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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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Found 197 results

  1. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin laughed at Jamie’s words a bit louder than she thought she would, she couldn’t really heard how it came out but the look of a lady that just peeked on their corridor told her everything she needed to know and she quickly covered her mouth once more so that she wouldn’t be reprimanded for making noise. She should have figured that he would enjoy some adrenaline rush, if she remembers correctly, he did some pretty dangerous stunts back in the day, nowadays shouldn’t be too different. If he wanted to do some free falling off the top of a waterfall down to a lake bellow, she was always in for it, and if anything went wrong the usage of magic could potentially save someone from getting seriously injured during their adventure. “I can read it later tonight, or we can use it as a guide.” Reading it while visiting the house would be great. She assumed there wouldn’t be too much details about it, at least not a whole chapter on the house, but if it was important for the community it should have at least more than just a couple of pages about it. Her hand stopped over the book and it opened where they wanted. The house was old and had a Victorian style, it had been rebuilt in the past decade by using the original blueprints which were a few centuries old. “Well, what do you say? Pick that survival book and shall we go then?” her smile grew as she looked at Jamie before walking to the reception to check her book out. Once they were ready, Robin searched for a secluded place so that she could apparate them both to the house in question. Landin in front of the house, she removed the key from her pocket and opened the book again. “I hope you’re ready for some spooks.” She said, slightly excited about the exploration of the house. She walked inside and waited for Jamie before she closed the door, she didn’t want people walking on by wondering what they were doing there. “This place is huge.” She looked up towards the ceiling. The Corridor lead to the kitchen, with a few locked doors and a long staircase lead to the other floors. “Where should we start?” she looked at Jamie as she did the same thing she had done at the library, opening the book on the house and its small history.
  2. Invite The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    That time was the most calm time of the day, where people had disappeared to their houses, only a few could be found on the street, a few like Jo, who preferred the night more than she preferred the day, besides, the night shift paid better and with less prying eyes meant there was a lot of things she could do without getting in trouble, or too much. She had spent a few days patrolling Narrie, but they had asked to do the same in Melbourne, she didn’t know why she was there, she had told them she had moved, but they still wanted her to work that shift in Melbourne. She didn’t argue with them, the money was useful now that the Estrada family had grown over the past couple of months, but she was confused about their choice. The night was quiet, so quiet that she took the time to sat on a bench and watch people as she put a lollipop in her mouth, she was starting to get the same habit as Dani had, sucking on a lollipop and surprisingly they weren’t as bad as she thought they were at first. The lollipops were quite tasty, no wonder Dani liked them. Jo was pleased at how it turned out, she did enjoy having the house full, but she was still upset she couldn’t turn the basement into a Jo Cave or something cool like that, maybe one day she gets to have her own dark cave, hopefully. The stillness was making her nervous, there was nothing to do, no one to hunt, where were all the criminals in that town? Even the muggle ones? She wanted to desperately tie someone to a flag post, but she couldn’t do it to an innocent bystander, the Ministry would have her head if she even tried such a thing. No, had to be a criminal, even a hooligan was enough to get her going. She got up from the bench and continued her walk, ending up in and alley, that had to be the place for some hooligans to jump her so she can hunt them down like the vermin’s that they were…but no, nothing, no one jumped her. “Shit.” She spoke in Spanish, turning around to go back to the place where she came from, maybe it wasn’t their time to leave their little holes to crawl around society?
  3. Invite Company So Fowl

    It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon in Narragyambie when Natasha had finally been let go from her shift at The Sweet Tooth bakery. It was a bit earlier than she was used to, but it was because she took over a fellow baker's second half of a shift the other day. It was time for that favor to be repaid and the quarter Fae allowed herself to roam the town, not wanting to go home just yet - she'd probably be the one to cook dinner for the whole crew but she wanted to have some time for herself before being handcuffed to the kitchen for the rest of the day. Her feet wound up taking her to a simple café down Tallygarunga road. Why not get something to please her stomach before she hit the shopping district and blew through her savings? Blake Stewart would have a stroke even thinking that she'd give business to another establishment but she didn't intend to have her boss know anyway. Taking the opportunity that it wasn't raining nor it was awfully windy the baker took her order to the tables outside, sitting by herself and leaning back on her chair while she used a coffee spoon to stir her beverage. 'This town's upside down lately. Sad.' 'I don't really care, I just wish these folks would drop more crumbs.' Natasha's ear twitched mildly as those words reached her ears - not as English-spoken words, or any other language, but rather as animal sounds her brain interpreted. She fidgeted uncomfortably, hating it when it happened. Hopefully she could just ignore it, finish her meal and leave as quickly as possible. 'Check that one out. That's a cake if I've ever seen one.' 'She should just drop half. Considering to go peck at it, honestly. She looks like she shouldn't even be eating any of that anyway.' "What did you say?!" Natasha suddenly snapped at the two pigeons not too far away from her, locking eyes with the pair. A few seconds went by with complete silence, Natasha glaring at them, before the two little birds freaked. 'SHOOT! SHE CAN HEAR US!' 'GET AWAY, GET AWAY!' The birds stumbled away a few steps before spreading their wings and flying off. As Natasha's anger simmered down, she came to realize she had spoken to birds in public; hoping to all that was holy that nobody had heard her in that bustling street, she could feel herself sink into her seat nonetheless. 'Please just blow over, please just blow over...'
  4. Invite To Spot a Dog

