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Found 9 results

  1. The year had been rounding around the corner in completion faster than he had expected. In his own mind Derrick had just been teaching the beautiful and wonderous effects of fire just yesterday and yet that couldn't have been so. Because now it was the fourth term which meant he needed to touch up the element of Earth to send the students off on a full curriculum. Something that they could mark up in their resume of completion - it was pretty important knowledge to hold especially for those that chose to go into the Auror profession where being well-rounded through the use of Elements would come in handy. This much like certain elements required a certain environment that could withstand the potential upheavals that came with the element of Earth. As such the class was once again held outside out in an opened field not that far from the school and like usual he had everything prepared for each student that had been in his class. Rather there had been two aspects towards this particular exercise, one which involved a couple of strong medium sized rocks that had big red X's painted on the face of them. A clear sign that they were intended to be targets for something impactful but littered around each rock had been patches of scorched ground. Someone had gotten a bit too happy with a fire spell or several of them. Both of his hands delved into the pockets of his jacket as he turned around to face the students that may have started to arrive. "Hello, hello! Welcome to your first day of the Fourth Term with Elemental Magic - you all came a long way and I gotta say. . . I'm pretty proud! You've showed your talent and willingness to learn with little judgement and dear I say a. . . Unique care for your fellow man and occasional stuffed animal." He knew that Iris certainly wasn't happy with the Term one exercise choice that being stuffed animal for her to set a blaze. He did start to wonder how that tinder-fur had been. . . "Gather around and listen up because this is going to be when I put to practice your ability to truly manipulate an element to change its 'intention' so to speak." He had hoped they had been keeping up with their studies as well as the various styles of Elemental spells that had been documented thus far. "Earth - It is an element with many capabilities much like water. It is a life giver and a violent element when put to the test. Yet it offers something that the others to seem to really have which is defensive capabilities which can withstand much if the right amount of magic and thought is put into the spell. Today? We'll work on all three but the first two being the offensive capabilities and the nurturing aspects." Derrick made his way towards one of the medium rocks as his leg lifted up and he pressed the sole of his shoe just on top of the head of it. "These X's are your target, I'm not asking for exact precision really just to give you something to focus and hit - which is the rock. With another rock that is conjured out of your wand." He removed his own wand and traced it through the air slowly to show the class and spoke out a few words then aimed it towards a nearby rock as a medium sized ball started to form and rotate rapidly as it built up the size of a basketball and propelled forwards only to smash forcibly against the rock. "Controlling your focus to be strong and firm - withstanding. It is that force in your desire that will help you out in this particular element."
  2. Things had taken a bit of a turn for the 'worse' in Sparky's view. Considering a first things and in order of worse to least worse? Had been the topic of teaching Water, the killer of his ambitions. Why did this even have to be an element? It was a thought that crowded into his mind! But he had to deal with it and eat that for breakfast considering he had chosen this post in the first place. At least he wasn't bad with using any of the elemental magic and transmogrifications of spells so that was something. Of course, the initial plan that had been set into mind had quickly been deterred due to the red alert dealing with what seemed to be Auror's at every single corner. Nearly, he could see some pretending to be groundskeepers peaking into the class every five seconds during some kind of false clean up inspection. A sigh exhausted from his as he shook his head and at least he managed to sling enough weight to have Lucy check in on him every so often just for fun and giggles. This kind of sequester was going to be a killer for his intentions with the class. As such he had to get a bit more creative than going off towards the river side bank and having people get intimate with the idea and knowledge of what water could provide and interact with plus the fact that it had been such a major compound in many things, everyday or not. The bell rang and he sat on his desk with both hands pressed on the edges of the desk, the attire he wore had actually been a long cooling robe that not only had the markings of a Professor on them but one who was named as the Head for Spencer due to his affiliation in the past and the fact he knew every trick in the book. Someone had to make sure no one got hurt too badly but still allowed for his alma mater to do what they do best. In the center of the classroom would be a well crafted system of an aqueduct of sorts pieced together with hard-plastic and other magical enmities to keep it flowing in a mystical appeal. This could be considered the height of watching life itself flow through various tubes, spheres, squares, and other kinds of shapes to emphasize the unique talent that the element of water held all of it culmination for it to rise up through another tube and crashing down like a waterfall and turning into a water cyclone that emptied out to begin the process anew, life begets life in the wake of destruction. "Come on in! Take a seat, relax! But not too much we're going to have some kind of fun today!" If he had anything to say about it, he knew this class would be an escape for many students to shake off the weight of the presence of Authority stalking about like zombies or special forces. As well as the reason that they had been placed on School Grounds in the first place. "As you sit down take a look at this here water display that I worked extremely hard on!" At least with help of his resident 'Not really a girlfriend but we're doing stuff' companion, Arti, who had been an art genius in his opinion and made this idea of his possible. "I want you all to get a good look and kind of say what comes to mind when you consider the element of 'Water', what it does, what it can do, the purpose that it holds and most importantly? The various things that it contributes towards."
