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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all! I'm putting @Savannah Ryan up for adoption. Unfortunately I simply do not have the time to dedicate to playing a Student, but I don't want to see her fade away and forever be dusty! I had a lot of fun building her, and I think she has a lot of potential as far as development and growth. You can read Savannah's profile here if you would like, but I'll give a bit of a rundown of her current info! - Bourke Student - 5th year, 15 years old (February birthday) - Listed as Muggle Born, she's actually a Half Blood, though there was no knowledge of who her father is to realise this at present. - She's absolutely atrocious at Potions - She's intelligent, bookish and book smart, - She has a deep fondness of animals both magical and non, and is good with horses (and presumably) magical veins thereof. - She is one of the few who loves History of Magic! - Her mother is a muggle NPC. Threads she's currently been involved in are located here - I won't be playing her any further, so she can be considered an NPC until she is hopefully adopted <3
  2. ThistleProse's Minions 100% stole the code from Lily! *tips hat* I am up for all kinds of plots! Just hit me up on Discord and I'll be happy to chat with you about ideas and potential mayhem! Michael Joseph Grant-Jones Profile | 27 | Single Dad, Widower | Melbourne Michael went to Tally, but fled soon after graduation when his girlfriend of several years (Penny) was midway through her pregnancy. He's had a hell of a life since then, though he has yet to share the details with anyone since his move back home to Melbourne. He has a two year old daughter that he loves dearly. I really want to get Michael out there - I need friends for him in particular, either past school friends or new friends he can make since moving to Melbourne. He is currently looking into finding a daycare for his daughter and a job for himself as he's living on the life-insurance of his husband at the moment and knows its not something that'll last indefinitely. I am a great fan of romantic plots; while I'm not planning on Michael giving his heart away anytime soon, a man has needs, but more, I would love for him to get wrapped up in a friendship that has chemistry for romance down the line! How long Michael feels the need to grieve would depend on that potential lover; there would certainly be moments where he'd fall into depression and grief, but I think that would be fantastic for developing the relationship between them, too. I absolutely love depth and drama <3 Michael is homosexual, so he'd only be interested in another man romantically. Age isn't really an issue; probably someone who is at least 22, but up to mid 30's (or possibly older) is fine. I don't have any personal issues with age gaps when it comes to romance. Friendship wise, Michael is open to men, women and all ages - young or old or in between. Looking For: Old friends, new friends, family members, rivals, enemies, a job! Not Looking For: For the time being, I'm not for looking immediate romance Name Surname Profile | age | Information | Location Details about character~ Looking For: <3 Not Looking For: </3
  3. 6/02/18 It was a hot afternoon, even in the relative shade of the eucalyptus trees of the central gardens. A number of fold out tables had been set up in the shade, complete with chairs and baskets of equipment. Closest to the tree was a wood bench covered with a patchwork quilt and strewn with chalk and odd herbs. Scented pouches hung from the branches of the trees, charmed to give off a cool breeze as they dangled so that the air surrounding the tables was a good ten degrees colder than it should have been. Rue paced around the circumference of the gardens, speaking quietly to the empty air and making odd gestures each time she paused. A flash of green lit from under her feet and she smiled, satisfied. The wards were set, none of the Neighbours would be able to enter should they come looking for her. ‘… and in her right hand, a silver dagger~’ She hummed to herself as she looked over the equipment once more. The roll - check. The subjects - check. Potion - check. Gloves - check. First aid kit - check. ‘She says that I, can’t be your bride~’ All that she needed now were her students. Rue looked at her watch, ten minutes until class time. Oh she did hope she wouldn’t have to give anyone detention on her first day…
  4. Sometimes, well, most times, Mr. Peete was stubborn. Today happened to be one of those days. Letting out a small sigh as the stubborn horse refused to move. There was nothing more humbling than riding a horse. They forced you to reflect on yourself, to take stock of your emotions and to recognize when you pushed too hard. Today was that day for Peete. Groaning as she slid oud of the saddle she looked at the horse who was happy enough to stand and look for something to eat or drink, or both. He stomped his foot and she shook her head at him. ”I know you big baby.” He had been one of the more difficult ones, she had been focused on working with him in order to get him to a point where he could be trusted to go to a new home. It was not the most glamorous, but she worked hard to ensure they had a decent chance to be chosen. Those who were harder to work with ended up living with her. Not that she minded. She actually quite liked the ones who stayed with her. She seemed to understand them, she didn’t really fit in her with her family these days either. Looking at the horse as he stamped again she sighed. ”We aren’t going anywhere stomp all you want.” She said as he tossed his head and seemed to relax a little. The anxiety that rippled though his muscles seemed to relax. She had pushed him and now she had to relax while he got it in his mind to head back to the ranch. Letting out a small sigh she moved to sit on a rock. She picked up some of the grass and started to pick it apart as she waited. The horse behind her nudged her and she laughed. ”You are such a demanding thing.” She said as she turned to look at him. She stood back up and ran her hand along his nose. ”you know we could easily have just gone home but you had to be difficult.”She said with a smile as she looked at him. ”You are not a bad boy are you? Someone is going to love you as much as I do.” She promised him and he nuzzled her. ”Oh you want the apples.” She laughed as she pulled the bag out. ”Here.” Sometimes she wished more people could feel the way she did about the creatures.
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