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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 11 results

  1. The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    That time was the most calm time of the day, where people had disappeared to their houses, only a few could be found on the street, a few like Jo, who preferred the night more than she preferred the day, besides, the night shift paid better and with less prying eyes meant there was a lot of things she could do without getting in trouble, or too much. She had spent a few days patrolling Narrie, but they had asked to do the same in Melbourne, she didn’t know why she was there, she had told them she had moved, but they still wanted her to work that shift in Melbourne. She didn’t argue with them, the money was useful now that the Estrada family had grown over the past couple of months, but she was confused about their choice. The night was quiet, so quiet that she took the time to sat on a bench and watch people as she put a lollipop in her mouth, she was starting to get the same habit as Dani had, sucking on a lollipop and surprisingly they weren’t as bad as she thought they were at first. The lollipops were quite tasty, no wonder Dani liked them. Jo was pleased at how it turned out, she did enjoy having the house full, but she was still upset she couldn’t turn the basement into a Jo Cave or something cool like that, maybe one day she gets to have her own dark cave, hopefully. The stillness was making her nervous, there was nothing to do, no one to hunt, where were all the criminals in that town? Even the muggle ones? She wanted to desperately tie someone to a flag post, but she couldn’t do it to an innocent bystander, the Ministry would have her head if she even tried such a thing. No, had to be a criminal, even a hooligan was enough to get her going. She got up from the bench and continued her walk, ending up in and alley, that had to be the place for some hooligans to jump her so she can hunt them down like the vermin’s that they were…but no, nothing, no one jumped her. “Shit.” She spoke in Spanish, turning around to go back to the place where she came from, maybe it wasn’t their time to leave their little holes to crawl around society?
  2. Astronomy Term 4 - Just Above Our Heads

    Nighttime had finally arrived that Friday, which meant it was time for the first Astronomy class of the term. With the ongoing events in the town, coupled with the school exams looming over everyone's heads, Luke had decided to make it a bit of a light lesson for everyone to get back into the routine - it was the last class of the week and he wanted to give the students some relief, to have them go to bed for the weekend without a complicated lesson driving them insane until they were accustomed to it all once again. He didn't bother setting up the telescopes to look at the night sky that evening, as he never planned to use them. The class plan was to discuss what could be perceived with the naked eye and the various issues that came with it. He did leave the glass of the tower clear high above them for a clear view of the night sky, as he wanted the students to point out a few things from it nonetheless, but for the time being the lights in the room remained on which dimmed the visibility of the spectacle coloring the sky. "Good evening, everyone." He greeted with a smile as he leaned back on his desk located at the center of the room. As per usual he was surrounded by the chairs and telescopes though they didn't seem to be pointing anywhere in particular, a clear signal he didn't intend to have them use the instruments. "Please, take a seat. Let's enjoy ourselves some light material, shall we? And for once, you can bring your leftovers from dinner in. Just don't tell anyone else." He chuckled a bit at himself. He usually minded it when students brought a drink from their usual feast or even part of their dessert on over due to rushing to the late class, but given the minimized danger of tampering with the equipment that evening he let it go. It wasn't something a little magic couldn't fix regardless, and he needed to establish a casual vibe anyway if that was what the class was meant to be. "Firstly, a belated welcome back. I wish you all the best for this final term. It goes without saying that, if the sixth and seventh years have any questions regarding their exams and the material, you can come to me whenever you see fit. Secondly, to get started, I would like if someone could tell me what is the most ancient method with which space observations have been made, if you would. For Wizards and Muggles alike, of course, although I'm sure we've all come to the conclusion it's never that different when it comes to this particular subject."
  3. Effects of External Conditions

