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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 4 results

  1. Complete Trying magic without a wand

    Tag: class students Date: OOC Notes: This was going to be Andrea’s first class at that school and she had every reason to be nervous; teens were overall unpredictable and then there were those who were stubborn and wanted to do the things their own way, she had nothing against her students trying to find new ways, but only after they master the spell. She had no idea what the previous teacher had taught them, but she assumed trying the basic spells was the best. She had a printed sheet with all the easier spells, she assumed everyone already knew how to make the easiest and simplest of spells by using a wand, so they shouldn’t have a problem doing them without one. “This is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster…” she thought to herself as she put small chests on the table, all the chests were locked and unlocking and locking locks were the easiest spells to make without using a wand, it made sense start with those. She wrote on the board the name of the spells they were going try. Andrea sat on the table, one leg over the other and rested her head on her hand, she watched over the empty tables as she waited for her students to show up, she had a list of the students enrolled on and for a moment she regretted ever applying for the position. She glanced over the rest of the paper sheets on her table with detailed information about how to perform said spells. Wandless magic was volatile and hard to control, it was a type of magic that was beyond comprehension to some witches and wizards, hopefully, everyone in this class had some aptitude to it or it was going to be chaotic. She just hopped nothing bad happens to anyone. As the students entered the classroom she got up and watched them get inside, she wanted everyone to be there, so she wouldn’t have to repeat the same thing twice, but that was always going to happen. “Good morning everyone. My name is Andrea Riverpond and I’m your new wandless magic professor.” She announced before looking at the list of the students. “Wandless magic isn’t an easy subject, is highly volatile so I’m expecting all of you to pay attention to details.” She said, crossing her arms and looking at everyone in the classroom. “We’ll be doing easy spells today. Any questions?”
  2. Complete DADA - Term 1 - Ethereal Magic

    Bummer. Evelyn had been hoping she wouldn't be called in to give a Defense Against the Dark Arts lecture that term due to the overwork the Auror division had been enduring as of late, but there she was, ready to teach a class on the Patronus Charm. As usual, she arrived early to prepare the classroom; given the usual scope of the spell, she had pushed the desks as much against the walls as she could to create a bit of a corridor in the middle of the room as space to practice. She wrote her name on the board, highlighting she was merely a substitute teacher, as well as the name of the spell they would be learning that day in big, bold letter: the Patronus Charm. It was a spell she wasn't terribly fond of. Not because she couldn't perform it or because it had some semblance of difficulty to her, but because hers was of the fowl variety. She hated birds. Students soon started arriving, taking their strangely placed seats. The blonde leaned back lightly onto her desk and smiled pleasantly in greeting. "Good morning, everyone. My name is Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons and I shall be your guest lecturer for today's Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Unfortunately I can't remain in the position after this, but I'm sure it will be a very productive class." She took her cypress wand out of its holster, not yet producing magic with it. Instead, she held it vertically and let her chin rest upon the tip. "Now, ladies and gentlemen. Before we begin, I request of those who actually know what a Patronus Charm is..." She motioned towards the board, indicating the theme of the class. "...To mention what you know about it, what it does, its various uses, the intricacies to produce it, so on and so forth. Don't worry if you don't wish to respond, I won't take away points from you for not participating."
  3. Class - They're Not Just Ancient Blocks, Okay?

