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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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Found 4 results

  1. i am jack's complete lack of surprise

    Lot Karras
    It was almost ironic, it seemed the sons of Atlas were doomed to repeat his mistakes at least once. Lot had a kid, and now the baby of the family was having a baby. Lot had been quick to help Orion and Frankie leave Australia. He had been a fugitive and he knew exactly how to stay hidden. So long as they did that until they had the baby and both could legally be on their own they would be fine. Lot would keep in touch and he was sure wherever they went they would have access to the care Frankie would need. That was his little niece or nephew they were now responsible. Doe had not been one to approve of the idea that they should run off. It was a mess honestly. Lot never saw children as a mistake, it was really more the parent who was the mistake. Someone who couldn’t keep their kids- he felt for them sure but sometimes you had to man up and get it together. Empathy was not his strongest trait he supposed. No, it was hard for Lot to feel anything other than anger most of the time. He let out a soft sigh. He had been working on figuring out how to get it out of his system, but he was not having much luck. At least not until he and a few fo the other bouncers and security talked about fighting for the sake of it. Sometimes nothing made you feel more alive than the skin on skin thwack of a fist hitting another human. It was dirty, Lot was sort after and though he had to explain where the bruises come from- well he was glad he was a bouncer and the crew that came to the club were rowdy. It was starting to pick up and expand. More people wanted to come and see, they wanted to fight… they wanted to make money. He rubbed his elbow as he looked at the fading bruise. He figured it would be gone soon. The nice thing about looking beat up no one messed with him at work. It was always a case of- you should see the other guy. Lot was already a big man, this just seemed to intensify it. He was in the area to scope it out. See if it would be a decent place, away from the Aurora. The fact of the matter was he couldn’t afford to take Jason’s career down with him. Though he had a feeling either way Jason would be fine. The man was a cat and landed on his feet every time. He laughed for a moment and then moved to look at the chains. They would be easy enough to get through… He didn’t see any obvious issues. Then again would the exit be as fast as the entrance. He walked around to look for additional doors. There were a few doors. It would be perfect. Lot however could feel someone watching him and so he used the camera he had around his neck. It provided two things, a cover and photos to help with creating a crude map. Lot always thought himself quite clever. He held the camera to his face and snapped a photo. He turned around and spied someone watching him. ”A cool old building yea”?” he said. ”Think it could be haunted?” He asked though he didn’t really care he would still go in it and the ghosts would just have to deal.
  2. Invite So... Friends?

    Elliot Morietti
    Ellie was glad she'd decided to move to Narragyambie three years ago. It was smaller and she felt like she had more room to spread out than she had in Melbourne. After her husband's passing, she'd really just needed to get out, away, just leave everything behind. She'd packed up her two kids, the few things of her husband's she could stand to bring with her, and the car and drove the two hours to the small town outside Tallygarunga. It'd been three years that have helped her immensely. But she still had times where she just had to break, had to remember, had to stop. She'd drop the kids at their daycare on those days and just get plastered. Today was one of those days where she felt like she needed adult interaction. Adult conversation that didn't come in the form of explaining a procedure to a patient. Zoey had made good friends with the girl next door, Lilah, even though the other girl was two years older. Ellie liked that her daughter could make friends with anyone. It made Ellie feel like she didn't have to worry. Bryce was at daycare today, so Ellie decided to introduce herself to her neighbor, Lilah's father, to get that adult interaction. She still hadn't made many friends in Narrie, partially due to her angry, grumpy nature since moving. Walking across the lawn up to the door of the house next door, Ellie knocked and then crossed her arms, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear in a nervous gesture, not used to introducing herself to people beyond "Hi I'm taking out a bit of your insides today." She had no idea how to talk to other parents or other adults. Why had she decided to do this? Then she remembered Zoey asking her if she was happy last week and she knew she had to make an effort to make friends. Had to show her children that she was happy.
  3. Invite Just Enough (Feb. 3 2018)

    Lot Karras
    Letting out a deep breath he thought for a moment. Lot had not been able to make much sense of the newest issue to divide the family. Which was no surprise considering his father was a mess in the most intense way, but that did not change the anger Lot felt about the whole thing. However, he had come to spend the weekend in Melbourne. Doe was having a bit of trouble and so he had decided to spend a little more time here. That and his niece had absolutely wrapped him around her finger. Which meant between his daughter and his niece, he was done for. Though Lot didn’t really feel the need to be anything else. He was just lucky to be out with his child and his sister. It was enough for the time being, to not have to look over his shoulder. The kids were asleep, and so he had felt as though he could leave for a few hours. It was not as though he would be far away, and it seemed easier with the three of them sometimes. Lilah kept Silas rather occupied and Persephone was too young and had been in bed a bit longer than the other two. He and Doe had been sitting in the living room when he mentioned he would be heading out. Lot had spent many years as a fugitive and there had been few things that had made it bearable. When he could Lot made sure to get out to see his friend. Since he was in Melbourne for a little while he did not feel guilty leaving for a little while. It was something he had to get over. The fact he felt guilty when he was not with his family… having missed so much time with them. He was trying to figure out how to balance everything- There was that strange thing between what it meant to be free and how to be free. They didn’t really tell you how to do that. It wouldn’t be too long, he knew, but a drink with someone who had been a very helpful to his cause when he had not thought he needed it. After promising he would be home soon and then he was nearly kicked out of the living room. He had selected a familiar place. Letting out a deep breath as he found a table in the back corner out of habit. It was darker, easier to blend in when he tended to stand out no matter where he was. Leaning back into the chair he smiled as Marcus approached. He stood and held a hand out to shake. ”Seems they let anyone into this place if you and I can both get in.” He chuckled.
  4. Lilah Karras

    Lilah Karras Bilby Suggested Play-by: Kristina Pimenova Key Facts Is 9 years old Mother was turned to a vampire and abandoned her her father was on the run until 2 years ago, Lot attempted to keep he but her aunt Eudoxia had her most of the time. She is the first grandchild of Atlas Karras Appearance light brown hair, light eyes like her mother, coloring more olive toned like her father. Slight build her mother was fairly petite.At nine she dresses like a child. she is a very pretty little girl. Connections Personality Lot Karras - Father Eudoxia Miller - Aunt Jason Miller - Uncle Orion Arua- Karras - Uncle Atlas Karrasr - Grandfather Silas Karras- Cousin (NPC) Persephone Karras- cousin (NPC) Lilah is 9 going on 30. She is very mature and takes her role as the oldest cousin very seriously. She is a rather outgoing little girl once she warms up to you. I am leaving most of this up to you- but she does have a bit of a serious side to her. History As far as history it needs to include that she was born in England. Her mother Danielle left her with her father shortly after she was born. She was turned into a vampire and she ran off with her sire. Lilah and Lot were okay for a few years and then he was framed for her aunt’s fiancé’s murder. From there Lot was on and off as her guardian when he could manage to care for her they were together but she spent a lot of time with her aunt Doe. 2 years ago Lot was cleared and able to take on being dad full time, she has since started Bilby. Plot Points Contact adjusting to living with dad full time I have a request for mom up, so hopefully someone will take that. the new baby cousin contact me on dicord or via PM
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