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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 7 results

  1. Invite Heart's Bore in this War

    Senan Connell
    'This is it. ..' Senan thought to himself. Most of the break had been contributed towards designing different kinds of items, potions, and as many failsafe uses for other environmental things in the area but they couldn't be too sure any of it would work. It would certain catch their intended enemies off guard, If only for a moment. It'd been rare for Wizard's to fight in the fashion that both he and Maxine planned to. However, he had faith that it'd been far more of an edge even with the limited amount that they were able to produce. There could be no careless mistakes, this needed to be far more calculating than either of them had been before in their lives and they needed to take any chance and opening that had been opened to them. It was life or death, it was war. His fingers curled around the eight and a half inch Yew wand that had bonded with him through various trials of his life since his first time holding it. The two of them couldn't expect any form of assistance from anyone, that hadn't been the plan, at least not for him. As he learned more about Max, began to legitimately fall for her, there came to be the realization that he would broke no threat to survive that could harm her. Every necessity would be taken on his part to ensure that those that pose a threat to her existence would find their own only a hair away from being tossed off the edge and into the abyss of death. A scary thought, that he could hold such a protective nature for anyone but there in he found that purpose. The Warehouse had been quite large, enough for them to maneuver around many of the decrypt machines, various boxes and materials that had been left behind with a few of them already obviously scavenged by those that found the place far before they did. The ceiling hung high with various chains that drooped low, indicating much larger machine that once were bound by them, the ceiling had been fractured with obvious wear and tear where it looked as if the slightest bit of force could cause it to tumble down. Something that could be used to their advantage or against them, awareness of their battlefield had been a prudent thing and may have spelled the difference between victory and defeat. Entering the building his eyes cased the area in caution, making sure there hadn't been any surprises that awaited them. That their place of an ambush hadn't been peaked out, it didn't take much for him to spread the news in the underworld that Max had not only been the girlfriend that changed him from the grasp of his Father, but also that a lie had already been placed out that she'd meet Senan alone at the warehouse for some 'Secrecy' that the school couldn't give. Which meant that they didn't have much more time, they were probably going to end up arriving at any moment and they needed to get into place. Using her as bait, that still didn't sit well with him but they'd gotten this far and there'd been no better plan. He handed her the glasses that had been charmed to resist extremely blinding glares and wrapped around her torso, a potion-bandolier. This held a various types of potions that they'd made together and some that he actually spent the previous night until the morning crafting to making sure she held a utility of things that could be used given the situation of underaged magic. A hand reached out as he touched her cheek gently, the edge of his finger stroking in an affectionate motion. "Don't get nervous, okay? I won't be far." Though usually he'd take the time to try and stare into her eyes that wouldn't be happening, not now. The usual demeanor that he wore around her had melted away, there'd been no softness on his features but rather the mask of someone whom had a mission. His hand gently fell away from her and his silver eyes shifted towards the entryway of the building and then he started to move away from her, at first backing away and then fully turning where he started to try the highest altitude that he could get to perch upon and watch from above, wand grasped tightly and ready for the proper cue.