    Tamara Lyell
    As she pushed open the broad doors which led into the lecture hall, Professor Lyell felt whatever nervousness migth've still been inside of her all morning slip away, vanishing like distant ghosts in the slips of time. She walked down towards the lectern table with a purposeful, no-nonsense stride, her flats echoing faintly on the tile floor as she scarlet-and-gold professorial robe flowed around her like a eagle protecting its' nest from attack from afar, while atop her head her fedora, the Springbok feather pointing straight up from the brim like a sentinel. Looking around a little, she counted over 20 students - most looking as though they were in the middle forms - and looking eager to learn; although she had the list of students by name in her hand, rolled up so that she could use it as a pointer, she always used the first one or two class days to get to know her students. It was one thing to know them on paper; it was quite another to tie the name to the face. Walking up onto the broad stage, the professor walked straight over to the table, atop which sat three rune stones, each as large as the textbooks the students had with them. Each one had ancient languages written upon them; it was Professor Lyell's way of introducing them to the study of ancient runes. After a few moments, she coughed quietly, took off her fedora and set it down on the table next to the runes. "Before you, on the lectern table before you here, are three stones. Ancient runes with a couple ancient languages on them; my question to you this first day is....which of these stones is real and which are fake?" she asked. For several minutes, the students - invited up to the lectern table by Professor Lyell - studied all three runes, examining them with sharp, quizzical eyes and bated breaths. Professor Lyell watched, noting which students took their time examining each of the three rune stones and which didn't...eventually, she called the students back to their seats. "Okay, which of you think its' the first rune stone?" After counting the number of students who answered, she repeated the question for the second and third rune stones, again writing down how many students answered for each of them. When she had the numbers tallied up, Professor Lyell spoke again. "For those who answered the second rune stone, congratulations! That stone was found near Bunratty Castle in southern Ireland almost two centuries ago and contains both Celtic and Pict language on it, both of which we'll study in this class. The other two....both are fakes; my question to you, ladies and gentlemen, is how do we know their fakes?" Pointing towards one student with her rolled-up paper, she said, "Yes?" "The languages," he replied. "And...?" Professor Lyell prompted. "The lack of languages on the other stones," the student asked, seemingly half-afraid. "That's right," Professor Lyell explained. "The forgeries contained symbology not regularly used by wizards and witches; the first one contained Egyptian hieroglyphics lifted from the Rosetta Stone, while the third stone contained Cambodian symbology found at the site of Angkor Kol Ker in northwest Cambodia. If these had been legit, they would've both had languages, scripts and symbols on them, not just symbols. But for those who answered one or three, don't fret; we've got all year to learn," bringing a light chuckle to the lecture hall. After a few moments, Professor Lyell continued. "Since I am new here to Tallygarunga, let me introduce myself. I'm Professor Tamara Lyell and I'll be your instructor in the study of ancient runes; by the end of this year, all of you here today will know just about everything there is to know about runes and their relationship to the wizarding world. But its' not just a classroom study; we'll do plenty of library work and - conditions permitting and permissions granted ahead of time - we may even go out into the field and search for runes for a couple days. The textbooks you have will provide the baseline for passing the course; how much you learn or choose to learn is up to you." After a few moments, she unfurled the rolled-up papers and began asking which students were which, the year having begun in earnest....
  4. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Term 1

    Caitlin Sullivan
    The classroom was already organised before Caitlin had come in that day. She'd had it ready to go before a week ago even. Rather than the typical grid formation, the chairs were set in a semi-circle with three rows of chairs that sat spaced between others so everyone could see well, spaced decently for the students, and there were no desks for now. The desks were all set to the side of the room. There were reasons for this, but for the most part it simply meant that no one had any use for their books for this lesson. The central point that the partial circle was a small podium, behind which was the blackboard. The blackboard simply read for now: 'Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts, with Caitlin Sullivan.' Having arrived well before the students, the woman had set her own materials on top of the podium and made sure that she had her attendance list as well as any other notes that she felt she needed for this class. She was perhaps a little nervous, but as the time drew nearer, that anxiety began to fade off, until the teacher who students would see upon arriving, was a calm red-haired woman, dressed in a pencil skirt and blouse, pumps with a small heel, and her hair loose over her shoulders but pinned at the sides with small clips. Smiling warmly as she watched them enter, Caitlin waited until the clock struck the time when her class was supposed to begin, and then stepped forward a little, so that she wasn't behind the podium, but instead slowly pacing in a casual manner as she spoke. "Hello everyone, and I'd like to welcome you all to your first lesson in Defense Against the Dark Arts for this year. My name is Caitlin Sullivan, but you may feel free to call me Cate or Caitlin. This goes for inside and outside the classroom, I'd like you all to feel comfortable talking to me, whether it's to ask me a question, or to answer one. This is an open and respectful learning environment, and my hope is to be able to give you the tools to be able to protect yourself and those you care about from the potential dangers you could face as someone living in a world full of magic," She then lifted her wand and waved it in the direction of the board, where the writing changed. What do you personally feel causes something fall under the category of 'Dark Arts'? "Since this is our first lesson, there will be no need for your books or writing utensils, we're going to get to know one another, perhaps discuss a little about our opinions, what we'd like to gain from this lesson, both as a group and as individuals, and then we will be move on to a practical half of the lesson. Let's move around the room, from my left. Please offer your name, what you prefer to be called and a random fact about yourself that you'd like to share with us, what you think you'd like to gain as a group and an individual from this class... and then answer the question on the board for me please," The woman then nodded to the person who was in the very first spot as she halted in her casual pacing, in order to listen.
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