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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 194 results

  1. A Small Start

    "...This is embarrassing..." Jamie didn't remember the last time he'd gone to a library. Not even during school time - his grades were naturally decent and he never felt the need to increase them, and as such he never bothered to study much past the books already included in the school curriculum. Yet, there he was - in the middle of one of the many aisles of Narragyambie's local wizarding library, mortified as he gauged the sheer amount of books before him. He had agreed to join Robin in the Reserve every now and then; only after he left had Jamie realized he didn't know a thing about magical creatures. It would likely be quite dangerous for him to dive into things without knowing heads from tails of possibly deadly creatures. While he was a bit of a daredevil himself, he didn't want to place his friend in danger, nor did he wish to cause her to lose access to the area. "Where do I even start...?" He muttered to himself as his eyes consumed the titles of a myriad books pertaining to the topic, scratching the back of his head in confusion while doing so. Should he just pick a random book and get on with it? Should he opt for the humiliating path of starting with a first year book and go from there? What was he to do?
  2. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    Olivia Teagarden
    It hadn’t been too early in the morning when Liv had heard the news, she was sure her heart stopped beating for a brief moment. She probably shouldn’t even feel like that, she probably shouldn’t be allowed to feel the way she was feeling, but she could have sworn that something had a tight grip on her chest, not letting her breathe and not letting her heart beat properly. The first thought that ran through her mind was Travis, where was he? How was he? Was he injured or dead? She didn’t know what happened, she simply heard the name of the street and house number, the same house she had been in previously. She didn’t know the woman, but she knew her son. The day had started with a shock, Liv knew Travis had nothing to do with it, but rumours spread quickly, and she even had gotten upset with a few students that were making comments. She probably shouldn’t have grown so attached to him, she was unable to do her job properly, even getting upset with no reason. It was clear that she was on edge, anyone who knew her well enough could see how her eyes lacked that spark, and how temperatures began to rise near her. She was heartbroken for the young man, and she was enraged. Was she even allowed to? Travis was precious to her, and what had happened most likely broke him even more. She didn’t have that many details, but she knew that Travis was alive, she just wasn’t sure how he was, emotionally probably angry, mentally probably broken. Liv couldn’t help to feel a bit guilty over it. She couldn’t know that was going to happen, but she still felt the guilt sneaking up behind, poking at her, making fun of her. She tried to remain calm, start with work to keep her mind off of things, but it didn’t work how she had planned. She wanted to talk to Travis, she wanted to see how he was doing, she wanted to be there for him, but at the same time she couldn’t leave her post, it was like luck wasn’t on her side. She also couldn’t keep doing the job, after firing a condescending remark to a student, boiling potions just my touching them, breaking a few glasses, and almost melting the handle of the door, she had to check on Travis, or the Hospital Wing was going to burn, no matter who or what was in it. Liv’s last remaining option was to get Travis to come to her, and he did. He was physically unharmed, and when she laid her eyes on him, she was able to breathe again. She felt relieved that he was alright, above everything else, seeing him brought a little comfort to her, a fake comfort, she knew his state of mind wasn’t the best. Some people didn’t even notice, and those that did sneak out of the clinic, Liv watched them leave, but ultimately Travis had her attention as she led him towards a quieter location, she didn’t speak a word until they were out of sight and prying eyes. “Travis…” she couldn’t form the correct words. What was she going to tell him? Sorry? Sorry wasn’t enough. She wrapped her arms around him, trying to give him as much comfort at she could possibly give him, given the situation. She held him tight, she knew her body temperature was too high, but one’s anger just doesn’t disappear, it takes time and patience. She didn’t open her mouth to speak, she just held him close, waiting for the right moment to say something. “Travis…I’m so sorry.” She finally spoke, she couldn’t even bring herself to give him a smile.
  3. Invite A new reality

    Jo Estrada
    After texting Ash a few times, Jo finally got prepared to take Dani to see the house and she prayed that her sister was there, Ash was a lot better at those things than she was. On the bright side Dani had agreed so maybe Jo was doing something right? Yeah that was probably it. Jo didn’t remember what happened when she was adopted, she was still too young to remember and if she wasn’t so different from Ash, maybe she wouldn’t even know she was adopted, she believed her parents only told her about the adoption because she was a Dhampir. The differences were too big not to be noticed and with age, Jo started to learn and feel things that it wasn’t normal, considering most human kids. Jo made sure they were out of the school and away from it. The social worker had a car and Jo’s motorcycle was just there. Didn’t take them too long to get to the Estrada Family house, during that time of the day they could easily get around town without being stuck in traffic. Upon arriving to the house, Jo became a bit more nervous than she should, it certainly wasn’t normal of her to do such a thing, she was always so calm. They got inside and Jo’s nervousness grew. Where the fuck was Ash? She turned to Dani and smile, leading everyone to the living room, where she finally found Ash. She could simply use her nose to know that her sister was there. Was the nervousness getting to her? Probably. “So, this is the Estrada house, that’s my sister Ashley.” Jo spoke approaching her sister and taking a deep breath, now she could start to calm down, Ash was there, Ash could help Jo, maybe, and she could also mention things that Jo might have forgotten. Jo turned to Dani and then to the social worker, who ended up waiting outside like it had done previously during the meeting. “There’s four bedrooms, an attic and a basement, oh and this floor, this is the living room, next compartment is the kitchen, both have access to the back yard…and there’s a pool…” she tried to be as accurate as she could, but that probably wasn’t what Dani wanted to hear. There were many other things that concerned the Dhampir, and bedrooms and basements and pools weren’t those things.
  4. Invite Alliance of Protec

