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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 7 results

  1. Breaking the Same Old Ground

    Another day, another lecture. It irked Evelyn somewhat that she had been called on by the school yet again to fill in for the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor - she didn't mind the classes themselves, as it was as good of an excuse as any to see her younger family members, but it got under her skin that it was generally believed her schedule was so flexible. It had already become quite chaotic ever since the hunt for Mr. Sollozzo had begun, but as of two months at that point they also had to deal with the Franklin situation. It was something that put people such as herself and Jo in a great deal of pressure from the force, and it was quite rough juggling duties with sucking up to their boss so not to get lumped in with the halfbreed prejudice mounting over the incident. 'Why not just throw classes into that cocktail?' Yet, she didn't complain. Evelyn took on the responsibility with a kind smile and a seemingly cheerful take on the activity despite inwardly resenting it, sticking to whatever it was the Professor had left for her (which often wasn't that much at all, and she had to wing it). Though, she wasn't so naive as to think her work was done as the bell announcing the end of the class rang out and students proceeded to leave the classroom; no, she still had to add points to the House points counter, and she still had to correct the papers she had the students do. It had been a more theoretical class, after all, and because of the Professor's decision Evelyn would pay the price. She was fairly sure they had decided that deliberately. The quicker she got through with it all, the quicker she could return to the station. The blonde sat down at a lone corner of the staff room, hoping that Miss Riverpond wouldn't come over to distract her too much - something she wouldn't actually mind, given how entertaining her friend normally was - and got herself busy with the various assignments, going through each at a steady pace and correcting them as necessary. Tuning out most of the noise around her, she was getting some work done fairly quickly...
  2. Highly Suspect

    Ashley Estrada
    Jo was preparing something. Ashley could feel it in her bones. She would face repercussions for her prank (or, more accurately, lack thereof) sooner rather than later, as the forever present war in the Estrada household continued - except, at that point, with a few innocent bystanders. The woman couldn't help finding it deeply ironic that she ended up as the unofficial guardian to four different girls over the course of a year, and most of which weren't even her fault: only Caroline had been, and fortunately, the girl had her head set on straight and was giving her best both in school and college. The rest? She owed it all to Jo. Renee had been a problem ever since the Auror met her, and she pressured Ashley into giving the troublemaker access into the family warehouse. And, as of a few months, the Dhampir adopted Danielle and Faith. It was quite the ironic adoption - not only did Ashley take care of those two more efficiently than her beloved sister did, but she was starting to grow fairly certain that Danielle was the adult in the house. She didn't partake in the shenanigans between the Estrada sisters and was fairly responsible, and such factors were what ultimately led Ashley to entrust the Bourke with the house that night as she headed out for a drink. Sitting at the far end of the counter, she ordered a drink and kept to herself, chin resting upon her fist as she lightly sipped at the alcoholic beverage. It wasn't the first time she had found herself in the Drunken Roo since the adoptions. With Jo away at work most of the responsibilities fell on Ashley, something she was used to, yet she did need relief from the workload every now and then. Surely Faith was in good hands, with Danielle insisting they placed Tallygarunga-grade protections around the home; Ashley had earned a little time for herself...
  3. Once upon a ... dream?

    The pranks around that school continued, the one with the chairs had been the one that had put Andy out of commission for a while. She iced the chairs to the floor during that day, but they continued to try to escape, at least until she was able to make the chair acting like real chairs and not like some monkeys in a zoo. She was sure the culprit was a Spencer, she just couldn’t prove it, no one could since everyone was affected by it, as far as everyone was concerned it could have also been a staff member that wanted to shake things up a bit after the Quidditch match that sent two students to the Hospital Wing in critical condition, one at least was already out, but didn’t seem to be good enough to play in the upcoming matches. The staff room was empty, and Andy liked it when it was. She opened a window to let some wind flow in the room, but all she felt was a hot breeze in her face, no matter how many years she lives there in Australia, she was never going to get used to that goddamn weather. It was hell, it was awful and more importantly it wanted to cook her alive, and she didn’t like the whole concept of being cooked. She took a seat on a nearby sofa and opened a book. She could have gone to her old room but what would be the point in doing so? She could regulate the temperature and relax a bit more, but miss out on the sunlight? She wasn’t a vampire scared of it, about to combust whenever the sunlight touched her skin, she just didn’t like when it tried to roast her, almost like a sacrifice to the Gods. She shrugged the idea and opened the book to start reading, she hopped she could at least finish it sometime this week, she had been dragging it for days. The sofa was perhaps a bit too comfortable for Andy at that moment, shortly after opening the book, and starting to read, her eyes started to close, at first she would wake herself up, but that wouldn’t last long, it seemed that both her eyes and head were too heavy and soon after she started to drift away into dreamland, falling asleep on the couch, eyes half open while she was almost drooling herself.
  4. To the finish line

