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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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Found 7 results

  1. Class Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    It was time to start getting used to the idea of teaching three classes instead of just one and at least this time she wasn’t tired, at least not yet and she hoped this class would go well, with no complications, considering she had the final class once this one was over. The classroom followed the same layout as in the last term, rows of tables to one side and to the other, with a large corridor in the middle so that people could walk through without complications and they might need it to perform the spells Andrea had planned for them. Unlike in the previous class, they would continue to use Delores as their guinea pig. Andrea used a spell to make the doll slightly dirty before putting a spell on it. The student’s job was to clean the target using Scourgify however, to do it they would have to dispel the magic that would prevent the doll from being cleaned. Students were supposed to use Revelio on the mannequin before dispelling the magic and then being able to clean it. It was however, a piece of information that Andy would keep to herself to make sure they were paying attention to what they were doing. She didn’t have anything else prepared for the students, she was sure they were going to take a while figuring out why their spells weren’t working, if they did finish sooner than she expected she could always call it a day or come up with something new for them to do. As the students filled the room she remained quiet for a while. "Good morning everyone."
  2. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    Time for the last class was there and Andy couldn’t wait for it to be over at least. She wasn’t as tired as the first time she decided to divide the class, perhaps all she needed was to get used to having several classes. She was still surprised at how many students would want to take such a class, makes her wonder why she couldn’t choose something that had less people in it, like she had a choice now that she had graduated. Unlike her other two classes, this time chairs and tables were all reduced to a smaller size and were kept away from the students and from what Andy was expecting them to do. She had to multiply Delores, it was easier to do such a trick now than to wait for her students to do some damage. It wasn’t like they were going to use them in a real situation, but it didn’t mean they couldn’t have some fun in the future, and who knows, maybe they will use them, depending on their line of work of course. Students are meant to use a spell to turn their designated Delores to solid stone before using an eradication spell. All the other students, including herself might have the necessity to use a protective spell, she doesn’t want any accidents like in the previous term, where a young lady had to be carried out to the Hospital Wing after being hit by a piece of the dummy, leaving her with only two students in the classroom. She waited for everyone to enter the classroom, today they wouldn't need to use their desks. "Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is ready and awake for this class. You can put your bags down or anything important you can put it on my desk" She looked the students curiously while she crossed her arms. "We'll be using Delores again, we're going to do a few fun tricks, might not be useful in your daily life, or it might be." She leaned back on her table to watch her students as a smile grew on her face.
  3. Class Wandless Wonders Beginner Term 3

    Just like last term it was better to separate the students by level, not only were they too many to keep in a classroom, it was also complicated to be teaching different levels, some students could feel that the class is either moving too fast for them, or too slow depending on the level. It was best to keep things simple and move at the same pace for everyone inside, still a hard task to do considering not everyone was at the same level, but it was always easier since the spells were also easy. The tables were organized like last time, rows on each side having a large corridor in the middle. This term she wasn’t going to use Delores for this, the poor mannequin had seen too much last term, from being cut to being completely destroyed by a couple of students, but it could be useful for her next class. For the younger and less experience students she picked the same boxes from her first class and place them on her desk. One for each student. Each student should use a spell to levitate the box to them, using Mobiliarbus or any other spell they deem to be fit to perform the task. Upon having the chest on their tables it’s their job to dispel the Colloportus spell on the chest. After playing with the spells, Andy would want the students to make the chest squishy and bouncy. Not an important part of the class but might keep a few students entertained with a bouncy object for a while, in case she needs to lend a hand to students who are slower. Simple tasks that she hopped she didn’t have to worry too much about, unless a student decided to be funny about it and wanted to try something new. She took a seat in her hair behind her desk as she waited for all the students to enter the classroom, it was the earlier classroom, she hopped everyone could do what she had prepared. "Good morning."
  4. Class Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term2

