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Geraldine Richter

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Sturt ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Student/Janitor✩ Shell
16 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

School had returned to full swing, and Geraldine was back to bouncing back and forth between rigorous practices, even if they were self-imposed, by herself ones, and long stretches in the library reading materials on her classroom subject matter that went beyond her own texts.

The brunette had several books splayed out on the table before her as she went back and forth, researching something from a class for a paper that had already been assigned.  Some of the teachers had a firm understanding of what 'cruel and unusual' meant, it seemed, or maybe it was only the higher level years that got this treatment.  She wasn't actually sure.

She honestly didn't need most of what she had piled before her, but the teenager was still ever-determined to do the best in her classes as she possibly could.  This was double probably because of some of her classmates--classmates like Simon, who made all the extra work necessary.  She wasn't the only one in her house or year that was ambitious, after all.

Geraldine took a glance out a window, then at the watch on her wrist.  She'd already been in here almost four hours.  The library was probably going to close soon at this rate.  She sighed, running a hand into her hair as she leaned forward again.  She hadn't had time to properly break in her study habits again, and found this more draining than was normal.  Just a little longer.... if she could just avoid the librarian's gaze a little longer...

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