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✩ Moddies ☆ Professor of Finger Painting✩ Chromatic
28 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her
tumblr_m3qn35vIog1ro0csj.gif 26 | DMLE Special Assignments

Penny, just a tiny bab that is part of Magical Law Enforcement in Victoria. For now, she works under special assignments, but the plan is to eventually get her heading up a subdivision that works with art risk magical kids (abuse, neglect, and dependency cases). The Division of Protection and Permanency.... Okay so it's a working title. But there has got to be people who are specially trained for situations like these, and Penny is determined and stubborn enough to make sure that it happens.

She has a daughter, Lily, and she's gonna be 7 this December. Penny is a proud momma and her cubicle at work is plastered with photos and drawings.

Plotting wise, Penny has been stationed at Tally for the year while a dangerous wizard is on the lose, as an extra level of protection. Her skills with helping kids in dangerous situations made her a good choice to send to the school and is available to students who might feel they need to talk to someone from the ministry. As an alumni of Tally herself, she's enjoying being back at school and closer to her daughter. Past professors and peers are welcome to hang out with her! 

She's not really open for romance plots, but, if you are interested in giving it a go, there is Kristen, Lilys second mum and Pennys housemate. 

tumblr_p2exwod58F1vuefjyo2_540.gif 16 | Flinders

Siwan is a Flinders student, just recently moved to Narrie, and hopefully wont move again. This is her third school since she was 7 and is honestly tired of moving. She's friendly enough, but her constant moving around and travels have made her a bit reluctant to make close friends. Her dad teaches at Tally and he recently bought a house to prove how rooted they are. he might have gone overboard for just the two of them, and eventually Siwan might start inviting friends over for the weekend. There's plenty of room.

Siwan is still figuring herself out, and she's approaching graduation with no definite plan for her future. She hasn't told her dad yet, but she wants to take a gap year and maybe do some traveling on her own, or perhaps with some friends. She didn't really want to follow her father into medicine, and had always been adamant about that, but it's very clear that she's got a knack for it. Perhaps having someone to encourage that interest and skill, or someone introducing somethign new to her that she would be super skilled at is a good thing. 

She's got a knack for languages as well, so will often interact with international students in whatever their common language is that is not english. I'm nto gonna close the door on any crushes or romance, but I'm nto super set out for it either. I'll go for it only if it develops naturally. 

tumblr_p2exwod58F1vuefjyo2_540.gif 22 | VMU - Theoretical Magic & Research

Susan used to be on a very different path in her life. Her mother and father treated her time at Tally as a phase, and were certain that once she had graduated, she would return to the muggle world to live the rest of her life as a housewife to some rich kid of someone that the family knew. Susan did not agree with that at all, and no amount of talking and trying to prove herself would change their minds, and so when she was 15, she left them to seek help from Alan Burdett, which lead to Laurie and Marie Burdett taking her in and Susan became someone better than she could have hoped for. 

She's not very adept at casting, but not for lack of trying. It is through her research, carefully kept personal journals, and study of magical theory that Susan came to believe that her abilities as a Dreamwalker dampen her casting abilities. What she lacks in one area, she makes up for in other areas of study and creativity to make up for her shortcomings. 

I would love to have classmates from Tally and VMU for her. Maybe even family? And even more fun, another Dreamwalker that she can bother endlessly, because really there is not enough literature about these powers, and there definitely should be! 











































So I like plotting and planning out threads, so just toss ideas at me and we can definitely work something out. I'm also trying to not burn myself out, so I'm nto going to be taking on more than three, maybe 5 threads at a time, considering I have two active characters. I would like to complete one before taking on another if I feel like I'm at my limit, so there might be some waiting involved. I hope you guys understand.

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