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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring
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    Recommended Layout of Tallygarunga

    Layout of Tallygarunga
    Unlike a lot of magical schools in Europe, the buildings of Tallygarunga are not housed within the ancient walls of a castle. This is largely due to the fact that it is located in Australia, a country that lacks the amount of history necessary for castles to be present. Below is a brief description of each major building within the school, approximate locations and other useful facts.
    Interactive Map

    Gawler Building


    Southern Cross Tower


    Tarnagulla Building


    Kookynie Halls


    Eureka Underground Hallway


    Whitlam Bilby Wing


    The Oval


    Bilby Oval & Playground


    West Wall & F3


    Kennels & Aviary


    The Gawler Building
    The first building of Tallygarunga, it is the first impression of the school that students get on their way down the long dirt road leading to the school. The building is now much newer looking, after several renovations... but it remains the second-oldest standing building on the grounds. It is clear that the first floor was built first, and is weatherboard with a coating of light brown paint. Wide windows face the road, and only a pair of wooden double doors marks the humble entrance to the school. A tin verandah juts out over the decking, sometimes used as a stage for large outdoor assemblies. Gumtrees stand around the building, offering shade to the dry grounds about it. Small gardens with hardy, drought-resistant plants dot the front gardens.

    From the second story up, the Gawler building is much more modern. To the extreme right-hand side, the Great Hall is one of the most impressive extensions, boasting a proper theatre and tiered seating for student performances and indoor assemblies. The staffroom is located on the second floor, above the administration area, and offers an excellent view of the surrounding bush, and Korrowi creek out the side windows. The Headmaster's office can be found on the first floor, beside the main entrance.

    Inside the first floor of the Gawler building, it is ofted dimly lit. The floor is covered in dark wine-red carpet, and the ceiling is incredibly low. There is a strong timber theme, giving the feel of an old style farm house more than a school, and it is very likely that this is what the building was first intended to be. School awards line the main foyer, and down the corridors. Shields honouring ex- and current students are out on display, along with staff group photos for the past twenty-eight years, graduating lists... the first floor is a shrine to Tallygarunga's history.

    The second floor is quite different. The walls are light grey, and covered in plaster... the carpet in these sections is dark blue, and the many windows give it an airy sort of feel.
    Kookynie Halls
    The only building to have not been recently renovated, Kookynie Halls is a three-story weatherboard building, in much the same style as the first floor of the Gawler building. It runs in a narrow line down the western side of the school, and houses the Flinders students. A large foyer in the centre, and old faded signs indicate that it was once used to house the entire school. The old library from the original Tallygarunga layout has been kept, though several ex-classrooms have been knocked in to make space for the on going collection of magical texts.

    Like the first floor of the Gawler building, the cielings are disturbingly low, and the carpet ranges from dark red, to dark green shades with curtains and decor in similar rich colours. There's a dark, sort of cosy feel to the building, portraits of Australia's famous men and women line the walls, and the floor is slightly uneven and incredibly creaky. Despite it's run-down looking condition, the halls are quite safe.. the occasional rotted step is always quickly mended... and planks of mdf alongside the rich stained wooden stairs are a tribute to the hard-working caretakers who ensure the safety of all students and staff.

    Classrooms in Kookynie are largely held on the first floor, with Flinders students living on the second and third floors out of the way of other students making their way to class. The library takes up one half of the bottom floor, and thus Transfiguration is the only class to be held on the second floor of Kookynie.
    Tarnagulla Centre
    The newest building on campus, the Tarnagulla Centre is made entirely of brick, and resembles a small hospital. It lies to the northern end of the school, joining with the end of Kookynie Halls to make a right angle. The Centre also rises three stories above ground, with the Sturt students residing in most of the upper two floors. For practical purposes, the hospital section of the building is located in the bottom floor, with emergency beds located on the second beside the classrooms.

    The bottom floor of the Tarnagulla Centre has linoleum flooring, in a light teal colour, and similar coloured curtains. The walls are a sterile white, and painted with pastel images of gum leaves and branches to add interest. The hospital wing is open plan, with all beds within clear reach of the medical staff... but can be closed off for privacy by the light red curtains that can be drawn about each individual patient. The staff station is located by the door, in plain view of each and every bed. For health and safety reasons, it is kept as modern as possible, with bright lighting and windows to allow sunlight and natural heat into the wing.

    A similar sterile theme runs through the upper stories, though the rooms above the hospital wing are carpeted in a similar pale green to the linoleum below. The rooms are spacious, with plastered walls and big windows.
    Southern Cross Tower
    The tower is a seperate entity on it's own, and is only accessible through a door at ground level. It is a square brick tower, built for the purpose of Astronomy... a rectangular extension houses the games room, and the dorms of the Bourke students. The only classroom inside the actual tower, is the Astronomy class, though History of Magic and Divination are both held within it's base. The spiral staircase is the only access point to the Astronomy classroom, and is made of reclaimed timber.

    The tower is thin, and rises three stories above the other buildings, giving it an overall height of six stories, and is the north-eastern most point of the school. Beyond the tower is a small garden, and beyond that is out of bounds for all students. The land there belongs to Bill Mackey, a long-time enemy of Tallygarunga staff and students alike.

    The extension is a rather comfortable building, light and airy like the majority of the more modern buildings. Not in quite as good repair as the Tarnagulla Centre, faded red wallpaper is peeling in some places of the building, and pulled off by students in others. The carpet here is dark green, the walls are a soft tan colour.
    Eureka Underground Hallway
    It is the Eureka Underground Hallway which links the main centres of the school together. Reaching underground from the administration areas of the Gawler building, it runs along the length of the school right to the Tarnagulla Centre, branching out to link up to Kookynie Halls and the dorm section of the Southern Cross Tower. The Deputy Headmistress's office is located towards the Administration section, to be conveniently close to Headmaster Burdett's own office, and Spencer students call this strange, converted mine shaft home.

    It is usually somewhat damp in the Underground Hallyway, the ceiling is low, and the lighting is terrible. Dark brown carpet covers the length of the hallway, and the walls are timber. The original timber supports from the mineshaft have been kept, to give the hallway it's strange (and sometimes creepy) feel. Classrooms within the hallway are kept towards the administration section... the students of Spencer are housed between the link to Kookynie and the Southern Cross Tower extension, and the eventual opening into the basement of the Tarnagulla Centre.
    Staff Dorms:
    For reasons of practicality, staff will be given a bedroom close to their specialty subject. Each staffmember will be allocated a house depending on their place of residence. For instance, a member residing in Kookynie Halls would be considered a Flinders staffmember.

    The exception to this rule, is the Heads of House, who will be given a bedroom adjacent to their house dorms, and the Headmaster, administrative staff and the caretaker who reside in the Gawler building, and are considered to be without house. The librarian is considered to be of Flinders, the medical staff are considered to be of Sturt.

    It is the responsibility of staff members regardless of status to assist in policing student dorms in the building they are housed in.

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