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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 7 results

  1. Invite Let's runaway

    There had been a rather extreme amount of anxiety that had settled with Frankie for the past few days. The idea of leaving had become a more attractive one. It was not as though she hadn’t thought a out it before now… she had thought about running away many times before now… she knew at this point she may have no other options. The only good thing about this was they had a little bit of privacy… she had snuck him into her bedroom a few times before, mostly to avoid the questions and very obnoxious way her fathers would have hovered over her and Orion for the time being. She had become pretty good at sneaking out and sneaking in. They had stopped coming into her room in the morning when it had led to some awkward situations. She had taken full advantage of that more than once… Frankie would do her best to be perfect but Frankie was hardly an angel. Which was clearer now… The only thing she knew for sure was that she had to tell him. The rest… was rather unclear. It was not as if she had known for sure what Orion might say but she imagined given his own father issues that this was not going to be an easy conversation. Not to mention she had her own hang ups about parents. If the fact they were both way too young was not a good enough reason to have a kid, they also both had some significant issues with their biological parents making them far from ready to have children. Letting out a small sigh she ran her hands through her hair and she twisted it up into a bun as she used the elastic around her wrist as she walked back into her room after making sure her dads were out. They had left a very sweet note about letting her sleep in, which actually had made her feel guilty but only until she sat on the end of the bed. She had put on Orion’s shirt, a rather comfortably familiar thing. ”Hey…” She said realizing he was awake… she smiled. Orion drove her all kinds of crazy. Even now she wanted to forget what she had wanted to tell him… However she had to tell him before it got to be too big.
  2. In the Garden...

    Rue Delaney
    6/02/18 It was a hot afternoon, even in the relative shade of the eucalyptus trees of the central gardens. A number of fold out tables had been set up in the shade, complete with chairs and baskets of equipment. Closest to the tree was a wood bench covered with a patchwork quilt and strewn with chalk and odd herbs. Scented pouches hung from the branches of the trees, charmed to give off a cool breeze as they dangled so that the air surrounding the tables was a good ten degrees colder than it should have been. Rue paced around the circumference of the gardens, speaking quietly to the empty air and making odd gestures each time she paused. A flash of green lit from under her feet and she smiled, satisfied. The wards were set, none of the Neighbours would be able to enter should they come looking for her. ‘… and in her right hand, a silver dagger~’ She hummed to herself as she looked over the equipment once more. The roll - check. The subjects - check. Potion - check. Gloves - check. First aid kit - check. ‘She says that I, can’t be your bride~’ All that she needed now were her students. Rue looked at her watch, ten minutes until class time. Oh she did hope she wouldn’t have to give anyone detention on her first day…
  3. Invite They say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too

    Lot Karras
    Because all of the Karras siblings had managed to be born in march, apparently the fall was a great time for Atlas, but because of the mass of birthdays in March the siblings got together with just them to celebrate. It was a relatively good idea. That and they didn’t have to worry about parties none of them wanted, and the celebration with a father that didn’t care enough about them to be there during the year. It was a way to show their father that he was not what dictated their lives. This year however it would include Orion. The family had been surprised of course but honestly, Lot was rather excited to have another quidditch player in the family. Petros and Lot were brothers but they honestly didn’t have much in common. The truth was that he saw more of himself in Orion than he did Petros. However that did not change the love held among them. This year the party was at his place. It was not the biggest home in the world… however it was perfect for this purpose. Doe had come in the night before to help with the preparations. The kids were out in the backyard running around. Persephone was in the swing in the doorway giggling up a storm. He smiled at Doe. They had been discussing her trip to Greece and what the family had said about everything… It was what Lot expected, and he was trying to understand the rift between Doe and her husband with what limited information she had given him. It seemed as though she was trying. He didn’t envy her, nor did he envy Jason. To be married to the Karras family was not easy. He was just glad they seemed to be working things out… They had been able to get Orion for the weekend… that was e feat in and of itself. The sound of the door made him smile and he picked up the little princess that was bouncing in her swing and laughed as he opened the door. ”Ah you made it” He said ushering the youngest of their siblings into the home. His large hand clapped on his shoulder and he ushered him into the kitchen. ”Doe has been prepping things and we are almost ready to put the chicken out on the grill…” he said with a smile. ”Have you learned the fine art of grilling yet?” That was the important thing to Lot. He had not stayed in school like the rest of them. ”Young Silas will be happy to see you, you are the new favorite topic.” he said with a smile. Doe moved from her spot to greet Orion with a kiss as she moved to slice the carrots.
  4. Invite my kind of trouble