  2. Invite What Hides in the Shadows

    Senan Connell
    Koonyah, while it'd been a residential district it hadn't been one with a good reputation and especially when the eve of night occurred, where the legitimate 'Freaks' come out. Those that had ill intent within their actions and that had just been on a casual night with the various break-in's that perhaps occurred more often than they should've. The extremely uncommon side for the lack of safety had been, unfortunately, directly connected to Senan and the couple that he walked with in what seemed to be an extremely decrepit house, it'd been clear that no one stayed within the residence for that time and that those who owned the property didn't care to truly fix it up. Graffiti littered the wall of it with various callsigns from their 'artists'. On the edge of the building, hidden with woven magic, had been a mark that acted as a signal. While it hadn't been one that would be counted as familiar to Australian Wizard's and Witches the design of it had quite the foreboding look. The first ones to showcase this sign had been two individuals, both cloaked from head to do in black clothing and hood, a slight gleam of a mask shined on the surface of their faces which hide their true identities. Grasped, one in each hand, had been the arm of a third individual that had been pushed inside roughly, a clear sign of some form of prisoner or someone being brought against their will at the very least. The third person wore several bruises that shown on their shoulders, arms, and exposed legs whenever the broken streetlamp nearby would flutter to actually cast its dimmed glare onto the street nearby the building. As the sign gleamed for a bit longer it eventually died down and had been hidden away from the normal sight of others, that had been the signal that Senan was waiting for to receive. Unlike the others he hadn't wore a mask, in fact, he waited just a bit more in case any members of the Auror Force showed. When it seemed that it wouldn't be the case he made his more, darting across the street as quick as he could and only pulling a hood up at the last moment when he reached the broken fence that surrounded the building. If someone had chosen to look through the window or through the door they'd find that there'd barely been any gleam of a light, except one focused on an individual who had obviously not been apart of the trio cloaked in black garments. The man had been scruffy and badly beaten, blood dripped from several wounds that had the signs of slashings from some form of bladed weapon and even one wound by the shoulder showed signs of being wounded by some source of concentrated fire. Hands had been bound behind his back with tight rope that had been hexed to keep his arms feeling numb and weak, avoiding any potential chance that he'd hold the strength to untie himself or break out from flimsy designed nylon. This had been an everyday thing in Senan's eyes, he'd been expected to see and witness, to take part in such cruelties which he had often tried to limit himself to as much as possible. Typically, one of the Fae resistance members would manage to get to their hideouts 'on-time' to save the victims but he found that the chances of it in a land where they hadn't been concentrated grew extremely slim. He needed to find a way out of this on his own occurred and he'd been without any form of options or insight on how he could manage it and actually get away clear and easy. Though he held his wand tightly within his grip the various scenarios that played within his mind all ended up in some unintended way and would nullify all of the hard work he'd done to place himself in the positions that he now held, even if it had been held in disdain. 'Just because he's a Half-Blood. . . I had nearly forgotten the kind of crusades these Pureblood's take upon themselves. Now I must act as if I am them when I know all too well the truth of that. . . And mother. . .' The woman could intervene, she could've done something far better than himself and yet she chose to stand far away and watch as if it'd been a movie that didn't include her hand in its design.
  3. Complete Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    The last thing that Jonathan had expected to be doing on this particular day had been out, way out and away from the office. All for some note that clearly had some form of misguided attempt to 'lure him on emotion', just goes to show however, that nothing in the past is truly left there. Some how, some way, it always seems to rear its head and clutch at the heels like a cobra and squeeze tightly to let that venom course through the veins of a persons life. As he stood at the edge of a small property that seemed to be deeper into the country side, his fingers clutched tightly at the paper that hadn't truly from it since it had arrived through his mailbox. 'The time of purity has arrived! We will start with cleansing you half-breeds - mistakes to society! First up, is your Daughter, I'm sure you'll be quite shocked and saddened at the same time for this funeral. Don't be late to see the aftermath of your corruptness!' It reeked of cliché and yet one thing he knew with bigots as well as 'purists' was that more often than not they were dead serious."They must be on some good drugs to make such a leap of logic, however. . ." Jon spoke to himself as his head shook at the thought that he would have some child. He was careful, not wanting to bring a child into this kind of a screwed up world, one where their father was by every aspect of it all a criminal and a murderer but also a 'Guardian' of sorts if one were to look at what the Yakuza accomplish in the time of need and unity. Either way a child seemed to potentially be in danger and that wasn't something he was going to risk having on his conscious, his name, or his honor. The truth had also been he had no idea who this child's connection him had been - the note had no name but had enough familiarity that the writer knew of him and his past connections. It could be anywhere from a couple to several years ago. As he drew closer towards the rundown building it looked as if it had seen better days, the wood rotten, most of it scorched from intense heat and perhaps the war against the elements over the years. Out front stood two guards in uniformed garments signifying that they were apart of some group, the markings and look of them a complete alien entity to the man as he stared from the distance trying to get a better understanding of who and what he was dealing with in full detail. "Shit, I don't even know who the kids mother is and hopefully she won't clam up on me after getting through - if I get through. This looks like it's going to be a rough bit as a one man job. . ." Even with his capabilities getting a watched hostage and intentional sacrifice won't be easy and time wasn't going to be his friend in this endeavor as his hand gently rubbed at his chin keeping everything he had assessed in the forefront of his mind.
