?  It was just some bad dream.  Her parents wouldn't lie to her for a solid five years, would they?  

Her head turned slowly to look at Morgan, who immediately looked away.  The look on her face said everything the lack of words didn't.  She knew.  "But...but that's not possible.  We're only a year apart.  We.. I...No!  No, you're lying!"  Her hands balled into fists and she slammed them on top of the table.  "Why would you even say something like that!?"  Her voice raised as she stood, her mother staring her down disapprovingingly.  "Geraldine Dale!" she hissed.

She looked back at Morgan, but she had moved.  She was already by the door, Carlotta's hand still dug firmly into her shoulder, her fingers curled.  It looked like it hurt.  "We'll be moved before the break is over.  It's time to put an end to this."  Geraldine shot up from her chair, terrified and furious, and ran toward the pair, but they were out the door too fast, and it was slammed into her face., knocking her back.  She could only remain there on the floor, staring at the wood in disbelief.



Gerry was driven back to school in the middle of the night to be sure that she had some time to sleep and be ready for her classes in the morning, and so that her parents had time for their own work commutes.  Hours passed, and she never slept, just replaying things in her mind again and again.  What was that woman ending?  Where would Morgan move to?  

She was unable to concentrate in her earliest class, but she managed to catch sight of her between that one and the next.  "Morgan!  Hey, wait up!" she called, hurrying toward her.  Her friend--her best friend--barely turned her head, only stopping briefly.  "My mom doesn't want us to be friends anymore.  I...have to get going."  It was all the explanation she'd been given as she watched her walk away.

Why?  Why was this happening?



Gerry  --  Cynthia -- Carlotta  -- Morgan  -- Mason

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