    Gideon Sharpe
    "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear." What's the worst thing that could happen to anyone? Losing their pet. Not losing them in terms of a final departure, but them running off for one reason or another, leaving their owner alone and confused. And alone and confused was definitely a good way to describe Gideon, as he frantically looked around searching for his dog. One moment he was walking the Kookynie Halls with his dog Spot in tow, and after being distracted for a small moment, he heard the pitter patter of his feet far away from him, his visage disappearing completely. He wasn't sure what could have lead Spot to run away, but Gideon knew that it was often because of things that crossed his path. The dog was rather scatterbrain at times. In his quest, he eventually arrived at the Center Courtyard, his voice echoing across the area. He was becoming desperate, unsure on where he could have gotten. He was thinking of maybe asking a staff member to help him, but he was risking the trail of Spot going cold, and even if they know some sort of spell to help him, his mind was definitely not thinking straight, as he aimed to find the dog himself. "Spot! Spottie! Where are you boy!?" He called out, trying to whistle to get him to appear. He couldn't give up the search, but the concern kept doing nothing but escalate.
  5. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Most people would attribute it to complete lunacy that Chloe had chosen the middle of the final week of the third term to sit down in the school's Library for a good old fashioned study session. In her mind, it was perfectly justified - she knew that she wouldn't have as much time during the next term as most others to study for the SPIDER exams due to effectively having two jobs (and some things just demanded that type of sacrifice), so she might as well get some preemptive material done with. At least her grandparents were no longer in the country to bother her. Her mother had, fortunately, granted her leave for that day from Muay Thai. She told the woman she was to stay at school, and didn't give much detail as to why - she was fairly suspicious over Aneko only ever agreeing to it because she was under the belief it was some sort of social event. At the same time she managed to dodge Lexi, whom would most certainly drag her away from books if she were to see the Sturt. Fortunately, that day also coincided with the LARP Club meeting she was so fond of attending so ducking her sister's line of sight didn't prove to be too difficult. Though, despite that isolation, she wasn't alone. With her came Frost, a white cat, whom presently sat atop the lone table she had taken for her own within the deeper confines of the library. Knowing the creature to be somewhat loud at times she decided to stay away from others whom could be using their free time to study as well; and, right on time, the cat started mewling for her attention. "Hm?" The girl looked up from her Arithmanncy book, her gaze falling upon the cat. Frost quickly approached the girl's forearm and rubbed its head against it, as it stood upright so to hold her chin with its palm. Knowing that to be an indicator of territory marking along with its usual call for attention, Chloe set her pencil down upon the open book she was studying and reached to lightly scratch at the area behind the critter's ears. This earned a continuous purr, as well as the faintest of smiles from the otherwise borderline robotic reserve trainee. "I have to study, you know." She muttered as if the cat could understand her, although not exactly expecting it to - it was just something Frost had always enjoyed.
  6. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    He should've known better. Those words kept repeating themselves in Ian's head ever since he's managed to cool down enough to regain a strand of coherent thought back in the Hospital Wing, having been sent by the day's Defense Against the Dark Arts lecturer to the nurse's office after the boy's panic attack in the middle of class. He had wanted to help - to gain the Flinders more points - but he had made a fool of himself instead, caused more trouble than he was worth, and possibly let things be revealed that would be best left untouched. To make matters worse, Olivia Teagarden had been the one tending to him once Meadow had dragged him all the way to her office - if she knew of what happened and how much it affected the young Dhampir, then Ian was certain that May would know eventually know by proxy, as both were close. That meant that he just gave his sister a million reasons to worry about him something that worked entirely against his own agenda. It had been a solid hour since he first had the panic attack, but he had calmed down since; eventually discharged from the Hospital Wing (even if told to take it easy), the Flinders boy quickly shuffled on back to the Kookynie Halls and to his dormitory. While he was mostly calm and rational, he could feel the aftermath of the event shaking him to his core as his knees and hands were still quite wobbly, even as he tried to sip a glass of sugar water. Setting the cup down on his nightstand, the boy sat down on his bed, rested his elbows atop his knees and brought his pale face to his hands, fingers burying themselves in the then unruly dark hair. 'I'm so screwed...'
  7. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    It struck Diana as odd that Gideon had picked an outdoor café to rest and indulge in some delicious local pastries - they were in the dead of Winter, and the nasty wind chill bit at their faces as they explored the enormous city in such a way that not even Diana's cloth warming charms fully helped the situation. Nevertheless the Bourke alumni complied to her brother's request. They sat down by a lone wooden table. The surrounding area was mostly vacant as people had rushed inside to shield themselves from the cold; it made it so things were quiet, just how Diana liked it. She didn't enjoy the outdoors too much outside of work, finding the loudness of the streets and their rowdiness to be a distraction in the worst way possible, but at that moment everything seemed to align with her comfort zone, sans for the cold - perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea. "Say, how has school been? We haven't discussed it in a while." She struck up the conversation with her little brother, a gentle smile fitting her lips as their orders were served. Her own statement served for an unnerving reminder: she didn't know too much about Gideon those days, did she? With all the running around and studying and working, the two never got much of a chance to sit down and get together for an extended period of time outside their Mildura days. She had to correct that mistake somehow, and it would start with that weekend. If anything, she owed him that effort after what she had done to him so many years before.
  8. Invite Down Memory Lane

