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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 5 results

  1. Invite After Practice

    Practice was absolutely grueling, but Liam wasn't letting that get him down. He knew that every missed block he would have more to practice with, but it was getting extremely hot and all he wanted to do was switch his broomstick out for a surf board and spend some time in the ocean. As that thought crossed his mind, a Bludger came right at his head, dodging it at the last moment. "Keep your head in the game!" the captain yelled at him, but you didn't have to tell him twice. He blocked the next attempted goal, running into Scarlett as she attempted the score on him. With one last whistle blow practice was over and off to the locker room he went. "Hey Van Acker, want to actually go hit up some waves?" he asked, throwing his sweaty clothes into his laundry bag and tightening it up. "You're definitely ready for some actual waves this time". Walking over to her, Liam sat down on the bench and smiled, slipping on his shoes as he awaited her reply.
  2. Callie's Tracker

    Cal Hughes CURRENT Please Tell Me Nobody Saw That | Alic (Blackbird) FINISHED CLASSES First Class Grant Thomas CURRENT Mouth of the River | Keeley (Kay) FINISHED Liam Somersfield CURRENT After Practice | Scarlett (Kay) So This is Love | Lucy (Heather) FINISHED Maddie Harris CURRENT I Can Teach You | Tyson (Kai) FINISHED Olivia Turner CURRENT FINISHED Sean Rhodes CURRENT Tell Me Your Side | Ethan (Heather) When things Just Don't Work the Way They Should | Jez (Lilycat) FINISHED .mem { width: 300px; height: 125px; position: relative; background: url(http://i61.tinypic.com/mmzxna.png); padding: 10px; box-shadow: 1px 1px 3px #aaa;} .mem a { font-family: iceland; font-size: 14px; line-height: 100%; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000;} .mem a:hover { color: #aaa;} .ber { width: 70px; height: 70px; border: 9px solid #fff; outline: 1px solid #ddd; float: left; margin: 1px; } .mew { width: 185px; height: 70px; border: 5px solid #fff; border-top: 9px solid #fff; border-bottom: 9px solid #fff;outline: 1px solid #ddd; float: right; background: #fff; padding: 0px 4px; overflow: auto; margin: 1px; text-align: justify; font-family: arial; font-size: 10px;} .mew::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 1px; } .mew::-webkit-scrollbar-track { background: #fff; } .mew::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background: #aaa;}
  3. Callie's Chars

    Callie's Characters Always up for plots and threads, post below with ideas! Liam Somersfield 32 | Keeper for Australian Quidditch Team | Melbourne Liam is a very quirky soul. He's extremely depressed from previous life experiences but he hides it well by constantly joking around and being playful. He can seem a bit immature at times but he always knows when to reel it in. He is incredibly loyal and would do anything to make someone smile, even a stranger. Could use: friends, stalkers fans, rivals, and am open to other ideas. Sean Rhodes Sean is a serious soul, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t stand up for himself or others. He’s incredibly loyal and you can always count on him when you need a shoulder (or someone to kick a person’s ass). Could use some friends, stalkers, and enemies. Grant Thomas 25 | Creatures & Unfortunate Incidents | Melbourne Grant is a shy but smart guy, incredibly loyal to his friends. He's actually about to be framed for his mother's murder, so I'm excited about that. Could use: FIANCE, friends, rivals, DMLE peeps for interrogation/Detective work, and am open to other ideas. Maddison Harris Maddie is like a rose, a delicate flower who can prick you with thorns if mishandled. She is a bit shy but a complete goofball around her friends. She would do anything for the ones close to her and can kind of be the "mother" of a group. Could use: some friends, love interest, and other ideas.
  4. Hobbit and Giant If I Can't Have You...

    Open Name Open job position, but it could be fun if they worked at the Quidditch stadium or something. Suggested Play-by: Open. Male or Female. Key Facts Stalks Liam Hates Lucy (Liam's girlfriend) Age: Around 27 +/- a year Melbourne Likes photography? Or at least pretends to. Appearance No requests for appearance. Connections Personality Liam Somersfield - Stalkee. Desires being with him. Lucille Fischer - Liam's girlfriend. Hates her The character is really up to the player. Guy, girl, doesn't matter as long as they are deeply "in love" with Liam, insanely jealous ((emphasis on "insane")) of Lucy and wants her out of the picture. History Outside of what is listed above, I have nothing for history. This is entirely up to the player! Plot Points Contact We would really love to go all out with this; Kidnapping, possibly drugging, we're really up for anything but of course big plans would need to be approved by everybody. The only things set in stone is how they feel for Liam and Lucy. The rest is really open. Callie Discord is best so that we can link with Heather Or reply here.
  5. Liam Somersfield Liam Somersfield

    Liam Somersfield
    Liam did not enjoy talking about his past, so don't ask him about it. He was born in Melbourne and was placed directly into foster care, being adopted by Marlene and Stephen Somersfield after just a couple of weeks. They raised him as their own, and he didn't know any different even though he looked nothing like his blonde hair, blue eyed parents. He was raised to be well mannered and a gentleman, but his goofy side was definitely developed from his father. Stephen Somersfield was an architect who never let a moment be dull. Life seemed to take a turn when he received his Tallygarunga letter, along with someone from the Ministry who had to explain to the three of them exactly what that meant. Liam's time at school was... interesting to say the least. He was glad to have made some great friends, but many of his classmates did not appreciate his many crazy antics. Most of the boys acted in a more professional manner than him, which only made his general goofball personality stand out all the more... and get him into detention on many occasions. He graduated as an average student, to the dismay of his parents but that was because they only wanted the best for him. Life seemed as if it was going Liam's way. Marlene, Liam's mother, had been diagnosed with a certain form of cancer which brought her likelihood of dying within the first couple of months up to a good 100%. The doctors had given her around 3 months to live...she died after 3 weeks. A deep depression fell over Liam after the death of his mother and he had developed this kind of strange ability to hide his sadness through jokes. He figured that if he could make others laugh then he must be worth something...right? And then his father had passed away, or rather he committed suicide. Apparently he had been going through a long battle with depression, something he had been fighting since long before Marlene had been sick...and ended it. Liam was all alone..and he had begun to think that maybe it was better that way. He suffers from serious depression which was covered up by his, sometimes obnoxiously, goofy behavior. One who looked at him would think that he was completely fine, but those that knew him well knew that it wasn't the case. So he never talks about his past, about his parents because years ago he was a part of a happy, well rounded family...but now he was alone, with only himself, and his pet turtle, to keep him company.
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