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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Adele DeVylissea

Class HoM Term One: The Change Beneath Your Feet

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Sadrienne
40 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Topic: Tallygarunga's influence of Australian magical society

Reading: History of Tallygarunga (Page 34)

Assessment: Contribute productively to class discussion. 

The above was written in Adele's flawless cursive handwriting, an elegant script that seemed at odds with the irritable woman that sat at the desk below it. Watching the students filter in and take their places, she frowned grimly at them. A sharp finger pointed to the blackboard on occasion, as if to silently demand the students sit down, shut up, and open their books to the page listed. Adele didn't want to talk. Heck, Adele didn't want to teach. Alan had really pushed his luck this time, begging her yet again to fill in for History.

Did she have better things to do? Not really. Being so early in the year, the library was in near-pristine condition and she'd almost reached the point of scrubbing the varnish off the shelves. Obsessively cleaning to keep her mind off reality? Probably. Was Alan throwing more work at her because he knew she would spiral fast without it? Very likely, but Adele didn't stop to consider that. The holiday season had been unbearably hard, even with Alex and the rest of the family around. 

As the room began to fill up, Adele rose from her seat, moved around to the front of the desk and leaned against it. Casually she took a cigarette and lit it, her gaze casting across the room and daring the students that were brave enough to meet it to say something about the cigarette. She did not care. The worst that could happen is Alan would remove her from the school and then what? She wouldn't have to bloody well teach History for him anymore. Useless lump that he was. No doubt she was here because he was insisting Audrey not do any work. Like getting another damn replacement teacher in.

She looked up at the clock. It struck bang on the hour, and her free hand shot out to one side, a burst of magic slamming the door shut with an almighty crack.

"Books. Open. Respectfully. Damage a single page and you'll wish you were never born," she snapped. "If you've not already read the material, I suggest you start now. If you have, and you've got something to contribute, put your hand up and wait your turn to talk." Adele barked the orders, clearly not in a mood to be messed with today. 

"The school you're at right now, Tally, had a significant impact on the Australian wizarding society. Why do you think that is? What ways has it changed society for the better? Or worse? How might wizarding Australia be different if Tally didn't exist? What makes Tallygarunga different from the rest of the magical education institutions?"

(You don't need to wait for Adele to post to have your character answer, just assume that she does within your post and have your character offer their part of the conversation.)

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Bourke Kirupachi
16 year old Halfbreed Dhampir ☆ She/Her

Another day, another opportunity for a myriad of experiences completely alien to her. That had been Danielle's life for the past few months - she had been so far removed from mundane things like school, socializing and culture all her life, and adapting to life in Australia was quite the 'culture shock' - that's what it meant, right? Or had she read the definition wrong?

That day was another first for her - classes. She was finally getting to experience what the life of a student was like. It was a short walk from the dormitories to the next lecture on deck, which read 'History of Magic' in her schedule. Having taken the time to put every corner of the school to memory during the previous break, she found her way around very easily and arrived to the respective classroom early enough to avoid the sea of students flooding the school's halls and grounds. Entirely intentional, as she didn't work too well in huge crowds such as those. Walking in to the room, she took a fleeting moment to glance at the person sitting by the teacher's desk. She didn't look like she was the most talkative of individuals at first glance, so Danielle wisely skipped a warm type of greeting and just shuffled on to her seat.

She picked a seat in the very last row, not really knowing if it was usually taken or not, nor really caring about that for the time being - the more under the radar she could go, the better. As more and more fellow students started inhabiting the classroom Danielle felt mildly uncomfortable, clutching her right knee under the table as means to calm herself down; when it became apparent to the irrational part of her mind that they couldn't care less for the Dhampir (and some even looked scared of the librarian - now that she thought about it, she had seen that woman before in her many lengthy excursions to the library), she was able to breathe easier. Obeying instructions, her gaze flitted over the page's contents, which reflected the writing on the board.

Questions were then rapid fired to the class. Danielle's eyes widened momentarily in indecision. She had been told she was to keep her head down for her own safety, to have only passable grades - that meant she had to hold back her knowledge and skill most of the time. But would she even get a passing grade if she didn't put in at least some work?

Raising her hand, she spoke once permitted. "Tallygarunga's impact comes as being the first, and thus far only, public secondary wizarding education institution in all of Australia." Its accessibility was precisely the reason why her sect picked that school - if there were any stragglers still pursuing the duo, they'd look into the private institutions first, which there were plenty of. Ironic how the least secure place was the safest one when it came to her. "I think it has a very positive impact in the wizarding community, as it provides a full education to a lot of people whom would otherwise be completely unable to pursue their callings. Without that education they might also create a lot of accidents, and there may be casualties, so ultimately the existence of this school might have saved a lot of lives." 'It surely saved mine and my sister's, at least, for the time being...'