  3. The students enrolled in Tallygarunga's Care of Magical Creatures class would walk out to their Common Rooms to find a Patronus waiting for them. It was a Puma, one could tell, sitting up prim and proper, tapping tail wrapped around its paws. Once they had approached, they would find it dropping its jaw, Alic's voice issuing forth, telling them to meet in the Field for today's lesson, instead of the hut. The usually friendly Professor Eron was in a horrible mood. That was obvious from the moment anyone approached. His lips were curled down into a sour scowl, his brow furrowed. His right arm was hung up in a sling, and his normally fitted robes bulged in odd places. Anyone who approached him was given a dark look that made his eyes seem more red than brown, and if they tried to speak he'd tell them to take their seat. He stood in front, and slightly to the side of, a chalkboard, which had the student's names listed out on them for roll-taking and point-taking purposes. Some distance from him was a small menagerie - dogs, tied down with leashes attached to stakes, cats in a pen, some owls in an enclosure. Rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small rodents were all in their own, separate enclosures, kept well away from the others. There were several picnic tables set out, inlaid with cooling charms to protect their future occupants from the burning heat. He'd experimented with some covers, but all either didn't work, were too flimsy, or startled the animals, and so he was given no choice but to go with the charms and hope they worked. On each picnic table, several cups were stacked, along with a pitcher of ice-water, kept cool by more cooling charms.
  4. There had been many questions that popped up and it also seemed that not every student had a good grasp on what they wanted to set on fire. That was -perfectly- fine for Derrick as it meant he got all of the fun of choices and reactions. Some may enjoy the choice he offered to them and others? Well, not so much. Really, it all came down to if people were willing to just have a bit of fun with it and see it through regardless of what it may or may not look like. While the class was designed to be informative by experience and practical work it was intended to be a fun design so that they wouldn't be bogged down by the idea that they needed to do extra homework in comparison to the other much more intensive classes around the school. Especially with how the Term was coming faster to a close it meant that certain things had to take just a bit longer to set up and get the proper materials. Luckily, Audrey had been such a peach on acquiring everything he needed provided he made sure that 'No students were harmed in the process'. Such a silly rule, as if he could ever be held accountable for accidents! But he did promise and so it was due to heavy consideration that he managed to set up a class that would require students to be outside and well prepared with a hat and proper. There had been a bucket with iced water and several bottoms of water delved inside to keep them cool and refreshed. At the center of where Derrick stood had been a magic crafted stone flattened ground with elevation of steps that led down towards it about four feet deep just for safety reasons, it was easier to manage fire in such a condition and gave him ample enough time to act in most cases if people were aiming at their proper targets. The circular stone grounding had been wide, wide enough that it could facilitate the class to make sure no ones spell would accidentally back fire enough to harm another student, or, at least that would be the major hope of it all. Not everything was easy to consider in the long run with how unpredictable magic could get with even the slightest hint of difference in either tool or practice. Different parts of the area had Student's first names and materials just under them that they had either asked for, asked of him to choose for them, or just didn't decide themselves so he made the decision in their place. His arms opened up wide to face the approaching or present students alike as a wide grin formed on his face. "WELCOME! TO THE ARENA!" His voice was firm and held all the animation of an announcer at some form of competition. "This my dear Young Lads and Ladies, Is my very own well crafted Stone Flame Pit! This is where I expect you all to keep the blaze contained in while having all the fun of setting stuff on fire! Find your names, get your stuff ready and situation in a neat little space in the stone-made area and begin to start your day of fun!" Arms finally lowered while pressing the hands deep within the pants pockets. "This is a practical magic session, keeping that in mind, the main thing I want each of you to take care of understanding not just for your own objects but for the various different ones -How- they react to fire. The subtle or drastic changes, the way it burns or how fast it burns, the intensity or lack there of. More importantly is the resistance, fire is good, but not everything will take to the blaze so swimmingly. " Well, if anything was swimming it probably wouldn't be on fire unless an additional function had been set in place. "Enjoy yourselves! I KNOW I WILL!" He grabs up a foldable chair and unhinges it from itself and made his way up the stone steps and pressed it into the ground above. Then proceeded to sit down on it and cross his legs ready for the students to begin. Ah. . . This was going to be something! As relaxed as he may have seemed to be his wand was aptly held in the right hand as if expecting something to go wrong and placing himself in an armed enough situation and a wide enough view to identify and react swiftly.