    Even though he'd moved to Narrie, he couldn't just -not- give Shane business. What kind of friend would he be if he did that? Not to mention it had still been the primary hangout for himself, a few friends and his cousins. No matter where he would've been located, it couldn't change that very important fact within his mind. While it meant he needed to put a bit more effort getting to Melbourne it ended up being something that wasn't too big of a deal at the end of the day. Keeping the newly minted violin case with him he slid it under the table to one of the booths before sitting down, making sure to hide it just in case anyone he knew had walked in and became far too curious on -why- he had been carrying one. Coming straight from an Underground gig meant he didn't have the time he run back home and place it in its safe little nook in his room. His hand raising up towards one of the waitresses that took orders for the bar. "Hey, can you get me a White Russian and an order of nachos? Thanks." He leaned back while stretching both of his arms towards the sky and expelling out a gentle sigh. He hadn't expected Jamie or Alex to show up tonight, with the both of them most likely busy with work or whatever PR stunt Jamie's manager had wanted the young man to get himself into. That particular bit left a sour taste within his mouth but what more could he do except be supportive? If anything were to happen to either of his cousins he'd just have to pick them back up, dust them off and offer every ounce of his strength when they needed it. As such he expected a lonely night, whether that had been a good thing or not he wasn't fully sure about. Once his drink and food arrived his hand curled around the old fashioned glass and picked it up, pressing the edge of it to his lips and taking a conservative sip from it. "Man. . . This is really good." Cole rather enjoyed cocktails, a way to imbibe in a fun and flashy way without immediately getting sloshed. What other way had there been to truly enjoy a drink?
  5. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    The shift to Narrie hadn't been too hard, even managing to connect with people that made the entire process of living in it far easier too. It also put him closer to his Parents and Aunt. Personally, he felt that had been a better option at any rate in order to keep a better eye on them while still being able to travel towards Melbourne with the same amount of ease due to the use of magic. Even if Alex didn't really find his choice of movement very palatable he also figured it would give her more reason to visit Narrie as well. A dastardly plan to make a beneficial choice for many that had been involved with him. It also made it so that he could find better places to practice, somewhere that wouldn't disturb too many people not with the current weather as it had been of late. With his grasps: one hand held a well maintained violin while the other held a recently waxed bow for it. Taking in a deep breath, he brought the instrument against his shoulder, chin cradling within the rest intended for ease and comfortability of the neck while placing the soft edge of the bow along the row of strings. This instrument had been unique in one singular manner, it'd been manufactured and designed with a magical core giving it the unique presence in place of a wand. A method that had actually been used by a famous artist and Violinist that lived within Melbourne. Positioning himself on top of a rock for even further comfortability he started to press the edge of the bow along the strings as a gentle melodic cry pulsed through the air. Causing it to vibrate with a wavering magical energy, the slight crackle of it caused the blades of grass to stand upwards in a small area around him as if electrified. "So, that's how it works. . . Hahaha, oh this is going to be fun." An almost childish smile creased along his face and he began to play in a far more intentionally arranged way. (The Upside - Lindsey Stirling ) As the music resounded it seemed to catch the attention of the nearby water in the lake, causing it to burst upwards in various segments like a geyser following the tempo and rhythm that the instrument had been wavering through the air. His eyes watching as each burst of water reacted, captivated by the potency of the instrument and the unique response that his violin seemed to pull.
  6. Invite Life changing story

    Bella had been slightly more anxious for the break, she hadn’t been paying too much attention in class either and she had been unable to get a decent night sleep after the encounter she had a few weeks ago with a fae. The story still seemed unreal, but she had obtained the photograph from her grandmother, she had actually taken the family album, that way would be a lot easier to see through all the photos throughout the years, and it would be a lot easier to carry than loose photographs. She sat on her bed and looked at the album, looking at the photos that had been taken long before she was born until the present day, her grandmother still liked to take photos. It was time to go, the longer she waited, the longer it would take for her to get all the information. “Alright Jester, it’s now or never.” she began getting ready, slowly, she was trying to relax, trying to see things in a positive way. Where the man lived wasn’t too far, she could easy arrive, however, while she was taking her time in order to calm down, it happened to have the opposite effect. Bella was getting more nervous and anxious with every passing minute. Several ideas kept showing in her mind as she thought if going was the right thing to do, as far as she was concerned, he could be lying to her . . . he didn’t look like he was, she was probably just being stupid as always. She stopped worrying too much about the situation. She left a note on the kitchen table, she didn’t know how long she was going to take, it was best if others wouldn’t wait for her. She finally left the house with the photo album, if she remembered correctly, the older man lived in Melbourne’s North, once she arrives there, she only needs to find the correct house. In a few minutes, Bella arrived at Melbourne’s North and looked at the address he had given her. She began walking, searching for the place, hoping that the walk would clear her mind and that would help her focus, she couldn’t start acting like a chicken who had its head cut off, she had to be calm about it, there was no point stressing over something that she doesn’t even know how it will end. Finally, she could see the right property. She looked at the paper and looked at the doorbell, she continued to look back and forth between the two before shoving the paper in her coat’s pocket. She was trying to delay touching the doorbell, she was sure she had a reason, a poor one, delaying would only make things worse. Finally gathering some courage, she rang the doorbell and waited for someone to pick up from the other side. “He-hello…I…I’m…I’m Isabella Mayfield.” She took a deep breath and tried to stay calm, all she wanted to do was turn around and go back home, but it took everything she had to stay. “I’m here to talk to Mr. Windum…”
  7. Invite Soul Overture