She left it at that. She did remember the rest of the questions, but she hoped that would be enough to keep the conversation going.

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Sturt ☆ Double AgentGuest
16 year old Halfbreed Fairy ☆ HE/HIM

The School Life, it'd still been a foreign concept to him, the sheer idea of having to attend numerous classes and learn a variety of subjects from different teaching methods. It hadn't made the assimilation of information difficult or exhausting simply weird to what he'd been more accustomed towards receiving. With a single strap back slung over his shoulder he'd enter the class with the rest of the students that hadn't been too keen on showing up extremely early like a teacher's pet, that would draw the attention that he'd been some student seeking to go above and beyond the call of academia. 

Senan slid his bag down next to the desk and leaned back into a seat that settled in the middle of the room finding it a good enough distance to keep the idea of being average but he also preferred distance from teacher's in general. The soured look on the woman that stood at the head of the classroom giving all the reasons why he'd been right to do so. Suddenly, the bell rang and the door slammed and his grey irises slowly turned towards the firmly shut entrance and then back towards Adele. It seemed to him she wanted to make sure everyone knew not only had she been in charge but she'd also been the one calling the shots. Maybe even numero uno of not wanting to be there either. 

His hand slowly slid along the edge of the book and gently cracked it open with the tip of his finger finding the proper page in gentle strokes. Why couldn't he'd been taught by some form of speaking book instead? That would have been much more appealing to his attention. Or so he thought until the questions urged out, eyes lowered to the page as he scanned through the History of the institutions establishment and his gaze drew to one of his classmates that answered. A gentle a grunt rumbled from him and his hand raised up into the air casually. 

"Taking up the mantle of affordable education around a series of Private institutions isn't the easies position to be in. To many, the school would be a place where you send all the rejects, poor people, or those that just didn't have the talent to hack it in the more costly schools. But that extension does mean that the Wizarding community had a chance to expand and grow faster than it would have, providing that kind of impact in Australia, I imagine." The light Irish accent lingered in his words. "Without the school the Wizarding world here probably would still be struggling in certain areas simply for lack of numbers and hidden talent that they'd given up on. Of course. . ." His gaze shifted towards the young teen who'd answered the question first. "I would say that was a double edged blade. People that are unwanted are often targeted when they -do- try to succeed as such what the school offered in a chance to grow it had also offered in a chance to be targeted. No one needs to go looking for the Fairy kid and his family or the Giant guy and his family. It's easily provided here.

A grim out look but one that he felt needed to be pinned. "But what it has over the other institutions that gives it an edge in every factor is diversity. That alone makes up for whatever the private schools would provide of a false stability.

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Spencer ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

There had been a few courses he didn't think he'd end up taking or for that matter be sitting in on due to one reason or another. But some how he managed to have History of Magic slapped onto his schedule, admittedly, he probably needed it as one of his STINGRAY courses to help benefit towards a few goals. He entered the room and unlike is many entrances to his other classes, music did -not- proceed him as some form of eye drawing attempt. He didn't even have his newly crafted emerald guitar with the deep red braid that danced from the tail end which had been due to the knowledge of whom had been teaching. The last thing he had ever wanted to do was to bring Adele's mood down and any reminder of the woman that he admired would most likely cause it. 

Seeing the woman standing at the front of the room with her commanding presence did remind him slightly of their first initial meeting, a reminder that she could be scary in presence. Yet while a few may have been daunted by the appeal, he smiled all the while placing his bag down next to a seating area and taking up a chair to get a bit more comfortable in. As much as one could with what had been provided then placed the History of Magic literature on top of his desk and smoothly opened it up. 'I don't even think -I- would be excused for disobeying that book part.' The door slamming hadn't caught him off guard or even alerted him too much only hearing the sound of it whisk into his ear in a loud bang. 

Normally, Alexander would be one of the first people to answer but he found that of late he'd been more attuned to hearing others first. To examine them before speaking himself and as the answers unraveled with those that had decided to speak up their own response. He would need to actually participate too, so, his handed lifted up and a single finger pointed to the sky in his usual quirky way of signaling. "I'd say it gave society the chance and opportunity to move forward. If people stay just how they are stagnation grows and that goes for a group a people. Too many places like Greyheme and everyone will either be stuffy or dumped out. Experience speaking here." Being latched at Greyeheme hadn't been a fun time for him at all and though the 'Quality' had been lesser in terms of presentation between the two institutions? 