    Lisa Knotley
    It had been months since the Quidditch Captains had started that little dance of theirs - Aspen would visit Lisa in her Sturt girl's dormitory room, would conveniently forget to leave, and in the next morning Lisa would sneak her out of the Common Room with a legally questionable bag that had an extension charm cast upon it. That day was no different - as it was Saturday and Aspen didn't have work to do the following morning, they agreed to spending the night together as normal. For roughly a month at that point, however, things had been different - at least, on Lisa's end. While her girlfriend slept like a log in her arms, there had been many a times when the Sturt was jolted awake from nightmares that began surfacing ever since one fateful Defense Against the Dark Arts lecture. Visions of her brother's death in action haunted her dreams. At first it was every now and then, but the more Lisa realized the underlying reason in them, the more frequent they became. It was one such night. Lisa's eyes shot open and perspiration accumulated on her forehead as she woke up from what felt like the millionth nightmare in a row, hair starting to stick to her forehead. Her body felt too hot despite it being the Winter due to the adrenaline rushing through her veins, and she hoped that the small twitch her body made upon waking up from the frightening scenario was not strong enough to wake Aspen from her slumber. "...For crying out loud, not again..." The girl whispered in frustration as she brought a hand to her face, barely audibly. Looking over at the Bourke in her arms, she momentarily considered trying to escape just so she could get a glass of water - her throat was parched to the point it was starting to ache.
  4. Killing Time

    Ashley Estrada
    It had been a particularly busy day in Charm-Me-Not. With the new school term in full swing, they were in season for the student clientele to hit the establishment in droves; exhaustion nagged at the former Sturt's body as she closed up shop for the day once Caroline had left to go home herself. Once again she was by her lonesome, and it was a feeling that left her somewhat uncomfortable. Jo was busy with an overnight shift in the local Auror station, meaning Ashley had the whole night by herself - something she was never too keen on. It fed into the idea of her walking home that night instead of just Apparating: it would postpone the fact she had to face off with the reality of a mostly boring evening by herself, even if just for a few minutes due to how close work was from her home. 'Maybe I should get a cat.' Wrapping her long coat around herself snugly, she sniffled with the biting chill hitting her face before slowly making her way along the crosswalk, low heels clicking against the pavement as she went. The streets were mostly empty - it was dinner time and most people would be indoors in that small town, the cold weather contributing to people's unwillingness to step outside. She wasn't entirely sure of how it happened, but instead of walking home, Ashley's legs brought her to The Drunken Roo. Standing outside with a puzzled look on her face once she realized the fact, she let out a sigh of defeat - she could use a drink. Stepping into the bar, she sat at the counter and ordered the usual. It wasn't like a beverage would hurt...
  5. Room to Breathe

