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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 6 results

  1. Lily's Lovelies

    Lily's Characters Always up for plotties and connections and threads, PLEASE THROW IDEAS AT ME BELOW! ❤️ Jez (Amiradysébelle Blair) 26(ish?) | Actress, Princess, and Supermum | Melbourne Jez would be recognisable from her former role in Neighbours as well as a few movies, though more commonly known around Narrie as the eldest of Stu's brood of Blair kids. She's also a popular musician and singer, and tries to do a lot of charity type events. She has certainly gained a small brood of her own so far. She's happy-go-lucky and loves her family and making friends. She was also the Queen of Spencer in her last few years at Tally, would have made lots of friends with others who were at school then. Could use: friends (lots of friends), stalkers fans, other mums, family members (I have a Blair family tree, ask if you want to see it!), rivals, and well... any other plot ideas. Auds (Audrey Adagathguarde 27 | The Headmaster's Assistant and Fiancee/Babymomma (and the one who really organises Tally) | Narragyambie This British-born gal came over to Narrie around 8-9 or so years ago, and has won the hearts of a lot of its residents since, especially in the past few years, during which she has kept the Headmaster of Tally more organised than he's ever been and helped take care of his children in the absence of their birth mother, not to mention she is known for throwing the best parties in town. Not surprisingly, she spends so much time organising Alan, especially now that they are officially together and have their own child, but she seems oddly content. Though bouncy, full of energy, and fairly carefree, there is a very scary side of the woman that rarely shows itself, the protective matriarchal side who will take on anyone who hurts those she cares about. Could use: friends, troublemakers, past terrible/bad choice boyfriends/dates, awkward buddies, people who love fun, co-workers, other mums, . Arti (Artemisia Bellerose) 23 | Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner | Melbourne Having toured Europe and other parts of the world with her popular combination of music and art magic, prior to that Arti was the solemn girl who arrived at Tally in her Fifth year with the French accent, who ended up being abused by her father and was adopted by the former Deputy Headmaster and his wife. Recent years, she's come into her own as an accomplished artist, and has set up a Gallery Cafe in the city, where she gets quite a lot of business and admirers of the arts, and where she also hosts local musical talent now and then. She also works part-time as one of the Musiciary teachers. Could use: friends, an art gallery partner, the musically or art inclined, troublemakers, a traumatic ghost from her past (ask for details if interested), and so on. Siby (Sibylla Townsend) 250 (license says 32) | Doctor/Healer, Non-human Support Networker | Narragyambie Sib has settled into life in the country town over the past few years or so, and has been a reliable local doctor, as well as on call for St Ringo's. In between work, she tends to travel a bit, studying strange and obscure medical conditions and eccentric and rare ways of healing and artifacts involved with such. She's still hurting about the loss of her daughter, which makes her very protective of her remaining family, and she is dedicated to her support group for non-humans and making sure the same doesn't happen to others. Though most of her work is known to the Ministry, she does also have an underground network and connections for those who have been wrongly accused, unjustly treated, or are hunted for crimes they did not commit. Could use: friends, patients, other non-humans for the support network, blasts from the past, perhaps a dangerous person who doesn't like non-humans (for plot reasons to do with her daughter's murder). Adoption opportunity: Siby's teenage daughter, Mairead (15-16) is totally up for grabs. Just message me for details. Stu (Stuart Blair) 52 | Federal Minister of Magic, Co-owner of The Drunken Roo, Owner of Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park and Reserve | Narragyambie and Melbourne Since all his children have grown up and moved out of home, Stuart tends to work a lot more, so that he doesn't end up with too much time up his sleeve to wallow in the misfortunes of recent years. He also tends to concentrate more on other peoples' problems and currently provides support for his two best friends, Alan and Kate. He's been diagnosed with depression, which he keeps to himself and which one wouldn't even pick up on by just being around him due to his upbeat nature among others. He doesn't want to worry people, and seems to have given up on the idea of dating or relationships. Of course, a lot of quality time spent with babymomma to his first children has been changing that a little. Could use: friends and drinking buddies, people with young kids (for when he's babysitting his