  4. Invite When things Just Don't Work the Way They Should

    If you were to ask Sean Rhodes how he was doing, he’d say that he was fine. You’d know that he was lying, but if you tried to get more out of him, he’d just deflect. Truthfully though, Sean got better at pretending that he was alright. Day in and day out he forced a smile went about his day. He had avoided the man he loved, after his father found them making out in he locker room, and he missed him. He needed him to feel normal again. So why wasn't that possible? Why couldn't Sean be with his secret boyfriend and possibly become a not so secret boyfriend? Why did he have to care what his father thought or felt or demanded of him? He was sick of it; the constant training and expectations that he just couldn't fulfill. 'No Quidditch team would ever take you if anyone found out!' His father had yelled, about him being gay. He just... He couldn't take it anymore. He had already fallen into this deep dark bit of despair that made it nearly impossible to attend class let alone eat or have conversations. He just wanted to be happy doing what he wanted with whomever he wanted. Was that too damn much to ask for? Apparently so. For the first time in days, Sean left his dorm and made his way around the school, finding the potions closet strangely ajar. His curiosity got the better of him and he walked inside, taking a look around at the many different bottles around. Seeing one named "Dragon Poison" he picked it up, slid it in his pocket, and made his way around until he found the Flinders dormitory, hoping to see Al walk by. After a good half hour of sitting on the ground with his face red from tears, he finally pulled out the potion and drank it. Every. Last. Drop. Then Sean just sat and awaited his fate..whatever that would be.
  5. My Dear of Blaze

    It's been years. . . Yet even tonight the thoughts can't even escape from me. Another restless night, another vivid dream. Sometimes I wonder what I could have done that would have been different. Even slightly different. In the end nothing seemed to dawn on me as a difference in decision, the outcome would have been worse or the same - You shouldn't have done it. You had the time to run yet. . . - Nightly Musings of Derrick July 20th, 2010 - United Kingdom Derrick had found himself out on another night with Eleza, since the two had met at the beginning of the year they'd managed to travel a large breadth of the world with the help of magic. Even being a Veela of a well defined age she found a measure of fun in the ever so spontaneous human and the fact that they held an affinity towards the element of fire only seemed to be a puzzle perfect kind of a match. The moon stretched high in the sky in a quarter-crescent while the cool air breezed through the night, the two locked hand in hand together while Eleza's head leaned gently on Derrick's shoulder. "Oh come on, that's such a cheap thing to do! Skydiving? You have wings when you want to, what do I get?" The man grinned towards what seemed to be a platinum haired blonde who had quite the height on her, equaling Derrick's own. "You have a wand. That's good enough isn't it, Sparky? You don't expect a delicate angel like -myself- to carry you, do you?" Her eyes seemed to flutter a bit as if to suggest that it was a ludicrous idea. Derrick's hand lifted up and gently wagged at her in a playfully scolding manner. "I keep forgetting you have that edge on me, that's not cool. Using your wiles, all I have is my amazing good humor and the fact everyone just loves me. Uncontested fact." Their hands laced together and clutched as they continued their discussion on the next big thing that they had planned for their week in the UK. The UK had always been hectic and crazy and due to the high end of Pureblood heritages that seeped through some of the magic community it meant that both himself and Eleza were targets for the larger bigots and purists. Yet, the woman had been confident that between the two of them things were well handled for the most part. "As if I would ever need to use my full charms with you. All I have to do is say fire~. . . Pyro~. . . And you go completely glossy-eyed for me." There had been a slight spark of a light up in his eyes as she mentioned the words and he playfully nudged his cheek against the top of her head. "Oh, think you know me that well? Just for that we're jumping over into some water. Let's see if you can swim~! That or we can settle with me just tossing a glob of oats in your face tomorrow morning. I haven't decided yet." He offered up a shrug as the both of them laughed lightly while shaking their head. This was a kind of blissful happiness neither of them had ever expected to gain, in Eleza's case, it had been quite a while since she found someone she could feel comfortable about all of her. Derrick, however, had never allowed himself to get so engrained into another person feeling obligated to take care of Janet. But, his sister had been older, she needed to fight and fend for herself which meant someone else needed his attention. "Just you wait, when