    Chloe Stewart
    Chloe couldn't figure out why it was that her maternal grandparents had decided to make the trip down under in the middle of June, nowhere near any break period for either her parents, herself or her student, and demand that all give them attention. They had been over for a week, having arrived the previous Sunday; Chloe had managed to avoid them for most of that period with school, training and work as an excuse, but that Saturday, she had no choice - she was forced to put up with them as her mother begrudgingly ordered her to come home from Tallygarunga for the weekend. The Sturt considered herself to be very tolerant of others in general, but in her book, her grandparents were absolutely insufferable. Her mother had told stories before about how strict and career-obsessed they were, but even her words couldn't do them any justice. Whenever the family visited Kagoshima she always made sure to drag her sister out of the house and avoid them as much as possible, but now that they had gone to her hometown instead, it proved to be too great a task. She was doomed to have her ears incessantly filled with interrogations pertaining her future, why she hadn't found a good man yet, what sort of education she intended to pursue in Muggle school (now that she thought about it, it was perhaps for the best they had no idea what magic was), how her hobbies were unbecoming of a young woman like her, so on and so forth. Near the end of the afternoon, however, she hit her limit. As dinner was served, Chloe excused herself with the pretense of feeling unwell. She was allowed to retire to her bedroom. After a gentle pet to Frost's head and an uttered apology, the girl proceeded to put her plan to action. She shoved various pillows under the sheets of her bed, so if anyone were to come in, they'd think of her as asleep. She then put on a hoodie jacket for warmth during the upcoming warm night, shoved the few clothes she had brought along with her the previous day in a backpack along with her phone and wallet, and opened the window to greet the chilly night. The sun set early as the Winter approached, and she knew that she still had a couple hours to make it back to Tallygarunga on foot before she'd be considered to violate curfew. She believed it to be more than enough time for the trek, even if she took the long way around, and perhaps she could even grab something to eat on the way. She hoisted herself up and over the window, hanging cleanly with a hand while the other held onto the backpack's strap. Her gaze met Frost's as the feline reclined in its temporary bedding for a nap - there was no point in bringing the cat along when her sister was around to watch for it, but she couldn't help being concerned over the fact he could also jump off the window she was about to leave open. Coupled with the fact that the sudden cold air would alert the inhabitants of the house that something was off, she made up her mind about alerting Lexi regarding the fact that she left. However, she had to escape first. Looking down from the first floor window, she lowered herself as much as she possibly could to minimize the length of the fall. Firstly, she threw her bag a ways away for it to fall on the grass of the backyard, mentally hoping to Merlin her phone would be in working condition afterwards. The second one to fall would be her. With her feet lightly pressed against the side of the building, she pushed herself off of it to a free fall, tucking and rolling as her body reached ground level. The slickness of the grass from earlier rain stained her clothes, and she took notice as she stood back up on her feet, her hands haphazardly cleaning off as much as she could of the greenery now on her clothes. Once she deemed it sufficient, the Sturt reached for her fallen backpack to verify the state of her mobile device - finding it in working order, she sent a text message to her sister wherein she was honest about her intentions. It didn't take Chloe too long to spot said girl coming up to the window she had just jumped over, and waved at her as it was closed. Escape successful. She doubled back around the house to ensure she wasn't spotted through windows on accident by going along the side of the dining room; as she jumped the fence and reached the street, she let out a sigh in relief in the dead of night. At least, until the following day, she could rest easy...
  6. Not enough

    Classes were mostly boring, the Professors had a hard time interacting with the students, and generally they just did whatever they wanted. Want to show early for class? Why not. Want to stay home and not tell the students? It also works. It was a difficult situation, most Professors didn’t seem to care to much about their students and what they needed to learn to become, at least, decent professionals. Zeke couldn’t complain about his situation, he had it good since he had no idea what to do with his life, he simply roamed the halls and attended classes whenever he wanted, and whenever he didn’t, he just sat at the library reading something. Nothing really mattered until he knew what he wanted, he was just doing what he thought it was expected of him, go to VMU, get a degree and get some fancy job that paid like shit, but that could potentially pay well in the future. Later in the day all Zeke wanted was to relax, at home was a bit hard to do it, it seemed there was always something to do, people to talk with and, as much as he loved everyone he just enjoyed some time with his own thoughts and maybe a beer, or two, if he happened to find anyone he knew, at least he hoped it was someone that wasn’t excessively chatty. People who enjoyed talking, were at best tiring, but they did reveal a lot about themselves and that just meant more information for Zeke to know what those people were all about. He walked inside The Tipsy Mozzie, looking around he saw no one that he knew, good, he could proceed to sit at the counter, strategically located where he could see the door and avoid talk to that many people. He just wanted to order something and just enjoy his night out alone, relaxing, thinking about what he wanted to do with his fucking life. She called someone, ordered his drink and some snacks, that he quickly decided to eat like he hadn’t eaten all day.
  7. A playful game of tag II