grandkids), Ministry folk, a line of swooning women, old rivals (or boyfriends that he's pissed off just by being him), teens in the sports that he coaches (cricket, basketball, AFL), or people who may know his mother who manages a reserve for endangered wildlife and magical creatures (that is now owned under Stuart's name). Adoption opportunity: The Blair Triplets, who are a year younger than Jezebel (mid-20s), they can be found under NPCs & Wanted Characters Cate (Caitlin Sullivan) 121 (license says 38) | Counselor, Psychologist, Profiler, Private Investigator, Author | Narragyambie and Melbourne This lady's had a pretty difficult life when it comes to the people she cares about, having lost most of her family while a teenager (at least, according to the memories she was given), when things were beginning to go down at Hogwarts, living through the battle itself, and then losing her brother some years later as well, becoming the guardian of her niece. Not that anyone in her new home would know much of that, only that she's worked with the Ministry in the UK and is a bestselling author. She's friendly if perhaps a little quiet, will help someone if they look like they need it, and tends to mother younger people a bit. The past year she found her real mother, only to lose her, discovered more about her heritage, and started becoming romantically involved with a man she probably shouldn't be with but it is what it is. More concerning is the fact that she disappeared for 6 months at the start of 2019 with no memory of where she was, and returning with a teenage daughter. Could use: friends, colleagues, awkward encounters, probably to be dragged out to have fun every now and then,, enemies or past criminals she's helped put away, HER BROTHER WHO SHE IS GOING TO WAKE UP (PM me for juicy plot details).. Cass (Cassandra Sullivan) 19 | Junior Dance Instructor, Co-Creator of VEGE Productions, Rising Vocal Star, Mother of twins | Narragyambie Being the niece and charge of her aunt, she naturally had to move to Australia with her (of course, being in danger back home was another good reason to move). She's seen her own fair share of tragedy, but tries to concentrate on the positives in life, as well as the fact that she intends to be someone who will help others, like her aunt has done for years. Flirty, boisterous, fun-loving and good-natured, she tends to brighten a room when she walks in. Though she's had a rather usual couple of years when it comes to friends, as well as discovered her true identity as a sidhe fae (and an Heir), she is able to be happy with the good things that had happened, including an impromptu marriage to fellow Spencer student Alexander, as well as their unplanned twins and the realisation that she has more 'relatives' than she thought. Could use: friends (just one really good friend would be nice), partners in mischief, victims of her wiles, bullies to antagonise, someone who really gets her, HER FATHER (see Cate), a potential bad dude for dramatic plots (PM me for deets). Gem (Gemini Demetra) 24 | Performer, Main Guitar and Vocals for her band, Fire-struck | Melbourne A single mum with an attitude, it generally depends on what the other person around her is like as to whether said 'tude is good or bad. She's pretty easy going and free-spirited, feeling like stress is for people who don't know how to enjoy what they have. She faces her problems head on and pretty bluntly. Though despite her generally relaxed nature, she has a scorching temper if someone presses the wrong button. Recently having discovered her daughter's father isn't actually dead, there have been rising issues,e specially with the media, due to his fame and her own rising popularity. Could use: friends, past flings, band mates (see NPCs & Wanteds), other mums to chill with, fellow entertainers, people who enjoy some good music. Ele (Elektra Devereux) 33 | IWP Undercover Agent, Receptionist at Tallygarunga | Melbourne A former Quidditch star and champion, who has retired from the sport now that she has the custody of her twin sister's daughters and is struggling with learning how to be a parental figure. She also just happens to be an agent for the IWP who is currently working undercover in the area. She did start off as the Quidditch instructor for Tallygarunga, but has since shifted to a Receptionish position since an unfortunate incident mid-2018 which she doesn't talk about. Currently living in a house with her sister's former partner in crime, but who is now Ele's IWP partner who tends to frustrate her to no end, but is better with the kids than she is. Could use: friends, admirers and fans, someone to make Ashkar jealous, other Quidditch enthusiasts, old friends/contacts from her Quidditch days. Adoption opportunity: Nina (15) is Ele's oldest niece and started at Tally this year. She's had a rocky start with her aunt, but is slowly warming to her. She thinks Ashkar is the best. Message me for more details. Lei (Lorelei Valentin-Blair) 16(?) | Sturt Student (not sure for how long), Amateur Photographer/Videographer and