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Found 1 result

  1. Bare feet like a tomboy, and a crooked smile

    Alrighty, here be the characters unfortunate enough to be written by me---Mousie! Alan Burdett 50 | Headmaster of Tallygarunga | Profile Aside from a few years studying in Melbourne, Alan has always lived in Narrie. Most people either know him, or know of him. Alan went to Tallygarunga, was sorted into Spencer, and completed seventh year as Head Boy to the great surprise of everyone who knew him. His love of potions (and explosions) got him through a teaching degree at VMU, and he went immediately to begin teaching at Tallygarunga in 1991. In 1996 he was promoted to "Head of Spencer", in 1997 he did double duty as Head of Spencer and Deputy Headmaster---and in 1999, Alan stepped into the role of Headmaster after the retirement of Philip Knightley at the end of the 1998 school year. Alan has six siblings, of which he is the eldest. His parents ran a dairy farm on the outskirts of Narrie, now a small hobby farm operated by his brothers Stephen and Barry. Marie and Laurie Burdett now live in town in a small house that Alan doesn't like. He's likely to know students past and present, his staff (obviously), and be familiar with ministry workers. Those who live in Narrie will certainly know him by reputation at least. Alan's lack of luck in love is also something of a town legend, although since he had to kick his unreliable wife out of the house for the sake of their children, it's not something anyone jokes about anymore. Adele DeVylissea 35* | Tallygarunga Librarian | Profile Adele came to Narrie in 2006, when her car ran out of fuel and she decided she might as well stay. She'd been driving blindly to escape her latest heartache (David had called it quits and left), and Narrie is just where she ended up. She met Alan at the bar of The Drunken Roo, he convinced her to apply for the History of Magic position that was open at Tally. He's regretted that conversation ever since. Adele is mostly known for who she used to be. Wild and irresponsible, Adele undermined Alan's authority any chance she got. When she could be bothered, Adele was an excellent teacher but for the most part she really didn't care. She's been through several tortured relationships, mostly with whoever will pay attention to her. She had a daughter (Lauren) with Alan, a son (Caleb) with another professor, used Keith Anderson when she felt like it, and married known-criminal Thomas Sollozzo. She did reunite with David, and the two were married for a while--but as always, she couldn't make it last. She also has twin daughters to Australian Minister of Magic Stuart Blair from an encounter long before her Narrie days. Adele is known to be sarcastic and intimidating, not afraid of spending money, loves a drink, has some serious parental issues, and still carries a bit of that wild reputation with her. Those who have only known her more recently are able to recognise that she has calmed in recent years, and is an extremely devoted mother to her son Caleb. And that she's also mostly sober these days. Adele's age is also a mystery. Somehow she seems to age backwards. These days she claims "thirty-five or thereabouts", though when married to David Tallenery she was willing to go as high as 47. She never gives a straight answer when asked her age. Katherine Belmont 48 | Headmistress of Penrose | Profile Kate has been the Headmistress of the Penrose School for Young Witches since 2006, a fact that makes her feel old as hell. A few years younger than Alan, she first met him at an inter-school event and thus began an on-again/off-again relationship that ended any time she felt like Alan was getting too serious about things. She was briefly married to Seth Rice, who she claims is the dullest human to ever walk the earth. But it made her elitist parents happy. Kate isn't often liked by those who knew Alan during their rocky relationship. She has a reputation for being snobby and ruthless, which is more attributed to the fact that she's a Penrose girl than anything Kate actually is. Kate is stand-offish around new faces, which doesn't help. Always impeccably dressed, Kate stands out in rural Narrie as a city-slicker. However, she did play a big part in the development of the Whitlam Bilby Wing at Tallygarunga, and since her marriage to Matt has become more of a familiar (and friendly) face in the town. Or at least was, until Matt's accident. After that she withdrew back to Melbourne and is only now starting to come back out. Améa Nedvidek (du Contiaea) 25 | Unemployed | Profile Améa went to Tally for a while, where she tried three times to complete fourth year before dropping out to move in with her husband. She was sorted into Sturt, and initially known for her eerie silence. Over time, Améa did begin to speak---but still only rarely. Even now, Améa's grasp of the English language is limited. She was also known for being the weird daughter of the rebellious professor and librarian Adele DeVylissea. Améa married Zane Nedvidek against the wishes of her family, and was kept almost entirely in his company alone for some years. Now she has returned to Narrie and is trying to re-make a life for herself with the support of her family. She is most likely to be known by those who were at Tally from 2008-2012. Aiden Longhurst 15 | Flinders Fifth Year | Profile Aiden is the younger half-brother of Matt Belmont, currently attending Tally as a Flinders student. Aiden's biggest struggle in life is the sense of powerlessness he feels when others around him are hurting, and this is driving him toward a career in magical medicine. Since Matt's accident, Aiden has devoted himself to finding a way to wake his brother up. Aiden lives with his other half-brother Adam, Adam's long-term partner Cass, and his younger sister Valerie. When he first started as a Bilby kid, Aiden was known as the "tragedy kid". The novelty wore off over the years, but Aiden still fights to be seen as something more than his awful past. Students currently attending Tally are likely to know him. Matthew Belmont 50 | Owner of The Drunken Roo | Profile Matt dumped his father's last name shortly after getting married to Kate, deciding he didn't want his children to bear the name. He took on "Belmont" instead, his mother's maiden name. He went to Tally alongside Alan Burdett and Stuart Blair, another Spencer---though he admits he probably shouldn't have been there at all. Matt's magical ability is almost zero, and he was the most not-Spencer-y Spencer in the history of the school. After Tally, he took on a job at The Drunken Roo, earning very little and working too much. When the owner died, he was shocked to discover the business had been left to him, and he renovated and re-built the place into what it is today. Matt's hard work made him a common name in Narrie, in both muggle and magical wizarding circles. In 2012, he was hit by a tram in Melbourne and has been in a coma ever since. Though Matt has been away for a long time, he isn't forgotten. Only those who are new to Narrie since 2012 are unaware of who he is, and what his situation is.