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March, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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Editor Fun Times!

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Ho there favourite nerds!

You might notice that the editor toolbar looks a bit different, and you would be absolutely right. While putting the spoiler and underline tags back in, I went ahead and added a few other nifty buttons that you might enjoy.

(The spoiler tag is that creepy eye button, by the way.)

The first two aren't new, but it occurs to me that you may not know they're there! I use them a lot, and they're affectionately named "Big Heady" and "Small Heady". 

Big Heady is the BH icon in the top row. Highlight a bit of text, and click that button... you'll get something a little like this.

Oh hey, it's Big Heady!

Small Heady is the sh button on the top row. This will format your text like so:

Small heady reporting for duty!

Now that we've divulged my secret header styles cheat, let's look at some of the new IC formatting options!

The icons are silly small (I suck at icon making, shh!) so we'll fix that in time, but if you hover over the buttons you'll be able to see what they're called. 

The first is that single speech bubble fellow called "MC Speech". This is for speech given by the main character in a post. Later, we may add AC Speech, or speech for alternate characters appearing in a post, and NPC Speech for characters that don't have their own accounts.

Right now, MC Speech formats like this:
This is character speech!

The next shiny button is MC Thoughts, which is---you guessed it! Thoughts your character is having. 

This is a character thought!

And the last is to help handle foreign languages. It utilises a colour change to indicate that the language spoken is not English, even if you're conveying the meaning in English words. When you select this button, it will ask you to input the name of the language that your character is speaking in. Once posted, anyone who wants to know what language that character is using only has to hover over the language text!

This is in a different language!

Ain't that coolio! You don't have to use these formatting options if you don't want to -- however, because they're built into the CSS, they will change with any skins that Tally takes on meaning they will always be readable against the background text.

Enjoy, guys!

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