Singer | Narragyambie & Melbourne A strange life could not even begin to describe what Lorelei has lived, and there is much of it that even her own family are still trying to understand. But what is at least known publicly, is that she is related to the Blairs, though few if any bother to wonder in what capacity. She mostly keeps to herself, though there are moments where she can't help but be mischievous, and she does enjoy a good joke or prank. She cares deeply for those she considers friends and family and is loyal to a fault, and also displays an uncanny intelligence well above her apparent age. Currently dating, but that is a secret to all but maybe one or two. Could use: friends, awkward friends, antagonists, curious people, both good and bad influences. Dusty (Stardust) Ancient (assumed youngish unless age/power is sensed) | Sidhe, Owner of Will o' The Wisp Wandshop | Narragyambie There is not much known about this woman at all publicly, aside from what those who visit the shop or see her around town can see for themselves. Bright, cheery, has a love of animals of all kinds, the wand shop often full of small critters that run around. She is open about her status as Fae, and her appearance makes it rather obvious. But no one can quite remember the exact date of when she came to Narrie, or how. They know she hasn't always been there, and some remember a time before she was, but everything around her arrival is just... something no one thinks about. She clearly means no harm and her cheer is rather infectious. Could use: friends of all kinds, Fae types to interact with, potential trouble, possible love interests, someone to investigate her hazy past with her. Ash/Ashlinn (Aisling Sullivan) 16(?) | Spencer Student, Sidhe, New girl in the mortal realm, Utterly lost, funny and adorably friendly | Narragyambie As far as anyone outside of her family's friends know, she was taken as a child and has recently been found and recovered and now lives with her mother. In reality, this girl has spent her life (however long that might be) living in a Fae realm, and returned with Caitlin when her mother reappeared after having been missing for six months. Now, she's trying to find her place in a new world where she knows little to nothing about the technology, history, people, and so many other things. She's learning, slowly, but it's still taking some adjusting. Could use: friends, partners in mischief, peers, crushes, helpful people, not so helpful people, good influences, bad influences, other Fae to connect with. Rosa (Rosaera Dawnstar) 24 | Lost sister #1, bartender, part-time groundskeeper, guarded | Narragyambie WIP info. Keira (Keirana Dawnstar) 22 | Lost sister #2, full time groundskeeper, lively and adventurous | Narragyambie WIP info. Leia/Amala (Amaleia Dawnstar) 19 | VMU student, artsy, space cadet | Narragyambie WIP info.
  2. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    Akira Itouzaki Human| Halfblood| 12 years old| Flinders| Japanese-Australian Akira is confident in most of his own actions but isn't cocky about it, that just isn't him and he finds cocky people annoying. He is a little reserved and sometimes doesn't enjoy stepping into an argument or conversation if he doesn't think it's worth his time or if he doesn't know what it's about. He can be a little blunt and naive sometimes, something that he shares with his mother. Inside Akira is charming and will try to do his best to help those around him. One of his biggest flaws is that he is easily lead and sometimes tries to please other people. He has a completely analytical mind, but he doesn't think that he's all that smart and takes his intelligence for granted, often thinking that he isn't good enough. Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood. Relationships Akira would be the type to make friends with most people so long as they didn't really pick on him. He doesn't go out of his way to make enemies, though. But I'm down for any sort of ideas involving relationships. Of course he'd be too young for a romantic relationship. Kairi Taylor Human| Muggleborn| 15 years old| Sturt| Japanese-Australian Kairi often comes across as being disinterested in everything. This is down to the fact that he's trying to prevent himself from being hurt. He usually closes off when people come too close to finding out about his past because he doesn't want to answer the questions that he doesn't know the answer to. Kairi is kind of quiet until you get him going or until he gets to know someone. He tries to act like the voice of reason but often fails in his attempts. He is extremely down to earth, despite coming from a well off family. Kairi isn't very good at hiding the fact that he doesn't make eye-contact too often because he focuses on lip-reading and other body language. He's been called rude for this in the past and has never been able to figure out how especially after explaining the situation. Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood. Relationships Kairi is a good friend once you get past his uninterested outer facade. He can be caring and warm given the right situation. He also doesn't go out of his way to make enemies, but some people might find him annoying because of his attitude. I'm down for any sort of relationship with Kairi. Mika Evans Human| Pureblood| 13 years old (almost 14)| Flinders| Australian of Welsh decent Mika is a complete and utter book worm with a thirst for knowledge. She is humble and likes certain types of mischief, like funny pranks, where no one gets hurt. She’s a bit of a wallflower at the same time and hates being the centre of attention and parties. She makes a point of trying to get along with everyone because kindness can get you so far. But she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and her friends, she usually fights back with tact and logic, and if that fails, then she fights fire with fire. Even though Mika knows that she’s smart and has a lot of knowledge spanning different areas, she still knows that she has a lot to learn and she’s not afraid to admit that. She really cares about animals and is gentle towards them. She isn’t overly emotional, but she gets upset whenever something happens to a creature. Mika sometimes shoots herself in her own foot as she can be blunt and straight to the point, often times without realising she's done or said anything wrong. She can also be a little indecisive and gets flustered because of it, especially if it's important. Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood. Relationships Mika does her best to get on with everyone and is usually very open to everyone no matter the age. She is very caring and warm and will try to help anyone that's in trouble. She's a bit of a prankster and enjoys a good laugh, but tries to never hurt anyone, whether or not you're a friend. I'm down for any sort of relationship, though. Jiwon Park Human| Halfblood| Metamorphmagus| 15 years old| Sturt| Korean Growing up, Jiwon always knew that he wasn’t wanted by his mother and father, so he has become resentful. He tries to close himself off from everyone because he feels like he’ll hurt people in the same way that he has been his whole life even if he doesn’t remember a lot of it. He isn’t used to seeing himself as a good person, so he just keeps quiet and rarely talks to anyone, unless they approach him and managed to push through his barriers. Jiwon feels like he isn’t that noticeable, so can’t be missed when he skips class and does whatever he wants. He only really shows a small amount of interest in his job but keeps it since it’s the only way that he gets pocket money. He’s competitive, especially with himself and his older brother, he wants to beat his scores and get better marks than him. Even with the above-average IQ that often comes with being dyslexic, Jiwon doesn’t think that he’s smart enough for anything and that he needs to be smarter to do everything that he wants. In the past two years, Jiwon has been rebelling against his strict Korean upbringing and has been caught drinking underage. He’s been trying to suppress his feelings and emotions; he’s also become defensive whenever it’s brought up. A few people have tried to talk to him about it, and they have concluded that it has something to do with his ADHD and ASD assessments. Jiwon is aware of the fact that they mightn’t happen if he keeps going the way he is. He's hiding his naturally sweet nature for so many more reason other than this. Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood. Relationships Jiwon can be a bit of an arse to people and tries to close himself off because he fears the hurt that other people might inflict on him like his parents did or that he may hurt others in the same way. He isn't very open and has been rebelling against his upbringing for the past two or so years. But can anyone really breakthrough that ice barrier? I'm down for any sort of relationship, though. Side note Jiwon doesn't always stay at the school, and instead stays with his grandparents. So it's possible that he needs a roomate. Yunseo Park Human| Halfblood| Metamorphmagus| 24 years old (almost 25)| History of Magic Professor| Former Sturt| Korean When Yunseo was younger he was closed off and kind of stand-offish, half the time he preferred his books to people and never really got involved in things. He just wasn’t very good at expressing himself and socialising with others because of his experience with his mother. Although he doesn’t want to admit, he mostly acted this way because he didn’t want to be abandoned by the ones that he cared about. Yun still isn’t very confident and struggles with some things, but he’s a lot more open and comfortable with people. He’s always had a sharp tongue and sometimes that gets him into trouble because his comments are usually snarky or rude. Yunseo has always been friendly, if a little distant, but he’s gotten a lot better. He’s extremely bright and has an answer for everything, though it doesn’t mean that he’s always right, it’s far from it. But no one can be right all the time! Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood.
