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Found 3 results

  1. Invite Tell That Devil (Feb. 26. 2018)

    Penny felt bad for neglecting her usual running group since she had started spending work days at Tally. It was far easier to run around the property, along familiar trails after dropping Lily off at school. Sure, it was a lot hotter, but at least around Tally, she could use as many cooling charms as she wanted. Today though, whether by fate, or regret for having not shown up for the pre sunrise runs when the day was coolest, she had shown up today and the familiar routine put her at ease. The meeting place was the same all of the time. A small cafe close to lake paths that they ran. The warmth of the cafe lights in the soft glow of pre-dawn a beacon of their ritual. A small cup of coffee, a warm pastry, and they were off. Penny had always been an early bird, not because she liked mornings, but because she simply needed more time to wake up. She relished the quiet murmurings of her companions as they sat and sipped together. Today there was a little more energy. The her companions, mostly muggles, and one or two witches who understood what Penny actually did, had missed her, and she them. It was nice to catch up with them, chitchat until the rest of the group came together. The sound of the bell over the door caught Pennys attention, and form the corner of her eye, a man walked in and up to the counter. She didn't pay much attention, just went back tot he conversation and pulled out her phone to show off a picture of her little family most recent outing. They were interrupted by a phone call, and she excused herself to the back of the Cafe where it was less noisy. She was only gone for a few minutes, looking concerned for the briefest of moments. When she did return, the man was standing next to the table she had been sitting at, but his back was to her. "Sorry about that. Lily's sick apparently." Concern, assurances that it was okay if she needed to go back home. "No, Kristen has it under control. Just wanted to give me a heads up... Crap I'm so rude." She went to sit down, but had completely forgotten to say hello to who she assumed to be a new running partner. Thats what she got for not being totally awake yet. "I'm Penny -" she started as she looked up at the man. The string of expletives that followed got her very stern glances from everyone. Thread title song Tell That Devil by Jill Andrews (link opens to Spottify)
  2. All The Little Characters

    Wheeeeee! This is a thread for threads!
  3. Complete 25.02.2018 - Shopping Trip

    They’d been in Melbourne for a couple of months now, and since Michael tended to stick almost exclusively to the Muggle neighbourhoods, he hadn’t yet run into anyone who knew him from before, though he also knew that was only a matter of time. Time that he felt was running out, as he put his daughter in a pretty dress and strapped her into her stroller. The little girl, who had just turned two in December, looked up with betrayed eyes as he laughed and kissed her on the forehead. She hated the stroller, but Michael was not much interested in carrying her for the duration of their day in the city. He needed to buy some clothing for interviews, and he felt bad for Ally, who didn’t have half her collection of toys and movies that she used to; they’d left most of it in Western Australia when he moved them both back to his roots. “Come now,” he teased gently, handing the little girl a container of carrot and celery sticks, “we’ve got a day of adventure ahead of us! No time for frowning!” She babbled something in reply that he didn’t really catch as he pushed her out the front door, locking it with his keys and then they were making their way down the footpath. A bus stop not far away would take them to the city centre. Certainly not the most affordable place to go shopping, granted, but Michael did not feel like trying to make his way to the suburbs only to lug who knew how much stuff back home again – almost certainly with a grumpy toddler along for the ride. It was early morning, so most folks were on their way to work. Michael kept his head down and entertained his daughter to keep her sane during the bus ride, then exited and made their ways down the streets. He decided to do his clothing first; opting to get the most important out of the way while the toddler he was saddled with was in a good mood. Twenty minutes later, and he had two nice suits and a handful of shirts and ties to get him through more interviews than he felt he was likely to receive, but at least he had nice clothing now! The pair continued along their way, the next stop being a rather large toy store chain. Michael took a deep breath before going in. Parking the stroller in the bay provided, he unclasped Ally and watched her fondly as the little girl toddled off at full speed; dodging between legs and crowing in delight as she darted from shelf to shelf. He watched as she would grab what she could reach, before dumping it on the floor for her hassled store worker – or her father – to pick up and put back, and then doing the same on the other side of the room. “Slow down, you little monster!” Michael laughed, darting between a couple of people to stand behind Ally as she stared up at a huge Sulley plush, clearly bigger than her, with stars in her eyes and her mouth making a little ‘o’ of delight. He shifted the bag of his clothing on his arm, and looked down at his daughter. “… It’s bigger than you are,” he tried, eyebrows drawn together. She just grinned up at him. Michael sighed; he knew that was coming home with him, whether he liked it or not.