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December, 2018
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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

The ball had come around at the perfect time, in his opinion. Or rather that he had handled the most pressing of his life determined concerns that made this kind of over-the-top celebration seemed proper and fit. While he didn't really want to be out and about for various reasons, one of them being that his body hadn't fully recovered as much as he'd expected it to. It felt as if much of his energy had been focusing on rejuvenating years of aches and pains, unused muscles, and still knitting all of it to be useful in this new state of his existence. But he could never resist a proper party and couldn't hold back the chance to take his wife out. 

He wore a cranberry coat and slacks set, white button-up shirt, thin black tie, and black wing tipped shoes. Hair had been fully free and let down though it'd been properly treated, combed, and styled to avoid the heavy frizz from the potential heat of the atmosphere. Alexander had expected between the constant movement of dancing, the amount of people that would be in the room, and the sheer heat that had been this time of year that he needed to be perfectly prepared. 

Arriving late to the ball, they'd only managed to miss perhaps a single song luckily not the entire set. That would have been an utter waste and he'd already been kicking himself for getting ready so late in the evening. He looped Cassandra's arm around his own and held it gingerly as he guided them through the hall and passing by the various students and tables that had been set up for refreshments. "Who would have thought the school staff actually knew how to throw a decent party. Not decent by -my- standards but decent enough to be recognized!" He nodded with a playful hum as he continued to appraise the various decorations, the position of the stage that had been setup to be in the most optimum area possible. Even with magic at ones disposal it had been important to place things in an area where it could reach the entire audience that it had intended to encompass. 

The Great Hall looked vastly different than when they'd thrown a party in it earlier within the year. Decorations fit the grandiose and classic design of it and even more so the lightning just seemed to simply fit with the classy flash that had been offered. His eyes finally drifted to the young woman that had walked at his side and he gave a fond smile. In recent days they've had their ups and downs and even disagreements on certain things of late but even then she still managed to pull a smile on his face. The arguments and irritations didn't last long for him and it was in the light that bathed around her that he'd been reminded of the sheer radiance of her. One of the many traits to her multi-layered beauty that he found admirable. 

"I don't know if I already told you this, but you look absolutely beautiful tonight, Love." His hand would lift hers up gently as he stepped back and started to spin her gently around in a flourish. "The Madam of Fancy has walked in and graced this place in pure style and class." Then he followed the same eased rhythm and pulled her closer to himself, an arm wrapped around her waist almost as if he needed to stake his claim over her. "Now, I know you pregnant ladies enjoy your food and drink. . . But is that what you want to do first? Or would you rather work up an appetite with a bit of foot work?"

Alex had been trying to keep himself at least a modicum of 'tamed'.  This night he wanted to enjoy and savor it, to have fun and just for a single moment let all of the stress and the built up frustrations or hurts flow away. To make this one of the many moments where it could feel as if it's just the two of them and nothing else around would seem to matter or even amount up to being a concern. 

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Narragyambie ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
19 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

An evening out, away from the house, was a very good and needed thing as far as Cassandra was concerned. The ups and downs over recent events was taxing, and though she had so far been able to generally contain her own issues with all that had happened, pushing them down and concentrating on trying to stay at least a little positive, it was becoming increasingly more difficult as time went on. Tonight though, she wouldn't have to think about any of it, or at least that was the hope and plan. It was the most cheerful she'd seen Alex since his Acceptance, so that was already a positive start. And the way he held her arm and how nicely they'd dressed reminded her of their Vegas trip which had resulted in the wedding bands they wore now. A small fond smile tugging at her lips at the memory.

"The place looks good, Alex. And you know it," Cassandra offered him a gentle nudge with a small smirk on her lips, before gazing around the hall properly herself. Though there was just the barest hint of a bump on her abdomen now, the young woman had still been able to get away with a low cut, slimming, glittery, dark violet dress, which made her hair stand out quite a bit, despite her efforts to use a little glamour in order to 'normalise' the deep red colour slightly. She supposed she could always blame the lighting if anyone said something, Green eyes surveyed their surrounds casually and smiled as she recognised the band, though it took a moment to realise that Alex was watching her, and she blinked as she glanced at him, a brow raising slightly as though wondering what he was thinking... at least until he just said it outright. "Hmm, I don't think you had said that yet, but thank you very much. You cut a very handsome figure yourself," She responded with a chuckle, easily spinning with a dancer's grace.