  5. The tall man hummed under his breath, having stripped down to his undershirt and pants. It was hot as balls, and he still wasn't used to Australia's heat. How did anyone put up with it? Besides, he had quite some time before students were supposed to show up; he'd gotten started long before he had any classes. Considering that only six or so students had signed up for his class, he'd decided to combine them. After all, it wouldn't make sense to have classes with just one or two students. Besides, it would be easier to have everyone in one class. He'd spend the previous night writing out a quiz; it wasn't anything hard, just basic questions about the subject, as well as 'get-to-know-you' questions. He didn't want to teach what the students already knew, but he also wasn't entirely sure what they knew, as it was his first year teaching. It was an unfairly hot day, so he was going around and setting up an area so the students wouldn't have heat stroke. He'd gotten permission from the Headmaster to hold the class in an unused hut, and had spent most of the day cleaning it out, and making sure the desks were functional. He'd applied several cooling charms to protect the students, as it was still really hot. The alarm he'd set went off, saying that the students would be along soon, so he tugged back on his uniform, making sure it was not wrinkled or messy. (Alic Eron)
  6. First day of class, here it was. It was everything that Cal had worked and crossed the world for, so naturally he was prepared for it. Class was ready to start when he entered the room, handing papers to each row to be passed out to all of the students. "Welcome everyone to Muggle Studies. My name is Caldwell Hughes but you can call me Professor or Professor Hughes" he waved his wand so that his name appeared on the board, leaning against the front of his desk and folding his arms as he took everyone in. "Alright, I know that the first day can be a little weird, so I'm just going to get right to it. On your desk is a form that I want you all to fill out and hand in to me, and please answer honestly. I need to grasp what it is that everyone already knows" Cal said to his students, feeling even more so that his British accent stood out. He was almost annoyed with himself for not blending in, though that would be boring wouldn't it? Blending in. "As soon as you are finished you may leave, and don't forget your names!" His arms raised up in an effort to tell them to begin and he sat down, ready to ask possible questions to clarify when the students handed the form in.
  7. The first day of his class had finally started and it was going to be an adventure most of these kids will never forget either in their mind or on their actual bodies, depended on how volatile things were going to get if he were being honest. Derrick had arranged the desks in a very peculiar way so that everyone had been in a circle and somewhat forced to awkwardly stare at one another versus the usual rows that other classes seemed to be fond about. The desks, however, were spread enough apart to make sure that people had enough room to still move and operate within their physical personal space and bubble, there was no need to violate that, yet. On the board there had been a very well made illustration of his name 'Professor Derrick Ackers' written within stenciled letters and then just under that 'Or Professor Sparky' which had Professor stenciled but 'Sparky' drawn in such a way that it looked as if it were on a white flame from the chalk. He chose to wore a more casual outfit rather than the typical instructor's robe, primarily because he just felt really awkward and out of place when people looked at him wearing it, as if he were some kind of Mister, puh-lease. As the students started to funnel into the classroom a carefree smile struck along his face. "Walk on in! Grab a syllabus by the door, prepare for some really neat fun! Please, Please - Hold the questions until after I have told you a bit about myself. Everything you'll most likely need to know? On that neat little paper! Anything beyond that we'll just have to see if I know!" Derrick leaned against his desk and waited until every student had started to sit down and settle in a bit - even giving them enough of a grace period to interact with one another before he'd continue on with what he needed to say. "Look at the board, as it says, I'm Professor Derrick Ackers. Some of you may have heard the legendary tales of 'Sparky of Spencer', guy who went around setting stuff on fire in his wonderful youth? Welp, that's me! As such, you can also appropriately call me, 'Professor Sparky'. As stated in the Syllabus this first session is just to get an idea of everyone so that we can all walk in an understanding. SO! What I'll need. .. " He was thinking in the moment now as the tips of his fingers dabbled at the edge of his chin. "Let's go with Names, Your favorite Element, and. . . What you enjoy most about that element. We'll keep it class centric!"
