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Alexander Winfield

Complete Playing a Heart Out

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
20 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Regardless of who he spoke with, words seemed to always be the less effective on his mood compared to how the usual process would go for the young teen. Alexander had found himself within the Musiciary room after classes had been concluded for the day and needed to just use the space that seemed the best site for practicing with his guitar and vocals. The surrounding acoustics of the room were designed to accentuate the voice and tones of musical chords that would vibrate in the room and allow it to fill evenly and with force behind the most subtle of noises. It meant he didn't need to play as hard to hear himself, didn't need to sing as hard to let it capture him in the rhythm of the music.

As he stood on the stage the neck of the guitar dubbed 'Sapphire' clutched in his hand in a cradled manner while he sat on a tall stool and sat just on the edge of it. A single leg perched up and the center of his left foot nestled on the second lowest bar of the stool for comfort and to straighten out his posture in order to elongate his lungs. The tips of his fingers for once actually gripped a pick between them as he started to tune the tail of the guitar while plucking the strings with the pick to test the tone until it was in alignment with one another. Something that sounded smooth, fluid, not off.

"Ah~ There we go. . . Nice and crisp just as I like it." Alexander's eyes lifted up as he looked around the empty room. He hadn't spotted anyone yet which meant he was free-session a bit. Playing whatever came to mind and in all honesty there was a lot in his mind, his very heart that was causing so much confusion that he hadn't dealt with before. Aside from the sudden emergence of a new clan of family members, his new relationship with Cassandra had been present in his head. "I really don't want to put her through the possible pain of losing someone else. . . As much as we try to stay strong about it there are a few people I may end up leaving behind if I am not strong enough. " His mind also just couldn't fall away from leaving her behind nor his other friends that have been close to him: Gerry and Frankie - the other two people in his life that have made such a positive impact. 

But were they the only once at risk for a broken heart? Adele and Lei still were prime examples of his new found family that have met him and maybe on some level attached themselves already to the idea that he's alive and fine for the most part. But the danger of assuming all will be alright no matter what was often how many people ended up failing. A thought that irked him every single time it would rear its ugly head and pin itself to his heart. Finally, he'd press the pick's edge would pressed against the first string at the top and then began once more a systematic plucking that started to produce a melodic sound while his lips parted. "If I die young, bury me in satin, Lay me down in a bed of roses. Sink me in the river at dawn, Send me away with the words of a love song~." ( If I die young - Sam Tsui Cover )

It was a gentle yet sad tone song even with the inflection of his voice as his eyes closed tightly to ingest the spirit of its meaning into his very self. Maybe it was touching too close to home for him enough that the very sorrow of its words seemed to leak into himself much more than he had anticipated. That was one of the negative impacts of having a song on your mind for if it was on your heart it'd often come out much more than the player could have anticipated until the chords started to play. Alex was too far in to really start himself from singing every single word, playing every single note and letting it ring into his ears as the noise bounced in the empty room in an acoustic elevation.

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