  3. Bare feet like a tomboy, and a crooked smile

    Alrighty, here be the characters unfortunate enough to be written by me---Mousie! Alan Burdett 50 | Headmaster of Tallygarunga | Profile Aside from a few years studying in Melbourne, Alan has always lived in Narrie. Most people either know him, or know of him. Alan went to Tallygarunga, was sorted into Spencer, and completed seventh year as Head Boy to the great surprise of everyone who knew him. His love of potions (and explosions) got him through a teaching degree at VMU, and he went immediately to begin teaching at Tallygarunga in 1991. In 1996 he was promoted to "Head of Spencer", in 1997 he did double duty as Head of Spencer and Deputy Headmaster---and in 1999, Alan stepped into the role of Headmaster after the retirement of Philip Knightley at the end of the 1998 school year. Alan has six siblings, of which he is the eldest. His parents ran a dairy farm on the outskirts of Narrie, now a small hobby farm operated by his brothers Stephen and Barry. Marie and Laurie Burdett now live in town in a small house that Alan doesn't like. He's likely to know students past and present, his staff (obviously), and be familiar with ministry workers. Those who live in Narrie will certainly know him by reputation at least. Alan's lack of luck in love is also something of a town legend, although since he had to kick his unreliable wife out of the house for the sake of their children, it's not something anyone jokes about anymore. Adele DeVylissea 35* | Tallygarunga Librarian | Profile Adele came to Narrie in 2006, when her car ran out of fuel and she decided she might as well stay. She'd been driving blindly to escape her latest heartache (David had called it quits and left), and Narrie is just where she ended up. She met Alan at the bar of The Drunken Roo, he convinced her to apply for the History of Magic position that was open at Tally. He's regretted that conversation ever since. Adele is mostly known for who she used to be. Wild and irresponsible, Adele undermined Alan's authority any chance she got. When she could be bothered, Adele was an excellent teacher but for the most part she really didn't care. She's been through several tortured relationships, mostly with whoever will pay attention to her. She had a daughter (Lauren) with Alan, a son (Caleb) with another professor, used Keith Anderson when she felt like it, and married known-criminal Thomas Sollozzo. She did reunite with David, and the two were married for a while--but as always, she couldn't make it last. She also has twin daughters to Australian Minister of Magic Stuart Blair from an encounter long before her Narrie days. Adele is known to be sarcastic and intimidating, not afraid of spending money, loves a drink, has some serious parental issues, and still carries a bit of that wild reputation with her. Those who have only known her more recently are able to recognise that she has calmed in recent years, and is an extremely devoted mother to her son Caleb. And that she's also mostly sober these days. Adele's age is also a mystery. Somehow she seems to age backwards. These days she claims "thirty-five or thereabouts", though when married to David Tallenery she was willing to go as high as 47. She never gives a straight answer when asked her age. Katherine Belmont 48 | Headmistress of Penrose | Profile Kate has been the Headmistress of the Penrose School for Young Witches since 2006, a fact that makes her feel old as hell. A few years younger than Alan, she first met him at an inter-school event and thus began an on-again/off-again relationship that ended any time she felt like Alan was getting too serious about things. She was briefly married to Seth Rice, who she claims is the dullest human to ever walk the earth. But it made her elitist parents happy. Kate isn't often liked by those who knew Alan during their rocky relationship. She has a reputation for being snobby and ruthless, which is more attributed to the fact that she's a Penrose girl than anything Kate actually is. Kate is stand-offish around new faces, which doesn't help. Always impeccably dressed, Kate stands out in rural Narrie as a city-slicker. However, she did play a big part in the development of the Whitlam Bilby Wing at Tallygarunga, and since her marriage to Matt has become more of a familiar (and friendly) face in the town. Or at least was, until Matt's accident. After that she withdrew back to Melbourne and is only now starting to come back out. Améa Nedvidek (du Contiaea) 25 | Unemployed | Profile Améa went to Tally for a while, where she tried three times to complete fourth year before dropping out to move in with her husband. She was sorted into Sturt, and initially known for her eerie silence. Over time, Améa did begin to speak---but still only rarely. Even now, Améa's grasp of the English language is limited. She was also known for being the weird daughter of the rebellious professor and librarian Adele DeVylissea. Améa married Zane Nedvidek against the wishes of her family, and was kept almost entirely in his company alone for some years. Now she has returned to Narrie and is trying to re-make a life for herself with the support of her family. She is most likely to be known by those who were at Tally from 2008-2012. Aiden Longhurst 15 | Flinders Fifth Year | Profile Aiden is the younger half-brother of Matt Belmont, currently attending Tally as a Flinders student. Aiden's biggest struggle in life is the sense of powerlessness he feels when others around him are hurting, and this is driving him toward a career in magical medicine. Since Matt's accident, Aiden has devoted himself to finding a way to wake his brother up. Aiden lives with his other half-brother Adam, Adam's long-term partner Cass, and his younger sister Valerie. When he first started as a Bilby kid, Aiden was known as the "tragedy kid". The novelty wore off over the years, but Aiden still fights to be seen as something more than his awful past. Students currently attending Tally are likely to know him. Matthew Belmont 50 | Owner of The Drunken Roo | Profile Matt dumped his father's last name shortly after getting married to Kate, deciding he didn't want his children to bear the name. He took on "Belmont" instead, his mother's maiden name. He went to Tally alongside Alan Burdett and Stuart Blair, another Spencer---though he admits he probably shouldn't have been there at all. Matt's magical ability is almost zero, and he was the most not-Spencer-y Spencer in the history of the school. After Tally, he took on a job at The Drunken Roo, earning very little and working too much. When the owner died, he was shocked to discover the business had been left to him, and he renovated and re-built the place into what it is today. Matt's hard work made him a common name in Narrie, in both muggle and magical wizarding circles. In 2012, he was hit by a tram in Melbourne and has been in a coma ever since. Though Matt has been away for a long time, he isn't forgotten. Only those who are new to Narrie since 2012 are unaware of who he is, and what his situation is.
