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A Wild Ems appears

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Hey everyone! I'm Emily.
I am a very easy going, and nice girl. I'm open minded, sarcastic, fun, loving, and energetic and a hopeless romantic. I'm a bit of a nerd. I'm a dreamer. I'm imaginative and creative. I love reading, writing, and gaming (mostly RPG's, MMO's and The Sims). Doctor Who and Harry Potter are my favorite fandoms. I am a Slytherin, but I also share many qualities of Hufflepuffs. I am loyal and kindhearted. I am INFP/J.

I am a YouTuber (a terrible one I might add) and a Twitch streamer.

I'm random and weird.
I have two boys, that of which are my world and outright pains in my neck.
I ramble and make stupidly long walls of text when totally unnecessary to do so. I explain things the long way when it could be done so much simpler.

I guess...that's it? Hi... I look forward to getting to know all of you! I can't wait to get started and start role playing!

edit: the here to be thing confused the heck out of me. Hahaha!

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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

Hey there Emily and Welcome to the Tally ARENA! While we're not in Cyrodil I will say that there will be plenty of adventures in the books to come! Hope you enjoy your time here with us, as you know if you have any questions we'll try to get answers out as fast as possible! (Those darn Time Zones interfering.) 

We also do have a Gamestuff section in the discord, a good place to spam all your favorites - to geek out entirely with screenshots and streams. A few of us run MMO's (some of us even together! Depending.)

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Players ☆ Professional ProcrastinatorGuest
26 year old ☆ She/Her

Oh oops, I missed this one yesterday. We already met, but, welcome aboard! As a fellow Slytherin, it's very nice to meet you. I'm frequently on YouTube/Twitch, so if you wanna leave a link, I'll make sure to drop a follow. Though admittedly I haven't been on Twitch lately as much as I used to.

Looking forward to see what characters you create even though you already have one! And since you're already on Discord, if you ever wanna do some convoluted plotting, hit me up. I'm on most of the time, but if I don't answer I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Enjoy your stay in Tally~

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