    Olivia Teagarden
    cont. from A playful game of tag Was she a romantic? Probably she was, she didn’t let it out often, but she was a romantic. It was strange that someone could through it, the choice of words or even what she wanted to believe, it kind of reminded her of someone she used to be, before she became bitter and afraid of getting hurt emotionally again, was it a sign to finally let things go? Travis had been helpful in that regard, listening, talking, he was a good friend. Liv smiled up at the young man, her thumb ran across his hand in a gentle motion. The word ‘heartbreak’ was still one she had trouble with, a reminder of how painful it could be, and it could physically hurt someone. Liv decided to stay quiet, only holding his hand. “Some people are worth it.” she stated with conviction. Travis was worthy of it, regardless of what he might think. Her eyes met his and a smile grew on her face as she looked at him. She was willing to get as close as he allowed her to. He didn’t seem to mind going to the lake, which was good in her opinion. If he couldn’t get sick there shouldn’t be a problem, she could easily warm up the place if any of them were cold. She still had energy, probably not as much as he did but she could still manage to go swimming, the worst that could happen if Travis having to carry her back because she was too tired to move. “I’m still good for a few rounds, I don’t have your energy, but I can still go for another game of tag if necessary.” She joked poking his cheek lightly. “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, and your tongue is ticklish.” She chuckled as the memory of earlier in the day flooded her mind. It was a nice afternoon, a nice game, she wouldn’t mind doing it more often with him, he was fast, and it had been the best time she had in a few years, she couldn’t deny it. Liv got up and shook her head. “I don’t need a t-shirt or shorts, maybe after I will but I can still dry my own clothes after. You don’t need to worry about it.” she commented as she picked both his hands and held them tight to pull him up. -------------------------------------------To the lake they go------------------------------------------- As soon as they were both ready to go Liv apparated both of them to the lake and they both seemed to have arrived in one piece. Her hand was still holding onto Travis’ arm to make sure he didn’t stay behind. “It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but … first one to the water has to do the victory dance.” She let go of him and dashed to the edged of the lake, she knew she could never beat Travis in a land race, it was a pointless bet, but still a fun one. When she got to the edge of the lake, she removed her clothing, except her underwear. There was a light breeze, not too cold, but not warm either, nothing she couldn’t handle, and nothing that would make her sick either. She then proceeded to jump to the water, which was slightly warmer than it was outside.
  8. Open Wounds

    Lisa Knotley
    There had been a feeling of impatience in the air lately when it came to one Lisa Knotley, and the longer time went on, the thicker that aura felt, almost as if one could cut it with a knife. The break was approaching and the blonde waited for classes with bated breath, needing some sort of task or activity to keep herself from going insane after a few weeks of sitting on the sidelines. Although, despite her workaholic tendencies, not all was bad. Throughout the break, her schedule did find itself quite busy - that had been Aspen Clarke's full responsibility, and something the Sturt was quite grateful for. They had spent nearly every day of the break together, for hours on end; and, on occasion, multiple times in the same day. There had even been a day where she had gone to visit Lisa at night on her request, and the Sturt figured they could pull a second round of it all to bid goodbye at their little vacations. Just like the last time, it had been quite the simple affair to sneak the girl in; unlike that time, however, the blonde had ideas unbecoming of teenagers like them - she took to alcohol to make the seconds more tolerable. It had taken a bit of convincing, but she eventually got Aspen to agree to that little activity (much to Lisa's surprise). The conversation flew back and forth easily during the first few swigs they shared from one of the few bottles she had found over the past year laying around the school premises. However, as time went on and a potent buzz solidified in each of the girls, things turned south and the room grew distinctly quiet, devoid of laughter and amusing conversations. They sat against the headrest of Lisa's bed, dressed as if ready to go to sleep, leaning against each other in the somewhat uncomfortable silence. Not because of one another's presence or proximity, but because of what was going through their minds. At some point, the Sturt had handed the beverage to Aspen; to occupy her now idle hand, she pulled her friend's leg up to a bent position gently, if a bit clumsily, and found herself resting that hand on the top of her thigh, with a thumb running back and forth within its range. Despite her eyes being cast down towards the active finger, her gaze was anything but focused as the thoughts in her mind threatened to suffocate her at the drop of a hat. "...This is the part where I tell you to stay away, I think..." She muttered, breaking the silence, gaze stuck to the perpetually moving finger. Despite her words, no part of her body made a move to get away and escape the personal bubble of the friend she had grown so fond of. "I've come to really care about you, so... I don't want to end up screwing you over too at some point." It was remarkable how easily Aspen had broken through every barrier Lisa had so carefully built for a little over two years; and in a way she had betrayed the Bourke already by her very inaction at nipping the friendship in the bud the moment she noticed it was blossoming. She had wanted to feel close to someone again, she realized, but ultimately she knew she had been setting both up for failure and dooming the Bourke to the pain Lisa always seemed to inevitably cause. "That stuff you heard about me... From the Dueling Club. That's barely scratching the surface..." Her phrases dragged on as the alcohol took effect. She was conscious of the fact she was talking too much, but lacked the concern over what her words could end up doing to herself; the care for her friend dominated. "You already know I'm a lousy friend. I'm also, let's see... Lousy daughter, lousy sister, lousy girlfriend... S'just pick your poison at this point, really." She let out a deep exhalation. If only she knew how to stop herself. "I guess... I just don't want you to be next on the list." As her speech slowed to a halt, she decided to reach over with her free hand to take the bottle out of Aspen's hands, her head inadvertently pressing harder against the Bourke's with the leaning before she managed to return to her previous position; she then took a rather large swig in a vain attempt to forget her plights.
  9. Invite Heart's Bore in this War part II