we get back to Australia you're going to meet all the crazy crew. I think you'll really like Net and Addy. Cool people." Those were the major players in his life, not that he didn't keep in contact with Jezebel from time to time. But she had a life, even if they're friends now the last thing she needed was an old boyfriend around. "Ooo~? Meeting the 'people', You -are- taking this serious! You drag me half way across the world to different places and only now you decide we can visit your home? " There she went with that teasing that always managed to get to him. As the two spoke, carelessly at that, they had passed by what seemed to be a group of Wizards that had been taking too much drink into their systems. The kind of wizards that were purebloods with a chip to pick at the changes to the laws that put their ideals on the side of being attacked. A simple signal was given with just a joust of their head as two of the four walked around through an alley as a shortcut and popped out just in front of Derrick and Eleza while the other two made a purposeful scuffle of their shoes behind the couple. "Oh, hey, can I help you gentlemen? If you're looking for the nearest store for some water. . . It's that way." He used a hand to point all the way towards the right of him self where it had mostly been an empty lot. Pretty much telling them to get lost. Eleza's positioning seemed to shift a bit to a more stern and readied stand while keeping to Derrick's side. "Now that ain't anyway to speak to good tax paying folk." A man spoke up with a bit more authority while the others seemed to chuckle as if what had been said was funny. This was the clear ringleader of the group. He seemed to go on. "Done heard you had 'feathers', eh? Flying? What, ya' one of those Veela trashes? Shouldn't ya' be in some kind of mountain leaving humans away? Snaring another man away for your Siren's meal?" There had been a slight irritation in Derrick's mind just by the way the man spoke and the accusation and insults only seemed to make his eye twitch further. Eleza, however, had been stern and daring as stone - confidence in living long had grown such. "Ignorant and insufferable. . . You elitists always tend to get in way over your head that you aren't worth sweating." Her hand swept at her hair not the least be worried and more so trying to keep her angered contained from the petty insults. In a chorus of movements the four thugs pulled out their wands which were of various designs and lengths. Nothing too uniformed. Derrick groaned lightly as he shook his head and unlatched his own wand which was nine-inched and made of Spruce. "So. . . I guess it's kind of -too- late to suggest we all just walk awa-" He didn't get a chance to actually respond as one of the thugs lifted up their wand to fling Derrick towards the side near the street to separate him from Eleza. The man rolled along the paved ground with a grunt as his skin peeled at the hands from the impacting and rolling. "Ugh. . . So yes. . .?" His hand pressed against the ground to try and expedite his rise back onto both feet. Meanwhile, Eleza had flung a quickly formed fireball at one of them which impacted and set the coat ablaze. The thug that had been aimed at flailed about screaming at the top of their lungs until they dropped to the ground rolling around on it to douse the flames. Eleza kissed the tips of her fingers as a sly smile grew on her lips. "Too hot to touch. " The Veela had only begun to get warmed up until the ring leader started to step up and flicked his wand in a much more trained motion as a single bladed knife had been conjured up and pierced into the woman's left arm. The first blood had been officially shed and a wrathful grunt escaped from her. "Ngh. . . You shouldn't have done that!" Her anger switch had been flipped and that meant it was only going to grow from there as she flung another orb of fire this time at the ring leader and then grasped at the knife in her arm and tossed it the thug that had rolled to the ground to try and douse the flames. The other two that remained just behind her had started to wind up their own wands finally until a stream of fire coursed right in front of them to gather their attention towards the street. "I'm hurt, really hurt, that you forgot about me. Don't worry I like to make an intense introduction!" Derrick flicked his wand once more this time to send a pulse that disarmed the two he had managed to distract before giving another quick succession flick to pulse out a stream of water that would impact against their bodies and knock them down onto the ground with a heavy thud that knocked the wind out of them. Their heads smacked against the pavement to at least daze them for quite sometime. "Two biggots down! It reminds me of our time back in the States!" He had started to turn around to see how well Eleza was doing and it seemed only the ring leader had been left to deal with at least until he had noticed he was staring down the end of a wand. Well, that looked like a semi-checkmate but it had been leveled to two against one, what more could