    Laurie Kempf
    It had been a night of silent reflection for Laurie. Max had displayed some worry about her, but the younger Spencer shrugged it off and told her not to concern herself with it as she always did (the irony of which didn't escape her). Not a month and a half before it started to sink in that she may have grievously wronged the Auclair sisters, they both show up in Narragyambie. What were the odds? It threw Laurie for a loop. She had originally intended to wait it out and solve their problems during next year's Durmstrang Summer break, but she had ran out of luck. She either had to face the music now or suffer the permanent consequences later, as she was unlikely to return on a consistent basis once December rolled around. She wasn't so idiotic so as to take on both at once. She decided to take on the easiest task first - Gwendoline - to survey the field and get a feel for how difficult things would be with Colette. To her surprise, the youngest of the sisters seemed quite chipper in their initial meeting, something scheduled over direct messaging in QuillBook without Colette's knowledge. "Look who it is! Damn, I'm taller than you now!" Came the familiar German words, along with a pat to the head to emphasize how short Laurie was. She didn't seem too bothered by the treatment, and decided to spend some time with the blonde so to catch up and show her around. It took Laurie a few hours until she decided to bring up the elephant in the room. "So... Where's your sister?" The older Spencer asked as they walked down a street, hands loosely tucked into magically loosened pockets. Gwendoline tilted her head in confusion at the framing of the question. "Going straight for the kill, huh? Not even asking how she's doing." "I think I have a pretty good idea." "Fair enough." They were (or had once been) best friends after all - and, if she recalled correctly, Laurie had alluded to Colette's ignoring of her existence was to be expected the day before on the wizarding social media platform. "You want me to take you to her, don't you?" "Probably for the best." "Mm." Gwendoline had already tried to beat Colette over the head with the matter but got rebuffed astoundingly quickly; remembering her compromise to at least considering listening to Laurie if she talked to her of her own volition, the taller girl gave Laurie a nod. "Alright. Follow me." It took them a little while to make the trek from Calder Avenue to the rich side of town, and McEwen Lane in particular. They were living large, courtesy of their Ministry-related savings, and Laurie let out a low whistle so to compliment exactly that. "You can come over whenever you want, y'know? You've always been family." "Something tells me I should probably stay away for a while. After this little meetup anyway. You know where to find me though." Gwendoline nodded, understanding what she meant. It would be nothing short of awkward if Laurie were to inhabit the house to an extent while Colette was under the same roof and not at all comfortable with it. Entering the house, Gwendoline didn't bother showing Laurie around, taking her hand and quickly guiding her upstairs to Colette's bedroom, where she hoped the half-Veela would be. Letting go, she knocked a few quick times on the wooden door. "Special delivery!" She spoke loudly for Colette to hear from within the room. That could mean anything; at least, it would hopefully trick the girl into opening the door before a possible complete disregard for Laurie's existence.
  8. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    It was supposed to be an early afternoon like many others - every few days, May Bowen would gather every bit of courage (as well as restraint) in her youthful body that she possibly could muster and would make the trek to Tallygarunga to visit none other than Olivia Teagarden. Even after a good month and a half of working on the matter of rekindling their friendship - successfully, as far as May was aware - she couldn't shake the uncertainty that came with the territory: ultimately, she was putting the half-Veela in danger willingly. But it had been something that the woman consciously made the decision for, despite May's concerns. Who was she to say no at that point? But, why wasn't it such a normal afternoon? For one, the town was shaken up by a recent gruesome murder that took the halfbreed community by storm. A woman had been completely torn apart, and the connection to a werewolf sun had been circulating. An Auror had discussed with her the fact that such wasn't the case - while the killer had definitely been a werewolf, the child was not to blame. For two, as May reached the door within the Hospital Wing to enter Olivia's office, she could feel a sense of distress and exasperation within the room proper. Halting herself before she could knock, the Dhampir took a moment to focus her senses on what was beyond the door separating the pair. There was nobody else in the room, and no sign of danger. Had something happened? A sense of deep concern tugged at the Dhampir's heartstrings. She proceeded to hurriedly give the door a few quick knocks before moving her hand to the handle, turning it open and peeking her head in once the door was sufficiently ajar. "Liv?" She called out to her friend in concern, her gaze inspecting her for any tell that scent and hearing couldn't provide.
  9. Leap of Faith

