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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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@Alyona Parsons


sixteen | fifth year | muggleborn | flinders | sabrina carpenter


Meet Alyona, also known as Ona, a sixteen year old fifth year, many people will have heard of her before they even get to know her theirselves, she's a somewhat questionable person where the facts about her are often changed,, what is known is that she's adopted and doesn't live within the school. She's the adopted child of a well respected couple; her mother has a lot of influence and it's not unknown by her peers, however, Alyona barely uses this to her advantage. Alyona is an outstanding student, she has only even received good grades and wants to be a future mediwizard.



This is my favourite part; the shipping.


Ona has many friends, and is quite popular, though this may be because she's a friendly person to be around, or because people rarely see her sad and often come to her for advice, though Ona doesn't particularly mind, she's extremely shy and finds it hard to approach people despite being extremely approachable, she always has a smile on her face and a aura that screams I won't be too awful to have as a friend.

I don't picture Ona having time for negative energy, she'd much rather leave a conversation than cause an argument, though some people naturally don't like each other, which I think would be fun to play out because it would be such a strange concept for her.


Alyona has the love of her life, a sixth year boy who she has been dating for quite a while. So what I'm saying is, I love a slow burn, and dislike love triangles. 

Most Wanted


-Study Groups

-Extra Curricular friends

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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

*Takes out on the Plot Ship! WOO WOO!* 

Okay~ so I have a few that could mosey on in. 

Travis Franklin

Travis is the kind of guy that is hard to earn his trust but once it's there you'll have a pretty solid defender of sorts. While he's a flirt he knows the proper moments on turning it on and off. The most catching part of him is that he isn't afraid to approach people casually and is more than willing to have a quick chat and shoot the breeze. An interest in learning about people and what makes them tick of sorts. It's a hypocritical aspect as he is often more likely to keep a person at arms length due to his own personal secret involving himself. 

Connection: A Friendship - While they're of different houses, there is a new accumulation of years for an awareness or even a friendship. Maybe around studying depending on what courses she takes.

Alexander Winfield

Alexander is a recent addition into Tallygarunga entering in his Sixth Year into the School. Upon entering the school even before the year started off officially he decided to make a major splash of being 'well-known' by starting up a party with his lover and best friend, Cassandra. Being a musician who tries to market himself from any available media he tends to be extremely friendly and doesn't take too much stock or care whether someone is in: Sturt, Flinders, Bourke, or Spencer when trying to befriend them. He tends to get comfortable with peoples personalities enough to help them out, often putting himself out to make sure things go off without a hitch for them. 

Connection: Depending on the route you prefer to go - They can be potential friends that have yet to sit down and chat or someone that he's talked to during the year! He's recently started to buckle down on his academical studies more so involving the Medical practices: Alchemy, Potions, and Healing. So, potential part of a Study group meet up is fully viable as well.

Tyson McKennis

Tyson McKennis is what one could be considered a 'Bourkes Man with a Hard Life'. A clear sports fanatic in his own way as he worked himself tirelessly in Quidditich and the Muggle Martial Art of Muay Thai. He makes no excuses or hides the fervency that he trains and puts his own body through the paces to always be in the best shape possible without over-exhausting it. While it often leaves little time to do much else aside from being an occasional Mentor towards underclassmen of various houses, the recently culmination of the year marks his ending in Tallygarunga. Which a lot of his time and focus had been into studying, finding applicable universities that had been interested in him, and focusing on helping out one final time a few of his younger and soon to be old classmates. 

Connection: While older by a couple of years, Tyson is the sort that would talk to someone easily. Not an extreme social butterfly but it's more so out of the fact he hyper-focuses on different things - But being a Friend eventually can fit, I think. Someone whose more of a Mentor considering he's taken most subjects at Tallygarunga and seems to have an awareness on the larger world of things. With his Muggleborn background they'd have something in common there as well, probably even having more things to talk about in that regard than just the Wizarding aspect of the world. 

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Players ☆ Professional ProcrastinatorGuest
☆ She/Her

Why hello there, guess I'll try to suggest things outside the obvious!

Samantha Hammond

She's a ray of sunshine whom goes above and beyond to befriend absolutely anyone - I feel like these two would be fast friends. While she's a Bourke, she hangs out with everyone anyway and is all over the place, so that's not an issue. She's also an excellent people reader and oppressively selfless. She's about to take on her fifth year in Tally, making Alyona her senior.

Rachel Ryan

My little jerk of a Sturt (or one of my Sturts, anyway), she has a bad attitude towards everyone and everything, most of the time completely unwarranted. An Irish girl with a very sharp tongue and an extensive profanity vocabulary, she's easily antagonizable. She could either be perceived as a bully, or have the very alien thing of 'making an actual friend' happen to her, depending on how you wish to go about it.

Meadow Richards

Not only a fellow fifth year and a Flinders, but also someone whom (secretly) wishes to pursue medicine! While this isn't a known fact, per se, it's very obvious she has a talent for that sort of thing, so perhaps they may bond over it. She is friendly and dislikes conflict in general, so enmity isn't to be expected. However, as per her own parents, Meadow might find it difficult to bring herself to hang out with Ona outside of Tally.

I have various others, but most aren't in Narrie in a permanent fashion/wouldn't have a particular reason to approach Ona (that I can see anyway), and my other Sturt wouldn't either. Regardless, check my splotter to see if you get any other ideas if you want~

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