    Diana had very much been looking forward to that day - it was a rite of passage in the Wizarding World, the day one finally had the opportunity to acquire the various materials that would help them throughout the first school year; and, more importantly, the day when their first wand would be purchased. It was an important day in Gideon's life and she battled heaven and hell to be able to be present, despite her crippling schedule. It caught her off guard that the Fairgoods had requested her to bring Theodore along to purchase what he needed for his second year. Even if she didn't get along with the boy too much, she couldn't exactly deny the request: she lived in the couple's home after all, and to do so would be nothing short of rude. An Apparition to Narragyambie and some involuntary retching later on the part of the young boy, and they set off to pick up Gideon from the Whitlam Bilby dormitories. "Now, where should we start...?" Diana pondered aloud as the trio wandered down Tallygarunga Road. They had to go for Theodore's books, even if Gideon's were already covered for; it felt like where they should go first, if only to get the obnoxious young boy's things out the way and so she could properly focus on Gideon's big day. "Let's buy Ted's books first. You get to look around in the meantime, hm?" The blonde led the pair into such a store, and let Theodore go gather whatever it was she needed while standing near the entrance of the store. Wrapping an arm around her brother's shoulders as a simple gesture of affection, she smiled at him. "How are you feeling? Ready to start a new chapter of your life?" The mild pun brought a smile to Diana's own lips as she was a writer by trade.
  9. Invite Breaking the Same Old Ground

    Another day, another lecture. It irked Evelyn somewhat that she had been called on by the school yet again to fill in for the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor - she didn't mind the classes themselves, as it was as good of an excuse as any to see her younger family members, but it got under her skin that it was generally believed her schedule was so flexible. It had already become quite chaotic ever since the hunt for Mr. Sollozzo had begun, but as of two months at that point they also had to deal with the Franklin situation. It was something that put people such as herself and Jo in a great deal of pressure from the force, and it was quite rough juggling duties with sucking up to their boss so not to get lumped in with the halfbreed prejudice mounting over the incident. 'Why not just throw classes into that cocktail?' Yet, she didn't complain. Evelyn took on the responsibility with a kind smile and a seemingly cheerful take on the activity despite inwardly resenting it, sticking to whatever it was the Professor had left for her (which often wasn't that much at all, and she had to wing it). Though, she wasn't so naive as to think her work was done as the bell announcing the end of the class rang out and students proceeded to leave the classroom; no, she still had to add points to the House points counter, and she still had to correct the papers she had the students do. It had been a more theoretical class, after all, and because of the Professor's decision Evelyn would pay the price. She was fairly sure they had decided that deliberately. The quicker she got through with it all, the quicker she could return to the station. The blonde sat down at a lone corner of the staff room, hoping that Miss Riverpond wouldn't come over to distract her too much - something she wouldn't actually mind, given how entertaining her friend normally was - and got herself busy with the various assignments, going through each at a steady pace and correcting them as necessary. Tuning out most of the noise around her, she was getting some work done fairly quickly...
  10. Invite Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Akira Itouzaki
    Akira sat on the floor with one of his school books balanced on his knees. Of course, he had some form of manga hidden behind it. His weekly subscription of Shounen Jump had arrived with a note from his mother telling him about all the news from home and all the sweets that he could eat in a week. This time it was something funny that the neighbours dog had done to Antou. But the boy wasn't overly interested in this since he had something new to read and a few sweets to snack on, though he didn't exactly want to spoil his dinner. The now twelve-year-old wasn't normally to be found in the library on a Saturday, but it was the only quiet place that he could find at the moment. If his mother found out about this, then she would have more than a few choice words for him. Akira wasn't finding life at the school all that bad, though it had taken a little bit of getting used to. He had never lived out of home before, so often wondered if this had been the same for Antou and Chuusan when they had started attending Mahoutokoro as full-time students. You couldn't really take the curiosity out of him to some extent.
  11. Invite Highly Suspect

