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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 9 results

  1. Catching up

    Meeting someone from the past was a common event for Jo, especially when one spends most of their time in the place they grew up and went to school. Jo wasn’t the easiest person to get along with, not all forms of communications were easy for her; social norms were foreign to her and she tried to follow the rules that she was taught, but didn’t always go according to plan, luckily, this time things went much smoother than they normally did when she met someone from her past. She was friendly with the man, knowing him from her years in school, and she had let him off with some minor infraction in the past, after all, why wouldn’t she? It wasn’t like it was a big one. Their brief meeting led to both of them spending some quiet evening at The Tipsy Mozzie, Jo’s favourite bar in Melbourne, and the one bar where she could get free drinks, helping the son of the owner had its perks, that’s something she couldn’t deny. They apparated there, to a quiet location, away from the muggle’s prying eyes and upon reaching the bar she took a seat at a table in a corner, she sat in a position so that she could look at the door, monitoring who got in and out. Paranoia? A little bit, it came with the job of being an Auror. “So, how are things at school?” She never really had the opportunity to get into too much detail with him, her job didn’t allow her to take many days off and whenever she did, she spent the day sleeping with just playing games with the family. “And I hope you stopped trying to trick people.” She said with a light chuckle before ordering something to drink.
  2. Alliance of Protec

    Even though he'd moved to Narrie, he couldn't just -not- give Shane business. What kind of friend would he be if he did that? Not to mention it had still been the primary hangout for himself, a few friends and his cousins. No matter where he would've been located, it couldn't change that very important fact within his mind. While it meant he needed to put a bit more effort getting to Melbourne it ended up being something that wasn't too big of a deal at the end of the day. Keeping the newly minted violin case with him he slid it under the table to one of the booths before sitting down, making sure to hide it just in case anyone he knew had walked in and became far too curious on -why- he had been carrying one. Coming straight from an Underground gig meant he didn't have the time he run back home and place it in its safe little nook in his room. His hand raising up towards one of the waitresses that took orders for the bar. "Hey, can you get me a White Russian and an order of nachos? Thanks." He leaned back while stretching both of his arms towards the sky and expelling out a gentle sigh. He hadn't expected Jamie or Alex to show up tonight, with the both of them most likely busy with work or whatever PR stunt Jamie's manager had wanted the young man to get himself into. That particular bit left a sour taste within his mouth but what more could he do except be supportive? If anything were to happen to either of his cousins he'd just have to pick them back up, dust them off and offer every ounce of his strength when they needed it. As such he expected a lonely night, whether that had been a good thing or not he wasn't fully sure about. Once his drink and food arrived his hand curled around the old fashioned glass and picked it up, pressing the edge of it to his lips and taking a conservative sip from it. "Man. . . This is really good." Cole rather enjoyed cocktails, a way to imbibe in a fun and flashy way without immediately getting sloshed. What other way had there been to truly enjoy a drink?
  3. Not enough

    Classes were mostly boring, the Professors had a hard time interacting with the students, and generally they just did whatever they wanted. Want to show early for class? Why not. Want to stay home and not tell the students? It also works. It was a difficult situation, most Professors didn’t seem to care to much about their students and what they needed to learn to become, at least, decent professionals. Zeke couldn’t complain about his situation, he had it good since he had no idea what to do with his life, he simply roamed the halls and attended classes whenever he wanted, and whenever he didn’t, he just sat at the library reading something. Nothing really mattered until he knew what he wanted, he was just doing what he thought it was expected of him, go to VMU, get a degree and get some fancy job that paid like shit, but that could potentially pay well in the future. Later in the day all Zeke wanted was to relax, at home was a bit hard to do it, it seemed there was always something to do, people to talk with and, as much as he loved everyone he just enjoyed some time with his own thoughts and maybe a beer, or two, if he happened to find anyone he knew, at least he hoped it was someone that wasn’t excessively chatty. People who enjoyed talking, were at best tiring, but they did reveal a lot about themselves and that just meant more information for Zeke to know what those people were all about. He walked inside The Tipsy Mozzie, looking around he saw no one that he knew, good, he could proceed to sit at the counter, strategically located where he could see the door and avoid talk to that many people. He just wanted to order something and just enjoy his night out alone, relaxing, thinking about what he wanted to do with his fucking life. She called someone, ordered his drink and some snacks, that he quickly decided to eat like he hadn’t eaten all day.
  4. Moving Up and Out