He loved Tallygarunga. 

"I guess depending on the person that's a good or bad thing for the Wizarding community. Without Tally people like me would have been far off in a lot of ways. Difficult to control magical potential isn't the kind of Wizard people like Penrose or Greyheme -want- to deal with and they don't need to. But this school? Opened themselves up to not only accept people that do but goes out of their way to make sure they have every option possible." Even if he wasn't a Wizard, even if the mistake that harmed the Professor at Greyeheme hadn't been his fault that wasn't what the world saw even at this point in his life. "I have to say, in just a year's time, Tallygarunga? Probably the best good to pop in for the community even with the chance of bad that could happen."

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Sturt ☆ Family Busybody★ LilyCat
16 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Lorelei had practically bounced into the classroom, more than happy to be attending the class that Adele would be teaching. She had what she needed, even her pretend-false-wand-stick that her mother had asked her to start actually bringing around to classes otherwise she was going to stand out more than she really needed to, or did already. Lorelei wasn't certain why she would stand out, not unless people made a point of pointing out knowing her own recent history. But even then, it was a world of magic, right? There could be many things to explain the situation. What probably wouldn't was the hug she gave to Adele when she entered.

"Hello Grandmiere! I am looking forward to the learning in your class!" Lei chirruped easily, regardless of anyone else's thoughts of the woman, the looks they might give, or even Adele's own irritation that almost vibrated from her. She was her grandmother and she had always greeted her with a hug and always would. Once she'd done that though, the girl then looked around, before taking a seat near her Uncle Xander, quickly giving him a hug as well before properly sitting down at her table to pay attention, back straight and focus on Adele and what she had to say, and then the responses.

"I do not believe there is truly much more I could add to what everyone else as said," Once it was the girl's turn to speak, "This school has provided much for many disadvantaged families, and families of those who would be greatly discriminated against in other schools, and even other areas of the world. In a world that is still ruled by fear of the unknown and of those that the majority might perceive as dangerous simply because they are not a part of what is considered the 'norm', Tallygarunga has provided not only a safe place for those who would fear the judgement of not only humans but wizarding kind as well, and it also provides comprehensive and supportive education for those who are at a disadvantage because of the circumstances in which they were born. Not all can afford or live up to the standards that private institutions demand of them or their families. The unfortunate side of this is that it also places a target on Tallygarunga, should those who disapprove of such inclusion decide to take a stand against it's methods. It is as such important for the school to be supported by the government and community as much as possible."

"After all, history has never favoured the inclusion of the unknown and different. Tallygarunga is something that defies convention. That is what most makes it so wonderful and different."

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15 year old Halfblood Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Lauren had debated with herself a long time over what time she ought to make her way into this class. Her father was forcing her to take it, as an introduction to proper wizarding culture. And then he had gone and asked the librarian to teach it this time around. Lauren wasn't blind enough to miss the clumsy manipulation involved in getting her in a room where she would be expected to treat Adele as her superior. She had thought at first that she would flout the rules entirely, and arrive at the very last minute---but this would be no good for her personal reputation. Lauren had no desire to be branded as disobedient simply for the sake of making a point. No. Also, her father would probably be disappointed at lateness. 

She swanned her way in, an excruciatingly neat pile of books placed on her desk. The colours matched in a pleasing and contrasting way, like something out of a magazine. She sat on Lei's other side, throwing a single genuine smile at the girl before delicately tugging a pristine history textbook from the pile, ensuring all of the other books were spaced in the stack with military precision, and turned the hefty tome to the marked page. Her eyes skimmed the page, before she looked up. Sat so perfectly straight, shoulders back, and lips held in a prim frown. Lauren didn't raise her hand, or wait to be called on. When silence fell, she simply spoke up.

"The school also allows miscreants such as yourself to instruct new generations," she said coolly. "I would consider this a negative impact on wizarding society as a whole."

Well, she had asked for the adverse affects of Tallygarunga's approach to inclusiveness. 

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Spencer ☆ Spencer Quidditch Team ChaserLee
16 year old Halfblood Human ☆ He/Him

History of Magic wasn't usually a class that Keaton Harper would have usually shown before the bell was about to ring, but boy was he glad that he had turned up earlier than planned that day. He would deny to the day that he was on his deathbed that he had startled slightly at the slam of the door, nodding to the students he already knew as he went to sit behind Little Miss Prim and Proper. Keaton was fascinated with how much organisation the girl had gone to, for he wasn't organised whatsoever, if at all, unless it was something that couldn't be avoided...he idly wondered what would happen if the books were innocently shuffled up and made to not match up. Yet at the same time he knew that he wouldn't be able to get away with that in this class, the professor did not look happy whatsoever by the existence of the students in front of her. 

