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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 6 results

  1. Invite Don't Upset the Rhythm

    Nox Ntonni
    When the phone went off with a Taungurong elder's crooning dialect growling, "Get your bathers on and get in the damn catchment.", Nox just knowingly rolled out of bed, zipped on a full knee racing suit and prepped their main gear: a waterproof housed smartphone and magical SLR camera, a handle tray to hold both devices, and spare film and lenses, which were all zipped up into magically extended swimsuit pockets—even though one of those "pockets" was just between the front zipper and extra layer of fabric stretching over the useful (yet excessive) cleavage the metamorph woke up with. After strapping on a shoulder harness for their wand and machete and after grabbing their ranger clothes, Nox soon found themselves submerged near the mouth of a torrid river emptying into the Narrie Lakes. It only took a moment of shapeshifting some gills and fins to feel the problem: Low oxygen. Something they should have expected with all their ranger managers complaining about algae and fish die-offs exarcerbated by poor water management and drought. But with a cut in funding and with how much potential magic could be in the area, there weren't any resources to spare for an environmental survey—unless all the resources you needed were two cameras, some second-nature shapeshifting, and a bit of magic. And so Nox found themselves swimming around most of the day and taking videos with their phone and pictures with their camera while making plenty of adjustments with magical infrared and color filters to get the right shot in all the murky waters. The day was pretty uneventful, until they began to focus on hunting down carp breeding grounds, where their shots started to get photobombed by a hungry, hardhead duck, snatching up fish eggs and baby carp. Nox could only assume the duck thought their fish-eye lens camera made them look like a giant duck blowing a bubble, or the waterfowl caught on to junior ranger making frequent stops where food was, (or both). Either way, the bird was messing up their shots and needed to find something else to do. So Nox swam to the shallow lake edge and stood up… only to find they stood up where the duck had swam, which was right on top of their head. And now there was a duck contently sitting in their updo. Perfect. The gilled swimmer's gaze was then drawn towards two people standing on the bank, doing who knows what, but maybe they could lend a hand. "'Ey!" Nox called out, with one hand holding the tray of cameras they had the other jab a finger towards their (live) feathery headpiece, "Either you two need a duck?"
  2. Invite That's No Mild Sore

    Nox Ntonni
    Nox should have known their day was going to be a mess the moment their phone buzzed them awake at zero dark thirty in the morning with the urgent voice of their ranger manager from Cape Horn.There was apparently a rare magical creature sighting up north and, with how the manager was "needing" Nox to come through and help with their "experience" and "shapeshifting", the metamorph caught on with a calm, "If 'dis is 'dat magical croc cousin of dugbogs, just say it's 'dere so none of us need to do nuttin'." That response resulted in their being threatened with little-to-no field work and tons of paperwork, so Nox rolled their butt out of bed and threw on something to support their chest before magically gearing up and taking the Narry Bush Telly to Cape York. Once they were there and adapted to the dark, murky water of the mangroves, it didn't take long for the rangers to find the reptile. Or it didn't take long for the massive reptile to find a ranger's limbs dangling over the boat railing. While the speed that Nox outswam the magically-resistant lumbering log of a creature and shove said ranger back behind the railing (with their filming gear) felt like quite the fete, the only thing they could do for what happened next was brace themselves with some rough-and-ready shapeshifting as they got dragged back into the waters. Nox should have known today would start out like an underwater Jurassic wrestling match. By time dawn arrived, Nox had been patched up with bone-mending potions and healing salves, (all of which felt more comfortable with the unconcious body switch of a flatter chest,) but the metamorph was still sore. Whether it was from the haphazard shapeshifting or fighting the jaws of the reptile? They weren't really sure. So, rather than join the other Sturts in getting ready for classes, they walked through the brick and glass door entrance of Tarnagulla Centre and beelined straight for the Hospital Wing. "You in 'dere doc?" Nox's lilting voice called out as they pulled their color block hoodie over their head and walked their well-worn ptah over to the nurse's station. "I got into a likkle bind earlier—" finally, the hoodie came off and bruises peaked out from discolored bandages hugged their dark skin, wrapping around their right shoulder and pecs while more wrapped around their left hand and forearm. They then bent down to pulled up their left pant leg, which revealed another bandage around their thigh. "—and I'm gonna need a clean slate for when I go into Care of Magical Creatures today." Nox then used their free hand to pull back their fiery blend of fuschia and indigo locs and shot Teagarden a bright, warm smile—as if they were just coming in after a nasty fall off a broom.
  3. Invite Into the Wilds