    Olivia Teagarden
    The school had been interesting in the past few days, aside from the accident where two students got severely injured, someone decided to curse the chairs, which forced her and every nurse in that school to work overtime with all the injured kids that showed up that day. They all had minor injuries, bruises mostly and no one was severely injured, outcomes of a normal prank, prank that forced Liv to tie the chair to the desk after it had escaped from her a second time. During that day, Liv wished she could have talked to the culprits and give them a piece of her mind, she was tired from all the work, but now, thinking about the prank, it was a fun one, no doubt it had to be a Spencer thing, those kids and their imagination never ended, every year they always came up with new things. She was glad that all the commotion was over and the Hospital Wing went back to being the quiet refuge of most students, she didn’t mind, she enjoyed having the company of the most quiet and shy kids, they always had interesting things to tell her and she enjoyed playing games with them, or with those that didn’t mind playing against her. That day things were different, everything was abnormally calm, and no one was showing up, perhaps something more interesting was happening around school. Liv didn’t bother much, it was her job to stay there all day. The young half-veela picked up some candy from the top drawer and started to eat some of them while she opened a game manual to read the rules, maybe if she played alone against herself, or convinced a ghost to play with her. She could get the hang of it for the next time the kids show up, and, with a ghost she could always do the victory dance without making them sad, they were already dead, however, for the time being was better if she played alone. What could go wrong? She set the board on her desk and started to play the game, eventually arguing with herself as she continued. Maybe no one could hear her, or maybe that was enough to draw the necessary attention for a gaming partner, hopefully a teen that was trying to escape the commotion that usually takes place in every area of the school except the Hospital Wing. It didn't take long for her to hear a noise, she got up to look at who it might be. "Hello? May I help you?"
  5. Catching up

    Meeting someone from the past was a common event for Jo, especially when one spends most of their time in the place they grew up and went to school. Jo wasn’t the easiest person to get along with, not all forms of communications were easy for her; social norms were foreign to her and she tried to follow the rules that she was taught, but didn’t always go according to plan, luckily, this time things went much smoother than they normally did when she met someone from her past. She was friendly with the man, knowing him from her years in school, and she had let him off with some minor infraction in the past, after all, why wouldn’t she? It wasn’t like it was a big one. Their brief meeting led to both of them spending some quiet evening at The Tipsy Mozzie, Jo’s favourite bar in Melbourne, and the one bar where she could get free drinks, helping the son of the owner had its perks, that’s something she couldn’t deny. They apparated there, to a quiet location, away from the muggle’s prying eyes and upon reaching the bar she took a seat at a table in a corner, she sat in a position so that she could look at the door, monitoring who got in and out. Paranoia? A little bit, it came with the job of being an Auror. “So, how are things at school?” She never really had the opportunity to get into too much detail with him, her job didn’t allow her to take many days off and whenever she did, she spent the day sleeping with just playing games with the family. “And I hope you stopped trying to trick people.” She said with a light chuckle before ordering something to drink.
  6. Bach's Trapper Keeper

    Bach's Spell Book of Madness Keegan Sawyer Rhys Barrows Velvet Morley
  7. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Bach's Spell Book of Madness Keegan Sawyer Rhys Barrows Velvet Morley
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