Turning his attention to the book in front of him, he scanned through the chapter that Professor DeVylissea had assigned them to read, jotting down in the notebook beside it a few things. Listening to his fellow students talk and discuss his answers, he then had to quickly disguise the laugh that threatened to escape him as a quick cough when he heard Lauren talk. No. Way. Merlin's saggy underpants was she brave...or incredibly stupid...for coming out with that.

Keaton decided to chance raising his hand and speaking his own thoughts based on the topic moments after that comment.

"Going by what Lei said," he started, "She's not wrong at all about Tally being different, so much of Wizarding history is purely about the exclusion and damning of us, whether witch, wizard, creature, or other being....yet it has to be said that Tallygarunga is probably the most inclusive of the schools around the world. It's refreshing....like, I haven't heard an openly said 'purist comment for years now within our halls."  

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Sadrienne
40 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Alex had the good sense to make his way into the classroom without any sort of circus. Lorelei, not so much. Adele tried to maintain her tough and cool image as the girl bounced up and have her a big hug. At home she would have returned it, but in the classroom she merely tilted her head to one side, raised an eyebrow slightly at her granddaughter, and instructed her to take a seat. Then Lauren made her way in, not even deigning to meet Adele's gaze. Adele flicked ash from her cigarette into a cup on her desk. This was going to be... interesting.

"Correct." Adele pointed a finger toward Danielle. It didn't sound like praise. One could only imagine how she would speak if the answer wasn't right. "The first goal of Tallygarunga was to bridge the gap between rural and disadvantaged families, and their ability to have a full wizarding education. Poorly trained wizards make for future accidents, so making education accessible was one of the fundamental founding goals. Ten points to Bourke."

She stood straight again, pacing up and down the length of the classroom as she directed who should speak next, gesturing with the cigarette in her hand. Adele nodded as Senan spoke, blew smoke to the ceiling and faced the class once more.

"Also correct. Tallygarunga has become a haven for those who don't fit in elsewhere. Ten points to Sturt." Adele directed Alex to speak next, and nodded still to his answer. "Good. By celebrating the differences available, Tallygarunga has thrived on diversity. But as pointed out before, it does make minorities easy to find. At some point in history, most of the students and staff here would not have been able to get a full education simply because of their race, blood status, or even their lack of natural ability with magic. In Australia, if you're looking for a minority to target---you'll find it here. Very good. Ten points to Spencer. Lorelei?"

Adele was almost worried for what would come out here, though she couldn't help the tiny beam of pride that bubbled in her chest when Lei answered intelligently. Not that she thought the girl was unintelligent, she just had a habit of thinking in different directions to what was expected, and all of this was still quite new to the girl. 

"Wonderful. Again, diversity---"

Lauren cut across her. Adele took a deep breath, finished her cigarette, stubbing it out on the varnished desk behind her.

"Interesting point," she said coolly. "And one that hinges entirely on what you define as a miscreant. It's very true that Tallygarunga gives second chances to those who would not get them elsewhere, something we ought to be proud of. Headmaster Burdett takes very seriously his responsibility to find the best way forward for students and staff. We are never done learning, we are never done growing. A person can make mistakes and still become a productive member of society. No points, as you spoke out of turn."

Move on, move on. That was the only way to deal with this. Just ignore the worst of the behaviour. Shut her down, knowing it was a directed attack. It did hurt. Adele knew she probably shouldn't have still been employed at the school. Alan had been too afraid to fire her for a long time. Even if she didn't want to teach that much, she did intend to do a damn good job of it. Make those chances worthwhile. 

She called on Keaton, trying to keep her expression calm. Lit up another cigarette as he spoke.

"Good. Most of you seem to get it. Another ten points to Spencer, I'm glad you can all read." Adele said wryly. She returned to the desk, leaning against it again. "Although supposedly a school for 'rejects', some Tallygarunga graduates have become important members of our society. Some have even impacted muggle society in positive ways. On pages 35-37 you'll find a list of former Tallygarunga students and their achievements. I'll give you all a minute to read, and as we go around the room, I want you to choose one to talk about. Who they were, what they did. How their actions improved Australian wizarding society, and how the world might be different without them. If you know of one not listed in the textbook, share that. No double-ups."

(Once again, just assume your character has been called on. Have them talk a little about their chosen witch/wizard as Adele instructed. You can use an existing character or NPC, or make something up!)

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