    Another class, just one more and she could finally relax in peace and quiet. Three classes were a lot more than just one, but Andy was trying to avoid another class full of students with different skill levels, where some couldn’t even do a simple spell while others excelled at more complexed spells. For the intermediate’s class, Andy decided to do some third and eventually some fourth year spells. Andy decided to put the tables in rows, giving people enough space to just come and go as they pleased from their seat, but left a corridor in the middle. She put papers on the tables and cast Illegibilus, whoever could remove the charm would be able to read the paper, where it contained further instructions for her class. Once students are able to successfully read the instructions, they are supposed to get a partner and use a Colovaria on their partners and then putting them back to normal. Andy just hopped this class wouldn’t get crowded, she wanted to end her day with a functioning brain. She sat on a chair and waited for her students to appear for her class.
  5. Class Wandless Wonders Beginner Term2

    Andy decided to take a new approach to the class, after last term’s fiasco she was going to make thing easier. The beginners’ class was supposed to be the easiest, first and maybe second-year spells should do, everyone should be able to follow them easily. She adjusted the tables, making it rows but with enough space for students to pass and with a corridor in the middle, she didn’t want people hopping from table to table or having to crawl just to get to a spot their friends. She started preparing the spells they were going to use, the Bullarum Immortalem seemed like a fun idea to start the class, a child’s play and a childish spell, good to entertain children or fools who enjoyed multi-colored bubbles, she was sure some of the students would enjoy it. The second spell she’d make them do would be a Diffindo and as a third maybe Reparo. Yes, students should be able to use these spells easily without a complication, at least to get them used to wandless magic. As she prepared the class, thinking about what she could use for them to cut and repair, maybe she needed a target. She conjured several mannequins but only placed one at the end of the corridor, students would be able to cut and repair several Delores without a problem, and then fixing the ones they had cut. She had a good feeling about the class, now all she needed was for her students to show up.
  6. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term2

    That was going to be the final class of the day, at least for her, she was too tired to think. She continued to wonder why she decided to do what she did, but at the end of the day, she had to admit it wasn’t about what was easier for her. The advanced class was probably the most amusing one to her, it was where most of the students didn’t require assistance, they could easily, or so she hopped, the spells she was going to have them do. For them, she had some fourth and fifth year spells. She displayed the room like she had done previously, rows, with a corridor in the middle, this time a larger corridor, she didn’t want anything destroyed in the process. She wanted them to use a Carpe Retractum on one of the mannequins, which now, all of them had the name Delores written on their forehead and a number at front. Once they successfully catch and pull Miss Delores to them, Andy will want them to use Locomotor and control the dummy at their will, as long as they didn’t break anything. Once all students do what they need to do, she’s going to let them engage in a dummy fight. Andy was sure the last class was going to be more amusing than the other two, considering the lack of effort she would have to put into it; for now, she just has to sit and wait for the students to appear.
  7. Class Trying magic without a wand

    Tag: class students Date: OOC Notes: This was going to be Andrea’s first class at that school and she had every reason to be nervous; teens were overall unpredictable and then there were those who were stubborn and wanted to do the things their own way, she had nothing against her students trying to find new ways, but only after they master the spell. She had no idea what the previous teacher had taught them, but she assumed trying the basic spells was the best. She had a printed sheet with all the easier spells, she assumed everyone already knew how to make the easiest and simplest of spells by using a wand, so they shouldn’t have a problem doing them without one. “This is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster…” she thought to herself as she put small chests on the table, all the chests were locked and unlocking and locking locks were the easiest spells to make without using a wand, it made sense start with those. She wrote on the board the name of the spells they were going try. Andrea sat on the table, one leg over the other and rested her head on her hand, she watched over the empty tables as she waited for her students to show up, she had a list of the students enrolled on and for a moment she regretted ever applying for the position. She glanced over the rest of the paper sheets on her table with detailed information about how to perform said spells. Wandless magic was volatile and hard to control, it was a type of magic that was beyond comprehension to some witches and wizards, hopefully, everyone in this class had some aptitude to it or it was going to be chaotic. She just hopped nothing bad happens to anyone. As the students entered the classroom she got up and watched them get inside, she wanted everyone to be there, so she wouldn’t have to repeat the same thing twice, but that was always going to happen. “Good morning everyone. My name is Andrea Riverpond and I’m your new wandless magic professor.” She announced before looking at the list of the students. “Wandless magic isn’t an easy subject, is highly volatile so I’m expecting all of you to pay attention to details.” She said, crossing her arms and looking at everyone in the classroom. “We’ll be doing easy spells today. Any questions?”
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