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Bourke ☆ Fourth Year Kirupachi
14 year old Pureblood Veela ☆ She/Her

Christmas was Samantha's favorite time of the year. Ignoring the tremendous proximity to her own birthday, she very much enjoy the emphasis on family, friendship, camaraderie - and yes, even romance - that the holiday seemed to instill upon people. Every bond was important and worth being celebrated and cherished. It usually took the form of a material gift; Sam didn't care for this so much, but she could understand why it was. But more importantly, it was the time of the year where she could just shower everyone she knew with affection and they'd just have to sit and deal with it.

Not only that, but Tallygarunga was throwing a Christmas/Graduation dance!

Filled with glee at the prospect of such a day, the Bourke immediately offered to place the flyers all over school for an announcement. She didn't mind the looks exchanged before her due to her tendency of failing such simple tasks, and her determination won out in the end. Surprisingly things went without a hitch as she went around the various rooms and buildings in school, placing the flyers on the various walls on campus. And at last, she reached the final room of her itinerary - the Games Room, in the Southern Cross Tower.

As soon as she got there, she withdrew her wand from her pocket, wordlessly directing the sheets to various carefully picked spots in the room and had the paper stick itself to the surface every time. She grinned as her work was complete, and was about to walk out when she caught something in the corner of her eye.

One of the papers was upside down.

Her mood deflated momentarily - of course something had to go wrong. But she wasn't about to be defeated by that rogue flyer! She made her way to the upside down announcement, and pried at the pesky little thing with her fingers. Luck wasn't on her side as she couldn't even get a nail under the paper, given how strong the magical glue spell was.

"Uh...? How...?" She muttered to herself. She didn't exactly know a spell to undo it all, and thus she had no choice. After a significant amount of time, Samantha managed to slide a fingertip under each of the bottom corners of the flyer, and decided to hold onto it with her thumbs as well. Placing her foot on the wall, she leaned back and tried to pry it forcefully, to no avail. "Ngh... Come on...!" Her face scrunched up with the effort. Did the spell itself get botched as well?

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Bourke ☆ Sixth Year Guest
Halfblood Werewolf ☆ HE/HIM

Travis had already been relaxing within the Game room and laid back on one of the cushioned coaches that had been provided as a means to facilitate the room to be more 'relaxing.' He passively watched the room but mostly what seemed to be a heated match between two players of a different houses engaged in Wizard's Chess, a pen to the sketch pad he often carried around. The pencil gently traced along the surface of it as he outlined the two fingers locked in a focused concentration over what seemed to be a table - only an outline at any rate. There had been no major details made yet just enough to know that there were figures that faced one another in a penciled skeleton. 

Bit by bit at an impressive speed and attention to detail he started to fill it what had been missing but also added in a bit of extra details. The things a person could only see by studying long enough, one played had the sense of confidence and superiority. This he demonstrated by giving that particular subject a firm smirk that demonstrated just how in control he thought he'd been. A steady aura drawn around it the form as if it had been its own ;fighting spirit' of sorts, the other seemed much more determined but no less a slouch. This was portrayed in the sense of a much more determined frown at the brow, the thin line of the lips turned in a way to show how unamused he'd been about the opponent. Another aura was added in as his artists' interpretation. Much more fierce, chaotic, contained and it threatened to grow further out of control. 

At least that portion of the drawing would have if Travis hadn't noticed the sounds of struggle that wormed its way into his ear. Tried as he might have to ignore it and focus on his 'Masterpiece' of sorts it held no success. A soft sigh emitted and he sat up to fold the pad to the front cover and slide the pencil into the small loop that accompanied it while he stood up fully. Eyes scanned sharply like a hunter for a prey until he noticed Samantha trying to wrestle with a flyer."Oh. . . Well, I guess that makes sense on the sounds of struggles.

A remark towards himself before he made his way over towards her direction with the wand withdrawn. "As hilarious as watching you struggle with this is, Sammie. . . I just can't in good conscious let it keep going on." He remarked towards his fellow Bourke and placed a friendly hand at her shoulder and his head slightly jabbed towards the side and he spoke up again."Step aside real quick, let's see if I can get this old flyer to be a bit more compliant." He had no qualms that he probably could have brute strength pulled it down but he also didn't want to risk ripping it after all that tugging and pulling effort that occurred just seconds prior. 

If she'd step back his hand would raise up and trace the tip of the wand through the air with an attempt to charm the Glue spell itself to weaken its hold just a bit to be more friendly to being adjusted. 

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