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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Kelton Salter


Human Halfblood ǀ Thirteen ǀ Third Year ǀ Spencer ǀ Asa Butterfeil

Being the youngest of 4 Kel is always looking for people who want to be friends with him not his siblings. It also doesn't help that his brother is an up and coming star of the Quidditch world. He loves to hang out with friends even if its just studying in the library or running around the school. Kel isn't that into sports well playing them anyways, he loves watching his brother and his house play but that's about it. Kel is always willing to be the shoulder to cry on of anyone who needs it.


Friendship: Kelton will be friends with anyone and everyone. But if you break his trust or hurt someone he loves that will be the end of that.

Relationship: Kel isn’t really interested in dating at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t crushing on someone.

School: Kelton loves school and every aspect of learning. He is always willing to help fellow classmates or younger kids in achieving their greatest possible grade.

Adoptables: (There will be his family as soon as I finish the thing.)

Iris Middle Salter (Mother) – No real story, except she is a muggle

Ryan Middle Salter (Father) – As above, except his is magical

Chase Middle Salter (Brother) – Up and coming Quidditch beater. Twin sister. Seventeen.

Jaylee Middle Salter (Sister) – Wants to become a healer/nurse after school. Twin Brother. Seventeen.

River Middle Salter (Sister) – Is the rebel of the family. Fifteen.


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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

Hey there, It's your friendly neighborhood Kai! Here with the plotting ideas! 

I suppose the most obvious start would be bring up Alexander Winfield. He's a recent addition into Tallygarunga at the start of the currently ending year, sorted into Spencer House. He's pretty much the friendly and optimistic sort with a strike of mischievousness when the moment and mood strikes. Which could be dependent on how he's physically feeling and if he could manage the random pranking thoughts that flood his mind. His real angle, aside from an interest in medicine is music. Going as far as to actively perform at random gigs and perhaps a live radio show or TV segment here and there. 

I can see Alex trying to be a kind of an older friend who tries to help him out when he can, given that he's willing to enter the library that is pretty much an area that Alex considers his 'stomping grounds'. Probably even checking in on Kelton to make sure he wouldn't be taking on too much by helping others, a kind of trait that Alex himself has that almost always ends up crashing on him due to the large efforts he makes. Something he'd want to try to help others with a similar trait avoid, if possible. 

There is also Travis Franklin. He is much more rooted in Tally in terms of his years in the school, a sixth year about to be on his way into the Seventh. While he's in Bourke and not entirely the sporty sorts due to the fact it'd most likely out his condition as a werewolf, he does find the art of sketching people at random a kind of sport. It is one of the few things he's dedicated to, the other being flirting with nearly anything with a skirt due to issues within himself. 

While he'd be distant in a friendship, he tends to be loyal enough that he is fond of those kinds of bonds. It's possible that Travis and Kelton could be friends in passing, especially since Travis tends to watch Quidditich matches to try and sketch them in active motion. A form of challenge for himself to see if he could accurately see the movements and motions in highspeed flight. 

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