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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Jane Reid

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Sturt Pantha
Muggleborn Human ☆ she/her

Thanks to everyone who's used this template for the template! 
Jane Reid


Muggleborn Witch | 16 | Sturt | Man with the Plan

The scion of two wealthy muggle business magnates, Jane's wanted for very little--and, subsequently, has been exposed to very little until now, with her parents giving her sudden freedom as "punishment" for flunking out of Penrose. There's also the fact that every once in a while she gets a bit disoriented due to the memories of her first girlfriend being locked away by said ex, which isn't exactly the best thing to happen when she wanders a place she's never been in, but what can you do? At least she has the beginnings of a plan...or two...or three.

Current Ideas for Interaction:

  • She's currently checking out Narragyambie and other such places around Tally, so if anyone's around that could work!
  • Old Penrose people!
  • Anything--I love being hit up :)

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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

Heya, sorry it took me so long to swing around to the splotter fun! But here I am at... Well, Late thirty in the morning! XD

Potential characters I have for interactions. 

  • Alexander Winfield - He'd be around Narrie due to recently moving in with his Sister after the murder of her Husband by her Ex-Husband. While it'd been easy to find him around most places due to newer reasons it's much more common now. Part of his reason for travelling is that he's a Musician and often takes random gigs, fills in for bands that would need a vocalist or guitarist, Advertising himself as a solo act, or probably doing a favor for his Niece or one of her friends due to her more celebrity status. Alexander W.
  • Travis Franklin - This one would also be around Narrie but that's because he legitimately lives there with his Mother whose barely home due to her being vocal about better conditions for Non-humans and Halfbreeds. He's pretty much a flirt for many reasons and none of it is for the bedrolling. However, he's an explore by compulsion of his nature. The need for freedom is what drives him to seek it as much as possible in his Human form that would drive him to be found in different places even the most remote areas around. Travis F.

Both of those two aren't shy about meeting people either, more likely to engage in talking with a stranger or someone they've only briefly seen before. 

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