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Found 4 results

  1. May couldn't help but smile a little to herself as she opened the window to her dorm room ever so slightly, to get air circulating. Despite the searing heat (that she quite detested), Autumn was finally setting in. Days were getting shorter and nights were getting longer - it was the start of her favorite half of the year, as her species demanded her being a bit of an extreme night owl. She watched the moon rise in the distance for a few seconds before tearing herself away from the sight, stretching her shoulders as if trying to shake off some of the onset exhaustion of what was a rather energetic day. Stepping on the back of her sneakers to pry them off and pushing them with her feet so they'd neatly rest near her bed, she started making herself comfortable. "Any plans for the night, or are you dead too?" She decided to make a rare light joke towards her present roommate as she switched to more comfortable clothing. She then took a fiction book laying upon her nightstand and plopped down on her bed. It was then that she remembered that she had a bag of treats from Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store acquired early that day, but she was tired enough not to want to bother getting up again.
  2. Things had taken a bit of a turn for the 'worse' in Sparky's view. Considering a first things and in order of worse to least worse? Had been the topic of teaching Water, the killer of his ambitions. Why did this even have to be an element? It was a thought that crowded into his mind! But he had to deal with it and eat that for breakfast considering he had chosen this post in the first place. At least he wasn't bad with using any of the elemental magic and transmogrifications of spells so that was something. Of course, the initial plan that had been set into mind had quickly been deterred due to the red alert dealing with what seemed to be Auror's at every single corner. Nearly, he could see some pretending to be groundskeepers peaking into the class every five seconds during some kind of false clean up inspection. A sigh exhausted from his as he shook his head and at least he managed to sling enough weight to have Lucy check in on him every so often just for fun and giggles. This kind of sequester was going to be a killer for his intentions with the class. As such he had to get a bit more creative than going off towards the river side bank and having people get intimate with the idea and knowledge of what water could provide and interact with plus the fact that it had been such a major compound in many things, everyday or not. The bell rang and he sat on his desk with both hands pressed on the edges of the desk, the attire he wore had actually been a long cooling robe that not only had the markings of a Professor on them but one who was named as the Head for Spencer due to his affiliation in the past and the fact he knew every trick in the book. Someone had to make sure no one got hurt too badly but still allowed for his alma mater to do what they do best. In the center of the classroom would be a well crafted system of an aqueduct of sorts pieced together with hard-plastic and other magical enmities to keep it flowing in a mystical appeal. This could be considered the height of watching life itself flow through various tubes, spheres, squares, and other kinds of shapes to emphasize the unique talent that the element of water held all of it culmination for it to rise up through another tube and crashing down like a waterfall and turning into a water cyclone that emptied out to begin the process anew, life begets life in the wake of destruction. "Come on in! Take a seat, relax! But not too much we're going to have some kind of fun today!" If he had anything to say about it, he knew this class would be an escape for many students to shake off the weight of the presence of Authority stalking about like zombies or special forces. As well as the reason that they had been placed on School Grounds in the first place. "As you sit down take a look at this here water display that I worked extremely hard on!" At least with help of his resident 'Not really a girlfriend but we're doing stuff' companion, Arti, who had been an art genius in his opinion and made this idea of his possible. "I want you all to get a good look and kind of say what comes to mind when you consider the element of 'Water', what it does, what it can do, the purpose that it holds and most importantly? The various things that it contributes towards."