    Samantha Hammond
    It seemed that luck struck twice within a week - Samantha and Amber had managed to make some time to hang out again on Thursday, two days before Amber's birthday. That afternoon coincided with Amber's rest day, of course, as well as Samantha's scheduled day off for the week. The pair had set about walking around town, with no set course in mind, just wanting to take in the feeling of freedom instead of forcing themselves to do something. Or so Amber insisted, at least, outright refusing tagging along with Samantha on a second fishing trip. The two eventually walked up a street with a few seemingly Muggle kids (from their assumptions) playing with a rugby ball. Eventually, one threw the ball far too high; it flew all the way to the roof of a nearby house. as it rolled downwards it got stuck in its gutters on the edge instead of falling, resulting in a collective whine and groan about their misfortune. "Hey! We can get that for 'em, right?" Amber nudged Samantha's elbow whom proceeded to survey the scene - the house had a rather tall foundation and she was unsure if she could make the climb without giving away the fact she wasn't exactly a human. "You could try, I guess..." It would make more sense for Amber to give it a shot - always the daredevil, people would believe it more if she retrieved the object. Nevertheless, as she ran up to the wall of the house to try to give herself some momentum and boost herself upwards, she always fell consistently short of the roof - it didn't help that the house was in a rough state, conditioning the quality of her ascent to begin with. "Damn it." Amber gave up after her third attempt, looking up at one end of the ball sticking out of the roof. Reaching down to grab a loose rock, the Spencer aimed and threw it at the offending ball; her plan backfired as the ball didn't dislodge itself, instead withdrawing further into the gutter from the impact. For a moment she shook her head in disappointment and considering breaking into the property as it was abandoned as far as she could tell, but then her eyes widened as she had an idea. A much, much better idea. "Hey Sammich, come with me." Before Samantha could protest, her wrist had been grasped by the cousin and she was being dragged around the house and to its back. Looking over the shoulder while she let Amber have her way, she frowned as she noticed the kids giving up and walking away from their playing space. Once around the back of the house, she was let go. "Boost me up!" "What?" She looked up at the roof, and at Amber. Was she insane? "What if someone sees?" "Do ya see somebody around here? C'mon, just a little boost." Samantha was a Veela - surely, her increased strength would make for an easier time making the climb. Begrudgingly, the Bourke obeyed her cousin's request - after looking around, of course, and spotting nobody in the surrounding back lawns. "Okay, okay..." Placing her hands in the appropriate position, Samantha waited for Amber to place her foot down on her palms. "On three." She said once the girl did. "One, two... Three!" With a rough push upwards, Samantha gave Amber a sizable amount of momentum - so much so the Spencer would've equated it to flying. "WHOA!" Came the yell as the girl hurtled through the air, so much so she managed to land on her feet atop the various broken shingles, crouching momentarily to keep her balance with the inclination. She ignored the shushing sound the Veela sent her way and gave her a thumbs up instead before deftly dashing to the other side of the roof, grabbing the lone rugby ball, and aiming it towards the general direction of the children walking away. "HEY, KIDS!" She yelled out at the same time Samantha was making her way around the house. "CATCH!" Just as she had spoken and the children had turned around, she threw the rugby ball at them with frightening accuracy. One of the kids caught it and they erupted in cheers and gratitude, soon returning to their game; Samantha then waited in front of the house for Amber to decide to get down, an event that never came. "What are you doing?" She inquired as the Spencer seemingly hesitated to come down. "I'm stayin' here a while! The view's great!" Samantha's eyes widened in exasperation - for all the times Amber's love for altitude could strike, that wasn't the best one. "Plus, wanna bet this is a haunted house? We should totally explore it!" "Amber, get down, please..." The Bourke was very close to kneeling and praying to all that was holy to send her help to deal with her cousin's... antics.
  10. School visits

    The blonde was hopping that this day would turn out better than the previous one. After the prank she wasn’t quite in the mood for anything, and she did manage to remove most of the glowing substance, with the help of her father, who seemed to have had some trouble with it. She only glowed a bit, mostly on her neck, a spot on her forehead and some of her arm, nothing too extreme, and something that could potentially go unnoticed, unless people would stare or if someone pointed them out, like her sister had done a few times after the majority of the glowing had disappeared. She was going to attend one of the classes, Cruel & Unusual Geography, and interesting yet easy subjected, considering that that she had a great tutor at home. There was nothing else interesting in the area, minus some students who seemed to be going to classes. Her uniform was … awful, the lack of fashion in that school was horrible, why couldn’t they just wear whatever they want? Why did it have to be these stupid, ugly uniforms? The dress was the ugliest thing, but also the only piece of clothing that could help her withstand the temperatures. She had a feeling when Summer comes, she was going to turn into a puddle. The class had gone by quickly. Did they call that a class? It was a joke, they barely learnt anything. What kind of school was that? She hopped that other classes weren’t lacking like this one was, or when the new school year starts, she wasn’t even going to bother to study, she could easily ace all the classes with this barely mediocre teaching. She existed the class, her face showing a certain superiority, as if she was smarter than everyone in the classroom, including the Professors. That school was a joke and shouldn’t be eligible to teach, who were they trying to trick? She exited the classroom and hung around the area, maybe there will be another class worth going to, a class where the Professor wasn’t a waste meat suit walking around pretending to teach.
  11. Feel The Glow

    Colette Auclair
    What was that crap all about? Who had been the asshole that decided to prank the Sturt Quidditch team? They should be locked in a cage like a rabid animal. She thought Australia would be better, but it seemed to be full of idiots. Who was showing her around had gotten the biggest portion, making them even brighter than her. Colette gathered a her cool, she couldn’t even visit campus in peace without falling victim of a juvenile prank. It reminded her of how annoying her sister could be, with the difference that her sister probably wasn’t smart enough to pull this, maybe in a few years. She was slightly impressed, not that she would ever admit it to anyone, and whoever confronts her about it, will receive a cold stare that will most likely chill their spine. Whoever did it was going to pay dearly for making her look like a walking glow stick. Who even does that? Who in their right mind pulls a prank like this? “I swear whenever I catch the bastard that did this, I’m freezing their sorry ass.” She thought to herself as her fingers touched her forehead, massaging it a little. She wasn’t even planning to unto the prank, to stop looking like a firefly, what was the point? It was going to disappear soon enough. The blonde left the Quidditch player go wherever they needed to go, just like her they were probably annoyed at the situation. First few days in that school and she had already been caught in a prank, that probably wasn’t even meant for her. Walking down the halls, arms crossed, she tried to make sense of where she was, and to where she needed to go. Where were the maps to that fucking place? Maybe she should have requested some assistance like her sister did, but she wasn’t going to admit that Gwen had done something right. Muttering something under her breath, she walked towards a few tables and benches and sat down, leaning her back on the table and crossing on leg over the other as her chin rested on the palm of her hand. She looked like she was ready to hold someone’s neck and break it, she was still upset over the fact that she was now a glow stick, even if temporarily. She remained quiet, waiting for the time to pass, and hoping to avoid people as much as she could, during classes that sounded a perfect location.
  12. Invite How High Can You Go?