this man do had been a passing thought for Derrick. "Even if I get taken out here I'll make sure this Veela trash gets all the blame one way or another!" As the thug leader's wand whipped through the air it was a motion that Derrick recognized as cursed under his breath at his slowness. Even as he tried to lift up his arm a wave of arrows ejected from the tip of the wand and their piercing points aimed to take every vital opening possible - that was until a raging scream enveloped through the air and the sense of fire expelled out to burn only the first half of the arrows, Eleza needed time to be bought as she sprouted wings from her arms, and a beak seemed to elongate from her very face with talons growing into a razor sharp point. One wing extended out as a shield with a painful screech that followed afterwards while using the rest of her body to cover Derrick's from any form of damage. Arrows littered through the shoulder, a few within her spine and lower back. "Eleza-?!" A single arm wrapped around the falling woman while his hand gripped his wand tightly. He made a quick tracing motion and then aimed his wand's point right towards the offending thug. "Expulso!" A pressure expelled out and impacted into the Thug with a massive boom and propelled him right into the wall with a harsh collision. Enough that his wand had dropped and his body slumped over onto the sidewalk. "Hey. . . Hey! Come on! Eleza, we need to get you to a hospital or something - somewhere!" The woman's head shook defiantly as she raised a hand to gently cup at Derrick's cheek. "You need to go. . . Sparky. . . You can't be. . . Implicated in this. I'd just drag you down so go. . .!" Her hand pressed along his shoulder to push him aside with what remaining physical strength had been within. Then finally her hand reached out to place an objected into his pocket and to weave a presence of magic around Derrick to forcibly apparate him towards another part of the world that the two had been, purposefully smacking his wand away in the process to make it more difficult for him to return to the area. "Wa-!?" He tried to call out to stop her and yet already felt the presence of his entire body being condensed and pushed away with this new force of magic. Disarmed, he'd have a much more difficult time even gathering up a pinpointed way back to that particular spot. Everything had moved so fast he didn't have time to consider where the surroundings had been either way. When his senses had come back he had glanced around to find himself in an entirely new part of the United Kingdom rolled out on some form of grass. "Crap. . . CRAP! Eleza!" Derrick tried to remember, where, when, how. But performing apparition wandless was a tricky bit and not even within his talent to get done without taking an extremely major hit. He closed his eyes to think of landmarks and from there he started to travel by a form of tram. It took him until morning and there had already been a gathering of people and a team of Auror's on site. His cheek had been bitten into a bit until he noticed out of the corner of his eye that they had managed to miss something - His wand. Derrick walked a few bits away from scene and traced in the air 'Accio Wand'. Calling back what had rightfully belonged to him, coated in blood at that. Her blood. His teeth bit even tighter against his lower lip and began a strategic retreat to avoid anyone noticing him fully as someone that had been there. The necklace that Eleza had stuffed into his pocket just before she sent him away had been clutched within his palms enough to cut the skin. He had lost a piece of himself, something that could have been prevented and all from him not being prepared enough - getting himself into a position where someone had to take a deadly blow for his life to go one. I awaken every night with this pain, this knowledge, that maybe. . .Just maybe. .. It could have been slightly different. Nearly eight years later and I still can't move on.
  6. Complete A Family Affair

    Zane Nedvidek
    Zane wasn't sure what was bringing him to have this meeting with his uncle, but all he knew was that it needed to be done. Thomas had been been asking Zane when Amea was coming home, and Amea had not been giving him any answers. Thomas had been growing restless. Zane had to speak to him. He'd seen the new articles. Thomas was known to be in Australia. So, Zane wrote Amea another letter, letting her know that he would be out of town if she decided to return home. He needed to talk to Thomas. It was urgent. Zane left Narrie, and traveled by apparition to various spots, to elude any potential followers, before finally coming to the run down home that Thomas was temporarily staying in. Zane knocked on the door three times, and waited. He could hear shuffling around inside. He imagined his uncle was checking to see who it was, and readying any defensive measures awaiting in case he was a Ministry employee. After a few more moments, the door opened, and Zane came face to face with Thomas Sollozzo. Thomas stepped aside, and ushered Zane quickly into the home.