  3. [Note: This is an optional event and players/characters are in no way obligated to attend. It is a setting of a party with food and the intention to mix up some characters together, having some be in an awkward setting but also casual enough to connect with other characters they ordinarily may not come across outside of class. This is also a time to help define further already established friendships and connections. There doesn't need to be a lengthy post, something tangible enough to respond is all that is requested! - This note will be edited as need by as things come up in case I've missed anything.] The process of making the party more public and accepted by the Headmaster had went easily enough, being on the up-and-up as well as blatant about the fact they wanted a party to not only break in the new year but loosen up the possible stress students and staff alike may possibly be developing early on. Also helped that a good party was worth every inch of what it could give once the right things were in place to soar. With the back of Cassandra as co-host it was easy to make up a list on the many things that they'd need to set up and while it all held very good ideas they were a bit undermanned for the undertaking. That's when it had been mutually decided, even amongst the fact it'd be extremely awkward, to ask Gerry to help them out with the full preparations for it in the Great Hall. Choosing it as a venue was a no brainer and in truth something that hit Alex the moment the idea had fallen back into his lap to renew it, after all, people were expecting a party to happen and he couldn't just let them down. In this endeavor he went to every extent that was possible and then some to make sure there were as many options for the various personalities that could possibly grace the event. This included using the Great Hall dining tables as a source to produce food, which had mostly been an assortment of finger foods - Hot dogs, Hamburgers, small little mini-corndogs. As well as refreshments that were a mixture of not only the typical party punch bowls but actual bottles of water and soft drinks just in case people preferred an entirely different kind of beverage overall. Trashcan's were strategically placed near the ends of each side of the tables to make sure the amount of trash that actually landed on the floor could be maintained and contained. Alex wasn't much of a person to care for litter but they were operating on good faith with Headmaster Alan and on top of that the less work they had to clean up the earlier the hosts and helpers could get back to their own rooms and relax. A temporary stage had been built up as well slightly further back from the main eating and dancing areas. This was not only to accommodate the fact to avoid people tripping over various wires but to enhance the potential side that could over come the already massive hall as it was, being on the ground playing music would give a subpar sound and reach. That would do no one any good and more importantly it allowed for them to use the microphone as a way to reach out with their voices as a host should, to try and contain the flow of the evening so that people knew updates and what to expect within and through out the evening. On top of the stage had pre-established equipment for some of the more basic instruments: Microphone's for each station, Two Guitars, a Bass, Drums, Keyboard-Synthesizer, and a playback device to give musicians a bit of a break along with it having a karaoke hook-up with words that would reflect back towards the singer if someone really wanted to go the full length of making it a fun evening. Unfortunately, the hall was silent and that just wouldn't do even if they were just finishing up the final touches for the evening. Such as moving speakers and woofers into places, organizing the wires into pretty bundles in order to keep them from shortening out as well as reducing possible tripping and tangling occurring. Making the sure the food was easily accessible and that the dedicated dance floor in between the two tables were clear of any obstacles that could cause injury, stumbling, or hamper someone putting the moves down on the floor. Stage top is where Alexander had been most of the time making sure that the interference from high volume had been reduced, aligning instruments that were connected or had some form of output device to expand the sound were decent enough length away from one another that cross feedback couldn't hit as hard. Each instrument had been given a quick test run to make sure that they were properly tuned and ready to be played by anyone that picked them up, if they had the skill that is. To give a bit of sound to the area he'd run his fingers along a button on a device in what he called 'The Miniature DJ's corner' to put on a song to welcome people coming into the Great Hall for this experience. (Uptown Funk)
  4. There are a bit of changes towards the great party that had been in the planning. Few things such as location, date/day, and hosts. The following list is indicates the changes that are taking place. Hosts: Alexander Winfield and Cassandra Sullivan Location: Great Hall (Sanctioned, Meaning there is permission.) Date of Fun: February 23rd, 2018 (A Friday, usually a party day for people anyways.) Time: 5:30PMish, This is a good point in the day because it leaves most of the morning to setup but also allows for classes to continue for the most part. Refreshments/Food: Finger foods, punch, little snacks - nothing too heavy. Music: Live( A mix of various covers), Open Karaoke (Maybe you have a very brave or silly character who wants In on some songs?) This is a party to set off the year in a big bang, something to get people involved and aware of one another not only as characters but also stir up the pot to getting others threading with one another. Also, it extends towards Tallygarunga staff, we can't just leave the old-fogies out a few of them would like to party as much as the students, maybe even more dealing with some of the more fluent troublemakers. (Adele's gonna need to supply her own Booze!). This is to make things a bit more fun too for those adult characters that have connections into the school such as parents and the like that would sufficiently be able to hear about this kind of party happening. Come, embarrass your kiddo, add a bit of a hilarious moment! Your characters won't need to stay there the entire time, it's very much an optional attendance and if you feel your character maybe out of place or would only stay for a few minutes that's fine! On the day in question I'll make an opening thread post giving the details of how the Great Hall is setup for that moment in time. Hope to see a few folks there and seeing a bit of mingling! For those intending to 'sneak contraband in' that isn't my call! If it's something your character would do, do so! We're here to have a good time with all of the characters glory in their attitude, projection of who they are, and how they feel in a very high end-social situation. (Should be pretty interesting, right?)
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