    Tyson McKennis
    While he was no Narrie resident there were very few things in the world that the young aspiring athlete couldn't ignore. A discount on food, given his situation, had been the largest godsend of it all and organized activities that had been geared towards most likely keeping a healthier lifestyle amongst the populace. Inspiring them and incentivizing, not unlike how some coaches managed their times in his opinion. Tyson could tell the difference between those that had been accustomed to the activities and those that had still had been learning, finding their place and mostly by how key individuals had been standing on the side assisting and teaching. As for himself, it hadn't been his first rodeo in engaging the war between the agility of man against the well placed design of the walls, often finding it as an opportunity to keep his body strength up in an extremely unique way even if it hadn't been done often. He made his way over towards one of the taller ones, something about it called to him, demanded that it be challenged by the young daredevil. What more could he do than oblige it of the call it seemed to sang in its imposing statue? That had been when he started to sit down onto the ground, hands checking along his sneakers, tightening the laces and affixed the footwear to settle around his ankle comfortably to avoid any serious injuries through inadequate safety. Then he started to pull finger-less gloves out of a sports bag, pulling them on to his hands and tightening the Velcro latches right against his wrists and firmly double tapped them into place with a smoothed rub that followed right after. The young man huffed to himself taking in the air and pushed himself up from the ground giving a free stretches to make loosen up his limbs, surely enough time to get his body prepared while he awaited for a good opportunity to approach the wall. It looked like it'd been a good turn out too, which seemed like a positive outcome in his books.
  13. Fear of living

    Lexi Stewart
    What was Lexi doing in a place like that? She couldn’t even answer that question herself. After the Boggarts’ class she had been paying attention to everything and everyone, it wasn’t easy living like that and she didn’t want to worry Chloe with meaningless worries, they were her own and her sister needed to focus on her studies. Lexi wasn’t much of a scholar, she studied enough to be a good student, not perfect, but good enough, but Chloe? Chloe was the best student, she was smart and as much as Lexi wished she had her sister’s patience to study, she just couldn’t stand still for too long, she had to be doing something. After wondering she ended up at the Creek, she still didn’t know why she was there, but at least it was a good place to relax, have an inner conversation with herself for a few seconds before her mind starts wondering off, making little sceneries in her mind, and eventually making herself laugh like she was a psychiatric patient that had escaped the hospital. The ground wasn’t wet, but it was still cold from the Winter, the season of life had only started recently, and everything was still recovering from the season of death, where everything withers and dies before blooming again for a new cycle. She laid back and closed her eyes, she started humming a song, but it didn’t take long for her body to enjoy the stillness, and she eventually fell sleep. Dreams were nice, except imagining the days walking by, slowly, from the fall and rise of the sun could be a bit scary, if the date on the calendar was Lexi’s birthday. Just like the Boggart had scared her, the dream did the same, it was more effective than the Boggart, making Lexi wake up quickly, her heart beating fast from the idea of dying. “Fudge!” she shouted, trying to catch her breath.
  14. Invite Hunter's Respite

    Travis Franklin
    Distance, distance seemed like a good thing in his mind. The numbness that had originally been present with him at first when he met with Liv had long subsided into the ever present aching pain. That point where emotion itself had been so intense that physical signs wrecked across the body like burning fissures about to crack through the surface of the ground. A geyser of anger, hatred, and regret that didn't show any signs of actively being quelled, of ever dying down into viable levels for him to not dwell on. It wasn't the only reason he sough distance, it hadn't been for his own safety. That had long been tossed out the window in his mind, finding that backing off for the sake of the safety of his life caused the backlash that it had. Part of him had reverted back to what he had been, at least taking the route of trying to protect people from the shadow of bloodlust that seemed to follow him. Except with the obviousness nature of it being with actual reason: How much did the Hunter that stalked him like prey know? Those that had been close to him, that he interacted with? There'd been no doubt in his mind that even taking temporary refuge in what had used to be Old Man Mackey's shack would hide him out of reach, that he'd been under some form of animalistic 'surveillance'. Travis hadn't been hiding away from the authorities that would've been foolish, even he knew that. Though he also took the foolish step of refusing any form of 'protection' they were going to offer. Trust them? As if they had done him or his kind any favors and given the manner of the attack on his Mother it would've been as much of a watchful protection as it would be to monitor him for others that still held the visage that he'd been the culprit that screamed, 'The one arm man did it.' The shack wasn't homey, it was utterly crap. The obvious signs of being damaged, in disrepair in several places where the more severe elements seemed to have caused parts of the wall and roof to need to be replaced or amended. A simple task for someone with a bit of magic at their hand but he wanted it to look as unlived in as possible, the hope that it wouldn't be someone's first idea to try and check for him. Inside, lined on the counter had been a series of books that seemed to some form of advanced subject of magic involving curses and various other esoteric forms along that line. Different forms of objects and empty vials rested just above it as if he'd been planning or something. Whether he chosen to give chase once more. . . That remained to be seen in his mind but no longer could he just sit by and expect nothing to happen, he needed to be prepared.
  15. Invite Effects of External Conditions

    Lisa Knotley
    It had been months since the Quidditch Captains had started that little dance of theirs - Aspen would visit Lisa in her Sturt girl's dormitory room, would conveniently forget to leave, and in the next morning Lisa would sneak her out of the Common Room with a legally questionable bag that had an extension charm cast upon it. That day was no different - as it was Saturday and Aspen didn't have work to do the following morning, they agreed to spending the night together as normal. For roughly a month at that point, however, things had been different - at least, on Lisa's end. While her girlfriend slept like a log in her arms, there had been many a times when the Sturt was jolted awake from nightmares that began surfacing ever since one fateful Defense Against the Dark Arts lecture. Visions of her brother's death in action haunted her dreams. At first it was every now and then, but the more Lisa realized the underlying reason in them, the more frequent they became. It was one such night. Lisa's eyes shot open and perspiration accumulated on her forehead as she woke up from what felt like the millionth nightmare in a row, hair starting to stick to her forehead. Her body felt too hot despite it being the Winter due to the adrenaline rushing through her veins, and she hoped that the small twitch her body made upon waking up from the frightening scenario was not strong enough to wake Aspen from her slumber. "...For crying out loud, not again..." The girl whispered in frustration as she brought a hand to her face, barely audibly. Looking over at the Bourke in her arms, she momentarily considered trying to escape just so she could get a glass of water - her throat was parched to the point it was starting to ache.
  16. Invite Down Memory Lane

