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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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Found 7 results

  1. Lily's Lovelies

    Lily's Characters Always up for plotties and connections and threads, please post below with ideas! ❤️ Jez (aka: Amiradysébelle Blair) 25(ish?) | Actress, Princess, and Supermum | Melbourne Jez would be recognisable from her former role in Neighbours as well as a few movies, though more commonly known around Narrie as the eldest of Stu's brood of Blair kids. She's also a popular musician and singer, and tries to do a lot of charity type events. She has certainly gained a small brood of her own so far. She's happy-go-lucky and loves her family and making friends. Could use: friends, stalkers fans, other mums, family members (I have a Blair family tree, ask if you want to see it!), rivals, and well... any other plot ideas. Auds (aka: Audrey Adagathguarde 26 | The Headmaster's Assistant and Girlfriend/Babymomma (and the one who really organises Tally) | Narragyambie This British-born gal came over to Narrie around 7 or so years ago, and has won the hearts of a lot of its residents since, especially in the past few years, during which she has kept the Headmaster of Tally more organised than he's ever been and helped take care of his children in the absence of their birth mother, not to mention she is known for throwing the best parties in town. Not surprisingly, she spends so much time organising Alan, especially now that they are officially together and have their own child, but she seems oddly content. Could use: friends, troublemakers, past terrible/bad choice boyfriends/dates, awkward buddies, people who love fun, people who like to take advantage of others. Arti (aka: Artemisia Bellerose) 22 | Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner | Melbourne She's been touring Europe for the past couple of years or so, but prior to that Arti was the solemn girl who arrived at Tally in her Fifth year with the French accent, who ended up being abused by her father and was adopted by the former Deputy Headmaster and his wife. Recent years, she's come into her own as an accomplished artist, and has set up a Gallery Cafe in the city, where she gets quite a lot of business and admirers of the arts, and where she also hosts local musical talent now and then. Could use: friends, an art gallery partner, the musically or art inclined, troublemakers, a traumatic ghost from her past (ask for details if interested), and so on. Siby (aka: Sibylla Townsend) 249 (license says 32) | Doctor/Healer, Non-human Support Networker | Narragyambie Sib has settled into life in the country town over the past few years or so, and has been a reliable local doctor, as well as on call for St Ringo's. In between work, she tends to travel a bit, studying strange and obscure medical conditions and eccentric and rare ways of healing and artifacts involved with such. She's still hurting about the loss of her daughter, which makes her very protective of her remaining family, and she is dedicated to her support group for non-humans and making sure the same doesn't happen to others. Could use: friends, patients, other non-humans for the support network, blasts from the past, perhaps a dangerous person who doesn't like non-humans. Adoption opportunity: Siby's teenage daughter, Mairead (15) is totally up for grabs. Just message me for details. Stu (aka: Stuart Blair) 51 | Federal Minister of Magic, Co-owner of The Drunken Roo, Owner of Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park and Reserve | Narragyambie and Melbourne Since all his children have grown up and moved out of home, Stuart tends to work a lot more, so that he doesn't end up with too much time up his sleeve to wallow in the misfortunes of recent years. He also tends to concentrate more on other peoples' problems and currently provides support for his two best friends, Alan and Kate. He's been diagnosed with depression, which he keeps to himself and which one wouldn't even pick up on by just being around him due to his upbeat nature among others. He doesn't want to worry people, and seems to have given up on the idea of dating or relationships. Could use: friends and drinking buddies, people with young kids (for when he's babysitting his grandkids), Ministry folk, a line of swooning women, old rivals (or boyfriends that he's pissed off just by being him), teens in the sports that he coaches (cricket, basketball, AFL), or people who may know his mother who manages a reserve for endangered wildlife and magical creatures (that is now owned under her son's name). Adoption opportunity: The Blair Triplets, who are a year younger than Jezebel (mid-20s), they can be found under NPCs & Wanted Characters Cate (aka: Caitlin Sullivan) 37 | Counselor, Psychologist, Profiler, Author | Narragyambie and Melbourne This lady's had a pretty difficult life when it comes to the people she cares about, having lost most of her family while a teenager, when things were beginning to go down at Hogwarts, living through the battle itself, and then losing her brother some years later as well, becoming the guardian of her niece. Not that anyone in her new home would know much of that, only that she's worked with the Ministry in the UK and is a bestselling author. She's friendly if perhaps a little quiet, will help someone if they look like they need it, and tends to mother younger people a bit. Started becoming romantically involved with a man she probably shouldn't be with earlier in the year, but it is what it is. Could use: friends, colleagues, awkward encounters, probably to be dragged out to have fun every now and then. Cass (aka: Cassandra Sullivan) 18 | Seventh Year student (2018), Junior Dance Instructor, Co-Creator of Danger Kitty Productions | Narragyambie Being the niece and charge of her aunt, she naturally had to move to Australia with her (of course, being in danger back home was another good reason to move). She's seen her own fair share of tragedy, but tries to concentrate on the positives in life, as