    Ashley Estrada
    Jo was preparing something. Ashley could feel it in her bones. She would face repercussions for her prank (or, more accurately, lack thereof) sooner rather than later, as the forever present war in the Estrada household continued - except, at that point, with a few innocent bystanders. The woman couldn't help finding it deeply ironic that she ended up as the unofficial guardian to four different girls over the course of a year, and most of which weren't even her fault: only Caroline had been, and fortunately, the girl had her head set on straight and was giving her best both in school and college. The rest? She owed it all to Jo. Renee had been a problem ever since the Auror met her, and she pressured Ashley into giving the troublemaker access into the family warehouse. And, as of a few months, the Dhampir adopted Danielle and Faith. It was quite the ironic adoption - not only did Ashley take care of those two more efficiently than her beloved sister did, but she was starting to grow fairly certain that Danielle was the adult in the house. She didn't partake in the shenanigans between the Estrada sisters and was fairly responsible, and such factors were what ultimately led Ashley to entrust the Bourke with the house that night as she headed out for a drink. Sitting at the far end of the counter, she ordered a drink and kept to herself, chin resting upon her fist as she lightly sipped at the alcoholic beverage. It wasn't the first time she had found herself in the Drunken Roo since the adoptions. With Jo away at work most of the responsibilities fell on Ashley, something she was used to, yet she did need relief from the workload every now and then. Surely Faith was in good hands, with Danielle insisting they placed Tallygarunga-grade protections around the home; Ashley had earned a little time for herself...
  12. Invite Fixing a Problem

    It was odd timing for Danielle to decide on doing what she was about to do. She could have done so upon arrival in town, or even at any time throughout the several months she'd spent at Tallygarunga up to that point. But, at that moment, something called on her to do so. Unlike most Wizards on Earth, she never had the opportunity to purchase a wand for her own use or have one custom made for her. Instead, she used her mother's wand ever since she passed on. It was fortunate that she took to it like a fish to water but the Dhampir would still very much enjoy having something she could consider to be her own rather than a remembrance. She wasn't so lucky with her father's wand. It refused to work with her regardless of expertise with any kind of magic. It was, to her, the main reason why she wanted to go to the local wand shop - she was hoping an expert could enlighten her in how to win its favor, or to tell her to her face that it was impossible to do so. Either way, despite its lack of use at that point, it very much served as a lucky charm. She wasn't the superstitious sort but it was comforting to carry it with her within its holster in difficult situations (and, lately, constantly), and the possibility of danger recently made her wish she could give it more use than just being a glorified placebo. The weather was changing as the Winter slowly shifted to Spring in Australia, although it was still cloudy and chilly. Expecting such changes, however, Danielle decided to wear a hooded jacket with her getup that day so to be able to shield her head from sun rays if the clouds were to ever part above her head. Her hair was neatly arranged in a ponytail precisely to aid in pulling up the cloth if needed. Hopefully she wouldn't be out of the Estrada household that Sunday long enough for it to get too hot for her tastes but it was a risk the Dhampir was willing to take. Taking a deep breath, Danielle opened the door to Will o' the Wisp Wands, a store she had gone by many times before on the way to Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store. Clearing her throat as she stepped in and closed the door, she looked in to see if she could spot anyone. "Excuse me?" She called out evenly as her nose picked on a scent - she most definitely wasn't alone.
  13. Invite Hunter's Respite

    Travis Franklin
    Distance, distance seemed like a good thing in his mind. The numbness that had originally been present with him at first when he met with Liv had long subsided into the ever present aching pain. That point where emotion itself had been so intense that physical signs wrecked across the body like burning fissures about to crack through the surface of the ground. A geyser of anger, hatred, and regret that didn't show any signs of actively being quelled, of ever dying down into viable levels for him to not dwell on. It wasn't the only reason he sough distance, it hadn't been for his own safety. That had long been tossed out the window in his mind, finding that backing off for the sake of the safety of his life caused the backlash that it had. Part of him had reverted back to what he had been, at least taking the route of trying to protect people from the shadow of bloodlust that seemed to follow him. Except with the obviousness nature of it being with actual reason: How much did the Hunter that stalked him like prey know? Those that had been close to him, that he interacted with? There'd been no doubt in his mind that even taking temporary refuge in what had used to be Old Man Mackey's shack would hide him out of reach, that he'd been under some form of animalistic 'surveillance'. Travis hadn't been hiding away from the authorities that would've been foolish, even he knew that. Though he also took the foolish step of refusing any form of 'protection' they were going to offer. Trust them? As if they had done him or his kind any favors and given the manner of the attack on his Mother it would've been as much of a watchful protection as it would be to monitor him for others that still held the visage that he'd been the culprit that screamed, 'The one arm man did it.' The shack wasn't homey, it was utterly crap. The obvious signs of being damaged, in disrepair in several places where the more severe elements seemed to have caused parts of the wall and roof to need to be replaced or amended. A simple task for someone with a bit of magic at their hand but he wanted it to look as unlived in as possible, the hope that it wouldn't be someone's first idea to try and check for him. Inside, lined on the counter had been a series of books that seemed to some form of advanced subject of magic involving curses and various other esoteric forms along that line. Different forms of objects and empty vials rested just above it as if he'd been planning or something. Whether he chosen to give chase once more. . . That remained to be seen in his mind but no longer could he just sit by and expect nothing to happen, he needed to be prepared.
  14. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    Numb. That was the word that could most accurately describe the state of Laurie's mind throughout the month of September. With Max avoiding her occasional questions and the short girl having to stay away from Colette for the greater good, along with the impeding deadline looming over the horizon, Laurie's mind had to mostly go numb in order to survive the mounting stress. The month had been a blur and mostly on autopilot, to such a degree she'd say some of her present friendships suffered. Yet for the past couple weeks things seemed to take a turn that got through that layer of self protection. It started when Max had gotten into a particularly nasty accident over a gift for her boyfriend, something Laurie had to conceal when their room was searched. It took a full week for the redhead to go back to their newly fixed room, but apparently the stay in the hospital had given Max some sort of room to clear her mind about things because she was more forthcoming with answers upon her return. Not too long after, a prank hit the whole school, something she immediately recognized as Gwendoline's brainchild, having been the one that taught her to begin with, but it was a two person job - it was interesting to see the sisters letting loose after leaving Durmstrang behind. If only Laurie didn't have to go back. It all culminated just a couple short days after the school wide prank when Colette reached out through her via text, asking her to come visit her at her house. As Laurie read that message, it felt like an alarm had gone off to wake her up from a bad nightmare - she didn't exactly know if the outcome of the conversation was going to be positive at all, but the fact she was willing to grace the Spencer with her presence was a clear indicator of an opportunity to start anew. And, by Merlin, Laurie would take it if it was the last thing she'd do. Strolling along to the rich part of town, Laurie was greeted by the Auclairs. She figured that Colette had heard her arrive so she only made small talk prior to excusing herself, not wanting to keep the half-Veela waiting too much. She briefly wondered where Gwendoline was but ultimately shrugged to herself as it was unimportant. As she reached the same room she had been dragged to last time she had been in the house, she took a deep breath. The door was ajar. Her steps would've been heard as it was. "...Hey." She spoke once peeking her head through the opening, the side of it leaning on the door frame. "Mind if I come in?"
  15. With Dignity and Grace