  8. Kay

    --- Wolfe

    FIRST MIDDLE WOLFE Age: 16 Birthdate: September 3 Year level: Tally year 6 Play-by: Zendaya Coleman This is the the only daughter that Tony and his wife had before she died. Tony was an auror that specialized in cults and so he was often gone and worked long hours. The family lived and grew up in Asheville North Carolina in the united states. Little Wolfie was always the apple of her father's eye and he spent all the free time he had with his wife and daughter. tony often felt as thugh he had to make up for missing out on things. Once much of the mess in London died down tony was able to be home more. it was four years ago that Tony's wife died, she was in a car accident. it was absolutely devastating and the now single dad took a job with the MLE in Victoria consulting on a cult that was said to be in the area. Once the cell was eradicated the family stayed. his daughter had made friends and was happy at Tally. He was injured almost fatally prompting him to change his career, he was offered a teaching job at Tally. Little Wolfie, is much like father, determined and head strong. her mother was often fighting to shatter glass ceilings and make moves. She has very much embodied this spirit. her father is the professor and though it is a bit embarrassing sometimes they have a good relationship. She is a bit of a of wild one, if she is fired up about something she is going to go after it hard. She is also a very compassionate young woman. she was int he car accident with her mother and came out of it alive, this has caused her to feel rather guilty.
  9. Welcome to Elemental Magic Taught by Professor Derrick Ackers In this Class you will learn: About the various elements: Fire, Water, Air(We can totally toss Lightning here!), and Earth The various shapes each element can take for potential uses through magic - Not so hard! How these elements react to different objects - Active testing my kids, active testing. Dangers that come from messing around with elements carelessly, This is just so -I- don't get in trouble. . . I mean, your safety. The importance of willpower and intention, seriously, have to make sure you want a fire ball not a stream of fire. How these various elements can applied towards a career, you'd be pretty surprised there! Most importantly, you will learn that Element's are pretty fun! Like, really fun, trust me. What I expect of you as Students: Let's just get this one out of the way, we still have to respect one another. I don't mind deducting for that - With a smile. Come prepared, by that, I mean actually make sure you have your ready to get dirty clothes. It can get messy. Be open minded! This class is designed to put to test a lot of things that may not be considered 'Typical'. You -can- ask my Assistant questions! Please, don't ogle her, I'll get in trouble for it. Don't get all flustered if something bad happens, we'll handle it a step at a time! What will you be graded on?: Now, this class is designed to be as paper-less as possible. Primarily because that is just fodder for the flame, get it? As such there are no actual exams by writing or even a lot of book learning, the books help for you to get a better idea of where the Elements are their strongest and how they can be manipulated. But, in the end it's going to be on what you experience for yourselves, both in failures and successes. There will be a brief discussion and get to 'Know your classmates and Sparky(Me)' segment but after that session you'll be graded on how active you are in class, and how willing you are to test the different applications for the element we'll be studying. As for which Elements will be focused on we'll go by Terms as not to fuddle stuff up. Homework will be given but don't fret! It isn't something that you can't do, just go out and explore the area once a week. I'll cover this more in class. My teaching style -relies- on you all gaining experience and understanding, I am a guide and what you learn is based on how willing you are to follow that guides instructions. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat about how Fire can burn down a barn I am easily found around the area. Elements by Terms Term 1: Fire Term 2: Water Term 3: Air Term 4: Earth Text's needed for the Class * My Discovery of the Elements - Carlton S. Aquos * Shapes and Streams, an Elementalist's Guide to changes - Orden Swells
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