    Had she gotten there too early? Or was everyone else late? Alex repeatedly asked herself those questions that Saturday afternoon as she sat down by the usual booth of the group that had scheduled to meet there, already having touched her first beverage of the day - which, to her credit, lacked any sort of alcoholic content. She didn't remember the exact hour they had all agreed upon, but the fact of the matter was that the cartoonist had been sitting there by herself for a while at that point. Maybe she got the day wrong? Jamie eventually arrived by himself, quickly making his way to his twin. They had all agreed to get most of the old gang together for a small celebration over Cole having found a nice place to stay in Narragyambie, something with which Jamie had been helping him with (at least the moving part!). He knew that it was a bit of a sore topic for Alex, coupled with the rumors of Jamie himself looking to move away from the area, but he was glad his sister managed to swallow her pride just enough to be present and celebrate with everyone else. "Is that a soda?" The man asked with shock in his tone - he knew Alex was trying to lower her alcoholic intake in general, but he didn't expect her to be serious about it. A glare was shot his way as he took the seat directly in front of the woman. "Easy, easy." "Where's everyone? I've been sitting here for so long I'm positive I'm about to make a hole on the cushion." Jamie raised an eyebrow with skepticism. "They're... on time? I think I'm a bit early, actually..." "For crying out loud..."
  5. Shake the Spirit

    A weekday was no day to get drunk. Keira could almost hear her sister barking those very words at her, if not for the fact she was alone late that night, sipping at an alcoholic beverage within the mostly empty confines of the Muggle bar 'The Tipsy Mozzie'. The cold had kept a lot of people in their homes and business was slow, leaving the journalist by herself by the far end of the establishment. She had never heeded such warnings and usually just drank when she pleased (one could even argue she was the catalyst of Diana Sharpe's recent liking of the very same liquid), but that day the alcohol was taking longer than usual to pass down her throat. The stress accumulated had been so great that even the simple act of working herself up to a mild buzz was quite the chore. While she was a workaholic by nature, even Keira had her limits, and she felt like they were about to be breached lest she have some sort of break. With her chin resting firmly in the palm of her hand, the half-Veela watched the 24/7 news channel that was put on blast in the corner of the ample room. Some sort of Muggle politician seemed to be making empty promises. "Yeah, sure you do..." She muttered to the figure in the TV prior to a sip, not actually paying active attention to what the man was saying. She needed something to inject a dose of energy in her, but what?
  6. The Hard Decisions in Life

    The school year had been fresh still, the advisor had also been breathing down his neck that if he'd intended to change now that the paper needed to go through first or that he could wait until finishing his current degree and then go into the Law Enforcement program under the same scholarship, albeit, longer time in the VMU system than intended. This had been a different kind of stress than he'd been used to in Tallygarunga, the opportunities afforded to him back then had been due to his hard work not the random hiccup within his magical heritage of being able to transform his body into limitless forms. This is what led him to 'The Tipsy Mozzie', sitting in one of the more secluded areas in the establishment which hadn't exactly been the 'usual table' for the group of people he usually sat around with. He'd already been two drinks in, a third in hand as he hunched over with a hand embraced against his forehead and his eyes closed momentarily still trying to mull everything over, as if the liquid at the end of each bottle consumed would actually gift to him the revelation of the choice. It wasn't something that he could shunt off on someone else and it still held all of the importance of effect to other people in his life. It hadn't even been his path but what if his talents actually could be useful? He leaned his head back and huffed with frustration. He wasn't sure what time it'd been, would it be around the time everyone would start to come in for the usual hang? Or was he there just way too early and lost track of everything around him? He scratched the back of his neck a bit and decided either way he'd send a text ahead towards Jamie and Alex that he'd already been here, at least for the last couple of hours.
  7. Complete Long Overdue Encounter

