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December, 2018
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Ending Term 4

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Found 5 results

  1. out of hiding

    JOSIE WILSON 22 | School Nurse | Former Spencer | Lily Collins Once a student of Tallygarunga herself, Josie has returned as the school nurse beginning in the 2018 school year after graduating from VMU and receiving her certification. She's doing her best to take life one day at a time nowadays and to be true to herself instead of repeating her many and varied mistakes in her younger years. She has a little of trouble sitting still or doing nothing, so if she's not in the hospital wing, she's probably roaming around the grounds, in the library, or meeting with another member of faculty. It is not unusual to see her reading while she is within the hospital wing, either. She's pretty open with the older staff and students alike, but be warned her head still sometimes floats up in the clouds. She can still at times be very sensitive, although she tries to hide it. Could use: just about anything you could think of. Used to have a serious hateship with Leanna Evans in her school years [she was TERRIFIED of her]. GERALDINE "GERRY" RICHTER Sixth Year | Sturt | Joanna "Jojo" Levesuqe Formally a student of St. Andrews, Gerry was among the first to be transferred over to Whitlam Bilby, was sorted into Platypup, and moved on to Sturt. She's got a history of a violent temper, having broken out into fights with both her fists and her wand over the years--something she's been working toward curbing, and containing. She can have a haughty and overbearing attitude at times, but it's all a cover-up to hide her insecurities. She's an incredibly hard worker, always working on her game or her studies to improve herself. In previous years she played on her house quidditch team, and hopes to continue to do so this year as well. She aims to one day work as a potions master, discovering and creating something entirely new. Could use: old / fake friends, rivalries/enemies, past bad relationship [veryy= short-lived?] IRIS GLAUERT Fifth Year | Flinders | Dove Cameron Iris is the sort of girl that is ready to try [most] anything and start whatever project pops in her brain....but seldom ever finishes anything [including her homework]. She's a dreamer, with her brain going in a million places at once. While her biggest dream is to become a fashion designer, she also wants to go trekking around the globe and experience whatever she can, while she can. She's a friendly girl, if a bit clumsy at times, and has spent the last near-decade playing the violin. She also has a secret alias, Rainbow Ice, whose videos are slowly being spread around the internet against her knowledge. Could use: just about anything you could think of. MAIREAD TOWNSEND Fourth Year | Flinders | Chloe Grace Moretz Mairead is a twin to Siobhan, daughter of Rosmunda, and aunt to Gemini. She's moved around a fair amount in her life, and lost both her older sister and father. She's extremely protective of the family that she has left. She puts a lot of weight into her looks, which her veela blood accentuate. What one sees on the outside is often quite different on the inside. She might appear humble, outgoing, and hates anything tedious. Inside she's doing what she can to gain the attention of others, leaving no small effort undone, is very shy, and finds small tasks to be relaxing. She can appear friendly and sociable, but inside she is criticizing everyone around her. ELOISE GRAY Grade Four | --- | Elle Fanning this is a placeholder!!!
  2. Complete what they say

    Iris Glauert
    The sun was blasting and hot, as it had been for some time. This was Iris' least favorite part of the year. Her pale, fragile skin burned so easy, easily enough, in fact, that she was forced to wear thin, long sleeves and leggings underneath her sundress, and a large, wide-brimmed hat sat upon her head. The school year had come around once more, and she was already enjoying her term, and the slowly gained freedom that each year brought to her class choices. In all honesty, despite how poor a student she could be at times, she wanted to try so many different classes, but didn't have the time. Much to her displeasure, even as she continued to age, unless she was able to get a lid on it and discipline herself,she'd never be able to take all the classes she wanted anyway. She shrugged and kicked a pebble, watching as it bounced along. She wasn't about to let that get her down. She hopped onto a small boulder, walking from it to the next with her arms out for balance as she moved slowly along near the creek. With her family being as local as it was, she was able to stay at home, returning each day after school's end. She wondered what the dorm life was like, but also liked that she could keep the comfort of home so long as she wished to. Her movements slowly added bounce to them as she smiled wide. "I say we'll go where nobody knows with guns hidden under our petticoats. Now we're never gonna quit it, no, we're never gonna quit it no~" The blonde sang as she moved.
  3. Invite be that girl