    Diana had very much been looking forward to that day - it was a rite of passage in the Wizarding World, the day one finally had the opportunity to acquire the various materials that would help them throughout the first school year; and, more importantly, the day when their first wand would be purchased. It was an important day in Gideon's life and she battled heaven and hell to be able to be present, despite her crippling schedule. It caught her off guard that the Fairgoods had requested her to bring Theodore along to purchase what he needed for his second year. Even if she didn't get along with the boy too much, she couldn't exactly deny the request: she lived in the couple's home after all, and to do so would be nothing short of rude. An Apparition to Narragyambie and some involuntary retching later on the part of the young boy, and they set off to pick up Gideon from the Whitlam Bilby dormitories. "Now, where should we start...?" Diana pondered aloud as the trio wandered down Tallygarunga Road. They had to go for Theodore's books, even if Gideon's were already covered for; it felt like where they should go first, if only to get the obnoxious young boy's things out the way and so she could properly focus on Gideon's big day. "Let's buy Ted's books first. You get to look around in the meantime, hm?" The blonde led the pair into such a store, and let Theodore go gather whatever it was she needed while standing near the entrance of the store. Wrapping an arm around her brother's shoulders as a simple gesture of affection, she smiled at him. "How are you feeling? Ready to start a new chapter of your life?" The mild pun brought a smile to Diana's own lips as she was a writer by trade.
  17. Invite Watch Your Step

    Amber Cross
    The longer that excruciatingly annoying day went on, the more Amber became convinced that Harvey the Creepy Bastard was an escape artist. She had lost sight of the pygmy puff more than once (quite humiliating for a Seeker!) - how could such a small, slow little fur ball be so crafty? That final time, she had lost the little animal near the exit of Tallygarunga. After extensive search, she found the creature in the Murrigal Bushland - atop a tree, no less, perched on a branch with its little beady eyes trained on the Spencer. "Is this an April Fool's joke outta season or somethin'...?" Samantha owed her big time for 'looking after' Harvey, she thought. As usual, there wasn't even so much of a squeak or twitch from the creature as she confronted it from ground level; and thus, she was faced with the task of having to go up to bring it to safety. Agile as she was, climbing the tree was no issue, nor was balancing herself on the branch. The challenge was not to make her prey jump off and escape after such a tiresome search. "I promise I'll feed you your bugs if you stay put, okay?" She called out to Harvey in a low tone as she crouched on the branch, inching closer and closer to it over time. The creature didn't move still, looking at her in the same blank manner as it always did. However, just as Amber was about to grasp its fuzzy body, it finally made its play and deliberately jumped off of the branch. "No!" The Spencer instinctively dropped down as well, fearing for its safety and taking a hold of it in mid air; though, it wasn't meant to go well, as her concern for Harvey's well being made her neglect her own. She didn't have time to fall properly as she held the pygmy puff up during the fall, and ended up crashing down onto the ground, free arm caught between the grass and her own body. She could practically hear her humerus crack upon impact, which made her cry out with the pain. Her body jolted with the sudden agony, causing Harvey to jump off of her head and land on the beanie-covered head triumphantly. "God damn it!" The girl hissed through gritted teeth as she pressed her forehead to the ground in a vain attempt of making the pain lessen, gripping the limb on reflex and inadvertently making it worse.
  18. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Most people would attribute it to complete lunacy that Chloe had chosen the middle of the final week of the third term to sit down in the school's Library for a good old fashioned study session. In her mind, it was perfectly justified - she knew that she wouldn't have as much time during the next term as most others to study for the SPIDER exams due to effectively having two jobs (and some things just demanded that type of sacrifice), so she might as well get some preemptive material done with. At least her grandparents were no longer in the country to bother her. Her mother had, fortunately, granted her leave for that day from Muay Thai. She told the woman she was to stay at school, and didn't give much detail as to why - she was fairly suspicious over Aneko only ever agreeing to it because she was under the belief it was some sort of social event. At the same time she managed to dodge Lexi, whom would most certainly drag her away from books if she were to see the Sturt. Fortunately, that day also coincided with the LARP Club meeting she was so fond of attending so ducking her sister's line of sight didn't prove to be too difficult. Though, despite that isolation, she wasn't alone. With her came Frost, a white cat, whom presently sat atop the lone table she had taken for her own within the deeper confines of the library. Knowing the creature to be somewhat loud at times she decided to stay away from others whom could be using their free time to study as well; and, right on time, the cat started mewling for her attention. "Hm?" The girl looked up from her Arithmanncy book, her gaze falling upon the cat. Frost quickly approached the girl's forearm and rubbed its head against it, as it stood upright so to hold her chin with its palm. Knowing that to be an indicator of territory marking along with its usual call for attention, Chloe set her pencil down upon the open book she was studying and reached to lightly scratch at the area behind the critter's ears. This earned a continuous purr, as well as the faintest of smiles from the otherwise borderline robotic reserve trainee. "I have to study, you know." She muttered as if the cat could understand her, although not exactly expecting it to - it was just something Frost had always enjoyed.
  19. Invite Cleansing Fire