    Maxine Williams
    Continuing from Heart's Bore in this War She shook her head, he shouldn’t apologize for it, even if she was fine, she was grateful that he was taking the time to see if she had been injured in any other way, it was sweet, the side of him she got to see more often, and she enjoyed it. Max had to admit that if she was in his position, she would have done the same thing, trying to be sure that no one was injured, with so many things destroyed that night something could have hit them. She looked at him, still worried about what had happened to him, she had to talk to him once they leave that awful place. “I’m not going to let you sleep on the floor.” she spoke staring at him, her voice was firm. She wasn’t going to let him give up his own comfort because of her, they could share it. It wasn’t going to be uncomfortable sharing a bed with someone, especially not him considering they had already fallen asleep together watching the movie. This time shouldn’t be too different, the only difference now was that they were both aware of how they felt, perhaps it would be a little awkward at first. “You deserve it more than I do. You look alright but…” She walked alongside him to exit the warehouse as he explained where the house was; the location was one of the best locations in Narrie and where the wealthy lived. She nodded as he mentioned his father. It was probably a wise choice considering it’s easier to move around when one has money, but now there was a problem they probably hadn’t anticipated. “But won’t people be suspicious of how those two aren’t around anymore?” if anyone in the neighborhood had seen them, it meant that Senan would have to come up with a plan to explain what he’s doing in that house. Soon they should be able to relax and by tomorrow Max was sure everything would be alright, but she probably wasn’t going to classes that day. He wasn’t wrong, Australia was a dangerous country. “We Australians do like to live dangerously, haven’t you heard? Freefall awaits the brave.” She looked at him with a cheeky smile before winking. Before she could do or say anything else, they found themselves in the Astley Walk. The couldn’t wait to get her apparition license to stop using these things, she should be used to them, but she still felt dizzy whenever they arrived at the destined location, almost losing her balance.
  10. Invite Heart's Bore in this War