    This was the right place, she was fairly certain of it. Aisling had only visited the school a couple of times, with Caitlin, so that she could take a look around, as well as meet the Headmaster. She didn't even really understand the concept still. She was certain that she had grown up just being taught what she needed to know by a couple of mentors, and hardly surrounded by other young people. Could she even recall the face of another that had been her own age? It felt like the harder she tried, the more blurred everything was from before her emergence in the mortal realm with her mother. It was still strange, a little daunting, but she felt at least confident enough that she could handle it. It was an adjustment, that was all. That included learning to translate between the written language she knew and English and vice-versa. She had been receiving a lot of tutoring from Cate for that, thankfully. Still, it never hurt to study a little extra, and she'd been told that those who were in the group she'd been assigned could gather in this place underground near their sleeping quarters. Aisling didn't have a dorm herself, for obvious reasons. But she had made a note of where they were, and the communal area near it. And so she had made her way here while she had some free time. No class right now, and Cate was busy, so she made her way toward one of the couches in the room with her translation book, set on being able to at least read English properly, even if writing was a task. Except the teenager hadn't expected that as soon as she sat down on the cushion, she would suddenly be launched straight out of it a small ways, to land on her rear. She blinked as she looked around. Which pixie was responsible for that?? She furrowed her brow and looked at the chair again as her lips pursed. She would not be put off, this was one seat that would be tamed. And so she dove at it, jumping and landing on her knees on the cushion, intent to grab a hold, except the back reclined before the seat launched her once again, the redhead landing on her rear gracelessly once again.
  16. Invite Coming Clean

    Max left the Hospital Wing, it had seemed that her arm still wasn’t healed but considering how the nurses wanted her gone, Max was sent to her dorm quicker than she should have. Luckily for her Laurie was there to lend her a hand and to help her take everything she had down at the Hospital Wing up to her room. Eventually Max had to come clean with everything that had commented, the accident had been a wake up call for Max to start trusting Laurie’s judgement, Laurie wasn’t going to get herself in trouble, but if my any chance Max did, at least the exchange student would know the reason. The room was as good as new, they had done a great job fixing it, or so Max assume considering the blast might have been strong enough for almost everyone at the school to know that she had been involved in an explosion. She walked towards her bed and sat in it, it was soft and cosy, and she couldn’t feel the sprinkled of the mattress popping out, trying to stab her in the back. She was happy that she didn’t have to continue to sleep in the Hospital Wing, with those awful mattresses that hurt her back and only made everything worse. “Thanks Laurie.” She thanked her friend but there was something missing, she realized she couldn’t continue to worry Laurie like that. The secrets, dancing around the questions, she had to be honest if she really didn’t want Laurie to get into a dangerous situation. Max didn’t regret the situation she was in, far from it, but she chose it, she was the one that continued to move forward with it even knowing about the danger, unlike Laurie, who would most likely be nothing more than a bystander caught in the crossfire. Could Max really live with herself knowing that she got her friend in danger? “Hey, I’m sorry about everything, I didn’t mean to worry you.” She couldn’t forget that she would have to talk to Senan too. He was worried, she could see it in his eyes, how worried he was because her. Max couldn’t let them feel like that again, she wasn’t going to allow herself to be put in that situation once more. “How have things been during my absence? Created enough chaos?”
  17. Invite Somber Eyes to the Sky

