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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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Found 3 results

  1. Watch Your Step

    Amber Cross
    The longer that excruciatingly annoying day went on, the more Amber became convinced that Harvey the Creepy Bastard was an escape artist. She had lost sight of the pygmy puff more than once (quite humiliating for a Seeker!) - how could such a small, slow little fur ball be so crafty? That final time, she had lost the little animal near the exit of Tallygarunga. After extensive search, she found the creature in the Murrigal Bushland - atop a tree, no less, perched on a branch with its little beady eyes trained on the Spencer. "Is this an April Fool's joke outta season or somethin'...?" Samantha owed her big time for 'looking after' Harvey, she thought. As usual, there wasn't even so much of a squeak or twitch from the creature as she confronted it from ground level; and thus, she was faced with the task of having to go up to bring it to safety. Agile as she was, climbing the tree was no issue, nor was balancing herself on the branch. The challenge was not to make her prey jump off and escape after such a tiresome search. "I promise I'll feed you your bugs if you stay put, okay?" She called out to Harvey in a low tone as she crouched on the branch, inching closer and closer to it over time. The creature didn't move still, looking at her in the same blank manner as it always did. However, just as Amber was about to grasp its fuzzy body, it finally made its play and deliberately jumped off of the branch. "No!" The Spencer instinctively dropped down as well, fearing for its safety and taking a hold of it in mid air; though, it wasn't meant to go well, as her concern for Harvey's well being made her neglect her own. She didn't have time to fall properly as she held the pygmy puff up during the fall, and ended up crashing down onto the ground, free arm caught between the grass and her own body. She could practically hear her humerus crack upon impact, which made her cry out with the pain. Her body jolted with the sudden agony, causing Harvey to jump off of her head and land on the beanie-covered head triumphantly. "God damn it!" The girl hissed through gritted teeth as she pressed her forehead to the ground in a vain attempt of making the pain lessen, gripping the limb on reflex and inadvertently making it worse.
  2. No Pet Is Safe

    Amber Cross
    Why did everyone in Tallygarunga keep on losing their pets on the regular? Amber had never been a pet owner, and thus couldn't exactly sympathize with that plight. She had always figured people would have to take care of them as much as one would a child. Yet there she was, making a fool of herself in the library after volunteering to aid her cousin in the endeavor of finding her pink, fuzzy pygmy puff: Harvey. It had escaped (it was the second time it happened, as far as the Spencer was aware) and the ever so influential Bourke had wiggled her contacts to cover the whole school. For some logic defying reason, the Library had been the chosen place for Amber, of all people, to look. She hated the Library. She was fairly positive it was one of the first few times she had ever walked into it, let alone explore it; she didn't even know where to look. As time went by in her search, the wrestler adjusted her beanie prior to lowering her head to the ground, deciding to explore the small opening beneath the various shelves to see if the little bugger had scurried off under them. With a full prone body and an eyeball peeking at the small space, she snuck her wand into the gap and let light erupt from its tip, illuminating the awkward investigation. She couldn't see a thing, but it was hard to move her head to search the whole area when the space she could look through was so small. "Ugh... C'mon, ya furball..." The girl whispered, painfully aware she couldn't be loud in the Library as she nearly got kicked out of the place more than one time in the past several minutes. After a few moments of fruitless attempts, the girl had an idea. Extricating herself from the awkward position and sitting up, she retrieved a pen from her backpack and used her magic to transfigure it into a metal wire. She wrapped a portion of it around the wand itself, and had the rest jut out forwards, in the same direction the magical instrument was pointed. "Now, what do pygmy puffs eat...?" She muttered to herself, having no idea; but, taking inspiration from one of her friends, she decided on meat. It wasn't something she ate, but perhaps the universally loved food would be of help. She took a rubber from her backpack and enchanted it to have the scent of grilled bacon (one that made her mouth water, despite her recent bout of vegetarianism) and stuck the rubber to the free tip of the wire prior to going right back to the previous position, side of her face firmly pressed down on the floor as she scoured the bottom of the shelves for anything that may indicate Harvey was there.
  3. Creepy Little Bastard

    Amber Cross
    There was a special place in hell for those who demanded a certain Spencer to be in the Tallygarunga campus during a lovely (yet somewhat cold) Saturday afternoon - even if that person happened to be the cinnamon roll that was Amber's cousin, Samantha. The Bourke had picked up a double shift in the bakery she worked at, and given the lack of a present roommate, she had to ask someone to take care of little Harvey; Amber couldn't possibly understand why Samantha had chosen her, of all people, yet there she was, sitting on a bench with the creature's creepy black bead-like eyes staring up at her. Its sheer amount of fur protected it nicely from the cold as it seemed mostly unaffected. Nearby was a tupperware container with a small pincer-like tool laying atop its closed lid. Why did it have to be bugs? "Hey, weirdo. Can't ya eat something better, like meat? 'N that's me sayin' it." The wrestler spoke to the creature, as if expecting some sort of reply. Instead, her words were met with deafening silence, stare unbroken. One could hear a pin drop with the pygmy puff's lack of reaction. Amber wasn't quite sure why, but over time the fur ball's presence went from overwhelmingly cute to nightmarish. She could swear she could feel the cold, impenetrable gaze stare at her at various points throughout her day, and even when she went to sleep. Almost as if the foul beast had implanted its consciousness in her mind. "No? Nothing?" The Spencer outstretched a finger to gently prod the creature. Its body swayed accordingly but there wasn't so much as a blink. A few moments of silence passed, and there was finally movement - Harvey very slowly walked onto her hand, crossed it and proceeded to make its way up her arm at an incredibly slow rate, comparable to baby steps. She watched it incredulously, eyes squinting as her limb became a path for the animal. "...You're a creepy little bastard, aren't ya...?" Throughout its ascent, eye contact was never broken still. It sent a shiver down her spine as those small eyes watched her. Analyzed her. Judged her.
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