"Madam of Fancy, now? What happened to KMH?" Cass grinned lightly at him as he tugged her back in against him, and leaned her head against his shoulder as he spoke about food, snorting softly at the apparent expectation that she'd immediately want that. She did consider his question though, before lifting on her toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek and then clasp at his hand, "How about a little spin on the dancefloor first? I think I'm owed a lot of that since I'll have to take a year off before I can audition for any big dancing companies." She poked her tongue out him, before then offering a small cheeky wink, clearly only jokingly teasing him over having knocked her up before school had ended. She then tugged at his hand as she and her hips began to sway her way closer to where the band was playing.

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

There had been ever nagging consideration if he had truly felt the ways that he'd expected to feel upon the success of the Acceptance, much of his mind seemed to be his own. There seemed to be a feeling on the inside that had been entire alien, something that seemed similar and yet not him but had never interfered the desires that he'd always held. Oddly enough, wonderment for the arts that he held before seemed to be much more intensified. There had been a renewed view of everything that had once been experienced and in that new inspiration had been found. Being so well-dressed had reminded him of the time the two of them had spent in Vegas, then it seemed as if life had been extremely complicated where things didn't make much sense and they'd just been trying to find the pieces and strands. Now, it all had felt so far away despite it being only a short while ago. 

Alexander laughed lightly as she nudged him, it felt good, that moment and connection. It was almost as if he could feel a different kind of spark and it'd been oddly addictive, the last few days he'd pondered what it had been. Eventually chalking it up to their much closer connection than had been anticipated between the two of them. "Hmm... I guess~. But it needs to be A & C spiced up." A playful smile curved on his lips. For all the crap he'd been giving the presentation it was well done and tasteful, it was a specific theme and those involved had stuck to it and put their all behind it. That was a much harder outcome than many people could ever give it credit and that had been trying to speak from his own experience in attempting a shindig. He didn't mind the true new hint of color in her hair finding it extremely alluring and every bit reminisce of the firebrand that had been Cassandra. Unfortunately, his eyes, weren't in the same position of being able to be properly hidden. Much more of a mark of oddity than he'd expected them to be. 

The band had been familiar to him but it had been mostly because of his encounter back at the Roo during the beginning of the year. "I haven't!? Well, looks like I'll need to be dropping that compliment and every second I can." His free hand rose up and waved dismissively. "Dawh. . . You're so kind. I've been working hard it, mostly the abs and this killer booty. It doesn't happen over night you know." Eyebrows wriggled as if he had put a lot of work into his body. Which, for the most part, he had at the beginning. But now things had felt different, much different and he couldn't put his finger on what about his physical presence had been as such. Alex shined a grin back towards her. "Oh, what, now you only can have one name? Here I thought KMH had the talent of one-million faces, accents, and titles! Well... I guess I could give MoF to someone else~." He couldn't think of any proper contenders, there wouldn't be anyone he could consider would be enough to gain his fancy other than the woman that stood by his side. 

A relaxed sigh eased out of him while feeling the presence of her lips against his cheeks. "Owed a lot? Don't I usually pay every night time after time?" While he hadn't been up to his usual standards of late it had been slowly rebuilding and at a rapid rate at that. Or rather, it had been more accurate to say there had been a massive enough change that neither he or Cass would be ready for when he ends up at his peak condition. "But if my dear, McHotstuff wants to be dancing extraordinaire, who am I to say she can't?" She lead the way towards the center of the dance floor and he followed right behind her while his eyes lowered to stare at her rare and her hips as they swayed. "Have Mercy~." He cooed out in a complimentary fashion at the sight before him. "I get to see the expert in all of her foot-work glory up close. Always a treat."


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