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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring
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    Travelling Like a Wizard


    Travelling magic-style
    Getting around a country as huge as Australia is a challenge, even for wizards. While most wizards will own and know how to operate a regular car (muggles look suspiciously upon anyone who cannot drive), for longer distances magical methods are far more efficient.
    Apparition is excellent for travelling short distances and requires no more than a wand and some basic competence in apparating. Apparition is taught to students in Seventh Year, and most (not all) get the hang of that gut-wrenchy feeling. Certain areas do not allow apparition and have been specifically warded to block that magic. These areas include: Tallygarunga campus, and all departments of the state and federal ministries of magic.
    Portkeys are a small item specifically charmed to send the user to a particular location when activated. They are highly prized items and usually very expensive. Like apparition, a portkey will not work inside an area that has blocked portkey travel. All portkeys are registered with the Department of Curious Infrastructure, and use of non-registered portkeys is considered highly illegal.
    Broom flying is the stereotypical transport of a witch. While it's fun for a short time, the stories fail to note the discomfort that comes with hanging onto a glorified limbo stick for more than fifteen minutes. Add the burning heat of day, or chill factor at night, and broom flying is not recommended for long-distance travel. Except for those who enjoy the wind around their nethers.

    Flying can only be undertaken in approved zones, at set heights, to ensure safety and limit muggle exposure.
    Bush Telegraph
    The most curious of travel methods, the Bush Telegraph makes use of muggle technology in a unique way. Given the warmer climate and vast distances between populations, a Floo Network was not as feasible as it was for the UK wizarding society. For a long time, portkeys or muggle travel were the only reliable methods for travelling long-distance.

    The problem was solved when magical engineers discovered they could tap into existing muggle power grids, utilising the cabling as a highway to send the particalised wizard body to an end-location where the body would be (hopefully) reassembled on arrival.

    The concept was called the "Bush Telegraph". To access the Bush Telegraph, one must first locate a registered Telegraph point (power poles marked with a thin gold ring at the top are all registered Telegraph points. It is very important to not confuse Telegraph points with regular power poles), and make their way to the top of the pole. Most Telegraph points are located conveniently near to overpasses, trees, or other objects that work as platforms.

    Residential Telegraph points can also be installed to the power cable that extends from the street power source, to the house itself. This is not possible for houses that have underground cabling.

    Once at the top of the Telegraph Point, the wizard uses an old wire coat hanger (special devices can be obtained, but honestly, an old coat hanger does the job) to hang from, and zip-line down the power cable as if it were a flying fox, whilst declaring the intended location.

    If done correctly, the wizard will be snapped up into the cable and sent hurtling at high-speed through Australia's power network to the desired destination.

    If not done correctly, consequences include falling from high places, looking like a fool, and usually death.


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