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Flowers Made From Iron

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Players Kay


Kay's Kiddos
hello loves! alright this is my little hoard of characters, they are all wonderful and full of the drama.... feel free to throw anything my way and we can work something out. Full disclosure i am terrible at checking this and you may need to poke me but i promise its just me being me and not something else!
36, Tally Professor,
Magical Law and Government professor, Shemar Moore
Anthony, or Tony is a man driven by his desire for justice. It was something that often came before his family. He was still an Auror when his wife died. She had gone out on a quick errand and he had not thought about going himself because he had a long tour that day. He moved to Australia to consult on cults. He rather liked Australia and so he stuck around and took a teaching job at Tally in order to ensure that he was around for his daughter now that he is her only caregiver. He has found int he past two years he had really enjoyed teaching.
30, Tally Staff
Bilby Grade 1, Don Benjamin
Boaz is probably not what you picture when you think of a teacher, let alone one who teaches grade one. However, Boaz is in fact a Grade 1 teacher and he absolutely loves it. There is nothing he likes more than teaching and watching a student get a concept for the first time. Boaz loves kids in spite of not wanting any. The man is known for being very particular and event with his messy students his classroom is never left in disarray. He is by far a solid friend to have, he likes to spend time with people who are just as passionate as he is about their careers and he does enjoy coaching a few muggle sports teams for the same age group. The man however is rather unlucky in love and by his own fault. He struggles balancing his personal life and his work life. The kids always come first and take time away from other things.
30, Narrie,
Nanny, Sara Sampaio
Daria is estranged from her family in the united states. They do not agree with how she lives her life and she doesn't care so much about them. Daria has always had a thing for men in a position of power and that has not changed much. She is now pining away fro her boss Ketih Anderson while caring for his triplets. Daria is a fun loving person in general. She needs all the friends she can get! Anything and everything from those she goes out on the town with and those she is much closer to.
33, Melbourne,
Creative Director, cote de pablo
Eudoxia lives and works in Melbourne, she is married to Jason Miller, she and Jason have two kids, Silas, who is four and Persephone who was born November 21, 2017. She is very happy with her family life. Dox teaches and is the Creative Director for Melbourne Dance, a studio she has been teaching at for the past years. She used to be an accountant for the Ministry. As far as what I am looking for- Friends she could always use them. She is a social, and ha no issues making friends. She could use a few mom friends too. People who dance or have children who dance.
Ikedi Azikiwe
43, Ministry,
Head of Unfortunate incident and creatures Idris Elba
Ikedi and his family immigrated from Nigeria when he was a boy. He found he was magic mostly by accident. the one thing he absolutely and truly loves are the magical creatures he has worked with and read about. Ikedi is a very open and cheerful person, even when busy with work he prides himself in being compassionate and able to see all sides of the problem. He fights for the truth and finds kindred spirits in those who do the same.
38, Narrie,
ODD JOBS, Jason Momoa
Lot is a man who has been wanted for a murder he had not committed. Recently cleared by his brother in law he is adjusting to life as a civilian and not someone who has to run to survive. Lot has a 9 year old daughter Lilah. Lot has spent his time making it up to his daughter. Lot is a man ho has also been working odd jobs here and there. He is huge and therefore physical work tends to be the best thing for him. He does however do whatever he can manage for work. Lot could use just about everything as far as plots go. Friends, romance and he likely makes enemies, hes a big guy and he has pissed off plenty of people in his time.
Violet Kalifa
30, Melbourne,
Penrose Quidditch coach, Ashley Moore
Violet is the coach for Penrose, she is sometimes hard to get to know but overall she can be exactly who you want in your corner. She makes friends based on many reasons but if she does feel betrayed she will cut them off and there are no second chances. She likes to be in charge and she does well when she is. Violet has always liked having the attention and when she does she uses it for good cause. Mostly for Quidditch these days but that does not mean the struggles she has had growing up have just taken a back burner.
20, melbourne,
bartender, madelaine petsch
Stella has only been a vampire for 3 years, she was attacked by a vampire when she deviated from the chore her mother had sent her on when she was headed to the market. Since then Stella has had a hard time adjusting to life as a vampire. She grew up in a very strict but nomadic family who did what they could to make money. They disowned her once she had transitioned into being a vsmpire. Stella has since been taking night classes and works in a popular club in downtown Melbourne. Stella greats life with biting sarcasm and enjoys being able to actually enjoy her life.


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✩ Moddies ☆ Professor of Finger Painting✩ Chromatic
28 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

Hey! I'd love to possibly have Penny and Elena meet at some point. Or perhaps they've already met. Penny was intending to be an Auror, but altered her course towards the DMLE with the intent to help create a new devision that deals with the protection of neglected and abused magical children. I think with the upcoming events, the Aurors and the DMLE would be working together, but I can also see them having known each other from training, if their timelines match up in that case .She got a bit of a late start with attending Uni and then getting into the ministry. Either way, its nice to see that its not all men up in the Aurors offices. 

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Players Guest
25 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

Frankie and Maddie are in the same year but different houses. Maddie is super nice to everyone, even if they're mean to her.

Kevia: Where is she a ranger at? Sean likes to go rock climbing so maybe they've crossed paths?

Sean is also a Quidditch player (beater) so there could be some threads there! (he's not as fun as Liam ;) )

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