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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer
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Event What's a Party Without Music?

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Melbourne ☆ Musician & Vocalist★ LilyCat
24 year old Halfbreed Veela ☆ She/Her


Prelim note: This is a kind of interactive thread, though not for the usual socialising with other people at the party. More like one where people can post their character requesting songs, either by asking Arti who will be near the stage most of the time, or by calling out to Gem. Otherwise, I'll be posting periodically to list a few songs at a time that will be played, rather than posting up a full play list in one go, so to make it more like they're switching things up and trying to insert some requests among the set. Please try not to spam requests either, that would be like shouting twenty songs at a musician at once. Haha.


Before the doors opened, there had been a playlist of songs playing over the speakers while the band set up how they wanted the stage to be. As diverse as their musical range of songs that they played, and given the requests that could be made, they needed a lot of freedom to swap and change around, often enough a few of the band members had to swap instruments out for different ones, not to mention provide extra vocals on different songs. Dean was making sure he had his drums and other percussion instruments set around him for easy use, while Trev and Arti set up keyboard and sound mixer, and various string instruments, and Alison checked on her guitars.

Even though Artemisia wasn't an official member of the band, she had been the one to ask Gem if the band would play for the school. She also lent her skill often enough that they figured she'd probably be up here a few times during the night at least. It wasn't as though Gemini was really going to give the other woman a choice. She'd also managed to acquire a list of some of the musically inclined students, for her own amusement during the night.

Gemini, meanwhile, made sure the microphones were properly situated, as well as her own guitars in a safe but easy to reach place for changeovers or when she wasn't using one. She had tested the mics earlier on to make sure they were all working fine. The real change that the band had undergone though was the change in name. After the news of her former boyfriend's apparent discovery to not be dead at all was officially confirmed, the entire band had decided together that they weren't keeping the name, and it had been changed to GemStruck, mostly against Gemini's preference. Sadly she'd lost the vote to call it FrankStomp.

They waited until the hall was at least bustling a little with students before they finally began to take the stage properly though, the playlist volume dying down as Gemini finally spoke.

"Welcome Tally students of 2018! It's the end of the year, and that means it is time to let loose and have the best time you can! To assist in that, we have Dean on drums and percussion, Alison on base and occasional lead guitar, and back-up vocals, Trev on too many instruments to list as well as vocals, and myself on lead guitar and doing most of the singing tonight. We are GemStruck, and will also be featuring throughout the night on occasion the wonderfully talented Artemisia, a fellow alumni like myself," Gemini began to strum her guitar a little as she grinned at the young crowd.

"We will be playing a mixture of songs, young to old, and will also take requests tonight. You can leave some with Arti when she's not playing, or call them out when I ask for any. Pop, rock, jazz, alternative, country, metal, pretty much anything but Jpop. Anyone who requests that will be made to come up here and sing it themselves, you have been warned," The woman's brows waggled as she grinned wickedly as some of the laughter, "Now, let's start off with a classic or two and something to dance to. Do not be ashamed to sing along."

With that, the band started into the first few songs for the night:




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