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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring
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    Community Values

    Community Values

    What makes Tallygarunga special? It's our community, and the values outlined below are the key to who we are. These are the values that we live by, that we expect our staff and members to uphold, and that make us proud to be part of this community.

    1. That all members of the community should feel respected as individuals, and none should be feel uncomfortable in being who they are.
      Tallygarunga is a safe place, an online home-away-from-home. Bullying, excluding, and general nastiness between members will not be tolerated. We support all individuals for who they are, and encourage them to express themselves freely. We want all members to feel comfortable and a full part of the community, whether they've been around for a decade or just days.

    2. That all members of the community should feel no guilt for having a life outside of the forum.
      This is not a job, it is a hobby that should be enjoyed. No member should ever feel guilty for being unable to post in-character, whether that be due to chaotic life circumstances, or just not having the mental space to write. Though we do ask that members who are unable to post for long stretches of time keep us updated, this is purely to ensure characters and threads do not get archived before their time.

      Also, we care and worry about our members if they suddenly fall off the internet. A quick message to let us know you're simply unavailable can make a big difference, and you never need feel bad about having to take a break.

    3. That all members of the community should have the opportunity to be involved in the roleplay.
      Although some plots may be limited to certain characters, the board's over-arching plot will never be closed off. Any member who requests a part for their character will have the opportunity to be involved. Systems are set in place so that members who engage with the community, post to/start open threads, and post in Splotting topics will find thread partners.

    4. That members who have formally left the community should feel welcomed back if they choose to return.
      Just as no member should feel guilt about being unable to post, we respect that life is not always compatible with being on a roleplay forum. Members who return after falling inactive will not be shunned, and members who are no longer a part of the IC community are welcome to remain part of the OOC community indefinitely. 

      The only exception to this rule is members who have previously been removed from the community due to behavioural issues.

    5. That no reasonable creative concept should be denied without discussing how it could possibly be worked to fit in with the Tallygarunga canon.
      We believe that creativity is a gift, and if the concept is plausible within the canon, we should allow players to explore the opportunity that creates. When ideas are not fully suited to Tallygarunga's setting, conversations should be had about how it could be tweaked to make the idea work. Our aim is to incorporate the ideas that excite our players into the rich world we have already woven.

    6. That no character application should be denied without staff taking every effort to help the player create a complete character that is suited to the roleplay.
      We do not deny applications. Characters that do not fit with the setting, do not provide enough information, or require further development will be approached with constructive commentary from a staff member on how the character could be worked to best fit within the Tallygarunga community. Only when a player gives up on completing the character is an application ever shelved unsorted.

    7. That all members of the community should be trusted to know their own limits and abilities.
      When it comes to character limits, thread limits, and other aspects of roleplay that are often heavily restricted through rules, we believe that members should know what they are able to handle and act accordingly. Some people are capable of roleplaying several characters effectively, while others find a small handful easiest to manage. The same goes for number of threads happening at once. 

      Only when it is apparent that a member is overloading themselves and struggling, will staff step in to suggest ways the member can reduce the load. Otherwise, whatever you can handle is perfectly acceptable.

    8. That all members of the community should communicate effectively with each other to establish their expectations, wants, and needs in roleplay.
      In a similar vein, as long as all participants in a thread are happy and enjoying their roleplay, staff will see no reason to step in and moderate the size, frequency, content, or any other aspect of posts. This is why the community has no set word count, activity requirements (excepting teaching staff), or other such rules. Keep open communication between yourself and those you thread with, be clear about what you want and need as a roleplayer. And have fun.

    9. That all members of the community should be able to explore themes of interest to them through roleplay, while respecting the potential triggers of other members.
      Our content rating is 18+, or 333. This means that no content is strictly off-limits, though we do ask that any sexual content be conducted privately. If you are aware of potential triggers that may arise in your threads, we ask that you do tag and warn for them, to ensure that members who may be affected do not accidentally read across it. If you have a trigger that is not often recognised as a trigger, please let staff know so that steps can be taken to help members mark and warn for that content.

    10. That all members of the community should feel comfortable approaching a staff member with any concern, big or small.
      Understand that you deserve to be happy here, and that you are worth having your problems addressed. Any staff member may be approached, and we make an effort to have staff of varying personality types to ensure there is someone you may feel comfortable with. Even if the problem sounds silly, we may be able to take steps to reduce it---or (if needed) just listen while you vent what's on your mind.

    11. That staff members called on to resolve disputes within the community should do so in a manner that is understanding, compassionate, and unbiased.
      When conflict resolution is required, staff will always act in a way that is confidential, fair, and logical. Our aim is to find a peaceful resolution for all parties wherever possible, so that the community can move on stronger and happier than before. Although staff often forge strong bonds with other players, these bonds should never inform what "side" a staff member is on. Members should feel confident that they will be listened to and all parties treated fairly.

    12. Above all, that Tallygarunga is a community first and foremost---and a roleplay second.
      Counter-intuitive as it sounds for a roleplay board, we have worked hard to foster a strong community spirit that accepts, encourages, supports, and loves each one of its members. We choose to put that community first, as we believe that it is our OOC connection that makes for more excellent IC fun. It allows us to trust in each other, and to play IC conflict without worry, it allows us to explore deeper themes and create IC chaos without fear of OOC interference.

      It also means that no matter whether a member has the ability to actively roleplay on the forum or not, they are (and always will be) a member of the Tallygarunga family for as long as they choose to be. We are, at our core, a solid community that enjoys writing together. 

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