well as the fact that she intends to be someone who will help others, like her aunt has done for years. Flirty, boisterous, fun-loving and good-natured, she tends to brighten a room when she walks in. Though she's had a rather usual year when it comes to friends, as well as discovered her true identity as a pureblooded sidhe fae, she is able to be happy with the good things that had happened, including an impromptu marriage to fellow Spencer student Alexander. Could use: friends (just one really good friend would be nice), partners in mischief, victims of her wiles, bullies to antagonise, someone who really gets her. Gem (Gemini Demetra) 23 | VMU Student, Performer, Main Guitar and Vocals for her band Franklin Struck Gold | Melbourne A single mum with an attitude, it generally depends on what the other person around her is like as to whether said 'tude is good or bad. She's pretty easy going and free-spirited, feeling like stress is for people who don't know how to enjoy what they have. She faces her problems head on and pretty bluntly. Though despite her generally relaxed nature, she has a scorching temper if someone presses the wrong button. Could use: friends, past flings, band mates (see NPCs & Wanteds), other mums to chill with, fellow VMU students, people who enjoy some good music. Ele (Elektra Devereux) 32 | IWP Undercover Agent, Receptionist at Tallygarunga | Melbourne A former Quidditch star and champion, who has retired from the sport now that she has the custody of her twin sister's daughters and is struggling with learning how to be a parental figure. She also just happens to be an agent for the IWP who is currently working undercover in the area. She did start off as the Quidditch instructor for Tallygarunga, but has since shifted to a Receptionish position since an unfortunate incident mid-year which she doesn't talk about. Currently living in a house with her sister's former partner in crime, but who is now Ele's IWP partner who tends to frustrate her to no end, but is better with the kids than she is. Could use: friends, admirers and fans, someone to make Ashkar jealous, other Quidditch enthusiasts, old friends/contacts from her Quidditch days. Adoption opportunity: Nina (11) is Ele's oldest niece and started at Tally this year. She's had a rocky start with her aunt, but is slowly warming to her. She thinks Ashkar is the best. Message me for more details.
  2. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    Stuart Blair
    When Stuart had spoken with Adele last, and she asked him if they could have a family dinner in the near future, the man had to admit he was a little surprised. The history of family dinners with the L'Arine folk had a history of being... well, colourful, if resulting in some awkwardness or mild disaster. But she'd hinted at something important that she needed to tell the children, and so he was only happy to set aside an afternoon, as well as host it at his place. Adele was still avoiding her own house, and the school wasn't exactly the most private setting for telling one's family some important news. About halfway through the day, the man had decided it would be a perfect evening for a barbecue as well, and so had set about making up the shopping list, and taking Améa out with him to get the things they'd need to make up a couple of salads, as well as get some steaks and chicken wings and skewers, and of course the ingredients for his amazing home-made burger patties. Améa was gradually beginning to look healthier again. Her complexion had colour in it, and her eyes had brightened slightly and hair was slowly regaining some of it's gloss. He had no doubt that a lot of it contributed to the time she had been getting to spend with the triplets, and Nika in particular, when Jezebel brought them to visit - which was almost every day. Mary had also been spending time getting to know the granddaughter she'd never got to meet. Currently, the man was setting out the patties, ready to cook, while looking over the counter to see if there was much else that needed to be prepared, while reaching for his bottle of beer to take a sip as Faireth circled his ankles. The place felt lived in again, with the arrival of Améa there, and he had to admit he enjoyed having the company. He'd assured her that he could handle the rest after the salads were done, and that she could do whatever she wanted while they waited for the others to arrive. Cecil wasn't hanging around the island counter, which meant the Border Collie was probably following her around, having taken to her quickly. Making sure the food was covered, the man then opened the sliding door to the patio and made sure that there were plates and cutlery set on the tables set under the shade, before counting the chairs to make sure there were enough. Adele had said to have an extra. Though Lorelei had then said a couple of days ago when he saw her that there should be two. He went with the latter, better safe than sorry. Admittedly, it was nice to have been able to spend at least half the day in a t-shirt and jeans as well. As much as he liked the feel of a well-cut suit, sometimes it was good to be able to relax. Jezebel had been trying to convince Améa to change up her wardrobe a little as well, though she didn't pressure her sister, only gave her the optional clothing styles so that they were there if she did want to try them. All in all, they'd just been trying to make Améa feel a part of the family, and in a way try to make up for what she'd missed out on for so long. The man really hoped that they were at least giving her something. About to take another swig of his beer, the man then heard the doorbell, and raised his brows. That wasn't Jezebel and Viktor, they'd have just let themselves in. Which meant it was probably Adele, he supposed, and he turned and headed back through the house to answer the door. "Welcome to the den of no return!" The man bellowed as he slowly opened the door, clearly trying to be funny, before properly opening it with a large grin on his features, to greet the arrivals.
  3. Communication Stuart Blair

