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Frankie Oliver

Complete far far away

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Melbourne ☆ Apothecary CashierKay
17 year old Pureblood Human ☆ her/she

 Lonely was a good word for Frankie since the term had started.  Going back to school had not been something she had actually wanted to do.  She was often confronted with the fact she didn’t have friends. That she spent a lot of her time alone and quiet and focused on something else.  She had spent the morning with Jackson, he had been struggling with potions and she had offered to help him… it had been a decent bit of time that had been spent with him and he had kept her petty distracted from the fact she was not happy here.   She had not been sure what happy was supposed to look like anymore.  She frowned at the book in front of her. 


She had been meaning to follow up with Orion about something too, she figured it was s till a bit early for him to be up and about- they had lunch together most days and so she would meet up with him then.  Jackson had left leaving Frankie to feel a bit exposed, a bit sad that she was still at the school.  She had only been kind of joking when she had suggested she and Orion run away, but maybe they would be happier if they left the school and she actually went someplace else.  She wouldn’t mind living in PNG for a bit while they got their bearings somewhere.  She closed her potions book and stood up.  She made her way around the travel section.  


She looked at the many books on travel. The placed she might be able to get away too.  She sighed.  She pulled one of the books off the shelf and opened it to look at the information on some of the more remote places.  She wanted to run far away, away from the icky feelings she had.  The painful realizations that she didn't fit here and she didn't think she wanted to. The one thing she could likely count on was Orion wanting to go with her too... maybe?  She didn't need someone to go with her for sure.  She just may have liked some company as she figured out her life.  She sighed for a moment as she sank to a seated position.  


Sitting in the library she bit her lip.  Reading over the information she wondered what the fashion would look like, and how her style might change?  It would be a good thing.  better for her work.  Frankie hoped anyway.  

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