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Derrick Ackers

End Year Ball

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor of Elemental Magic, Head of Spencer✩ Kaitore
27 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

An extravagant post is placed up on the Notice Board - While the color of the parchment is a bright red to capture the gaze the Letter's a constantly shifting Bold Black. At the center of the poster is a constantly in motion image of chorus of people dancing in formal tux and gowns.  The words spelling out a proclamation:

It's been a rough year all-around! As the year stirs to a close many of you will be saying fair well, moving on to a new life!

There is also the acknowledgment of the hard work many of you had gone through for your exams!

This is why a grand Ball will be held in your honor for your exit and acknowledge that work!


A Formal Event so bring in your best wear, if you don't have any don't be shy to ask one of the Chaperones!

Signed - Professor Ackers aka Sparky!

P.S. - I'm pretty stylish if you need help, Party Animals!

The notice goes on to explain that those that desire to assist in the setting up and planning of the event as well as making it well known amongst the Student Body that they should contact Professor Acker's directly. As well as the intended date to be December 20th, a couple of days before the official end of classes. 

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