    The level of the heat that had been present the past few days grew to be a concern of his for various reasons and mostly because part of him had found more kinship in animals and their ecosystems. Without a little bit of assistance and proper stewardship many would face a struggle that they wouldn't be prepared to maintain or fight against, incapable of an expedited adaptability. Even the magical creatures that had hidden themselves through out the bushlands were at the same risks and those were creatures with a much higher capability in survival though not by much he'd surmised from his personal view. Each step through the area he had made had been carefully calculated, as if he'd been stalking a prey while his eyes pinned on a small animal only a few meters ahead of him and his lips pressed against together and made a soft hushed sound. He hadn't been too mindful of the surroundings to listen for other potential human beings or anything of the similar relation. Nostrils expanded as he took in the air of the environment and then slowly started to hunch lower and crept with his fingers and hands while reaching out to the creature and stroked his hand from its head to the back. "Hehehe, You're a bit ways from your home aren't you little pup dude?" As expected from him, it hadn't reacted threateningly to his presence which allowed for Travis to take a much more personal approach and picking up the animal gingerly and setting it onto his lap. "It's been pretty hot too. I bet you've been looking for some water to get into, am I right? I don't blame you. I'd probably be doing the same dang thing, let's be honest here." He removed his bag and settled it on the ground and opened it up slowly to rummage through it. There had been a few items; foods such as Nuts, Berries, the various kinds of leaves and herbs the creatures could find in their habitat if it had been producing. Travis pulled a small bottle of water along with a miniature bowl where he'd begin to pour some of it inside and settled it in front of himself and then set the creature down while watching it stare down the offered nourishment and lapping it up. He rubbed at his chin for a moment in thought, he couldn't provide any real food for it to feast on and truthfully part of him had been extremely wary of even trying to offer it to an animal that had been slightly closer to him in certain aspects. "Best I can do is make sure you're whistle is wet. Can't really take you home. . . Don't have space or that much cash around." He picked his bag up to avoid any chance of it suddenly being raided by the wily canine and just stood there waiting for it to finish with the water so that he could pick the bowl back up instead of just leaving it there. It was in this moment that he lifted his head up and started to take more notice and awareness of his surroundings, the area had been a bit dry for his liking. A hand ran along the side of his pants where he had his wand stowed away and out of sight more than aware that this had been a trail that people often traversed through: Wizards and Muggles alike on the better days. He really wasn't expecting anyone to willingly be out in this sweat storm but he'd been surprised before by the actions of other people too. Suddenly being surprised wouldn't do well for him if he'd been using magic or even ended up using the full extent of his more physical talents other than approaching the thirst-starved wandering puppy. "You better get going little guy - I may have some work I need to do here. Makes this place nice and less well... Lacking of water." A conversation being carried out with the creature as if it understood him or rather as if he understood it.
  4. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    Nox Ntonni
    The night sky was sprinkled with constellations that squeezed the bright balls of Venus and Jupiter between Scorpius and Ophiuchus on the Southeast horizon. Only the occasional wispy cloud passed over the view as a fresh breeze blew through the busy streets and brightly lit shops of Tallygarunga road. Among those walking along the road, was Noxolo Ntonni, completely barefoot and looking like they had just gotten out of bed. Their long, dark locs hung down their baggy, color-block hoodie, which hid any and all curves above their thighs, and they wore of pair of baggy shorts that stopped just below their knees—a wardrobe that should probably draw a few stares at this time of night. But no one ever looked their way. After all, this place wasn't quite what it seemed and Nox just came here to relax and think. Eventually, the barefoot wix dragged and drummed their fingers along a brick wall, which rang out with the chipper chimes of a steel drum before flipping into an aerial aú and landing on a nearby bench with the deep gong of a hang drum. If anyone here was actually becoming aware of Nox's nonsense, the capoeirista certainly hadn't noticed yet. So the capoeirista just turned to face the Southeastern horizon and then tilted their head onto their right shoulder—as if that was the proper way to view the sky—as they decided whether or not they should keep goofing around or do something productive.
  5. Zay's Shenanigans

    Noxolo "Nox" NtonniJunior Ranger | 7th Year | Sturt | Halfblood | Human | They/Them | Narrie Resident | Class Enrollments Nox is an Afro-Taino West Indian wix or "bru" (bruxos/as brujo/as) who grew up in semi-nomadic and nomadic lifestyle that took them all over the Circum-Caribbean. Wanting more socioeconomic mobility and more knowledge about the marine ecology of Oceania, they tried to apply to some Australian magical schools but, after being met with rejection or disappointment, they linked up with some aboriginal people and managed to arrange a homestay where they learned the songlines of the Great Barrier Reef in exchange for working as a junior ranger with the GBRMPA (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Association) under the tutelage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owner ranger groups. Once they got the opportunity to study at Tallygarunga, Nox quickly moved their life down to Narragyambie, where they've got plenty of new things to learn and experience. Connections, Plots, & Thread Ideas
  6. Complete You Just Might Need You a Towel or Two (Jan 3rd 2019)

    Nox Ntonni
    Nox was checking their Quillbook messages for the upteenth time that day, checking to see if Mr. Longhurst had messaged them back yet (and also to make sure they for sure knew how Quillbook messaging worked.) They were suppose to be picked up earlier that day and taken to their new homestay with the Longhursts, but Nox had explained that today's weather gave some researchers a chance to study some "funky" glowing coral and so they all wanted to go on one of the public science workshops. The researchers also wanted some aboriginal rangers along to guide them and wanted Nox to handle the magical backup SLR camera with their rough-and-ready enchanted infrared and color filter lenses. Rather than being interested and enthusiastic, like usual, Mr Longhurst simply confirmed the location (a forested cay off the coast of Cape York) and the presence of a Bush Telegraph station. The man hadn't said a word since and now Nox was a bit anxious. The young wix turned off their phone and tuned back into the distant rain that was gently tapping on the research building and little Bush Telegraph station roofs, rhythmically drumming along the towering mangroves and forest trees, lightly pattering on the nearby dock, and quietly sprinkling into the lagoon, whose waters lapped against the side of the boat that Nox, other rangers, researchers and workshop goers sat and talked around in. Well, everyone but Nox talked. They preferred to sit in the sea of jackets and wetsuits, roll their lips into a thoughtful pout, and brood. Nox ignored most of the instructions about navigating the labrynthine ribbon coral and staying with groups (that they already knew by heart), in favor of worrying about how to get a shot without the ambient light of the sun on their back or a moon waning into a new moon. But as their gaze caught some latecomers coming out of the Bush Telegraph station, they furrowed their brows in confusion and stared until they recognized the face of Adam Longhurst. Huddled in their baggy ranger jacket, Nox leaned out from under the awning of the boat and called out, "Uh—What's goin' on?" and then, with some of their ombre teal, blue and pink locs falling out of their hood, they added, "Yuh early!"
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