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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Narragyambie ☆ Owner of Will o' the Wisp Wands★ LilyCat
1006* year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

The rainy weather recently had been rather wonderful recently, something that the rural areas often needed in a country like this, not that Stardust would ever complain about sunny days either. Whatever the weather, the petite woman always seemed content and happy to be outside, finding some way to enjoy herself. Right now, she was crouched at the edge of the main lake, a hand full of beetles and worms and seeds, along with a small container next to her with more still. She smiled brightly at the waterbirds that clustered near her while she offered the food to them - much better for them than the bread that people tended to toss out there, didn't they know it was bad for the animals' stomachs?

The younger ducks were easy to pick out, with a few soft downy feathers still existing beneath the more mature ones near their bellies. It was a few of these that tended to hang around her the most, vying for goodies from the raven haired pale woman. She grinned at some of their antics as they pushed at one another and fought for her attention. The fact that it was also raining right now did not appear to bother her in the least, despite the thin fabric of her summer dress that basically clung to her and the hair that was plastered to her head and shoulders.

A soft giggle erupted from her as a couple of ducks flapped their wings, splashing her lightly, however she hadn't paid  much attention to the small gaggle of geese that had also noticed her from another spot and had waddled their way over. The container beside the woman was suddenly tipped up and it's contents raided, before she turned her head, only to end up being shoved by one of the largest geese she'd ever seen.


The tiny woman ended up losing her balance and fell head first into the lake, the flock of ducks breaking up as they fleed the scene. Submerged for only a moment, before she popped her head back up, she coughed a little before wading back to the edge.

"Oh, you're so greedy," Stardust sighed at the gaggle that ate up the insects and seeds that were spread on the ground now, "You know it's rude to push people around and steal all the food, don't you?" A couple of the water fowl turned their heads toward her as though they maybe understood what she said, but then turned away again to continue their eating, drawing another sigh from her lips. Geese never seemed to care about being rude, did they? So pushy.

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Melbourne ☆ Gentleman Thief/PhilanthropistGuest
242* year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ HE/HIM

The ever shifting weathers had always been a boon to him, being so close to the natural presence of the wind the beauty of feeling the various ripples that had been made through it held a myriad of emotions and feelings. Torrential rage of lightning and thunder tearing through the sky, the chilled embrace of the snow capturing the pollutants in the air. By far what had been the most intriguing had been the rain, the way it had been as formless as the water that fell from clouds that lingered above during those times. In contrast to the more sunny weather, when it came to the air it felt as if it were a warming breath that threatened to become more arid. This sensation had been one he noticed more notably in Australia. The presence of the lakes today did do greatly to ease the feeling of dryness. The wind swept across the waters and it felt like a refreshing breath of life. 

Vale felt and understood the environment much easier when he wasn't attempting to distance himself through the use of a glamour. He couldn't quite explain it, but it had acted as if part of it had been more of a detriment to him due to the complexity that came with it. It was why on this day, he decided to use his 'true form', that which showed his entire Fae heritage without any shame for that matter. Oddly enough, he wasn't short in this state of his being boasting a unique tallness that had been gifted to the kind of Fairy he'd been classified as. Lengthy hair in a tri-coloration starting out from the top of his head in a light teal, smoothing in a gentle transition of blue until the very tips seemed to give off a near illuminating blue steel and even seemed to lowere to the center of his back. His eyes followed the same tri pattern, starting from the center ring of being a Cool Blue and echoing out until the third reminsinced of a slightly darker teal. 

He gently walked along the nature filled area, feeling everything that had been consigned to natures embrace. There, however, had been the most curious of energies and one that he had to admit had the feeling of aged - at least in comparison to himself. He couldn't put his finger on the depth of distance but the presence alone had been much more intimidating than the person he laid eyes upon. A young looking woman whom had been tipped into the water by the gathered geese. A soft chuckle exuded of him in an otherwordly tone as he walked closer and leaned forward with a single stroke of his hand on the top of one of the silky whit duckling's head. "Always the types to see something they want and run to it with full gumbition. It's definitely something to enjoy seeing them flutter after young children tossing bread at them, isn't it? Waving their arms about and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Obviously it wasn't the kind of food one should gift to any kind of animal due to the way the food had been designed. Unlike what the woman had given them instead, something much more appetizing and by the looks of it the gaggle agreed with full compliments to the 'Chef'. Vale made his way towards the waters edge and held his hand out towards Stardust with a bright smile. "I enjoy a bit of a dip like the next person. But usually it's better when properly dressed for it! Makes it much more fun to feel the cool waters embraced on the full skin." Sometimes clothing had been more of a determent to connecting with nature, sometimes you just needed to streak or go skinny dipping to get a full appreciation of all that had been gifted by the world and the various creatures that nurtured and made sure the ecosystem flowed fluidly. 


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