  4. Splotting Lee's Imaginary Friends

    Keaton's app. This here is @Keaton Harper, a sixteen almost seventeen year old student of Spencer House, currently in his sixth year. He grew up in Toorak and is the eldest and only son of Eva & Philip Harper - two well-known figures within the Australian Ministry of Magic - and as a result has a few issues when it comes to listening to people due to the nature of either being left to his own devices or lumbered upon various caretakers and tutors while he was growing up. He prefers to make his own judgement about everything around him and will prod at something, or someone, until he gets a reaction of any kind. He's quite independent. He's a chaser for the Spencer Quidditch team and has been a constant player since his third year at Tallygarunga, and Quidditch is very important to him. He takes Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Ancient Runes, Dead & Magical Languages, Magical Law, Magical Theory & Wandless Magic as his classes and as a result can be quite busy with classes - yet will always take time away if he is able to. What he needs: Friendships of all kinds. Long-term from first beginning at Tally, passing-friendships, acquaintances... you name it and I'll consider it! Flirtation. Keaton has a certain charismatic charm to him and he knows how to use it. He isn't malicious or misleading, but he will ramp it up if he needs to get out of something quickly - so he isn't always as honest as he ought to be. It'll backfire a lot, but where would the fun be otherwise? It is also worth noting that K has never been in a relationship. He's kissed girls, sure, and messed around some but nothing serious has ever come around from it. He usually ends up putting his foot in his mouth. Dislikes/ Intense dislike, perhaps even hatred if it stretched that far - Some of this would be grand. As someone who always expects a reaction, whether it be from a prank, from a comment made at them or just from Keaton being Keaton - there's bound to be plenty in the school whom he has brushed up the wrong way. Snide and sarcastic remarks are a must, as well as jinxes, hexes...you name it! Quidditch Rivalry/Friendships - Self-explanatory If there's anything else you feel that you can offer with your characters, just throw stuff at me! I'm always willing for a good plot/mini-plot! ❤️
  5. Ravioli Inside®

    Ravioli A little bit about me and my roleplaying habits: one, I clearly have a very bad sense of humor. two, you should usually expect a reply from me in one to three days - when life gets busy, I'll let you know! three, I'm usually open to pretty much everything, so go ahead and throw ideas and threads at me at any time! four, I really enjoy spontaneity and surprise in rp, so I don't plot a lot! I plot to get a general direction or idea, but I like for actual stories and relationships to develop in writing. So I'm actually a terrible plotter, but that doesn't mean in any way that I'm not super excited to play with you! Mary Ohara Quircky 29 years old Charms Professor Mary's a muggleborn from Melbourne, who's still pretty attached to her muggle side. Her muggle little brother is probably the most important person in the world for her, she taught at a muggle school for a couple of years, and since she discovered animated gifs as an alternative to those lifeless muggle pictures, she's been an instagram-habitual. Her big thing is people. She's permanently fascinated by the people she meets, and she can be a bit too curious about how people work. This translates into a friendly, incisive, and terribly annoying personality, as well as bioth a completely lack of respect for personal space, and a honest, uninterested attention to her friends' life. Plot points, or where you come in! Legilimency - What better way to get in people's head than to actually get in people's heads? Learning legilimency has been a long-term goal for Mary, who is unfortunately not a particularly skilled witch. Luckily for me, that means she'll be working on it a lot, and she needs your character's head to train in! Back at Tally - As a teacher, she's caring and attentive to individual students' needs, though she can sometimes lack on exigence and the capacity of standing her ground. Mary's been a teacher at Tally for about a year, and being back at Tally reminds her how much of not a skilled witch she is. She loves the kids, but she often wonders if they wouldn't be better off with someone brighter. Shrunken heads and the not exactly dead - She keeps a collection of shrunken heads in her office and one named Frank as her keychain, which is likely to not sit well with some people. Paired with her habit of chatting with portraits and photographs, it's one of the ways Mary has of investigating people without having to bother everyone she knows. Your ideas, or where I come in! Mary's intrusive, open-hearted and a little bit obnoxious, which can make it easy to use her as a plot device! If you need someone who will snoop around, ask all the questions she shouldn't and/or do something completely careless out of some sense of curiosity, she's your girl!
