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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    QuillBook - The Wizard's Social Media Journal

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    QuillBook Before muggles had even dreamed up the internet, wizards were already discovering fun and interesting ways to connect over long distances. Bird mail was slow, especially in inclement weather, and the need for faster communication methods bore fruit in the forms of the Wizarding Wireless, and QuillBook journals.

    What is a QuillBook? A QuillBook journal is a specially crafted journal that allows the user to read, respond to, and write status updates---in much the same way muggles use Facebook today. In fact, when the internet made sites like Facebook possible, most social media networks were influenced by the way wizarding societies had used QuillBooks for decades. 

    Accessing your QuillBook QuillBooks are so common in wizarding society it's almost weird not to have one. Most wizards will retain the same QuillBook as they get older, filling pages with notes and photographs, and these become treasured tomes that hold all the memories and thoughts a wizard wishes to make public.

    The spell to access a QuillBook is "diarium nota", with a wand tap to the pages in the precise rhythm set by the wizard upon registering the QuillBook. This is to ensure that only the wizard to whom the QuillBook belongs to can interact with the journal, though it has been known to allow good mimics in. A QuillBook left open can also be accessed by any wizard who picks it up.

    To "lock" the QuillBook and prevent unauthorised access, simply close the journal.

    Interacting with QuillBook Adding memories and broadcasts to your QuillBook is easy. Simply open to a blank page, and begin writing. Photographs and other mementos can also be shared via the system by tapping them into place with your wand. 

    To view and interact with new posts, open your QuillBook to the "View" section of the journal. Here, your journal will list posts by other QuillBook users under three default categories:

    • My friends
    • My family
    • Around me

    You can also configure different lists of particular people you wish to follow (such as celebrities, favourite product brands, and other groups that interest you). These will appear as later pages in the View section of your QuillBook journal.

    Is there an app for that? With more and more wizards picking up muggle technologies as well as magic, some clever developers extended the QuillBook system into the digital space as well. Tech-savvy wizards with magic-proofed smartphones can access QuillBook through the QuillBook app, and post/share/interact with content as muggles do with Facebook and other similar apps.

    Who can see my QuillBook content? Although QuillBook sorts content according to who it knows your friends and family are, all content posted on QuillBook is public. QuillBook journals within a 10km radius of your current location will register and list your posts, even if you do not know the owner. This feature enables wizarding communities to share messages with each other, and to connect in muggle-populated areas.

    What is QuillBook OOC? At Tally we use the board's native status updates feature as QuillBook. You can view the recent updates, and create your own post, in the QuillBook block found on the main index page, and also beside the online user list.


    You can also add a QuillBook post by clicking "Status" under your "Create" menu in the top bar.


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