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    Thread Tagging System

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    What tag to use? You may have noticed that all IC threads on Tally have a set prefix. These are used to label threads of particular types, to indicate what threads are still accepting new participants, and to close off threads when they're complete. 

    When you post a new topic, you'll have the ability to choose what prefix tag you want to use. The person who posted the thread may edit the tag at any time, should they decide that the status of the thread has changed.

    But what tag should you use, and what do they mean? Here's a guide!

    Participation markers


    A thread tagged with Open means that the player who started the thread is still accepting new participants. Any character that would reasonably be involved in the scenario contained in the thread is welcome to post in. Although there's no need to ask for permission to post into Open threads, if there have been a number of replies made, it's still polite to ask the players involved before jumping in.


    A thread tagged with Invite has been created for a particular purpose, with a particular set of characters in mind. These threads are often not open to new participants, but if you feel your character would contribute something to the scene we encourage contacting the players OOC for permission to post in. 


    A thread tagged with Event is designed to be a group thread. No matter how many participants are already involved, there is no need to ask permission before posting in. This tag is often used for threads that contain a high number of characters in a single area (such as a party, or sporting match). 

    Class markers


    A thread tagged with Class is a class currently being roleplayed. Any character that is currently enrolled in that class is welcome to post in, up until the closure of the thread.


    A thread tagged with Reading is a supplementary thread, providing additional information for a class. This tag is used by professor characters to post background information, list attendance, and any homework that will be assigned during the class thread.

    Specialty thread types


    A thread tagged with Communication is a private thread that details letters or other communication sent between two or more characters. This is most often used in forums like The Post Office, but does appear available for use in other forums too. For instance, when writing a note to a Spencer student, you may use the Communication tag in the Spencer dorms, with the character's name as the thread title. Professors can also be reached using the Communication tag in their classrooms or offices.


    A thread tagged with Notice is a public notice visible to characters that frequent that area. Think of signs posted on noticeboards, classroom doors, on shop fronts, or stapled to telegraph poles. Any character that would reasonably be in the area where the notice is posted is free to have seen/read the information.


    A thread tagged with News is IC information published by an official news source. This includes Ministry departments, wizarding newspapers, and internal publications at Tallygarunga and VMU. 

    The final tag


    A thread tagged with Complete is finished, and therefore is not looking for any more participants. Threads will automatically be tagged with Complete after a certain time after the last activity, but can be un-tagged whenever necessary. The thread starter, or an admin, can fix that up if needed.

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