    Jamie wasn't sure why he had bothered to go to The Tipsy Mozzie that day. His body was sore from a double training day. Toriya and Ana weren't really available to meet, Shane was out working, and he was fairly certain Alex was spending her time with Cole - it had been the standard for the past several weeks. The young adult sat at his usual booth, ruminating over a cucumber-mint limeade he had ordered, turning the cup around atop the table without really consuming the beverage. Everyone was moving on with their lives, and he was stuck in a rut. Resting his chin on an open palm, he let his gaze get lost in the adorned liquid. He really hoped at least his sister would show up regardless. He wasn't dealing with the separation well, even if everyone was practically at a hair's distance of each other; but they were all so busy that he barely talked to anyone anymore. It could also be a sign that he needed new friends, which wasn't an idea he was particularly fond of.
  8. Halls of the Damned

    The end of the world was approaching and all Keira Hammond could do was sit by herself at a bar, drink some fine whisky, and hope she'd get drunk enough to forget about it until the time came. It was Christmas season at last. The political pundit had mostly forgotten about it until she got a reminder for herself, along with her sister, to remember to go to the McCarthy manor in Narragyambie to spend the holiday vacations there until January rolled around. It was the second Christmas she'd spend with her family in a row, given all the ones before were with the Sherman family; but it was the first she'd face with their ongoing little predicament. Samantha was going to be there. She would be in close proximity with the girl for an extended period of time, all the while trying to control minute details of her body language so not to let anything bad on for her to latch on to. And if she miraculously succeeds in this endeavor, then the sibling she lives with would have to accomplish the exact same. The odds were most definitely stacked against them, and the fact it was a huge house didn't make her feel any less uneasy. But that was tomorrow Keira's problem. That day, she feasted on alcohol. She sipped the beverage while hanging out by the counter of The Tipsy Mozzie, keeping mostly to herself. Setting the glass back down on the wood, she idly spun it around with her fingers while her gaze was distracted by the melting ice within the cup. She would be as good as dead the following day. She desperately needed the liquid encouragement.
  9. Injustice

    Of course his rest day also had to be the roughest of the week. After collapsing at home at around 3 AM from the extreme training session he had endured, Jamie was woken up just a few hours later by a close friend and she nearly yelled his ear off during an extended discussion. After that, he had to clean the whole house since his sister had neglected to. When he was about to sleep, a frantic manager blew up his phone to demand why he had been spotted with a girl down at the park. It took him at least ten tries to get across the point of that girl being his sister, and so he wasn't in a breach of contract. That call had taken a solid 30 minutes. At some point he just figured he wasn't getting any sleep anyway, so he decided to watch a movie and make some lunch. Noticing Alex wasn't coming home and wasn't responding to texts, he got mildly concerned and decided to visit their usual bar to see if she was hiding out there. Bingo. As he walked into his best friend's bar, he spotted his target seemingly out of it at their usual booth. She was hunched over the wooden table, face hidden in her arms as she apparently dozed off. There was an orange juice filled glass near her - and what an odd choice it was - that she hadn't touched. He slid into the booth and sat down in front of her, which elicited an unintelligible groan for a greeting. "You didn't even bother coming home yesterday, did you?" He got a mild shake of the head as a response. After watching her for several seconds, he decided to take her beverage and sip it himself. Her head shot up in protest, revealing a copy of 'Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team' opened where her head once was. "Hey! I was gonna drink that..." Even so, the usual spunk that accompanied Alex's attitude was mostly absent, and she didn't complain much further. Jamie, on the other hand, visibly winced upon seeing her face. "What happened to you?" He spoke as he saw the bags under her eyes and the utter and complete exhaustion full on display in his twin sister's face. "You bombed your exam, didn't you?" He asked as her face landed once again on the book she was supposed to be studying. As it did so with a light thud, she raised one of her hands just enough to show him her middle finger. That got a good chuckle out of him, and he used his free hand to grasp hers and bring it back down to the table, mildly surprised at how quickly she gave that one up as well. "Oh, man. I needed that." It was astonishing how Alex always managed to bring his spirits up, whether from hanging out together or at her own expense. "...Not fair..." He heard a muffled mumble and shook his head, trying to contain his laughter to sip some more of the precious orange juice.
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