    Frankie Oliver
    It had been a rather disappointing break. Frankie was not sure if she was glad to be back or if she wanted to simply get out of here like she had before. The only thing she really did know was that she had planned to meet Orion. The problem with him being in a different house was it was much harder to sneak around to spend time with him. Not that she really cared at this point the idea of them being stuck in life after they graduated was something that had started to bother her. She knew if anyone knew what that felt like it would be Orion. She had not been able to share how she felt. There was no one to talk to anymore. They had agreed to meet at F3 afterhours. She was not looking forward to being stuck in her dorm, she also was not sure if they were going to end up at that party. Frankie didn’t really want to go at this point. She would have preferred just spending time doing what she and Orion usually did when they snuck around campus. It was never anything Fancy but with how Frankie had been feeling she was not really interested in spending a lot of time around people. People didn’t seem to notice her slip out, or the way she headed to the building. Frankie smiled. There was something nice about the quiet on the grounds this evening and she smiled as she saw the familiar outline. ”Have you managed to stay put of trouble this week?” She asked. Though she already sort of knew the answer. ”I hope you brought it because its been a hell of a week for me.” She said with a smiled.
  5. Complete Let's Get It Started In Here

    Theodore Spellman
    Having managed to make the place significantly more clean and orderly with the help of Alex, Teddy smiled at their success. F3 was in tip-top shape, in fact, it was probably in the best shape it had been in decades. Quite beside himself, he told Alex, "Seems like we're ship-shape, mate. Now we just have to get everything together." He smiled even wider after saying this because this was indeed the easy part. After spending the previous weekend mending the classroom and this whole day gathering bits and pieces like the speakers, setting up the music and the soundproofing charms, and making sure that all of the decorations were in place, getting the food and beverages out of the cooler they had levitating alongside them on the way there, seemed a simple feat. Teddy made several complicated wand movements and suddenly the lid to the cooler popped off and the food and beverages magicked themselves into their proper places. "Now that this is done all we have to do is check on the billywigs to make sure they are alright and then wait for people to show up," he thought aloud to Alex. So, he went over to the formerly terrifying cupboard they magically repaired and opened its door revealing three jars with one billywig in each of them. They seemed a bit displeased, but not nearly as much as they were before. Closing the cabinet, he turned to Alex, who seemed to be working with the sound system. "I think we've properly set everything up, all we need now is our guests and some fun music. How is that coming along?" They worked really hard to put together the best playlist for the party and Teddy wanted to be sure that it would end up being played so that everyone could enjoy it. It seemed like everything was coming together. This was definitely going to be a party to get them through the term, that was for sure.
  6. Complete Nuclear Family (Jan 21 2018)

    Doe had not been sure that her brother would want to come. She could only imagine how he felt, having been kept from the Karras side of the family and then suddenly having a whole family to get to know. That and they were all loud and crazy when they got together. It had still not been a conversation she had with her husband. He was busy and rarely home these days. It was a huge mess honestly. She new that her grandparents were furious with Atlas and the mother of the newest member of the family, who was- not so new. Today however she had invited him over for lunch to get to know him. To meet this family. Silas was happy and buzzing around. ”Should I show my new uncle my collection of Legos?” ”Maybe not the whole collection just yet, lets not overwhelm him.” Silas nodded. ”I will show him my new sister… I have two new people!” He said as he moved around and bounced behind his mother who had just finished the gyros. It was a good thing he was coming just for lunch, she had already gone a little overboard with everything but she was actually excited as well, not the point of bouncing around. She ran her hand through the dirty blonde curls that were bouncing beside him and she smiled as the doorbell rang. She moved to answer it Silas on her heels. ”Uncle Orion!” the Little boy called as he wrapped his arms around the leg of the young man standing on the doorstep. She smiled apologetically. ”Hi, welcome. I’m Eudoxia, and that is my son, your Nephew Silas. Come in, come in!” she motioned for him to come in and Silas took his hand to lead him into the home. Silas knew the importance of their family and he was just excited that there were more people in it. ”I made Gyros, I hope you are hungry.” She said with a smile. ”Did you find it okay? I mean we are pretty easy to find but sometimes with the spells and Charms Jason has on the place it’s tricky.” She said as she led him back to the kitchen. ”Look at you, you are basically man…” she said as she finally pulled him into a hug. ”I am so happy to meet you.” She said her hands on his shoulders. ”Uncle Orion- this is my sister she is new too. Persephone.” He walked over to the bouncy swing that Persephone was currently laughing in. ”He is also really excited to meet you. It took him an hour to pick his clothes.”
  7. Complete Here We Go Again (Jan. 22 2018)

    Frankie Oliver
    Frankie was rather tired of the holidays. She loved her family but they could drive her absolutely crazy. She was glad school would be starting soon. She had debated running away to Sydney in order to make a real go of the whole fashion thing. She had not runt the plan by anyone- but if anyone understood her desire to want to run it would be Orion. She had not seen much of him, she knew that he had his own family stuff going on. Everyone had their own family stuff going on some bigger than others. She knew her issue with her dads was not nearly as disruptive as just no getting to know his family. They had agreed to meet to get supplies for the next year. It was always easier to shop without her dads they liked to giver her input on everything It drove her crazy. She waited for him at the spot they had selected, kicking a bit at the ground as she did so. Looking at her shoes for a minute she looked up and spotted Orion. ”Hey.” She said with a smile. It was a good thing to see such a familiar and friendly face. She walked over to give him a hug. ”Have you lost your mind yet? I’ve lost my mind.” She said with a frown. Letting out a sigh. ”My dads have been insane this break… I love them but jesus.” She said with a shake of her head. ”Any place you want to start?” She asked looking at her list for the year.
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