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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 9 results

  1. Invite we can listen to the dark side of the moon

    She missed the time they had alone in the Maldives, It had felt like so long ago and yet, she wanted to go back. She tapped her manicured nail on the counter as she checked the baby monitor. It was hard to believe that Persephone was damn near a year and half at this point. At least both kids slept through the night now, it had gotten easier with them both. It was not easy by any means but she spent most of her days chasing her kids around the house. She had lost her baby weight and then some. She looked at the clock, she was waiting up for her husband to get home. She had not been thrilled with the hours, but then Doe was never very happy about his hours. She understood and he was trying. she couldn't discount that. he was trying. She took the red wine out of the cabinet and poured herself a glass. She could use one after the day she had. Atlas had located Orion and it had been a horrible fight that had ensued between the family. she was s till rather heated about the whole thing and that had been why she had wanted to wait up for Jason. She wanted to talk about how Atlas was horrible and controlling. It had not gone well the tempers of Karras family prevailed quite often and she sighed hearing the door. "In here my love." She said from the kitchen. "Wine?" She asked him as she took a sip.
  2. The other side

    Though things were better, it was still work. Things didn’t just magically improve because they both said they were working on things. Jason still was not home every night by 6 but it was better than it had been and that was all that mattered. Doe had at least gotten a little more help around the house, she had hired someone to watch the kids when she was working. She had needed the time at the studio in order to feel as though things were normal for her. It was not perfect but it was better. Nothing in life was perfect. She had taken Frankie under her wing, she was carrying the next Karras and with Orion Banished to Greece she felt the young woman needed a little support from the family. Lot was supportive of the idea of helping Frankie and so Doe had been checking in on the girl. Having her over for dinner with the kids. Silas loved her. Silas was also excited about the prospect of another cousin. Another sibling had also been something he asked about. Declaring the boys needed to win again. Doe could only laugh at the logic and wonder how Jason would react when his son told him they needed another boy in the family. With the help, a third kid wouldn’t be terrible but she was not looking to add to the family so soon. She also didn’t think her husband was keen on another. He was, however, keen on keeping her happier than she had been since Persephone had been born. The trip to the Maldives had been a surprise. It was a place she had always wanted to go, and it seemed year 7 was the one that would get them here. They had their private cabana on the water and she had been truly enjoying the past day since they had gotten there. Tonight they were headed to dinner on the beach with the glowing algae and she was rather excited. She had finished getting ready but needed his help zipping her dress. ”Mi Amor?” She called to him. ”Can you get my zipper?”
  3. sleep deprivation

    Doe had not been home very long. Greece had been complicated and it had resulted in her aunt coming to Australia for the time being. Cali had been staying with Atlas and in true Karras form they had been fighting since both feet had hit the ground… It was typical sibling bickering, it reminded her a bit of how she and Lot would fight. It was actually adorable. That and they both had been doting on the kids, and that was all Doe needed. Atlas had Silas for the night. She had needed him to at least get some sleep. Persephone had been sick for a few days and it was starting to kill Doe. The last thing she needed was a whiny boy along with the restless baby and her having very little sleep. She sighed. She had just gotten to sleep and her little girl had started to cough. She moved to the room and she picked up her daughter and looked at her. ”It’s okay my love.” She said picking her up as she moved to the master bedroom to start the shower for a steam shower. She looked at the pouch she had gotten at the apothecary and placed it at the bottom of the shower. It was supposed to help break things up. She leaned against the counter and hummed as she rocked her child. She heard the door and the sound of Jason in the bedroom. ”We’re in here.” She said ”Silas is with Atlas and Calixta… I need someone in this house to get some sleep.” She said as she stood up and moved to the door. ”How was work?” She asked yawning.
  4. Complete Nothing Else Matters (Feb 11 2018)

    Jason had never felt as bad in his life as he did right now. The fight between him and Eudoxia had not been a long one, but it had been quick and venomous. The stress was getting to him, when it never did before. Work was overtaking him. He decided it was best to take a few personal days off. He needed to find Doe. He needed to be with his family. Jason was not going to leave until they'd made up. He had that made up in his mind. He never expected her to just up and leave, even if he had walked away from the fight and told her to. She never left. Maybe there was somebody else. He was gone long hours. He was never really home anymore. Maybe she had found someone else to keep her company. Maybe that is why she chose to leave. To get away from him. He didn't know. It was stupid of him to think that too. Jason made his way to Greece, taking an airplane. He wanted time to just let his mind settle even though magic would have been faster. When he landed on the tarmac, Jason picked up the keys to his rental car, and made his way to where he knew Eudoxia would be staying. He got to the place, and made his way up to the door. He took a deep breath before knocking three times.
  5. Complete Pray You Catch Me (Jan. 21 2018)

    The fallout was predictable, what else did one expect when the news of a secret child got out, not to mention the news that he was 17 and not a small child. Doe had not met the woman who had kept this from the family but she could understand her, Atlas had 5 children with 5 different women. It was the sort of thing that would make any woman think twice not to mention the fact that he was not a sable man before now. Doe was angry too, very angry… Her father, the fact she missed out on the man who had stood in her kitchen. It caused her to sigh heavily. It was a spur of the moment quick trip… She had also not planned to stay too long. Quite honestly she doubted Jason would notice she was gone except he may miss a hot meal or two. Things had just felt so off between them since the baby. Maybe it was her? Then again she had no real idea what was wrong. They had not really had much of a chance to talk to each other. Which had been the worst part of all of this. So much was kept inside of her it had been driving her insane. She folded one of her shirts and tossed it into her suitcase. She had needed to talk to him but if he didn’t come home soon she would be telling him she was going to Greece via note. It was not ideal… but then not much had been ideal. She walked into the bathroom to grab her cosmetics and she heard the door. The kids had been put to bed. Silas had been excited talking about his new uncle. So it was a good thing he was asleep and was not about to tell Jason that Uncle Orion had been over, not before she had a chance to talk him. Placing the bag on her clothes she looked up as Jason entered the room. ”You are home early.” She said with a half smile.
  6. Complete Fatherly (Dec. 9 2017)