    Senan Connell
    'This is it. ..' Senan thought to himself. Most of the break had been contributed towards designing different kinds of items, potions, and as many failsafe uses for other environmental things in the area but they couldn't be too sure any of it would work. It would certain catch their intended enemies off guard, If only for a moment. It'd been rare for Wizard's to fight in the fashion that both he and Maxine planned to. However, he had faith that it'd been far more of an edge even with the limited amount that they were able to produce. There could be no careless mistakes, this needed to be far more calculating than either of them had been before in their lives and they needed to take any chance and opening that had been opened to them. It was life or death, it was war. His fingers curled around the eight and a half inch Yew wand that had bonded with him through various trials of his life since his first time holding it. The two of them couldn't expect any form of assistance from anyone, that hadn't been the plan, at least not for him. As he learned more about Max, began to legitimately fall for her, there came to be the realization that he would broke no threat to survive that could harm her. Every necessity would be taken on his part to ensure that those that pose a threat to her existence would find their own only a hair away from being tossed off the edge and into the abyss of death. A scary thought, that he could hold such a protective nature for anyone but there in he found that purpose. The Warehouse had been quite large, enough for them to maneuver around many of the decrypt machines, various boxes and materials that had been left behind with a few of them already obviously scavenged by those that found the place far before they did. The ceiling hung high with various chains that drooped low, indicating much larger machine that once were bound by them, the ceiling had been fractured with obvious wear and tear where it looked as if the slightest bit of force could cause it to tumble down. Something that could be used to their advantage or against them, awareness of their battlefield had been a prudent thing and may have spelled the difference between victory and defeat. Entering the building his eyes cased the area in caution, making sure there hadn't been any surprises that awaited them. That their place of an ambush hadn't been peaked out, it didn't take much for him to spread the news in the underworld that Max had not only been the girlfriend that changed him from the grasp of his Father, but also that a lie had already been placed out that she'd meet Senan alone at the warehouse for some 'Secrecy' that the school couldn't give. Which meant that they didn't have much more time, they were probably going to end up arriving at any moment and they needed to get into place. Using her as bait, that still didn't sit well with him but they'd gotten this far and there'd been no better plan. He handed her the glasses that had been charmed to resist extremely blinding glares and wrapped around her torso, a potion-bandolier. This held a various types of potions that they'd made together and some that he actually spent the previous night until the morning crafting to making sure she held a utility of things that could be used given the situation of underaged magic. A hand reached out as he touched her cheek gently, the edge of his finger stroking in an affectionate motion. "Don't get nervous, okay? I won't be far." Though usually he'd take the time to try and stare into her eyes that wouldn't be happening, not now. The usual demeanor that he wore around her had melted away, there'd been no softness on his features but rather the mask of someone whom had a mission. His hand gently fell away from her and his silver eyes shifted towards the entryway of the building and then he started to move away from her, at first backing away and then fully turning where he started to try the highest altitude that he could get to perch upon and watch from above, wand grasped tightly and ready for the proper cue.
  11. Aqua

    The quietness of Korrowi Creek that night was rudely interrupted as a loud crack echoed through the area. Evelyn didn't particularly like how loud Apparating could be at times, but fortunately it was night time - there would be nobody around to hear her at the time, in all likelihood; it was also good that the Bushland was dense enough to deafen sound past a certain distance. The Auror let the very welcome cold breeze of the late evening greet her face as she walked through the clearing in which she had Apparated in towards the trees along the shoreline. She took a seat under one such tree, facing the rapid water, letting her posture relax for once as she pressed her back to the trunk and stretched out her legs in the cool grass, gaze fixated on the liquid rushing down the creek. That particular area was one she held dear to her heart, one she visited when she needed to think, and the one area on Earth where she truly felt at peace with everything. It was there that she had spread her mother's ashes after her father passed away. She felt in her heart that it's what she would have wanted, and her remains were one with nature from that point on as they were sprinkled onto the water. "Ten years..." She muttered to herself, not talking to anyone in particular. A decade to the day she had done such a thing, and from then on she had visited the Creek semi-regularly; although, it had become a less frequent venture through the years as she felt more and more removed from her own nature, and more in sync with that which she detested. It took her a few minutes before she moved just enough to be able to lie down under the same tree. Her gaze fell momentarily on the cloud of leaves before her, the near-full moon peeking between between the little holes of sky that the foliage didn't manage to cover. After a few moments she glanced at her right hand instead, after lifting it off the ground. Could she reconnect with her nature? Could she make her mother proud? Air combusted around her hand as Evelyn's pyrokinesis manifested, fingers set ablaze. It didn't seem to burn her. The flames danced along the hand as she observed them and pondered on her life situation. It was the one thing she had from her mother (past the natural charm, of course), yet, for once, she felt like she didn't deserve it. She was going down the same path Seth did, and wasn't entirely sure if she even wanted to go back to begin with.
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