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Found 3 results

  1. Class In the Garden...

    Rue Delaney
    6/02/18 It was a hot afternoon, even in the relative shade of the eucalyptus trees of the central gardens. A number of fold out tables had been set up in the shade, complete with chairs and baskets of equipment. Closest to the tree was a wood bench covered with a patchwork quilt and strewn with chalk and odd herbs. Scented pouches hung from the branches of the trees, charmed to give off a cool breeze as they dangled so that the air surrounding the tables was a good ten degrees colder than it should have been. Rue paced around the circumference of the gardens, speaking quietly to the empty air and making odd gestures each time she paused. A flash of green lit from under her feet and she smiled, satisfied. The wards were set, none of the Neighbours would be able to enter should they come looking for her. ‘… and in her right hand, a silver dagger~’ She hummed to herself as she looked over the equipment once more. The roll - check. The subjects - check. Potion - check. Gloves - check. First aid kit - check. ‘She says that I, can’t be your bride~’ All that she needed now were her students. Rue looked at her watch, ten minutes until class time. Oh she did hope she wouldn’t have to give anyone detention on her first day…
  2. Painted in Gold (Dec. 19 2017)

    There were a great many things that Kenna wanted to get accomplished in the day and she had barely gotten through the list. Granted she was likely attempting to do way too much in a day. That was fairly common for the brunette and she sighed. She would have to make sure she got a little bit more accomplished before she was forced to sit at the front desk at the inn and check people in. It could get so boring and she often found herself in more trouble than she was used to. Even now as she was walking through the hallways she was attempting to read and make plans. That was becoming next to impossible and she frowned for a moment as her plans looked more like her reading. Tucking the plans into her pocket she looked at her notes. She however looked up ad realized she had gone the wrong was a touch disoriented. How in the hell did you get lost in the same hallways you had been walking for years? Kenna was the sort of person who seemed to do that. She laughed at herself and decided that maybe tucking away her reading was a good thing for now. Placing the text under her arm she made a point to look where she was before she managed to turn herself around and head back to her common area to attempt to smile. She let out a small sigh as she walked slowly. It was more of a trudging than anything else. She didn’t really want to study anymore but she was hardly prepared for the last exam. It seemed she was in luck as someone brushed past her and dropped something. ”Oh.” She said as she stooped to pick the item up. They had kept walking and so Kenne jogged slightly, and a little awkwardly, to them. ”Hey!” She called out with a small smile. ”You dropped this…” She said as she held it out the them.”Sorry, you dropped this.” She said once more, once she had caught up with them.
  3. Complete Pawn to D4 (Feb. 2 2018)

    Kenna Westmore
    The start of term was always Kenna’s favorite part of the year. Everything was so hopeful, and people tended to be a little nicer at the beginning, before the soul crushing homework and general teenage angst to break it up. The break had been good for Kenna she had been able to enjoy working at her parents’ inn and she had managed to save money from the holiday for once. Kenna had a horrible need to impulse shop, it didn’t take much for money to burn a hole in her pocket. She had set the goal of actually saving so she could spend a decent amount of money on things during the year. She hated to ask her parents because they loved to lecture on just how she had managed to bugger up saving… She liked things… what could she say? Still Kenna was pretty proud she had been able to save something. It was still relatively quiet around as people started to filter back in for the start of term. She had found herself growing bored of the common area and headed to mingle elsewhere. She had wondered if Noah had gotten back yet but she had not seen him. The holidays had not been so terrible having someone to actually talk to and chat about the guests with. They were something else sometimes. The game room always managed to offer a few interesting things. She had spent a lot of time in the room over the past few years. Looking around she smiled as she found an empty chair by a game of wizard chess someone had been studying the board and she smiled. ”Want to play?” It was one of the more sedentary games but she didn’t mind. She had always enjoyed it. A master of chess had stayed at the Inn and taught her when she was younger. She was by no means a master but she had enjoyed the game honestly and any excuse to talk to someone was a good excuse.