    Evelyn had to admit recent times had become far more interesting than they had been for a near solid year at that point, for as morbid as it was. Instead of being thrust onto the wild goose chase that was tracking down Thomas Solozzo, the Ministry had been thrown into complete disarray by a macabre murder of a Ministry employee happening right under their noses - committed by a werewolf running around unchecked, no less. It was a mystery as to what move they'd ultimately take, but Evelyn could make an educated guess of it. Nonetheless, she still needed to wait a little while longer before it was adequate for her to make a move on the chessboard that was Wizarding politics. Being let go for the day, the blonde decided to pay a visit to a dear friend of hers. Upon reaching her own home, she promptly Apparated to Professor Riverpond's own home without anyone to see it happen. As she appeared in the woman's living room, she soon realized that there was nobody home. Good thing she came prepared - sitting on the couch, the half-Veela crossed her legs gracefully and retrieved a book from her bag that she had been reading lately, letting its words entertain her for the time being. It didn't take too long for her to hear the door, signaling Andrea's arrival. The Auror bookmarked the page she was on and put it back inside the bag resting on the seat next to her own, and proceeded to cross her arms under her chest and lean back on the back of the couch while waiting for her friend to make her grand entrance. Evelyn had showed up uninvited so many times at that point she didn't think she'd frighten the teacher in any way.
  20. Rainy days make the mind wander

    Ignatius Larue
    The scarf wasn’t going so well. Iggy held his work up to the light, looking over the stitching with a critical eye. The tension was wrong, maybe he should try a thicker gauge needle, or perhaps a yarn with more texture. With a heavy sigh, he began carefully unravelling at least half a metre of work, careful not to damage the yarn and winding it around his fingers for safekeeping. He pulled at his hair irritably, trying to get it to behave under all the pins and clips he had put in it that morning to no avail. It was always erratic in stormy weather, floating around his face and getting in the way. It was cosy in the library with the heaters on and the rain beating against the windows outside. Of course that meant half the school was crowded inside after school, which meant it was difficult to be alone. Iggy had chosen one of the corners near the picture books, half buried in a bright green beanbag and propped up against one of the shelves. There were a number of tables scattered around this corner of the library, set up with chess boards and tabletop games for the students to use. In fact the beanbag Iggy was sitting in was part of a pair set up on either side of a card table, a chess board set out at the ready. But he was in the library alone and hardly expected anyone to ask him to play. He rubbed his eyes, already too tired to continue his failure of a craft project. He just needed some inspiration. Someone to wear the scarf, some idea of colours and textures to use. Making clothes with a particular person in mind was always easiest, but due to staying indoors catching up on his studies he hadn't had the opportunity to make any new friends.
  21. Invite New acquaintances

    Despite the school being a horrible place to learn, at least in that condition and with those teachers, the Common Room wasn’t so bad, it was cosy, and it felt good to be surrounded by those who had potential to challenge her in an intellectual level, which was pretty hard to do so. She wondered how all these people who seemed to grasp the concept of education had fallen in such a poor school, wasn’t anything better out there? Or were all the teachers in Australia this bad? Maybe it was a country issue and not an institution issue? That would explain why half the teachers were incompetent and why the other half had a limited knowledge on their subjects and were very lenient with the students. She took a deep breath and wandered across the Common Room. It was magnificent, she could see people playing chess, reading and engaging in somewhat interesting debates. That was where she felt comfortable. She looked for a place to sit, to enjoy the quietness of the room until she stopped a young man who seemed as boring as a blank sheet, but at least he was quiet and was probably meditating. She approached the couch and with a fake smile she passed by him. “Hello.” She greeted him. She tried to be polite, but that didn’t mean she had to be nice, yet, she tried. She tried to get across to the other side, and quietly made her way through. She sat down and removed a book from her bag, she crossed one leg over the other and opened a book in German. German was so much easier than English, the world flow better. She slowly looked over at her couch companion, nope, no matter how many times she looked at him face he was still going to look as boring as a white paper sheet. It was then that she thought she could always ask him if the school had always been like this. “Excuse me, but I have a question.” She turned towards him, closing her book but leaving her index in the middle not to lose track of the page she was on. “Why does this school lack competent teachers? Or has it always been like this?”
  22. Invite Trial and Error

    MJ Clarke
    The Dueling Club meeting had just ended for the day when Lisa had approached MJ to tell her not to worry about Justice - she and Aspen would take him back home. It had been a hint to keep MJ practicing through the afternoon as Robin didn't request her to come in to work, one she thought she might as well accept before the school break rolled around. She was, however, fairly positive Lisa only decided to do such a thing for the opportunity of taking Steve out for a walk. It had grown into a bit of an inside joke that the Sturt only bothered to visit the Clarkes over the fluffy dog rather than the bonds she'd created, and MJ often found herself struggling not to laugh whenever it came up in conversation. Not wanting to remain in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom for much longer, the Flinders picked up her belongings and left. She wanted to go someplace where she wouldn't run into a whole lot of traffic so to be able to focus without judgement. That left her with a few options - the area near the west wall of the school, the abandoned F3 classroom (which made a shiver run down her spine), or the grounds themselves which emptied as students left school or went indoors to eat, study, play games and hang out. She ultimately decided to go to the west wall, as she didn't want to be associated with F3's unfortunate reputation, cold temperatures be damned. She sat down and retrieved a book from within her bag. It was the fifth year Defense Against the Dark Arts book, but, with a catch - annotated to oblivion. She had caught on to the fact she had been fed a lie regarding its origins. Aspen obtained it from Lisa, whom in turn gave it to MJ. As she went through the various pages full of downright brilliant notes, she noticed yet again that a few denoted potential pranks. For someone with such a mind for mischief, why had the Sturt Captain taken the Spencer jab at the Quidditch team so personally? Why couldn't she just prank them back? She shook her head with her thoughts. She'd never understand that girl, and should probably bring it up to Aspen to make heads and tails of it. As she reached the fourth term contents of the book, she stopped. Was it a good idea to go that far? She ultimately decided it was for the best. That's how the top students were ahead to begin with - they knew the current lectures inside and out and were a few steps beyond the rest of the class. Her gaze was trained on a spell, the Reductor Curse. With it, whatever happened to be the target would be destroyed. 'Sounds... straightforward?' MJ furrowed her eyebrows. If she were to hit the wall on accident did that mean she'd tear it down? That didn't sound too pleasant. She deliberately placed herself facing away from the wall before retrieving a small rock from the ground. Tossing it away to a few meters ahead of herself, she proceeded to hit the pebble with an enlargement spell. It promptly grew to the size of a boulder as tall as the young Flinders. "Deep breaths..." The grip on the wand tightened as she pointed it to the obstacle. "Reducto!" With frightening accuracy, the spell flew out of her wand and hit the boulder dead on. Of course, given MJ's proclivity for pyrotechnics, the boulder exploded outwards instead of crumbling to pieces; soon, the whole area was covered in a fine mist that made the blonde break out into a coughing fit severe enough that she fell to a knee, unaware that she had actually succeeded with the spell for once.
  23. Invite A Cup of Co- Milkshake