    Adele DeVylissea
    Stuart! You might have heard by now, but David is coming home. We’re going to try and work things out, for the both of us—and the baby too. Now that Caleb is opening up a bit more, maybe he will even warm to Dave. I hope so. I really want us to be a family. Properly. Anyway, it means that we’ll be moving back to our place in town. I’ve got to get it cleaned up again and all, but with all that’s going on with Améa I might need you to arrange those wards for the place. We’ve got some security already, but more won’t go astray. Also, I wanted to say thank you. For making sure I didn’t completely lose it while he was gone. It’s really not that often that someone says they’ll be there for me and then proves it, so—thank you. If only I’d seen that before I ran off on you, might not be as screwed in the head as I am now, haha. But also wouldn’t have met Dave. So there’s that. Anyway. Thank you. I might have done some dumb stuff, but I don’t know if I could have picked a better father for our girls. Love, Del.
  4. Miss Piggy Del

    "What a delightfully ugly snort there, Adele! Don't tell me the pink cheeks are spreading and affecting your brain, I'm not sure how I'll explain you changing into a cute little piggy to all the kids!"
  5. Complete Live Like Ghosts (Nov. 27th '17)

    The school day was over, and once the customary meetings had finished, Kate headed back to the city. She had a routine now so perfect that you could set a clock by her movements. The hospital had a "rest" period and visitors wouldn't be allowed in for another hour. Adam was picking Hazel up from daycare, so the children could have a weekend together, so today she was alone. She went to the usual cafe and sat down, ordered herself a strong drink. While she waited, Kate flipped out a small mirror and checked herself. Her hair had stayed in place, her lipstick needed reapplying. This she did with an expert hand, but there was nothing to be done about the thinness of her face, the years that had fallen on her so heavily. Kate had struggled with her weight all her life, and now she couldn't stop shedding kilos. Food just... didn't appeal anymore. Hazel was healthy and well looked after, Kate made absolute sure of that. The girl wanted for nothing. Every last bit of Kate's energy was put into her daughter. Alan's words had cut deep, suggested that she was somehow a bad mother. For what? Wanting Matt to be alive? For hoping? Her drink arrived, and the bartender gave her a small smile from the counter. She was here alone now, she would be here alone again tonight. Such was her routine. (Katherine)
  6. Complete Parental Advisory (Dec. 8th '17)

    Ah, the quaint charms of the Drunken Roo. Adele had spent more days and nights here than she cared to recall, but she had a deep fondness for the place. It had gone downhill since Matt's accident, that made her sad. Rumour had it though, that a new part-owner was breathing new life into the old place. Adele wondered why she hadn't thought of that herself. She was doing her part. Drinking the high-priced liquor that she knew she was paying too much for... but it was all for a good cause. Adele hadn't had a good drinking session in a long time. She was actually starting to feel a little tingly from it. The beer garden was a nice place to be, anyway. No one else came out here, and she could smoke all she liked. Adele had invited Stuart Blair to come join her, they had... a lot of things to talk about. Not least of all their prodigal daughter, and Jezebel's suggestion that perhaps Stuart could provide some help in taming Caleb. Their chats were always good. Adele enjoyed Stu's company, they caught up as often as they could. Christmas was around the corner too, so they would need to collaborate on suitably excellent gifts for the grandchildren. The kids were spoiled, but... Adele didn't care. They were kids. Kids deserved mountains of toys. (Adele)
  7. Complete The Future Is Always Up For Grabs (Nov. 26 2017)

    The meeting with the soon-to-be-retired Minister of Magic for Victoria ended, Stuart was glad to have some of that business settled so that the Ministry could remain organised and on top of things in the interim between having a man in charge in the state. Of course, the visit to the old digs had been nice as well, the former Victorian Minister having arrived early so that he could catch up with a few of his old pals and see how they were. Admittedly, he missed the place sometimes, but duty called him elsewhere and so he'd moved up. It helped that the work was more intense and thus kept him busier, meaning he didn't have to spend too much time on his own at the big empty house he lived in. It was too quiet with the kids all gone, even with the border collie that kept him company. But his closest friends had their own things to worry about, so he didn't concern them with his small problem. As he walked through the corridor, the man undid his tie and pulled it off, unbuttoning the top button of his shirt so that he could breathe a little as well. His official business was over for the day, but there was still one social call he was going to make, since the man hadn't been in his office earlier. Stopping by the office of the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Stuart knocked sharply three times, before attempting an awful high-pitched voice. "Roooooom service!" The man coughed afterward, clearing his throat, goddamn, how did some people pull that off? Still, he would be smirking by the time someone responded, either inviting him in or coming to open the door themselves, the man was curious as to how things were going for Jason, and also had some news. If he wasn't in, then he'd just have to leave some kind of prank-o-graph to let him know.
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