    Amber Cross
    Back during the fourth year Amber had hoped 2019 would be eventful in the best of ways possible. She would be able to finally wrestle for a proper stipend legally, her boarding friends could start leaving Tallygarunga campus on their own, she could finally make the Interschool Quidditch team... Among a myriad of other things, all those fantastic things awaited her just around the corner. They all came to pass, one at a time, yet as the year went further and further onwards something intangible in her life seemed to backfire over and over and over again. Amber couldn't really point it out if she wanted unless she were to think hard on it, and she'd never been much of a thinker to begin with. She felt like she had been pushing at her own limits, whatever they may be, more and more as time went by. Responsibilities to others and her inability to say no to people started to make a dent in her already chaotic scheduling, making her permanently exhausted; not only that, but her mental state had deteriorated rapidly over the accumulation of various little things that nagged at her own insecurities. Perhaps it was a grave mistake that she didn't let them all out to anybody. After the macabre incident that afflicted the Franklin family, all hell broke loose inside her head. She didn't even know the woman whom perished just a day before Amber's birthday, but she was involved with that same woman's son, as well as being his friend. The event blindsided her in more ways than one, striking at her concern for the now mostly unavailable Travis while stabbing at her pride for being the daughter of halfbreed rights activists whom paid the ultimate price for their beliefs. She had once fully believed it was the right path to follow, but with a suspected werewolf out there willing to undo years upon years of work by these people, was it truly worth it? Were they truly in the right? It all slowed Amber's energy outside of 'work' to a crawl. What she had once craved, resting, was now the bane of her existence. Only when she was exercising could she take her mind off things at all and that was exactly what she had opted to do that afternoon. She had arrived early from her usual gym training regimen and so she decided to grab a bag purposefully charmed to carry her world class broomstick without suspicion, slinging it over her shoulder and jogging down the stairs. Despite the minimally active manner in which she moved, it was certainly a cry from how rambunctious the teen used to be not a month before. "I'm headin' out, you need something?" The Spencer spoke to her adoptive mother as she peeked her head into the living room, in quite the monotone manner. She was keenly aware that she had been looking strange, enough that Ezekiel demanded to have a private conversation with her sometime soon, and ever since she back injury she incurred at her own hands she had stopped trying to fool the woman - yet, she could only hope that Sibylla didn't notice it nonetheless.
  18. Invite The Only Way Out Is Through

    Lisa Knotley
    It had been quite the busy week for Tallygarunga, or so Lisa had been told. There was the outcome of the Greyheme match, some sort of moving chairs prank plaguing campus, and even an overload of students flooding the Hospital Wing, yet the blonde had witnessed none of it - she had been in an induced coma up until that Saturday afternoon without even having so much of a choice to spectate from the sidelines. But outside of the pranking, defeats and misery that she had missed, something else bothered her more. It bothered her greatly. She had been told Aspen had been gravely injured in their bout against the all-male school. She couldn't remember most of the match for the life of her, and nothing specific past a great feeling of distress and mental anguish. As she was relayed what had gone on by the nursing staff, the Sturt managed to put two and two together. Aspen had gotten injured, Lisa didn't keep her cool consequently, and that ultimately led to the team's downfall. Yet, for once, it wasn't the defeat itself that stung. Lisa lightly clutched her head as a mild headache proved insistent that afternoon. Her forehead was encircled by a bandage - she had been told her skull cracked open at the side from an impact with a Bludger - and she was told she had to stay put, but the quietness of the ward was driving her nuts. Against all warnings the Captain sat up on the bed, put on a couple slippers and walked over to a nearby window to watch the campus. She knew someone had gone to warn Aspen that she was awake, but the wait was long enough for her to stew over how she felt nonetheless. The part that did sting the most was that she hadn't been there when her girlfriend needed her the most. She had failed her. She let emotion get the better of her and it led to her own injury. It seemed to be very bad, bad enough to knock her out for nearly a year and make a huge dent in her future prospects. Lisa couldn't even imagine what had been going through Aspen's mind with that, let alone along with the fact she had her partner laying unconscious on a hospital bed for a solid week. Her forehead came to lean on the window pane as she watched the students outside with irritation, brows furrowing as she crossed her arms. She had broken her promise. She promised to never fail Aspen, to never betray her in any way, yet she had. And she was going to pay for it in full for a change.
  19. Invite Cigarettes and Gravity

