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Found 1 result

  1. Complete Your Profile - Get A Shiny Button!

    Those of you who have posted in the What's Your House topic may have noticed the little coloured houses in your post profiles. We're working on adding more things like this, little acknowledgements for completing bits and pieces across the board. Claiming a house for your OOC profile is the first, and will not be the last! The first award claim for character accounts is a little award for completing the account profile. Because the database system doesn't feed into the user accounts, the information doesn't automatically display beside your posts. But it is available to be filled out if you go to your profile and click "Edit Profile". Once completed, these fields will display in the mini profile. To claim the shiny award, make sure the following fields are complete for each character: Year Level (students) Job Title (adults) Age (all) Blood status (all) Species (all) Pronouns Profile link (all) Player name (all) You'll also see a few other fields you can fill in, including one for your Splotting thread link. Once you've completed the account profile for your character, post with them here to let me know to process the award! Huzzah!