    Knowing she had a right home that evening, Iris decided to spend some of her spare time withing her house's common room. She didn't get to spend as much time with her her housemates outside of classes as she would have liked, so when she had the opportunity to be around them, she always took it. This was usually more readily available at the other end of the year, when winter came and she wasn't going to be doing the walk, or even a bicycle ride, back to Narragyambie Getting up from the chair she'd been curled and upside-down in, Iris moved her way around the common room, putting this book back in a case, pulling that one out and leaving it atop the nearest surface. Small changes, hopefully nothing anyone would mind. She took a seat on the floor in front of another chair, looking up at the occupant, studying them for a moment. Her coloring book and markers that had been in the chair she'd formally occupied were already forgotten. "Hey... what's that you're reading? Is it any good?"
  4. Kalea Taylor

    Open Name Tally Student Suggested Play-by: Open Female Face Claim [PoC preferred] Key Facts Is either in her fifth, or sixth year. Age dependent on what year she's in, and time of year born [hence the range] Excellent camera / computer skills The name in the title is not even a suggestion, I seriously just.... pulled it out of nothing. Feel free to make whatever name you want! Just please avoid a first name starting with A, or a last name starting with W. Appearance No particular requests for appearance. Just that, once more, she is a PoC. Whether full or mixed doesn't matter to me. I'd just love more diversity. Connections Personality Iris Glauert - Best friend. They started the Rainbow Ice project when Iris was 13 [so second year ish, she started school a year late.] Alexander Winfield - Co-conspirator? Mutual friend in Iris. I don't have a lot for her, really! She's definitely a bit sneaky, at the very least--she's been uploading the home videos of Iris doing covers under alias Rainbow Ice behind her back. I don't imagine that she's got a shy personality, on the contrary, I think she's very bold and outgoing and upfront. Otherwise she's totally open here. History Outside of what is listed above, I have nothing for history. This is entirely up to the player! Plot Points Contact Rainbow Ice project. Alex is trying to get Iris out of her shell to perform and do some covers with him. Maybe she helps conspire about all this with him? Maybe she shows him the videos and such that were uploaded to the net? Own personal development -- I don't want her to be JUST someone for Iris. I want this to be a character as much fro the player as it is for me. Feel free to make your own plots and development lines, really breathe in some life. Shell~ PM or Discord me
  5. Iris Glauert

    Iris Glauert
    Iris was the middle child of a family that seldom sat still. Everyone had their own thing, everyone was always busy. It seemed as if someone was always on their way in or out the door. Her days were busy, filled with playing on her own or chasing after one of her two sisters. Unlike the other two, she relished quiet time when it came, taking the time to use play-doh, read, or her favorite, color. Despite some of the apparent differences between each of the siblings, there was something besides blood and blonde hair that tied them all together--music. Her family was very musically inclined, including her parents. All the girls had been pushed to learn to master at least one instrument, had been pushed to try and sing. It was to instill some sense of culture, she supposed. Iris had chosen the violin for it's beautiful, warm tones. By the time she was seven, she had firm memories of weekly jam sessions on Friday nights with her family at home, the smiles on everyone's faces. Beginning her primary education wasn't easy. She struggled to be away from her immediate family for very long, and was entirely uncooperative when they had tried the previous year After school, if her parents weren't home, the girls sat with a babysitter. As time passed, the eldest would become the babysitter herself. Iris didn't struggle to make friends, and while she found the length of the school day difficult to adjust to as she moved up to Tally proper, it wasn't a bad experience. She lost some friends, gained others. She found she was an average student. Despite her intelligence, she simply didn't have the drive or ability to keep her nose firmly down in her studies. Her mind frequently wandered--what were her friends up to, what adventures awaited her outside, what did the rest of the world look like? She had endless desires to see and explore and do, to try new things. Blossoming into her teen years, she began to pick up a love for fashion. She began doodling in notebooks, making magazine clippings, doing whatever she could to put together something new. She loved the creativity and innovation involved, and began to dream of a day when she might one day be a designer herself. It was also around this time that she began,at the urging of one of her friends, started singing covers. Unbeknownst to her, they weren't just kept as a home video type deal--they were being uploaded to the internet.