    Rhys normally didn't care that much about the outdoors, to him it was just the unnecessary space he had to traverse to get between locations. Not that he hated the outdoors either, it just had always mattered very little to him. Even as a kid the outdoors had held very little interest to him, especially after his mother was arrested for the murder of his father and he'd been shipped off to live with his grandparents in Australia. There was one nice thing about the outdoors, he couldn't very well smoke inside the school, and he did try his best not to smoke around the kids any how, but that meant trying to find creative places to smoke around the school grounds. As he walked around the courtyard, he realised it was actually a decent day outside, and since he had a couple of hours until his next class, for once he actually felt like walking around outside, even if he didn't end up smoking the cigarette he had neatly tucked behind his right ear. He found himself humming an old tune, he wasn't sure where it was from, just some odd song tucked away in the subconscious. As he rounded a corner in the path, he took the cigarette from behind his ear and started fidgeting with it, debating lighting it. He snapped his fingers, a small fire spell, and was about to, when he suddenly realised he realised someone was walking towards him. Startled, the cigarette fell out of his hands and landed in the path. He bent down to pick it up, muttering under his breath, not really paying any attention to who was walking up the path towards him.
  20. Invite How It Feels To Be Alive

    Rhys wasn't sure if he'd ever get used to teaching, it certainly hadn't been the life he'd wanted, but he'd always been more fly by the seat of his pants sort, no goals in mind. It wasn't as if when he graduated Tallygarunga himself he'd planned to end up reading tarot cards to non-magicals and occasionally even conning them. It was fun, he was good at it, but it had never been the plan. Some might blame their childhood for how the first decade or so of his adult life had turned out, his mother being arrested for killing his father, being shipped off to his grandparents in Australia, the truth was far worse, but the truth was deeply buried in the subconscious of his mind. Either way, he was now thirty-one, living at home with his grandparents again, and teaching at Tallygarunga for the last few years. Needing a break from students, rules and other professors, Rhys decided to head to the Drunken Roo for dinner instead of eating at the school. There was only a few months to go in the school year, before it let out for summer, and Rhys was counting down the days. He messaged his friend Willow earlier, about possibly meeting him for a drink and some food and catching up, though he wasn't sure if she would show. He ordered a fire whisky and then took a table by the bar. He didn't need to look at the menu, he knew exactly what he wanted, so while he waited to see if his friend showed, he took his pack of tarot cards out of his pocket and laid out a celtic cross spread, he was bored and there was an itch in the back of his head that usually could only be satiated with copious amounts of alcohol or giving in to the itch and doing a tarot spread.
  21. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    Olivia Teagarden
    After asking May to stop by for dinner the next day, Liv had to make sure she wasn’t going to blow it out of proportion. The dinner was something simple but she didn’t bother to keep the new inhabitants of her house hidden, May shouldn’t have a problem dealing with Sigma and the kittens, they should all be adorable and cuddly as usual, unless they decided to hog Liv’s bed, which was also a possibility. She still wasn’t going to worry about them roaming around or doing whatever they wanted. She used magic to cook dinner, unlike other occasions it was just best if it went that way, last like she tried to cook she almost chopped off a finger by thinking too much about things she couldn’t change. May arrived and dinner was ready, they barely had anytime to chat before the food was waiting for them at the table, maybe they could talk while they eat? Maybe after? Liv wasn’t sure how to do that, it had been a while since she and May shared something like that, alone, away from prying eyes. It was an awkward situation, it brought some memories, all good ones, but then it came the bitter taste. Liv opted to ignore all that and just focus on the events of that night. At the dinner table, Liv smiled at May. “Sorry about the mess…just…it’s been hectic.” May probably knew that, Liv had talked to her the day before and the young Dhampir could see how it was affecting the half-veela, more than she would admit to anyone. She was alright, it wasn’t with her that people had to worry, it was about the young man who had lost his mother. “How are you? Since yesterday I mean.” It was getting a bit awkward, nothing they couldn’t push through. Liv started eating and the first part of the meal went by without a problem, but now it was time they started to chat about the real reason why they were both there, to brainstorm a plan to do something unthinkable. “So, how do you think we should start with the plan?” Liv wasn’t even sure if it was going to work out. What was she thinking? When the heat dissipated, she started to realize how deranged she looked, how she had reacted, but they still needed to get through the plan, regardless. “I was thinking, caging a werewolf isn’t easy and we’d need lots and lots of silver, do you think we can get it in time?”
  22. Invite A Helping Hand

    Just one day after a rather exhausting conversation she'd had in her own home, Amber was practically forced to tackle another one - that time with her cousin, Ezekiel. The excuse had been, at first, for the two and Samantha to hang out; however, as they grew to need privacy, they ultimately dropped Samantha off at Keira's home so the pair could hang out (after some passive aggressive texts from the older women about never getting any visitors, of course). They retraced their steps to the park they had been in just half an hour before under semi-pleasant weather. Luckily they had no magpies to dodge on the way there. Silence had befallen them. It was awkward, and it was nagging at Amber's core. Even in her low points such as what she had been experiencing for a month silence bothered her quite a bit. She always lived for noises, spectacle and to have her attention ripped away from place to place. With that in mind, she cleared her throat after catching herself from lightly tripping on the gravel of the walkway within the park proper. "Shit." She grumbled before speaking up, disappointed at having lost her balance so easily. At least she didn't fall to the ground. "Well, let's not beat around the bush, eh, Ezekiel Bread? Just hit me with all ya got, already went through a round of 'the talk' yesterday anyway." She raised two fingers in each hand and curled them twice so to emphasize her displeasure for the notion.
  23. Invite Sticky troubles