  7. Complete Echoes of the Past (Feb 13th '18)

    (Trigger Warning: Violence, magical torture of adults, childhood trauma. This first post is Cassandra's memories of the night her parents were killed.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There were sounds at the door, and then inside the house, just before the toddler found herself pulled from her bed, held in her mother's arms as the other woman cast a spell to make the girl's bed look like it hadn't been slept in and then rushed to the adults' bedroom. What was going on? 'Mu-..." A hand covered the girl's mouth before she could say anything else, the woman whispering softly while the sound of crashing and yelling continued from downstairs. "Shhh, darling... Mummy needs to do something now, and I hope you forgive me one day. But they can't know you're here. Aunty Cate will come and get you soon, I promise," Confusion as her mother said something and used her wand on her while the woman began crying, and then suddenly the realisation that she couldn't move. And when she tried to speak, nothing. The girl now really began to feel scared as she was carefully wrapped in a robe and gently tucked under the large bed. What was going on? The robe had fallen from where it covered her face and she could see the woman's feet moving to the door and it opening, before it was forcibly slammed open and there were more feet. Her blood ran cold with panic while she watched what little she could see, hearing a voice from the hallway. "Looks like the kid's not here!" "Where's the baby one then, huh? We're supposed to take all of your out,"Came a rough voice, and the girl wanted to wiggle around to see more, to know what was going on, but she couldn't do anything! "I wouldn't te-... NO!" Her mother's anguished shriek startled the girl and then there was a thud near the bed, and the sight of her father lying on his front, his lifeless gaze staring at her, unblinking. Blood was running from his lips and the girl was trying to process what she was seeing while the world around her seemed to turn into a cacophony of white noise and the thumping of her small heart. What was going on? Who were these people? Why couldn't she move? And then a piercing shrieking broke through the white noise as the woman thudded to the ground beside the bed, twisting and thrashing about in agony. All the girl could do was stare though. Even when the woman's gaze met her own and the mother realised to her own horror that her daughter was seeing everything, she could only continue to spectate the grizzly scene from her hiding spot. And then there was a final flash of something and the woman was as still as her husband. The feet of the strangers stomped around the house for a few minutes, before deciding that there was nothing else, and hurried out. But the child was stuck there, paralyzed and mute, staring at the lifeless and bloodied corpses of her parents, still not quite understanding exactly what she'd seen - or what she was still seeing. Why wasn't her mother moving? And her father, why was he bleeding from the mouth? The terror welled up within the child gradually. The mixture of the horror of what had occurred, as well as the sheer restriction. How was her aunt going to find her? She was trapped. Everything was restricting her and frozen and terrified, she screamed silently within her head... Cassandra woke up screaming violently as a pair of hands gently gripped her shoulders. Unknown to her, she'd been thrashing and screaming in her sleep for a few minutes, until one of the other girls in her House had decided to try and wake her up. She pushed at the hands, and scrambled back on her bed, eyes wild as they darted around. Where was she? The room felt so small, the walls and ceiling closing in on her, and she suddenly pushed past the girl, as well as a couple of others, out into the hallway. Glancing around wildly, Cassandra then followed her instinct as it led her through the corridor until she stumbled outside. It wasn't enough. She couldn't get any air, her breathing far to shallow and rapid and her mind still too foggy from the memory to realise she was having a hyperventilation fit. She needed to get away from the building. The walls loomed over her, threatening to fall on top of her and squash the life from the redhead. She moved, deaf to any voices that might be trying to speak to her, unsure of where she was going as she continued running until her chest hurt, and she found herself in some kind of garden. She didn't care where it was. She was in the fresh air, and suddenly collapsed onto her rear, leaning back against a tree as she closed her eyes and pressed her fingers into the dirt either side of her, attempting to ground herself. She wasn't in that place. She wasn't stuck under that bed again, staring at the dead bodies of her parents. She was fine. She was safe. The young woman tried to continue telling herself that as her head leaned back and she stared up at the stars, her eyes stinging with tears. When was the last time this had happened? Why couldn't the memory just finally leave her alone? (Cassandra)
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