    Suho already knew where he wanted to go - back to school. It had been a terrible idea to go out for a spin after classes (he had thought the weather was decent, but then his skin started to burn and well, the rest is history). But for some strange reason, as the boy walked past the fondly familiar milk bar run by the capable, friendly Mr Kempsey, the sight of all those swirled cream and cakes and cold brews twisted his stomach. "I'm not hungry," he said aloud. A couple of passersby shot him strange looks. The guttural growl his stomach released in response begged to differ. Which was how he found himself slipping through the doors, wincing internally at the sing-song tinkle of the bell. It was way too crowded that afternoon for his comfort or liking for such a confined space, but beggars couldn't be choosers. "Hey, Mr Kempsey." He had always liked the man. His lined, weathered face always effused a sort of warmth that could instantly put hearts and minds at ease. Suho pinched the neck of his green hoodie, trying to ignore how he was practically being ogled at by some students from Tally who recognised him, then asked for a large vanilla milkshake topped with hazelnuts (a boring choice, but that was how he usually liked it best). Even to his ears, his voice sounded low and tired. Mr Kempsey looked over him in concern but said nothing, a fact that he greatly appreciated. Once his towering drink with the eye-catching striped straw was slid across the counter, Suho took it upon himself to seek a table slightly away from the general hubbub, where he'd most likely not be disturbed. The moment he sat down, however, the door swung open once again and in came a face he only knew too well, indirectly, at least. For all Colette Auclair spoke of her sister, one might have thought she was a demon or something. Well, she was a Spencer, and that was somewhat close. But otherwise she was miles more demure and peppy than her polar opposite could ever be. And before he could help it, "Gwen Auclair?" The words slipped off his tongue, and a split-second later he was already wishing he could take it all back. Conversation was the last thing he needed right now. A slight heat crawled into his ears, but Suho's features were gratefully still relaxed, impassive, though for how long more, he wasn't entirely certain. He wrapped his long fingers around the slightly moist chill of the glass's surface, the only giveaway of his restlessness.
  24. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    It struck Diana as odd that Gideon had picked an outdoor café to rest and indulge in some delicious local pastries - they were in the dead of Winter, and the nasty wind chill bit at their faces as they explored the enormous city in such a way that not even Diana's cloth warming charms fully helped the situation. Nevertheless the Bourke alumni complied to her brother's request. They sat down by a lone wooden table. The surrounding area was mostly vacant as people had rushed inside to shield themselves from the cold; it made it so things were quiet, just how Diana liked it. She didn't enjoy the outdoors too much outside of work, finding the loudness of the streets and their rowdiness to be a distraction in the worst way possible, but at that moment everything seemed to align with her comfort zone, sans for the cold - perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea. "Say, how has school been? We haven't discussed it in a while." She struck up the conversation with her little brother, a gentle smile fitting her lips as their orders were served. Her own statement served for an unnerving reminder: she didn't know too much about Gideon those days, did she? With all the running around and studying and working, the two never got much of a chance to sit down and get together for an extended period of time outside their Mildura days. She had to correct that mistake somehow, and it would start with that weekend. If anything, she owed him that effort after what she had done to him so many years before.
  25. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    He should've known better. Those words kept repeating themselves in Ian's head ever since he's managed to cool down enough to regain a strand of coherent thought back in the Hospital Wing, having been sent by the day's Defense Against the Dark Arts lecturer to the nurse's office after the boy's panic attack in the middle of class. He had wanted to help - to gain the Flinders more points - but he had made a fool of himself instead, caused more trouble than he was worth, and possibly let things be revealed that would be best left untouched. To make matters worse, Olivia Teagarden had been the one tending to him once Meadow had dragged him all the way to her office - if she knew of what happened and how much it affected the young Dhampir, then Ian was certain that May would know eventually know by proxy, as both were close. That meant that he just gave his sister a million reasons to worry about him something that worked entirely against his own agenda. It had been a solid hour since he first had the panic attack, but he had calmed down since; eventually discharged from the Hospital Wing (even if told to take it easy), the Flinders boy quickly shuffled on back to the Kookynie Halls and to his dormitory. While he was mostly calm and rational, he could feel the aftermath of the event shaking him to his core as his knees and hands were still quite wobbly, even as he tried to sip a glass of sugar water. Setting the cup down on his nightstand, the boy sat down on his bed, rested his elbows atop his knees and brought his pale face to his hands, fingers burying themselves in the then unruly dark hair. 'I'm so screwed...'
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