    Atlas Karras
    The house was relatively quiet. His daughter had pushed herself too hard and he had caught her nearly pass out in the kitchen. It worried the older Greek man. She had the baby just a few weeks ago and she had already pushed herself in the studio, not to mention she was up with the kids and he was not sure how much he had seen her eat. She had asked him to let it go so long as she went to sleep earlier. He then took the baby monitor from her room and was up in the kitchen with it. Doe was not one to let things go so easily but he would make a big deal of it, he had a feeling it would happen again. She was too stubborn for her own good. So Atlas had taken on the role of waiting for Jason to come home. It had been a late night. Not too uncommon for the head of the MLE once in a while. Atlas was looking over the homes that the realtor had sent him. He was looking for something in the area but thus far nothing had gotten his attention. The one he was looking at now looked promising. He sent a note back to her, he wanted to see it. He smiled at the house and heard the door. Looking up over his cup of tea that was now lukewarm he nodded. ”Jason.” He said quietly. He was not sure of he would want to stay up for a bit and eat or go to bed. ”I have put all three of them to bed, and there is some leftover in the fridge for you. We had Gyros for dinner.”He said with a smile. ”How was work?” Atlas was always conversational and he had become fond of his son in law over the years.
  7. Complete Complete (Nov. 24 2017)

    November 24, 2017 Number 18 Manor Street, Brighton VIC, AUS The idea of another baby after their last had been terrifying. Eudoxia had spent the past ten minutes staring at the sleeping infant when Silas tugged on his mother’s. Putting Silas to bed had been a struggle the past few nights. It had been expected, he had been needier of her time and he wanted to help with the small creature he had been tasked with protecting. Lot had given the boy the run down about being a big brother in the hospital and he had checked in earlier in the day. Doe followed her boy and smiled as he picked out the book, and once he was tucked in she made her way back out to the living room where she had left her husband to tend to Ministry work for a little while. The cat rubbed against her legs as he took his place snuggled next to Silas through the night. With the children both safely asleep she felt comfortable sitting in the living room. ”I believe we have a few hours to ourselves my love.” The Greek sat beside her husband on the couch and curled into his side without bothering what he had been doing. ”Are they surviving without you?” She teased as she felt herself relax for a moment. ”Lot has offered to come stay if you need to head back to work.” She offered. Her brother was over the moon, and honestly the large man holding such a small child was a rather endearing thing to see.
  8. Complete High Noon (Nov 30 2018)

    The choreography was coming along quite nicely. The company had missed her and while they had all come by at some point to see the new baby and bring their gifts it was truly nice to be back in the studio. They had been drilling and filming practice to show her through her time off. She had liked the distraction. It was hard for her to just sit still. Atlas had come to visit, and he had been all too thrilled to watch the little ones. Grandpa duties seemed to suit him well. Doe was just glad he had not brought his girlfriend. The ditzy blonde, while absolutely beautiful, but younger than Petros and that was always just a little awkward at the dinner table. However, if the man was happy, he was happy. Doe had also likely made the woman feel uncomfortable. Not that she had tried to, but she had been about 100 months pregnant when they met. She decided that she would take advantage of her father wanting time with the kids and was headed to the ministry to have lunch with her husband. It had been a while since she had surprised him and she had talked with his secretary first to make sure he was free. Anyone who made her husband’s life easier was someone who deserved lunch as well. After some idle chitchat and showing pictures of the baby to all who asked she was able to slip into his office. ”Hi honey.” She smiled at him. ”Dad has the kids occupied.” Still dressed in the dancewear she sat down across the desk from him. ”Your secretary assured me that you had free time.” she set the lunch she had prepped for them on the desk.”I thought I would bring some of the Moussaka that dad made.” Her father was an excellent cook when he applied himself.
  9. Complete The Future Is Always Up For Grabs (Nov. 26 2017)

    The meeting with the soon-to-be-retired Minister of Magic for Victoria ended, Stuart was glad to have some of that business settled so that the Ministry could remain organised and on top of things in the interim between having a man in charge in the state. Of course, the visit to the old digs had been nice as well, the former Victorian Minister having arrived early so that he could catch up with a few of his old pals and see how they were. Admittedly, he missed the place sometimes, but duty called him elsewhere and so he'd moved up. It helped that the work was more intense and thus kept him busier, meaning he didn't have to spend too much time on his own at the big empty house he lived in. It was too quiet with the kids all gone, even with the border collie that kept him company. But his closest friends had their own things to worry about, so he didn't concern them with his small problem. As he walked through the corridor, the man undid his tie and pulled it off, unbuttoning the top button of his shirt so that he could breathe a little as well. His official business was over for the day, but there was still one social call he was going to make, since the man hadn't been in his office earlier. Stopping by the office of the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Stuart knocked sharply three times, before attempting an awful high-pitched voice. "Roooooom service!" The man coughed afterward, clearing his throat, goddamn, how did some people pull that off? Still, he would be smirking by the time someone responded, either inviting him in or coming to open the door themselves, the man was curious as to how things were going for Jason, and also had some news. If he wasn't in, then he'd just have to leave some kind of prank-o-graph to let him know.
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