    Colette couldn’t believe her luck, she though that the Spencers learnt their lesson but no, they didn’t learn and now she was glued to some guy she didn’t know, and she wasn’t even sure what was going on. At first her situation was complicated, she even assaulted the young man after a joke, she was annoyed at everything and no matter how many spells she used to break free she couldn’t, and the boy was weird too, he somehow didn’t seem to be too worried about it, he even seemed to be enjoying everything that was happening. He had to be the perpetrator for the other prank, the one that turned her into a glow stick, but she more she looked at him the more she doubted it could be him. It was a smart prank, it was impressive, even trying to get rid of it was hard, nah, it couldn’t be him. They had to learn to compromise with one another and it wasn’t an easy task, given Colette’s inability to do so, but it shouldn’t be for long, however, she couldn’t believe that he wanted to go to the Bushland, who in their right mind would want to go to such a filthy place? She honestly would go, if she had someone to go with her, not that she would admit it to anyone, so in a way he might have done her a favour, but once more, she wasn’t just going to let him know that, at least not for the time being. “Why are we here?” she growled lightly as walked next to him. Her anger was mostly fake, but she wasn’t going to let him know that she was okay with being there, she needed to create a reputation, one that could tell people not to mess with her. She continued to walk without protesting, unsure where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do. “You seem to come here often…” she said, not as aggressive as before, maybe being aggressive wasn’t the way to go, but she wasn’t going to do what he wanted, he would have to do what she wanted. These goddamn Spencers needed to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them, they needed to get off their high horse and should start being more mature. She pulled, with a bit more strength than usual, at that point she didn’t care if he knew she was a halfbreed or not, as long as she could get out of there, but it didn’t seem to be the case, they just seemed to be venturing deeper and deeper into the Bushland.
  24. Nature's Ally

    The seasons were about to change soon and though the environment by its nature should've been able to handle it the previous seasons had trampled on the various plants harshly and in a way that often made it regrowth difficult. Something that effected the entire ecosystem in an equally harsh way, from the smallest insect to the largest bird that soured through the sky. Phoenix found himself in the Bushlands for just a mild bit of maintenance, the hope that a few actions could cause a positive domino effect. Making his way through the various gnarled roots that seemed to curl along the ground, dragging the tips of his fingers along the edges with a gentle and intentional trace which started to slowly reinvigorate them. Not forcing it, rather adding the intended nutrients for it to give it a full bloom when the time would arrive for it. The shade of its surface growing an obviously healthier color compared its surrounding brethren. However, slowly, that same countenance started to spread to the surrounding area through the roots. As if it were sharing it with the others that could benefit from it and strengthening their own structure to be healthier. "And that's what it means to be touched by a true steward of land." He whispered lightly and chuckled to himself. Instantaneously his body shifted, to that of a bird - A somewhat medium-sized Thunderbird that held an obvious tattoo on its wing-span. Taking off into a flight as the sound of thunder throttled through the area, though a storm started to form it'd been maintained and situated over a small patch of area which generated only a bit of water for the surrounding foliage to drink up. Phoenix then landed some few ways closer towards the part of the Bushlands that led a bit further towards the Tally-Narrie road yet still some ways off and shifted back towards his original and human-like form. That should've shaken up things a bit in a positive manner, now he simply needed to find himself some good adventure or trouble to offset the 'good deed' of the day. Maybe there would be some unique Magical creature to tail?
  25. Invite The Me Nobody Knows

    Ashkar Gastrell
    There we days when living two lies was more than even he could handle. Pretending to be a criminal that was captured and in some kind of pseudo agreement to pay off his debt to society was something, thankfully, wrapped heavily in the truth. At one point in his much younger life he was all the things that he’d had to show the world at this point. In a lot of ways he was still those things. As he approached the door to the house he shared with the agent, who was supposedly in control of making sure he toed the lie and behaved in a way that aligned with the wizarding worlds’ opinion of correct behaviour, he had to reign in any of the emotions or issues that had arisen during the job he’d just finished. It didn’t help that breathing in deeply caused the sensation of pain to hit his ribcage. Just another secret to keep one that was much easier to keep since no female in this house had a reason to see him without his top on. Raising his wand Ash tapped in the pattern that allowed people who knew it too gain access to the door and get into the house. Pushing the door open and stepping inside, kicking it closed behind him. “I’m home.” he called; knowing that at this point Elektra should be the only person inside the house. The first other living creature besides himself that he saw was one of the cats who sauntered by in a very cat like way. There was something wrong. Placing the bag he was holding, one that contained groceries which was his cover for leaving the house on the floor. Turning around his eyes fell on the one thing is the room that was setting off his ‘something is wrong’ radar. The file on the table he knew. He knew it well. “Shit.” he muttered too himself before heading over towards the folder. Where the hell did it come from? How did it get on the fucking table in his damn living room? All he had to do now was wait for the storm that would no doubt come rumbling out from where ever in the house she currently presided.
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