  6. [insert title here]

    Penny Quinland Penny, just a tiny bab that is part of Magical Law Enforcement in Victoria. For now, she works under special assignments, but the plan is to eventually get her heading up a subdivision that works with art risk magical kids (abuse, neglect, and dependency cases). The Division of Protection and Permanency.... Okay so it's a working title. But there has got to be people who are specially trained for situations like these, and Penny is determined and stubborn enough to make sure that it happens. She has a daughter, Lily, and she's gonna be 7 this December. Penny is a proud momma and her cubicle at work is plastered with photos and drawings. Plotting wise, Penny has been stationed at Tally for the year while a dangerous wizard is on the lose, as an extra level of protection. Her skills with helping kids in dangerous situations made her a good choice to send to the school and is available to students who might feel they need to talk to someone from the ministry. As an alumni of Tally herself, she's enjoying being back at school and closer to her daughter. Past professors and peers are welcome to hang out with her! She's not really open for romance plots, but, if you are interested in giving it a go, there is Kristen, Lilys second mum and Pennys housemate. 26 | DMLE Special Assignments Siwan Llewellyn Siwan is a Flinders student, just recently moved to Narrie, and hopefully wont move again. This is her third school since she was 7 and is honestly tired of moving. She's friendly enough, but her constant moving around and travels have made her a bit reluctant to make close friends. Her dad teaches at Tally and he recently bought a house to prove how rooted they are. he might have gone overboard for just the two of them, and eventually Siwan might start inviting friends over for the weekend. There's plenty of room. Siwan is still figuring herself out, and she's approaching graduation with no definite plan for her future. She hasn't told her dad yet, but she wants to take a gap year and maybe do some traveling on her own, or perhaps with some friends. She didn't really want to follow her father into medicine, and had always been adamant about that, but it's very clear that she's got a knack for it. Perhaps having someone to encourage that interest and skill, or someone introducing something new to her that she would be super skilled at is a good thing. She's got a knack for languages as well, so will often interact with international students in whatever their common language is that is not english. I'm nto gonna close the door on any crushes or romance, but I'm nto super set out for it either. I'll go for it only if it develops naturally. 16 | Flinders Susan Summers Susan used to be on a very different path in her life. Her mother and father treated her time at Tally as a phase, and were certain that once she had graduated, she would return to the muggle world to live the rest of her life as a housewife to some rich kid of someone that the family knew. Susan did not agree with that at all, and no amount of talking and trying to prove herself would change their minds, and so when she was 15, she left them to seek help from Alan Burdett, which lead to Laurie and Marie Burdett taking her in and Susan became someone better than she could have hoped for. She's not very adept at casting, but not for lack of trying. It is through her research, carefully kept personal journals, and study of magical theory that Susan came to believe that her abilities as a Dreamwalker dampen her casting abilities. What she lacks in one area, she makes up for in other areas of study and creativity to make up for her shortcomings. I would love to have classmates from Tally and VMU for her. Maybe even family? And even more fun, another Dreamwalker that she can bother endlessly, because really there is not enough literature about these powers, and there definitely should be! 23 | VMU Theoretical Magic & Research So I like plotting and planning out threads, so just toss ideas at me and we can definitely work something out. I am also trying to be less rigid in my plotting so I mean really just toss an idea at me, and we can try to make it work. I dont want to burn myself out, so I'm nto going to be taking on more than three, maybe 5 threads at a time, considering I have three active characters. I would like to complete one before taking on another if I feel like I'm at my limit, so there might be some waiting involved. I hope you guys understand.
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